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DRNMY Chapter 1

Picked up an Omega


Chapter 1 Picked up an Omega


Fever! Uncomfortable!


Ji Cheng felt that there were countless small bugs crawling on his body, as if something wanted to rush out wildly. He couldn’t help tearing his tie loose, giving a breath of fresh air to his almost suffocated body.


“Xiao Ji has a good drinking capacity. As an Omega, it is not easy to have such a status in the entertainment industry! Come, for our future cooperation, cheers!” Sitting next to Ji Cheng is the director of his next movie “Broken Shield” Du Qiyan. He naturally saw Ji Cheng’s discomfort, which of course was exactly what he wanted.


Ji Cheng prides himself on drinking well. Although he is an Omega, because of his professional spirit as an actor, he often attends such gatherings. It’s just that today’s situation is different from usual, and all the things that are happening now are not within his expected range.


Ji Cheng can be regarded as a new traffic star 1 T/N: traffic star:  idols who have a huge “traffic” behind them–a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate in the show business circle. He suffered a lot before his debut. After his debut, because of his outstanding appearance and acting skills, he also attracted a lot of fans who supported him. It’s just that his outstanding looks didn’t let him go smoothly. Many people in the circle thought about him, but in the end, everyone behind him was discouraged.


Of course, Ji Cheng himself is not a soft persimmon. A mouth that says anything has offended many people in the circle. Everyone who has fanned him knows that sometimes he can’t help but scold a few words to his fans when picking up the plane from the airport. And those who receive these things don’t make a fuss about them. Any kind of emotional intelligence is too low and can’t speak, it is considered to be a good-sounding scolding. But the fans didn’t care at all, and they were even a little bit happy. There were always a few who couldn’t help but go forward and “look for scolding.”


At dinners on weekdays, everyone knows that Ji Cheng has a very close relationship with the president of Fenghua Entertainment. Everyone’s actions and behaviors are considered to be quite satisfactory. Today…Ji Cheng’s eyes swept to the agent sitting aside, watching the man dodgedly looking at him, he guessed a bit at the moment.


Looking at Du Qiyan sitting next to him, Ji Cheng sneered, picked up the wine glass on the table, stood up and raised it to Du Qiyan. “I have long heard that Director Du is unusual. Not only does it seem unusual today, this wine also has a special flavor.”


“It’s easy to talk!” Du Qiyan has long been fascinated by Ji Cheng at this time. He didn’t even hear the meaning of his words. The cautious thoughts in his heart could not be covered long ago. He rubbed his hands and raised his cup and stood up, the naked desire in his eyes was ready to come out.


Ji Cheng only felt sick for a while and couldn’t stand it. A glass of wine was poured directly on Du Qiyan’s face.


“Director Du, your bravery is really big. If you don’t give me face, you should give our company Fenghua Entertainment’s President some face anyway!” Ji Cheng glanced at Shan Cong who was sitting next to him, “You’re an adult. Human and dog words must be distinguished clearly.”


“Ji Cheng!” Before Du Qiyan could recover, Ji Cheng’s words had changed the face of the agent, Shan Cong, who was sitting next to him.


The relationship between Ji Cheng and President of Fenghua Entertainment has always been a hot spot on the Internet. As Shan Cong is Fenghua’s first agent, he naturally knows the relationship between Ji Cheng and Wang Ye. Knowing doesn’t mean supporting. Shan Cong not only doesn’t support it, but he has been thinking about taking Ji Cheng off Wang Ye.


“I’m leaving .” Ji Cheng stopped paying attention to the two people at the dinner table, put down the wine glass and turned to leave the box without looking back.


When he walked out of the bar, Ji Cheng removed his disguise, sat down in a slightly hidden flowerbed, and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. At this moment, he only felt a rush of heat in his body, his feet were soft, and uncontrollable pheromone dispersed in the surrounding air.


“Idiot!” Ji Cheng really wanted to punch himself hard.


He had long known that Shan Cong had bad intentions towards him, and today he even took the initiative to ask his assistant to go back first and go to the meeting empty-handed. A trembling hand took out the phone from his pocket and wanted to ask the assistant for help, but life made a joke with him. The moment Ji Cheng pressed the phone on, the low battery prompt made the phone that was just turned on instantly show a black screen .


Ji Cheng knew that he could not stay here for too long, but his consciousness became more and more confused, and the discomfort in his body became more and more intense. The cold tiles seemed to be unable to relieve his restless body.




Lu Jingze hung up the phone, turned around and just wanted to walk back to the bar, but inadvertently smelled the scent of jasmine in the air. He looked around, but he couldn’t see the shadow of Jasmine at all. Is this the smell of the bar at the door or is there an Omega nearby?


Lu Jingze frowned, and instinctively followed the smell before taking a few steps, only to see a person lying on the flowerbed tiles.


The closer you get, the stronger the smell in the air.


In addition to Lu Jingze, there seemed to be many Alphas around who discovered this unusual fragrance, and they all started   looking for the origin of the fragrance.


“Are you okay!” Lu Jingze walked to Ji Cheng’s side and pushed his shoulder.


Just touching his body, Lu Jingze clearly felt the surrounding smell a lot more intense at the moment. He held his breath to calm himself down, he is also a single Alpha, this kind of taste is full of temptation to him.


“Trouble…send me home! Liyuan Community No. 23, thank you!” Ji Cheng’s voice was very weak, but the only remaining consciousness in his mind told him that he must leave this place as soon as possible. Although he didn’t know the origin of the person in front of him, he couldn’t even see his appearance and didn’t know the gender of the person in front of him, but a voice kept telling him that this person was worthy of his trust.


Ji Cheng weakly grasped Lu Jingze’s sleeves, his eyes that were dyed red with affection were filled with water, and his eyes were full of desire when he looked at Lu Jingze. Lu Jingze only felt his throat tighten, and a certain part of his body reacted accordingly.


Quickly took out a spare inhibitor from his pocket, Lu Jingze rolled up his sleeve and pushed a needle directly into his arm.


With the relief of the inhibitor, Lu Jingze’s breathing gradually became smoother.


Lu Jingze looked around and hesitated for a long time, but still picked up the person.


As if he had found a support, Ji Cheng’s hand quickly wrapped around Lu Jingze’s neck. The instinctive reaction of his body made him want to get closer to the Alpha next to him. Although he still couldn’t lift his strength, Ji Cheng still tried his best. He wanted to hang himself on Lu Jingze.


“Be honest !” Lu Jingze has a clear understanding of his self-control. If this little thing moved a few more times, what will happen next can be imagined without thinking.


Lu Jingze planned to call his friends and find a Beta to send people away, but when he turned his gaze to the human pendant on his body, his hand was a little out of control, and his fingers stayed in front of the number for a long time. But he couldn’t press it anymore.


He underestimated the ability of Alpha and Omega to attract each other.


With a long sigh of resignation, Lu Jingze dragged Ji Cheng halfway, leading the man to the side of the road and got on a cab.


Seeing this man who didn’t sit well even when he got into the car and had to entangle him with his whole body, Lu Jingze reluctantly kept himself as far away as possible from him, opened the window with a cold face, and  slapped Ji Cheng’s body hard, “Sit down!”


If Ji Cheng is still conscious, he doesn’t need to say that he will stay honestly. But today is different. Ji Cheng only feels like he has been poisoned, and the person next to him is the antidote to the poison. Only by leaning on his side can he get some relief.


Lu Jingze finally called his friend. He simply said that he would go home with him for a drink. He didn’t mention that he had picked up an Omega on the road, and he didn’t wait for the person on the other end of the phone to ask in detail . He actively hung up the phone.


The taxi driver is a Beta, and as early as when the two got on the cab, he saw the sillyness in it. After hearing Lu Jingze’s perfunctory call, the eyes looking at them were already wrong. Although Beta can’t smell the surging pheromone between them, an Omega that is on the verge of estrus  and has an outstanding appearance is also very tempting to them, but every individual can’t help but want to see a few glances.


Lu Jingze released his pheromone to stabilize Ji Cheng’s restlessness. At the same time, he had to resist the influence of the two pheromone attracting each other on him. He regretted not taking a few more inhibitors this morning.


From the rearview mirror, Lu Jingze could feel the taxi driver’s unkind gaze, passing a slash, and adding some pheromones released by him, directly scaring the driver into a cold sweat.


Opening the car window to breathe the outside air, although Lu Jingze’s pheromone scared the driver just a moment ago , it also made the people beside him feel a touch of comfort. The limbs that were originally wrapped around his body are now tighter. When Lu Jingze tried to pull the person down again, he felt that he was leaning forward and the car stopped on the side of the road.


“Why don’t you leave?” Lu Jingze frowned, turning his eyes to the driver’s seat.


“Sir, I’m sorry, there seems to be an accident on the tunnel . It’s already blocked in front. It may not be released before half an hour.” The driver parked the car on the side of the road, pointed at the traffic lined up on the tunnel and looked at Lu Jingze.


“There is no other way?” Lu Jingze glanced at the person who was still crawling on him, wouldn’t this be forcing him to commit a crime.


“No, this is the only way to the Liyuan community. You have to go to the tunnel and cross the river to get there.” The driver reluctantly spread his hands, “But I know the nearest hotel is about ten minutes away.”


“Go to the hotel .” Lu Jingze made a decisive decision. He could wait, but God knows how long the person hanging on him can support.


Although he had been injected with inhibitors at the entrance of the bar, it didn’t seem to be able to resist the temptation of an Omega who was in heat and estrus. Lu Jingze suppressed his physiological reaction and stayed awake in the increasingly strong scent of jasmine.


The taxi driver was right, and soon the hotel arrived. Lu Jingze dragged the human-shaped pendant to open the room at the front desk, and asked the waiter to help prepare a few inhibitors. Forcibly ignoring the strange look of the front desk attendant looking at him, Lu Jingze hugged him into the room.


“Sir, this is the inhibitor you want!” Just after Lu Jingze put the person on the bed, the door of the room was also knocked. The waiter handed him a small box of inhibitors and glanced at Ji Cheng who was lying on the bed intentionally or unintentionally.


Lu Jingze noticed the person’s gaze, and his cold gaze looked up and down the waiter, “Enough?”


The waiter who was found immediately lowered his head, bowed slightly to Lu Jingze, closed the door and exited the room.


After closing the door and locking it, Lu Jingze looked at the Ji Cheng who was lying like a pile of mud on the bed with a headache. After gritting his teeth, he gave himself another shot, and gradually calmed his body and mind, before daring to walk towards the bed with the inhibitor.


Ji Cheng didn’t seem to know what was going on. At this time, besides wanting, he still wanted. The original intoxicating smell seemed to fade a lot, and the body that had been soothed before became more and more empty. Ji Cheng’s beautiful brows were slightly loosened until he felt the person approaching towards himself.


This is the first time Lu Jingze has been so close to Omega. Recalling his great feat just now, Lu Jingze couldn’t help clapping for himself secretly.


“I’ll give you inhibitors. Do you have any friends? I will let them pick you up.” When Lu Jingze walked to the bed and sat down, Lu Jingze didn’t dare to breathe vigorously. He quickly grabbed one of Ji Cheng’s hands and pulled his sleeve to his elbow. He planned to push a needle into the vein.


Ji Cheng didn’t regain consciousness at all, and he didn’t even hear Lu Jingze’s question. To him, he only felt as if a piece of meat had taken the initiative to deliver to his mouth. Before giving Lu Jingze a chance to react, he turned and sat up directly from the bed, suppressing the person in front of him under him.


Thanks to Lu Jingze’s flexible movements, the hand holding the needle quickly deflected, which did not cause the two of them to be injured.


“Are you crazy?” Lu Jingze couldn’t help cursing as he looked at the person lying on his body, but the next second the opponent’s movement made him swallow the rest of the words into his stomach.


Ji Cheng was lying on Lu Jingze’s body. The two were so close that Lu Jingze’s ears were full of Ji Cheng’s heavy breathing.


The scent of jasmine permeated the room, and the brain gradually lost its sense. And the second before he lost his sanity, the only thing left in Lu Jingze’s mind was to get up tomorrow to find a hotel to settle accounts. They dare to send expired inhibitors, otherwise it would not be so useless !!




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    T/N: traffic star:  idols who have a huge “traffic” behind them–a large number of dedicated fans who are willing to pay for anything they participate in the show business circle.
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      You can, but I would recommend you to take reference from the original chinese raws as it’ll be more accurate. 😊😊

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