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DRNMY Chapter 16

Relationship Disclosure

Chapter 16… Relationship Disclosure


The door of the meeting room was opened from the outside, and Wang Ye stood at the door, glaring at the three people in the meeting room.


“Mr. Wang!” Shan Cong’s face was pale, and he quickly stood up from his position, wondering how someone who should have been on the plane appeared here.


Wang Ye didn’t even look at Shan Cong, his eyes fixed on Ji Cheng who was sitting opposite him.


“Unexpectedly, you moved so fast. It took just a few days to eat Lu Jingze to death.” Wang Ye sighed and looked at Ji Cheng contemptuously.


“I didn’t dare to , I learnt from President Wang.” Ji Cheng was unaffected, and replied with a smile, “Back then, President Wang had a single sentence that made me desperate for more than ten years. If I want to reach your level, I have to do diligent practice.”


Wang Ye had a gloomy face, “What do you mean?”


Ji Cheng smiled, “After all, I’m just a dog that wags its tail at the slightest hint of sweetness, so why should Mr. Wang go after me! ”


Hearing Ji Cheng’s words, Wang Ye’s expression changed, and his gaze swept towards Shan Cong next to him.


Shan Cong broke out in a cold sweat and didn’t dare to meet Wang Ye’s eyes at all.


“You and Lu Jingze won’t have good results.” Wang Ye’s attitude softened, and his tone of voice was a little more pleading, “Ji Cheng, at least no one would dare to hurt you in Fenghua.”


Ji Cheng couldn’t help but sneered, “Maybe, but I don’t care anymore.” He picked up the contract cancellation letter on the desktop and handed it to Wang Ye, “A good ending is not a waste of a friend’s time.” “You should figure it out clearly, you can’t count on Lu Jingze at all.” Wang Ye stared at Ji Cheng, wanting to see the slightest regret in his eyes.


“I didn’t count on you at the beginning, and now I naturally don’t count on others.” Ji Cheng said.


Seeing Ji Cheng’s firm gaze, Wang Ye gritted his teeth, pulled over the contract cancellation letter, and signed his name.


“I’ll withdrew from all of Fenghua’s shares. You helped me tide over the difficulties that year, and I also tried my best to help you afterwards. There is no one who owes between us, so we are even.” Ji Cheng spoke out what he had planned. He placed the share transfer letter in front of Wang Ye, “Wang Ye, goodbye.”




Ji Cheng only breathed a sigh of relief after he left Fenghua Entertainment and got into the car.


Wen Ruchun sat in the driver’s cab. Looking at Ji Cheng in the co-driver’s cab, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “I couldn’t see it earlier, you are decisive.”


Ji Cheng leaned on the seat with his arm in front of his forehead. “What can I do then? Make a big fuss in front of him?”


Wen Ruchun couldn’t retort, “But there is one thing he said that is quite right. Although Jing Ze is the president of Tomorrow Media, for many things in the company, it’s my uncle,  Jingze’s dad who is in charge.” Wen Ruchun paused, glanced at Ji Cheng, and said, “Recently, the matter between the two of you has been turbulent. Uncle’s attitude is very obvious.”


“Don’t worry. I’m going to finish filming “Silk Route” and then set up my own studio, by that time, Lu Jingze’s freshness will pass.” Ji Cheng’s lips twitched.


He never thought that there would be follow-up development with Lu Jingze, and that night was only a temporary mark. Now Lu Jingze will chase him all the way, mostly to be responsible for him.


Without words all the way, Wen Ruchun took him to the Tomorrow Media Company. After checking the contract, Wen Ruchun showed Ji Cheng to his dormitory.


“It’s probably not easy to go back to your house in Liyuan. Every artist in the company has his own dormitory. Although the house is not big, you can live alone. When I have time, I’ll let the assistant help you move things over. You can live in another home.” Wen Ruchun handed the key to Ji Cheng, “I’ve contacted your assistant before, so she should be there soon…”


“Brother Cheng! Brother Chun!” Before the words were finished, Bi Xiaoling’s voice came from the elevator door that had just opened.


“Brother Cheng! Sorry!” Before Ji Cheng could react, Bi Xiaoling stood directly opposite him and bowed to him.


“If I didn’t run out and stayed on the crew that day, things wouldn’t happen! I’m sorry!” Bi Xiaoling lowered her head and said.


“You little girl, you really take yourself seriously.” Ji Cheng couldn’t help but smiled, “This is the key to the dormitory. You take out some time to help me carry the things and luggage in the next two days.”


“Very!” Bi Xiaoling looked at Ji Cheng who was not angry, and smiled then took the key. “Brother Chun, is there any schedule for Brother Cheng these days?”


“No, the day after tomorrow, go over to the film crew on time.” Wen Ruchun looked at the time, “I have something to do later, you can arrange it first and call me if something happens.”


“Okay, thank you.” Ji Cheng sent off Wen Ruchun to the elevator.


After taking a break for half a day, Ji Cheng gave Bi Xiaoling the key to the dormitory and followed her back to Lu Jingze’s apartment. Lu Jingze has gone to work, so there is no one at home.


Taking a look at the time, it was almost the time that the two negotiated yesterday, and Tomorrow Media will send out the press release. Ji Cheng took out his mobile phone and opened Weibo to prepare in advance.


But he seemed to be a bit slower, and when he opened Weibo, it suddenly exploded again.


@Lu Jingze : Tell you about my boyfriend! @Ji Cheng [Picture]


Lu Jingze just sent a Weibo, which soared to 10,000 views in less than a minute. Ji Cheng watched as his messages which was raised  to 99+. Ji Cheng just opened and saw the other party’s Weibo, and his phone rang in due course.


“I saw that your Weibo is online, how about it? I posted a good Weibo!” Lu Jingze said triumphantly, and Ji Cheng could imagine the expression on his face at the moment through the phone.


“When did you take the photo?” Ji Cheng looked at the photo on Weibo, wondering.


The photo shows Ji Cheng from the back, standing in the kitchen of the apartment, preparing food after his busy time. It should be dusk at that time, and the sunset shone in from outside the window and spread directly on Ji Cheng’s side face. Lu Jingze snapped the photo in time, and Ji Cheng in the photo looked particularly good-looking.


“How about a good shot! I saw it when I came back after the phone call that day, I secretly clicked it!” Lu Jingze showed off in front of Ji Cheng as if asking for credit.


“Not bad, what do you want to eat tonight? I will go to the supermarket later.” A smile appeared on Ji Cheng’s face, enjoying the warmth at this time.


“Wait a minute, I haven’t finished the list I made before, I’ll look for it!”


Then Ji Cheng heard the sounds of turning things on the other side of the phone and couldn’t help laughing.


It would be great if life keeps going like this.




The parties are still discussing what to eat at night, but the Internet has already exploded.


@Hasted therapy: Fuck! What did I see! ! Is the Lord carrying the flag and sending candy! ! ! @Lu Jingze : Let me introduce to you, my boyfriend! @Ji Cheng [Picture]


@Little Duchess:! ! ! what happened? ? The news from the previous few days has now solved the case? @Lu Jingze: Let me introduce to you, my boyfriend! @Ji Cheng [Picture]


@Fifth Brother–: Terrible, wait for Ji Cheng to post on Weibo // @Lu Jingze: Let me introduce to you, my boyfriend! @Ji Cheng [Picture] Within an hour, the names of Ji Cheng and Lu Jingze both topped the hot search list.


Wen Ruchun was still waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, and when he turned on Weibo, he saw good deeds done by his boss. With a long sigh, he put back his phone and continued driving.


Wang Ye also stared at the hot search list at this time. Shan Cong stood at the door of the office and dared not enter. Since Ji Cheng left, Wang Ye has ignored him.




Ji Cheng hung up the phone, took the menu ordered by Lu Jingze, and wrapped himself tightly, then walked out of the house wearing sunglasses.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, Weibo, which had boiled for an afternoon, once again ushered in high traffic and tide.


@Ji Cheng : Let me introduce you to today’s dinner. @Lu Jingze [Picture]


The picture is taken by Ji Cheng in the kitchen. Two bowls, two pairs of chopsticks, and a table of dishes, especially radiating ‘at home’ energy.


Soon, Ji Cheng’s Weibo was once again flooded with comments.


Lu Jingze’s computer stays on the Weibo group page, and there is only Ji Cheng in this group.


When he was looking at the file and heard the reminder of Weibo update, the first thing he saw after refreshing was his own dining table full of tempting meals.


Lu Jingze couldn’t help but hooked up the corners of his mouth. The smile on his face became more and more unconcealed. Even the secretary next to him was a little curious. The usual decent and cold President Lu would have such an expression.


“Leave these documents here first, and I will sign them after reading them tomorrow morning.” Lu Jingze said to the secretary. Although there is still half an hour to get off work, and his work has not yet been completed, Lu Jingze, who has always been a workaholic, has no intention of working today. At this time, he can’t wait to rush home and meet the guy at home.


Ji Cheng was still cleaning the kitchen, and suddenly heard the sound of the outside door being opened. Before he could look back and see clearly, he was hugged by someone.


“Let go, I haven’t washed my hands yet!” Ji Cheng’s hands were full of soap foam, but this did not affect Lu Jingze’s movements. Realizing that the other party didn’t have the intention to let go, Ji Cheng had to raise his hands above his head, looking helplessly at the person hanging on his body.


“I heard that you have cooked a lot of good dishes for me, where are they? I’m so hungry!” Lu Jingze stuck to Ji Cheng’s neck and couldn’t help but rubbing back and forth, acting like a baby.


Lu Jingze’s movements made Ji Cheng a little itchy, and he couldn’t help but tilt his neck, “I went to the vegetable market to buy things according to the list you made. I bought spare ribs and lamb, but you should wash your hands first, and I will take out the lamb soup.”


“Okay!” Lu Jingze obediently washed his hands by the sink. Before turning around and leaving the kitchen, he couldn’t help but secretly kiss the other’s face. Before Ji Cheng could react, Lu Jingze had already ran away from the kitchen.


Ji Cheng looked at Lu Jingze’s behavior that was like a child, with a hint of helplessness on his face.


Then Ji Cheng took two bowls of soup from the kitchen and brought it to the dinner table. Lu Jingze took a sip and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “It tastes good!”


“When are you going to make a statement? I’ll be prepared too.” Ji Cheng asked while drinking the soup, “You didn’t tell me in advance today, what if I didn’t see it?”


“We are so fated , how could you not see it!” Lu Jingze looked indifferent. “You have told me about the matter of the contract with Ruchun. I think it’s better to wait until your contract with Fenghua ends. It makes sense and prevents them from making a fuss about this matter.”


“Alright.” Ji Cheng nodded, “I’ve communicated with the criminal director before. He said that in the past few days, the crew was looking for actors to replace Lanchuan while filming. This fortunately just gave me a good rest and some time for adjustments, and let me talk to you. I have signed a contract and will re-enter the group to start filming at the beginning of next month.” Xing Cangrui brought up all the scenes here for filming, and waited for the actor who replaced Lanchuan to be found, and then he’ll add his and Ji Cheng’s scenes.


Lu Jingze nodded, sighed with regret, and said, “It’s a pity that the company has a lot of things these days, otherwise I will take you out for shopping. I realized that we haven’t gone out on a date yet!”


“I want to go out on a date too, but most likely someone will be waiting at the gate of the community to see us go out tomorrow morning!” Ji Cheng couldn’t help but complain. What happened in the last few days gave him a feeling of becoming a big star, “I might as well get a good night’s sleep while I still have this time. Regain energy!” “Then tonight, let’s…” Lu Jingze’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he also wanted to regain energy with Ji Cheng. But before he finished speaking, Ji Cheng’s phone rang suddenly.


“Ji Cheng, you big bad man! You don’t even tell me about such a big thing! I give you ten minutes,  drive to the airport immediately to pick me up!”




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