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ALIC Chapter 27.1

Lin Ziran was affected by the atmosphere. Wasn’t this just a large-scale fan-chasing scene? These arrogant people scattered all over the world have their own admirers and fan groups. Fans would feel that their idol was the most powerful! But what they didn’t know was that these cannon fodder npcs combined together were not even as powerful as the little finger of his little angel Mu Yang!

Lin Ziran was full of pride. Even if Mu Yang has only one fan here, he would wave the flag for him!

This is the truth!

Lin Ziran put his hands on his lips, looked ahead with burning eyes, and shouted: “Mu Yang is the best! Mu Yang is the best in the world!”

The people around him were shocked when they saw him yelling so loudly, and they also yelled. This Mu family was from Chongzhou City, and the small city was a few hundred kilometers away. Meanwhile, they came from Fenghe City in large numbers. How could they lose to an outsider?

Voices on both sides came and went one after another.

The competition on the top had not yet started, but the smell of explosions below had become stronger.

Although Lin Ziran was indeed very hardworking, all the other people have crowded around, and his voice was gradually overwhelmed, which made him discouraged… At this moment, Mu Yang suddenly turned his head.

Lin Ziran was startled, could Mu Yang hear him? He looked at him seriously, showing an encouraging look!

Mu Yang stepped past the crowd and saw the thin teenagers in the crowd at a glance. He looked at himself intently, as if no matter how many people there were, he would always only see him in his eyes, just like he can find him in the crowd at a glance, he was the same.

The corners of Mu Yang’s lips rose involuntarily. Rest assured, I will not let you down.

Soon the players were all present.

There was a bell above the high platform and the crowd below suddenly became quiet.

A middle-aged Taoist in blue robes walked out.

He was wearing a dark blue robe, had a plump body, a round face, and an amiable smile. A wine gourd hung on his waist while a seven-foot-long sword was on his back; this sword did not match his temperament. The silver sword was slender and long, with a pink spike on its hilt, a bit like a female cultivator’s saber.

However, most of the cultivators have very extreme personalities, and there are all kinds of strange people, so this person was not that strange.

He looked around and said with a smile, “Now, the selection officially begins.”

He didn’t seem to be exerting much effort, but his voice spread loudly throughout the audience and fell straight into everyone’s ears.

Don’t look at this harmless smile…He is Zhou Yue, the elder of the Holy Palace Law Enforcement Hall, and the chief examiner responsible for the selection of Fenghe City and the nine cities this time.

“It’s very simple, we’re using the old method, everyone need not be too nervous.” Zhou Yue laughed, and took out a palm-sized crystal, throwing it to the ground. After the crystal hit the ground, it suddenly became a huge wall, tens of meters high.

Lin Ziran had read the script and naturally knew the assessment method.

This stone wall is a special test magic weapon made by the Holy Palace. It can absorb its opponent’s attack to judge their strength and potential. The method is really simple…Everyone would attack this stone wall as much as possible, and the stone wall would judge the attacker’s spiritual power level and purity. There is an age limit for selection, one must be under 20 years old. It is useless to use medicine. Without the help of external power, spiritual power level and purity would definitely be higher and the stone wall would emit a brighter light.

The teenagers on the high platform were eager to try, all of them were full of confidence in themselves.

Understandably, they all grew up sheltered, so most of them were arrogant and always feel that they were better than others.

No one knows that there is always someone better.

Zhou Yue smiled and looked at the boy in front of him, his eyes were kind. He pointed at the boy in silver brocade clothes at the front and said with a gentle voice: “Starting with you, don’t be nervous, just attack, don’t be afraid of breaking it. ”

The silver brocade boy took a deep breath and slowly walked to the stone wall. His fans below were cheering. This obviously made him feel a little pressure. He closed his eyes and used his spiritual power, and hit the stone wall with a heavy palm!

As soon as the fans’ voices stopped, the scene suddenly became quiet.

The teenager was very nervous, did he succeed? Was it a failure? Why is there no sound suddenly?

He slowly opened his eyes and saw a faint light appearing on the stone wall, which quickly flashed and then went out…This, it’s impossible…

The boy’s face turned pale, how could it be so bad?

Zhou Yue still had that smile on his face, patted his shoulder, and said: “That’s normal. This old man has hosted this selection test more than a dozen times. You are completely normal. Most people are at your level. He’s a good kid, but he really has no affinity with the Holy Palace… Go on, next one.”

The other teenagers turned pale: “…”

What? Is this the normal level for most people? Is it so difficult to test? Most of the young men in Jinyi knew each other just now, and felt that they were evenly matched opponents, who knew…

Lin Ziran looked at this scene and almost laughed out loud.

Doesn’t this fat man know that everyone will be more nervous to say that?

Speaking of which, Zhou Yue can be regarded as a passerby with a name in the script. As an elder of the law enforcement hall, he has a bold and humorous personality and loved food. He was also a friend of Mu Yang later in the Holy Palace. He did not expect him to be so…

Although he was very scared and nervous, those teenagers lowered their heads one by one, and the result was exactly the same as Zhou Yue said. The level of the boy just now was the same level as most people.

90% could only make the stone wall emit a faint fluorescent light. Only a few people can make the stone wall glow brighter for a few seconds, but it was still not enough to meet the selection criteria of the holy palace. Gradually, the onlookers below turned silent, and the scene became very quiet.

How cruel.

The young arrogant children, who were brilliant in their eyes, did not even have the qualifications to enter the Holy Palace…

Lin Ziran had a clear look, how could these little boys compare to Mu Yang? Mu Yang is the one who really stood at the top since birth, a golden spoon is not enough to describe his level of achievement!

Among these three realms, if Xuanyan said that they are second in the world, no one would dare to call themselves number one… Even if the original body of Mu Yang is just a fragment of the soul of Xuanyan, it was equivalent to being born as an immortal. Others could only be envious.

Soon, Mu Yang came to the stone wall.

Because of everyone’s failures before, people began to lacking interest, thinking that this time would be the same as before, and some people even planned to leave.

Even Zhou Yue narrowed his eyes, looking drowsy and tired.

Mu Yang didn’t care either. He looked at the stone wall and didn’t hesitate. He didn’t use any fancy tricks, simply throwing a single palm.

In an instant, everyone closed their eyes!

That dazzling light rose to the sky! Light up the entire square!

Compared with the faint rays of light before, it was akin to the moonlight beside the tiny glow of a firefly.

Lin Ziran closed his eyes long ago, and when the light gradually dissipated, he couldn’t help but feel proud when he saw that everyone around him was blinded.

Zhou Yue’s squinted eyes slowly widened, and his mouth slowly opened, as if he was dumbfounded.

He had presided over more than a dozen selections but had never seen such a scene before, even he had never heard of such a thing…

There are people who can cause this kind of light on this spiritual stone wall, and this brightness is obviously beyond the limit of what the stone wall can withstand!

What a genius!

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