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ALIC Chapter 26.3

Lin Ziran followed Mu Yang up to the second floor. The room looked good. He looked at the bed and it was quite spacious. There was no problem for two people to sleep! As for whether it would be embarrassing to sleep with Mu Yang, it won’t be… Mu Yang and he are pure brothers, and good brothers sleep together with nothing to hide, there is no need to feel uncomfortable!

Although he was gay, he wouldn’t just go into estrus when he sees a man.

A friend was a friend.

Lin Ziran was a little sleepy, and since he would wake up early, he asked Mu Yang: “Are you sleeping outside or inside?”

Mu Yang: “Whatever you want.”

Ah, this is really an age-old problem! Since you are okay with doing whatever, I won’t be polite, otherwise, the two of us will be stuck at a stalemate forever!

At this time, someone needs to be decisive!

Lin Ziran climbed directly onto the bed, spread the quilt, and got under it, showing the same calm expression as before, and said: “You can sleep outside.”

Mu Yang didn’t expect Lin Ziran to be so direct. He went to bed before he could even react… his ears were slightly hot. He lifted the quilt and got in, his body was straight and rigid. His hands on his chest were very tense.

He didn’t even think to reject the steward’s proposal just now, but when it came time to sleeping in the same bed and using the quilt now, he found that he was not as calm as he thought.

Mu Yang tried his best to make his breathing seem smooth, but couldn’t ignore the person beside him, and finally quietly looked at the teenager beside him.

Lin Ziran has closed his eyes and fallen asleep…

He was quite at ease, presumably he didn’t even think about himself at all, and only regarded himself as his friend…

But what about him?

Mu Yang’s hands were slightly clenched, lips pursed, he likes Lin Ziran… Is it really just as a friend…

Mu Yang’s face became redder and hotter.

What are you thinking about! If Lin Ziran found out he had such thoughts about him, would he not be willing to even be friends with him…

No way.

Mu Yang took a deep breath and cleared his thoughts. Only then did he feel that his messy thoughts gradually calm down.


Lin Ziran had a good night’s dream and slept very comfortably. He turned over and rubbed the soft and warm pillow…

Wait, where did the pillow come from here?

Lin Ziran slowly opened his eyes and found that his hands and feet were pulling on Mu Yang’s body like octopus, and what he just rubbed was Mu Yang’s neck…

Lin Ziran: “…”

[Lin Ziran: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, did my character collapse? How could Li Ye have such an indecent sleeping position!]


[Lin Ziran: I shouldn’t have agreed to stay with him QAQ]

He never expected he wouldn’t be able to sleep properly. He liked to roll around, and he especially liked to sleep with things…

He took a deep breath and told himself to calm down.

Lin Ziran slowly raised his head, and unexpectedly found that Mu Yang was actually awake…

The delicate and beautiful young man was extremely stiff, not daring to move. His cheeks were slightly flushed, and his beautiful, jet-black eyes… seemed to be looking at him with some helplessness and embarrassment…

Lin Ziran: … I’m even more guilty!

He quickly took his hands and feet off Mu Yang, and said uncomfortably: “Sorry, I…”

Mu Yang gave a light cough and said calmly: “It’s okay, let’s go.”

After that, he got up directly from the bed and walked out quickly. Except for the blush behind his ears, Mu Yang looked quite normal.

[Lin Ziran’s expression was complicated: he’s walking with his hands and feet in sync…]

The system doesn’t want to bother with this guy.

Lin Ziran was embarrassed and immediately carried out introspection. He was too much, what a pure and innocent cutie Mu Yang is! He must be very unaccustomed to such unrestrained sleeping methods, but he actually endured it all night to act as a human-shaped pillow for himself…

He’s so kind, that it made people feel distressed.

Lin Ziran felt particularly guilty and made up his mind to guard the cute little angel. By the way, he won’t be able to sleep with him again next time!

The two set off after some sorting.

No one mentioned the situation in the morning again, as if nothing happened…

Soon they arrived at the central square of Fenghe City.

In the center of the square, there was a high platform built with huge stones.

There were some people standing scattered on the top, all of them had extraordinary personalities and temperaments. They must be the cream of the crop who participated in the selection this time.

Below the high platform were crowds of people watching. Although most people were not eligible to participate in the selection, even if they just take a look, they would find it very worthwhile. This is the only scene where many genius youths gathered together.

Mu Yang smiled at Lin Ziran, his eyes were bright and his expression was light: “I’m going, I’ll be back in a while.”

After that, he gently leaped onto the high platform, his clothes fluttering, as if he was just doing a very simple thing.

Lin Ziran has no doubt about Mu Yang’s ability, because today, his little angel will undoubtedly be the brightest cub in the crowd! Compared to him, all the other so-called “cream of the crop” was trash!

This kind of excitement is like seeing your child in the examination hall!

And his child was the best!

There was a commotion in the crowd below the high platform. Everyone was very excited, shouting like xx is the most powerful! Yy can do it! Go on cc! dd is so handsome!

When Lin Ziran heard this, he wondered did the others have so many fans?

Mu Yang had no home court advantage…

Although you all will soon be turned into slag by our Yangyang, he can’t lose the momentum now!

Lin Ziran’s expression suddenly changed. His hands cupped around his mouth, and he shouted, “Mu Yang is number one in the world!”


At the same time, at the top of the Holy Palace thousands of miles away.

There was a snow-white palace floating above the white clouds.

The palace towers high into the sky, grand and majestic as if it were purely cast from jade. It was as if it was shrouded in ice and snow that will last forever…

This is the forbidden area of ​​the Holy Palace.

Only the elder of the Holy Palace was qualified to enter…

The great elder of the holy palace is the real Chi Feng.

Although the god Xuanyan had not been reborn for hundreds of thousands of years, he was still recognized as the only Lord of the Holy Palace. As for the daily operations of the Holy Palace, all the elders discussed and resolved them, and each high elder was equivalent to the current principal of the Holy Palace.

Daoist Master Chi Feng wore a crown of feathers on his head. His hair was gray, and his beard had grown to his waist. He was an immortal Taoist man.

But the grand elder of the dignified sacred palace was very cautious at this moment. Although in the eyes of the masses, he was already the top powerhouse of the Chiyan Immortal Realm, here, he still felt as small as an ant…

Chi Feng kneeled respectfully on the ground and spoke slowly and cautiously: “The disciple Chi Feng saw the star signs a few days ago, which showed that there will be a big catastrophe in the Chiyan Immortal Realm, but there is no solution to the ever-changing situation. So I had no choice but to awaken the Lord, begging Your Lord to show yourself..”

The thick and heavy door of a hundred meters high in front opened slowly to both sides.

Chi Feng looked ahead nervously.

There was a high seat in the middle of the empty hall. On the seat is a white-clothed, black-haired man. His temperament was as ethereal as dust, and his face was as perfect as a god. He could no longer be described by words. Just looking at him was daunting and not one dared look at him directly…at this moment He slowly opened his eyes, and the darkness in his eyes looked like the ice and snow in the abyss that has been alive for thousands of years.

Chi Feng felt a lot of pressure, and he lowered his head further, his forehead pressed against the ground.

Then he heard a cold voice above his head.

“The culprit is already on the way.”

T/n: Hmm… I wonder who it is xD

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