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ALIC Chapter 25.2


Lin Ziran left the city early the next day.

During this period, Lin Ziran went to the mountains almost every day. With his meticulous management, the cave was now full of fruits and pheasants, and the types of vegetable fields in front of the door were also increasing.

This mountain forest has been walked all over by him, and he didn’t need system prompts anymore.

Thinking that he was going to leave soon, Lin Ziran was a little bit reluctant. Every inch of this cave was full of his sweat and labor!

He was sad.

[Lin Ziran: If I leave, what should I do with the chicken I raised…]

[System:…] How? This player is a farming-addict, isn’t he?

Lin Ziran kicked a stone sullenly, and he was quiet. Only the wind made a rustling sound from the leaves. Suddenly… Lin Ziran’s footsteps stopped and his expression changed slightly.

But he quickly returned to normal and continued to move forward as if he had seen nothing, but he walked in the opposite direction…

Gradually, the mountain road became more and more rugged, because it rained not long ago, the ground was wet, and he walked slower.

Mu Yan quietly followed Lin Ziran, a dozen meters behind him. Lin Ziran didn’t notice it. When he was about to take action, he saw Lin Ziran go round a big tree and suddenly disappear!

Mu Yan’s eyes darkened. The little thief was still in front of him just now, how could he disappear in the blink of an eye!

His expression was uncertain, and there was resentment in his eyes.

Not long ago, in order to protect this little thief, Mu Yang even embarrassed him in public and made him a laughingstock in the city. For this, he doesn’t know how long he was laughed at. Who knows that it was not enough… Mu Yang was worried that he would secretly retaliate and went to his father and told him all the things he had done, so that his father could teach him a lesson.

When his father learned of these incidents, he was furious and severely punished him, saying that he was trash. Not only did he not practice well at home, but he also went out to provoke trouble and lose face. Even his mother who usually defended him also reprimanded him.

Mu Yan was locked up at home for a long time, and he hated Mu Yang and Lin Ziran to death, but even if you gave him a hundred courage, he did not dare to make trouble for Mu Yang. As for Lin Ziran… Now Lin Ziran was well protected by Mu Yang. En, his father said he couldn’t make trouble in public anymore, so he didn’t dare to act in Chongzhou City.

But how could he swallow this injustice?

Mu Yan thought about it all day, and finally thought of a good way!

This little thief, Lin Ziran, went out of the city almost every day. He didn’t know what he was up to but he only needed to follow him out of the city and kill him secretly outside… Who would know that he did it?

When the time comes, even if Mu Yang comes to Xingshi to accuse him, he would not be afraid.

After Mu Yan made up his mind, he learned that Mu Yang was about to take Lin Ziran away from Chongzhou City to the Holy Palace. He finally found a chance to follow them before they left.

He followed Lin Ziran all the way to this mountain forest. It was very smooth at first but he didn’t expect to lose him…

Mu Yan pondered for a moment, then cautiously walked forward, intending to see what was going on…

As a result, when he was about to walk to that tree, he suddenly felt a sense of weightlessness! Mu Yan was caught off guard and fell into a mud pit hidden in the grass. As he was crawling out in a hurry, a rock suddenly appeared above his head and fell down!

“Ah—” Mu Yan screamed and protected his head, but blood still dripped from his head. He took a closer look at where the stone fell and saw it was clearly a hard fruit with thorns! He was unable to fight back!

After finally struggling to raise his head, he saw Lin Ziran throw another huge fruit toward him! He finally fainted…

Lin Ziran quickly jumped down from the tree, landed steadily, patted the dust off his hands, and sneered.

Enemies are fated to meet. I had to restrain myself in the city, but you dare to follow me out alone, is this not asking to be beaten?

Mu Yan was smashed into a bloody pulp and fainted. When he woke up, he was hung upside down and tied up, with Lin Ziran’s hateful face in front of him.

Lin Ziran slapped him on the face and said coldly: “Today, you landed in my hands. Let’s settle accounts now and see if I’ll let you survive.”

After he said this, he raised his chin, put his hands on his chest and showed a cold and ferocious expression, feeling that he was extremely domineering!


Mu Yan was really panicked. He was used to bullying Li Ye. How could he expect that one day he would fall into the other’s hands? But it was impossible for him to beg this bastard. Mu Yan feigned courage: “If you dare to touch me, I, I will make you sure that you, mother and son, are unable to survive in Chongzhou City!”

“Really?” Lin Ziran sneered. You still dare to threaten me at this point. It seems that you still don’t know your place.

Mu Yan thought that Lin Ziran was scared, and continued to threaten with a sharp voice: “Quickly let me go, and then kowtow three times to apologize, I won’t care about you, otherwise I will wait for Mu Yang to leave and see who else can protect you!”

What? Want me to kowtow to make amends? Did this cannon fodder hurt his brain?

Lin Ziran showed a weird look, recalling that he had been thrown around by Mu Yan as soon as he came to this world. I’ll teach you a lesson today!

As he was thinking about how to clean up Mu Yan, his eyes fell on the blood on Mu Yan’s face.

Speaking of it, with his current ‘vampire’ physique, the person in front of him was like a delicious meal, and he might be able to increase his cultivation level after consuming it. But wanting him to suck the blood of this guy was …Too disgusting…

Wait! Lin Ziran’s eyes lit up.

[Lin Ziran: System, do you know how to cook pig blood?]

[System: I do, why…?]

Lin Ziran had already rolled up his sleeves aggressively. He took out a knife and went to find a fruit husk about the size of a watermelon, and cut through Mu Yan’s wrist!

Blood flowed out immediately, and Lin Ziran hurriedly caught it with a bowl, lest it was wasted.


Mu Yan thought he had fooled Lin Ziran, and he thought he was going to let him go. Who knew that he would cut him without saying a word. He screamed out in horror while struggling, “What are you going to do?!”

Lin Ziran was expressionless, his gloomy icy gaze swept across his face, and said in a very calm voice: “Do you know what it’s like to die from blood loss?”

Mu Yan: Huh?

With blood pouring out, Lin Ziran gripped Mu Yan’s wrist ruthlessly and quickly filled half of the bowl.

Mu Yan felt his blood flow and was cold all over. He looked at the calm and silent gray-clothed boy, remembering the sharpness when he cut his wrist brutally. He looked at him like a dead man… Mu Yan finally felt a chill from the bottom of his heart…

His scalp turned numb.

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