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ALIC Chapter 25.1

When Lin Ziran agreed to go with him, Mu Yang was overjoyed, and made up his mind that when they reached the holy palace, he must help Lin Ziran find a way to cultivate!

But before leaving, he must first arrange Mu Yazhu’s affairs.

Mu Yang proposed to help Mu Yazhu move and buy her a quiet courtyard, but Mu Yazhu refused. She said that she was used to living here and didn’t want to move, so Mu Yang relented and asked for the next best thing, and arranged for the housekeeper to regularly send food and medicine, to make sure that Mu Yazhu will be able to live without any worries after he and Lin Ziran left.

As for Mu Yan, Mu Yang pondered for a while, and it seemed that he was going to greet his third uncle. But he figured his third uncle wouldn’t even give him this little face.

After everything was arranged, Mu Yang was relieved.

Lin Ziran saw that Mu Yang had arranged everything in order, and sighed in his heart. He was really a gentle and considerate little angel. No wonder Li Ye loved him so deeply. It is a pity that he is cannon fodder. No matter how good Mu Yang was to him, it was only brotherly love while his admiration was reserved for his master.

Lin Ziran shook his head, no longer thinking about this.

Because the previous methods were useless, Mu Yang finally stopped urging Lin Ziran to practice all day long. Lin Ziran resumed his leisure and happy life. As long as you don’t force me to do homework, we will always be good brothers!

Time passed.

As the selection day of the Holy Palace approached, Mu Yang had less and less time to visit him. He was born and raised here, and was not an orphan like Li Ye. After going to the Holy Palace, he probably can’t return often for many years. Naturally, there were many things to deal with.

But although no one came, all kinds of things were delivered by a certain someone.

Lin Ziran has changed his clothes and shoes, and the house was full of various foods and medicine, not as embarrassing as when he first came here.

That day, he laid on the roof to bask in the sun, chewing sweet grass in his mouth. He squinted his eyes and said, “This thigh is worth it.”

[The system was speechless, but still reminded: When you go to the Holy Palace, it is best not to be so casual…]

Lin Ziran raised his eyebrows and said, “Why? The protagonist is Mu Yang and not me.”

He had studied the script carefully!

In the eyes of others, Li Ye was not qualified to enter the holy palace. Although Mu Yang insisted on taking him there, Li Ye can only be a handyman or a servant.

The Sacred Palace was the home ground of Mu Yang and Xuan Yan. Li Ye didn’t have many scenes, and was happy to spend his time idling.

According to the plot, Mu Yang would rise to fame overnight soon after entering the holy palace, and he would be taught by Xuan Yan as his only direct disciple. It will not take long for Mu Yang to admire his powerful master deeply, and his admiration will gradually turn into love… …

Mu Yang, who fell in love with Xuanyan, began to have troubles, and often expressed his admiration for Master in front of Li Ye. In fact, Mu Yang himself was ignorant of feelings at this time, but Li Ye could see from Mu Yang’s admiration. Because of his feelings for Xuanyan, but he wao humble and didn’t dare to speak his mind, thinking that he was not worthy of Mu Yang… the gap between him and Xuanyan was like the moon in the sky and the dust on the ground. So Li Ye would rather tolerate his love, as long as Mu Yang was happy, it didn’t matter even if he had to watch Mu Yang be with other men…

From the beginning to end, his only extravagant hope was to be able to look at Mu Yang.

What a deep and persistent love this is! Love… so long as the one you love is happy, you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to bless him and his lover!

Pining was nothing more than this!

Tsk tsk, so Lin Ziran briefly summed it up. In this episode of the plot, he only needs to spend his days in the holy palace, and occasionally listen to Mu Yang’s juvenile thoughts.

It was warm in the sun, and Lin Ziran thought about it as he fell asleep…he don’t know how long it had been when he suddenly felt a little itchy on his nose.

He opened his eyes in a daze, and saw Mu Yang’s flawless white jade face without any warning. He didn’t know when Mu Yang had come, and he was lying on his side , elbows supporting his body, as he leaned close to him. At such a close distance and ambiguous posture, it’s almost as if they were kissing…

Lin Ziran’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly, and he didn’t dare to move at all, lest he ran into the soft lips that were close at hand…

Mu Yang retracted the hand that had brushed across Lin Ziran’s nose, smiled slyly, and said, “I knew you were here.”

Lin Ziran was a little nervous. Fortunately, he had recently practiced facial paralysis, so his expression didn’t change much. He lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “You are here.”

Mu Yang smiled calmly, and then lay down directly beside Lin Ziran, looking up at the sky: “Yeah, it’s nice to come out and stroll around…”

Actually, it’s not.

Mu Yang put one hand on his chest and tried his best to show his composure, so that Lin Ziran would not notice his strangeness.

He had been very busy recently. His father and mother had endless requests, and relatives and friends also needed to be explained to, one by one… But no matter how busy or tired he was, as long as he had time, he couldn’t wait to come here. Even if it’s just simply lying next to this person, it would make him feel relaxed and happy…

When he was around Lin Ziran, he didn’t need to care about other people’s expectations, and didn’t have to bear any pressure. He just needed to be himself.

He would never overstep or ask anything, of him, only trusting him unconditionally… No matter when Mu Yang came, he would always calmly say: You’re here.

As if waiting for him silently.

It seems that he was very, very important to him.

Mu Yang quietly clenched his fingers. When he came over just now, he found that Lin Ziran was asleep, but didn’t wake him up. Instead, he had watched quietly from the side for a long time.

The appearance of a young man was not so good-looking due to his dark complexion and ordinary facial features. Although he was young, he was already calm and unsmiling, even a little gloomy… But when he looked at him just now, he suddenly wanted to get closer…

Why? They are just friends, aren’t they?

This is clearly an idea that shouldn’t be there. He came back to his senses, and almost landed on the fingertips of the opponent’s lips, and finally only gently scratched his nose…

Mu Yang felt a little uncomfortable thinking about this, his ears were slightly red, and he tried to calm his tone: “There are three days left for the selection of the Holy Palace. I will pick you up and set off.”

The plot went well, Lin Ziran was in a good mood and smiled, “Okay.”

Mu Yang tilted his head slightly and looked at him seriously: “Don’t worry, I will find a way to bring you anyway!”

Of course Lin Ziran believed him, his eyes were bright, and he said without hesitation: “I believe you.”

Mu Yang was startled, his heart beating rapidly. He quickly looked away, staggered under Lin Ziran’s gaze, and patted his clothes. “Then I’ll go first.”

In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

Lin Ziran blinked. Today, Mu Yang hurriedly came and left. It’s a bit weird. Did something happen at home?

Forget it, it’s none of his business.

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