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ALIC Chapter 15.2

Real men don’t look back after hitting.

Lin Ziran went straight back to his car, making sure that he wouldn’t be discovered by Lu Sui, only then stretched out his palm to look left and right, hiss… it hurts.

However, the effect of force is mutual. When he thinks of Lu Sui in as much pain as himself, it doesn’t feel like a loss. Then he thinks about how it is his face that hurts instead of his hands and felt slightly better.

Lin Ziran was in a good mood, and Lu Sui knew that he had broken up with Wen Yu, so he would definitely not target Wen Yu again.

However, from now on, there is no script to refer to. The plot has collapsed, and it seems that it can only be changed.

Well, anyway, he was out of the house, and everything was done. He’ll just go have a meal and go back…

Lin Ziran immediately took out his mobile phone and began to search for nearby restaurants. Because there were too many choices and he took a long time to make a decision, Zhao Mingze’s call came in first.

Good, you and Lu Sui bumped in front of me one by one. Could it be that he heard that Wen Yu got into trouble again?

Lin Ziran answered the phone thoughtfully.

Zhao Mingze’s worried voice came: “I heard that Wen Yu was injured. Have you visited him? Is the situation serious?”

Lin Ziran: “?”

Seeing that Lin Ziran didn’t answer for a while, Zhao Mingze explained with a wry smile: “Sorry, I know my behavior that day was very impulsive, I was jealous of Wen Yu… but he is the person you like after all, and I don’t want him to have an accident.”

Lin Ziran was stunned. Fortunately, Zhao Mingze couldn’t see his expression through the phone.

This is a master! Compared to the stupid kid who did bad things and showed off everywhere, Zhao Mingze was almost a few ranks higher. He blatantly talked nonsense without his face turning red. If I didn’t have the script in hand, I would have been fooled by you!


Lin Ziran held back for a long time and said, “He’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”

Zhao Mingze said: “That’s good, yes… I just have something to tell you, can I meet you?”

Lin Ziran pondered for a moment. If Lu Sui did this only to break him and Wen Yu up, then Zhao Mingze’s purpose was still a bit confusing. If he really wanted his company, a business war would be more direct. This villain didn’t need to do so much. What do you want? Lin Ziran was rather curious because he couldn’t figure it out…

Lin Ziran said: “Okay.”

He hung up the phone and drove to the location Zhao Mingze sent.

Coincidentally, it’s a place to eat! As soon as he entered the door, the fragrance filled his nose, and Lin Zi suddenly felt even more hungry…

When Zhao Mingze saw him coming, he showed a smile on his face and his eyes were gentle: “I figured you may not have eaten yet, so I chose this place. It’s better to eat and talk.”

He’s so empathetic!

Lin Ziran almost wanted to agree, but remembering his abrupt behavior last time, he told himself it was logical that he should continue to be angry now, so he forced his heart to still, and said with a cold expression: “No thanks, what do you want to tell me? ”

Seeing his alienated and indifferent expression, Zhao Mingze had a bitter look in his eyes, and said: “Does me liking you…make you angry?”

Lin Ziran did not speak.

Zhao Mingze’s expression was lonely. He was silent for a while, and said: “I heard that Wen Yu has encountered some difficulties recently. I want to say that I can help him if necessary. Although I rarely dabble in the entertainment industry before, I should still be able to help…”

Lin Ziran couldn’t help showing an unexpected look, and asked in surprise: “You are willing to help him?”

Zhao Mingze lowered his eyes and gave a wry smile: “I don’t want you to worry for him.”

Lin Ziran really admired him. Look at his happiness for his beloved act, the appearance of rather enduring humiliation and helping his rivals. It was this! You should have acted in this affectionate male lead role!

He lost.

Of course Lin Ziran would not expose him, but instead looked moved: “You are…”

Zhao Mingze looked sad, smiled, and said: “Don’t mind me, take it as if I am apologizing for my previous behavior.”

Beautiful! A perfect receive, Retreat is a way of advancement, and Lin Ziran almost wants to applaud!

With Lu Zhen’s character, he couldn’t stay angry after seeing Zhao Mingze lower himself and he still loves him so much. Lin Ziran sighed and said softly, “It’s okay, Wen Yu and I have already broken up.”

Zhao Mingze looked up suddenly: “What?”

Lin Ziran shrugged, smiled bitterly, and said: “I think we may not be suitable, so we broke up.”

Zhao Mingze moved his lips slightly, and said to himself, “…It’s because of me.”

Lin Ziran said: “It has nothing to do with you.”

Seeing Lin Ziran looked reluctant to say anything, Zhao Mingze stopped asking. In fact, he had heard the news from Lu Sui before calling Lin Ziran, so he asked Lin Ziran to meet on purpose…

The darkness in Zhao Mingze’s eyes flashed. For a moment, he raised his eyes and looked at Lin Ziran with a gentle and attentive gaze, and slowly said: “Even if you broke up, what I just said counts.”


“Mr. Lu, this is the company’s income and expenditure summary and salary payment sheet for this month. Please check it. If there is no problem, please sign and confirm.” Secretary Liu carefully put the information on Lu Sui’s desk.

Lu Sui’s index finger lightly pressed on the document, but did not open it, but suddenly said: “Do you think I went overboard?”

The secretary was Lu Zhen’s former secretary, and Lu Sui did not replace him after he took office. But even so, when Secretary Liu and Lu Sui get along, they are inevitably a little more cautious.

He smiled respectfully and said, “I’m just a part-time worker, I don’t have so many thoughts.”

Lu Sui glanced at him and said, “You go out.”

Secretary Liu turned and left.

Lu Sui lowered his head and looked at the information in front of him at a bit of loss. He now sat where Lu Zhen used to sit, and successfully forced Lu Zhen to break up with Wen Yu. It stands to reason that he has achieved what he wanted. There is no regret, but what is the feeling of emptiness and irritability in his heart…

Lu Zhen slapped him that day, and looked at him with such disappointment and disgust.

Is this really what he wanted?

Lu Sui’s hand slowly clenched, what did he really want?

He wanted to go back to the days when he was carefree and following his brother 14 years ago…

But he knew it was impossible. He could not forget everything, the death of his mother, or the indifference of his father and brother… So he could only vent his pain in this way and drag Lu Zhen into the abyss of his pain.

But now he finally understands that revenge cannot save his heart, it will only become more hollow and colder.

Because you don’t even have the strength to hate.

Lu Sui was motionless, and suddenly, he got up and took his coat and key to leave.


Because it was not a weekend, the cemetery was more deserted than usual.

Lu Sui stood alone in front of the tombstone, looking lonely and silent.

He originally wanted to say something, wanted to talk about what he had done recently, but he swallowed it again…

When you were alive, you liked brother so much. It’s better him than me. If you know what I’m doing now, you won’t be happy, will you blame me?

Lu Sui’s cold face was gradually distorted because of pain.

But because of this, I am even more reconciled, even if I pay more…

You are still silent as ever. No one cares at all, just as no one really cares about me.

Sincerity cannot be exchanged for sincerity. You and I are like a humble joke from beginning to end, always eager for the love of people who don’t care about us…

So be it……

Lu Sui gently brushed the dust on the tombstone and bent down to lay the bouquet down. Just when he was about to get up and leave, he suddenly turned his head and looked to the right front, his eyes sharpened suddenly.

A middle-aged man in a black sweater was standing behind a big tree. His eyes quickly darted and after unexpectedly seeing Lu Sui, he pulled his hat and turned and left.

Lu Sui’s expression became cold, and he rushed over and grabbed the other’s shoulder, pulling the man over and pressing him firmly against a tree!

The man was caught off guard by Lu Sui. He raised his head to reveal an ordinary face, with a fierce light in his small eyes, and said to Lu Sui viciously, “What are you doing?”

Lu Sui stared at the man, the back of his hand bursting with blue veins, he had already recognized who this man was.

He doesn’t know himself, but he will never forget this face.

This is the man who kidnapped his mother and Lu Zhen and killed his mother fourteen years ago. He went to jail for kidnapping and manslaughter, but he had already been released… and why did he appear here?

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Sui impatiently, with a gloomy tone: “What’s wrong with you, let go! Believe it or not I will kill you!”

Lu Sui’s fingers cracked, this murderer… all because of him…

Hatred made his eyes bloodshot.

Lu Sui raised his fist and was about to smash it! But the middle-aged man is not a vegetarian, he immediately countered Lu Sui without hesitation.

[t/n: vegetarian: weakling]

After suffering Lu Sui’s punches several times, the man grimaced with pain, only to find a chance to kick Lu Sui away.

“You’re f****** crazy, I don’t know you! Want to hit someone at a glance?” The man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes were vicious and inexplicable. It was hell today. Did he not see his fortune before coming out?

Lu Sui staggered and stood still, as if he was at a loss and suddenly let out a hoarse laugh: “I am Xu Lanna’s son.”

The man suddenly paused.

He looked at Lu Sui unexpectedly, looked carefully, and then realized something. He cursed: “Hitting someone without a word, you’re really the son of that stinky bitch. I really am unlucky today. After eight lifetimes of bad luck, I just came to scold her and leave, but I actually met you!”

“What did you say?” Lu Sui’s eyes were bloodthirsty, and his whole body was trembling with anger.

The man saw that Lu Sui went crazy and wanted to die with him. Thinking about how difficult it was for him to get out, it is not worth it to go in because of this ass, and said quickly: “Forget it, forget it, you’ve also hit me. Consider me unlucky, okay? I just came out and don’t want to cause trouble.”

Lu Sui refused to let him go, his eyes were blood red, and he said, “Apologize to her.”

I won’t allow you to insult her like this!

The man had already backed down, who knew that Lu Sui refused to forgive him, and immediately grew angry: “I advise you not to go too far, because you are her son, I will not pursue this…but why should I apologize to her? If it wasn’t for her pitting me so badly back then, would I shave to quat in jail for more than ten years? She should apologize to me.”

Lu Sui grabbed his collar and said angrily: “She should apologized to you? You killed her! She is innocent… If she didn’t happen to pick up Lu Zhen from school that day, she would not have been taken by you, this beast!”

The man was taken aback and looked at Lu Sui inexplicably, with a very strange expression: “Don’t you know?”

After speaking, he murmured again, “This is wrong, how could he not know? After I was arrested, I explained everything, how could he not know…”

Seeing him like this, Lu Sui became irritable: “What are you talking about?”

Seeing Lu Sui’s ignorant appearance, the man suddenly showed a nasty smile when he thought about how he was randomly beaten up and said to Lu Sui, “How about you let me go and I will tell you a secret? Don’t worry, I will not run.”

Lu Sui took a deep breath, released his hand, and said coldly, “Speak.”

The man gave a tut, looked at Lu Sui curiously, and said, “Hey, are you really that woman’s son?”

Lu Sui’s eyes were like knives, and his face was cold and silent.

“Well, well, I can tell you everything! I am her old classmate. After graduating from junior high school, I was idle and poor all day long. One day ,she suddenly found me and said that there was a good opportunity for me to make a lot of money..” The man said slowly, with a look of disdain in his eyes, “If I had known this result at the time, I would definitely not agree to her…

Xu Lanna said that she is now married to a wealthy family, but she has not received any substantial benefits. The old man keeps everything to himself. She is very shrewd and dotes on the eldest son of her partner the most. She is worried about not getting any benefits if they go on like this. She said that as long as we kidnapped Lu Zhen, we could make a killing. She said that she’ll provide the information and asked me to kidnap Lu Zhen, then we would divide the profits evenly.

But what kind of person is that Master Lu? I’m just a idle bastard, at most doing some sneaky things, how dare I do such a dangerous thing… So for the first time I didn’t promise her…

But she came to me again after a while and said that we could take action when she is on the way to pick up Lu Zhen from school. Then she would pick up Lu Zhen in person and inform me to kidnap her together to ensure the safety of this plan. It was foolproof! Then we can ask Lu Jinwen for 50 million…50 million, each person gets 25 million. At that time, I had a huge debt so this time I did not resist the temptation and agreed to her. ”

“No, it’s impossible…” Lu Sui’s lips trembled, and every time the man said, his face turned paler.

The man looked at him in despair, he laughed, and even took out a cigarette and lit it. He raised his eyebrows and said, “What good is it for me to lie to you? Brat, if not for that 25 million, I would never do such a thing…Who knows that bitch is more ruthless than I thought, after we kidnapped Lu Zhen, she suddenly changed her mind.

She wants me to kill Lu Zhen, so that the entire Lu family will belong to her in the future. What is a mere fifty million?

Don’t look at me like this, I’m asking for money but not for life, I don’t have such a big courage. If not for her, I wouldn’t have agreed to the kidnapping. To be honest, kidnapping and getting some money alone would be fine. If I kill Young Master Lu, it’s impossible to escape. I don’t want and don’t dare to, so we fell out.

Who knows this fucking bitch is really a lunatic. She saw that I was not willing and was afraid that I would expose her, so she tried to kill me to silence me. actually wants to kill someone! Of course I couldn’t be killed by her. I accidentally killed her during the fight when she grabbed a knife. Because someone died, I ran away in fright. Who knew I was still caught in the end.

You tell me, is it her fault? From the beginning to the end, she was the mastermind. She was the one who kidnapped Lu Zhen, and wanted to silence me. Looking back, I’m sure she planned this from the beginning… Lao Tzu was cheated by her. I didn’t get a penny and was in jail for more than ten years. Who else do I blame if not her? If she weren’t already dead, I would have hacked her into pieces. ”

Lu Sui had no strength, his hands trembled slightly, and his voice was so low that he could hardly hear him: “It’s not like that…No… She was killed by you to save Lu Zhen…”

The man sneered impatiently: “Is that what your dad told you? That old guy lied to you for more than ten years… He was afraid that you could not accept the fact and won’t be able to raise your head, so he refused to tell you the truth, right?

Wait, it’s weird, if your dad refused to tell you, why didn’t your brother tell you? At that time, he saw us fighting. That kid… he didn’t cry or make a sound when he was caught. He was calm. At that time, I was wondering if the children of rich people are really different. …”

When the man said this, he seemed to understand something. He was a little bit emotional. He patted Lu Sui on the shoulder and said, “It seems that you have a good father and brother. They must love you so much that they can’t bear to tell you. Believe me, from now on, be a good person, but don’t follow your mother… By the way, what I said is true. If you don’t believe me, go and find out, I will be struck by thunder if I tell even half a shred of a lie!”

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