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ALIC Chapter 15.1

What he is most afraid of is the sudden silence.

A few seconds later, Lin Ziran took the lead to break the silence and politely asked the assistant: “Can I come in?”

The assistant finally recovered and said sarcastically: “Why does Mr. Lu suddenly has the time to come here?”

Lin Ziran’s expression was a little awkward. Although the assistant’s words just now were subjectively biased, regardless of the real situation, it seemed that this was true on the surface…

Wen Yu pursed his thin lips slightly, and said hoarsely: “Xiao Zhou, you go out first.”

Although his tone was indifferent, the assistant heard the commanding tone. Even if he was not angry, he still snorted and slammed the door on his way out.

Wen Yu sat on the hospital bed and looked fine, except that his already pale complexion now appeared even more fragile due to blood loss.

Lin Ziran was silent for a moment, then approached Wen Yu’s hospital bed and said in a low voice, “How is your injury?”

Wen Yu’s eyes were calm and indifferent: “Didn’t you hear it just now, it’s okay, don’t worry.”

Lin Ziran saw this scene and sighed in his heart…If you were willing to follow the plot well at the beginning, Lu Sui would be holding you carefully in his palms, wishing to kneel in front of you and beg for forgiveness. Where would this situation happen?

He remembered what the assistant said just now. Although it was not what he wanted, these troubles did arise because of him.

If it were not for him, Lu Sui and Zhao Mingze would not attack Wen Yu…

The assistant is right, breaking up is the best choice you should make right now, you can have much more without me.

And I should have broken up with you…

Lin Ziran was finally cruel, and slowly said to Wen Yu: “Xiao Zhou is right, you shouldn’t have admitted our relationship.”

Wen Yu’s dark pupils suddenly became sharp, his bloodless lips parted slightly, but his voice was unexpectedly calm: “You want to break up with me, right?”

Lin Ziran met those eyes and seemed to be stabbed by something. He was silent for a moment, and said, “If I continue to be with you, Lu Sui will not give up… More importantly, it is not easy for you to walk now. Not only can I not help you, but I will also cause you more trouble…You should know in your heart that breaking up with me is the best choice for you.”

Wen Yu’s eyes seemed to be smiling without any humour. After Lin Ziran finished speaking, he slowly said, “If you are just worried about this, you don’t need to. First of all, Lu Sui can’t cover the sky with one hand. The bad situation… I just temporarily withdrew from the public eye. I told you a long time ago that I thought about transitioning to behind the scenes.”

Lin Ziran looked regretful and sad: “Are you really going to give up like this?”

Wen Yu’s voice suddenly rose, and he fixedly looked at Lin Ziran’s eyes: “Am I the one who is giving up?”

Lin Ziran was startled.

Wen Yu’s expression was self-deprecating and full of pain, and his eyes were sharp as a knife as he was about to cut the other person completely. He said word by word: “The one who retreated when he encountered a little difficulty…wants to let go, wants to give up. The one who wants to leave first is obviously you!”

Lin Ziran’s face changed slightly.

Wen Yu’s hand slowly clenched firmly, his eyes shook, and he let out a miserable laugh: “Do you really love me?”

He looked at Lin Ziran’s expression, and the blood in his body seemed to be growing cold.

He always thought that this person loved him. He thought that he loved him as much as he loved him. Their love is strong and reliable and will not be easily shaken by anything… But is it really the case?

Since when had he been unsure about this?

Since when did he start to fear this person’s abandonment…

Perhaps his heart had already noticed the writings on the wall. Before he had realized it, he already had a feeling that this love was not indestructible, it was so fragile that it needed external force to maintain…so he chose to unilaterally announce their relationship.

Unfortunately, what he didn’t understand at that time was that once a love needs to rely on external forces to maintain it, it will fall apart sooner or later. If you don’t want to lose too ugly, it is better to let it go early.

It’s just that until today, Wen Yu can’t tell whether this person had ever loved him… or doesn’t love him now.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Ziran apologised. Although this is just a game, and the person in front of him is just an NPC, but… he did lie to him.

I can’t stay in this world for you, so please don’t give me too much.

Even if all this is not true, I hope you can have a good time.

Lin Ziran’s eyes were soft and troubled, and he sighed: “Let’s break up.”

Wen Yu’s hand suddenly clenched so hard the his veins could be seen. He closed his eyes fiercely, covering up the pain and unwillingness in his eyes, and when he opened it again, there was only a cold indifference left.

Lin Ziran knew that he should leave. He almost wanted to habitually care about Wen Yu and tell him to take good care of himself, but he didn’t say anything. It’s not appropriate to care about him at this time. After all, they have broken up.

And seeing Wen Yu look like this, probably won’t forgive him again.

So be it.

Lin Ziran pursed the corners of his lips and turned to leave.

As he walked to the door, a warm voice came from behind him again.

“You are the liar with the best acting skills.” Wen Yu said.

He looked at Lin Ziran’s back until the person completely disappeared from his sight.

In fact, there is still half a sentence left, he didn’t say it–

You are the most powerful liar, because you really lied to me.

Making me think you had loved me too.


Lin Ziran strode away and came to no one at the corner of the stairs. He raised his hand to wipe his eyes, and whispered, “We broke up…”

[The system is a little worried: You can’t bear it?]

Lin Ziran choked up and said: “I didn’t expect it to be like this. Wen Yu also praised my acting skills and is willing to affirm my acting skills, I…”

[System:…] F***.

This period of time made Lin Ziran sink into self-doubt for a while, is his acting really bad to this point? As a result, all the characters started playing cards not according to expectations, but…Wen Yu actually said that he had deceived him.

It’s like…wanting to plant flowers but the flowers don’t bloom. Unintentionally plant willows and willows sprout…

[t/n: Meaning that things don’t go according to plan… what he thought would happen didn’t happen, but unexpectedly, the part with wen yu went according to plan even though he hadn’t planned it]

Could it be because of his great acting skills?

Lin Ziran’s expression is complicated.

[System: Do you know? Your behavior just now is simply that of a standard scumbag.]

Lin Ziran disagreed and said, “Didn’t you tell me to break up? Now that I broke up, you say I am a scumbag. Isn’t that inappropriate? And I’m just going through the plot.”


Lin Ziran said again: “Besides, if I don’t break up with him, do I really have to watch him be forced to a breaking point by Lu Sui and Zhao Mingze? It’s okay to just quit the entertainment industry, but look at the two people who joined forces. Too ruthless, this is going to kill him!”

A scumbag gong with vile methods and a frenzied villain, who knows what other things they could do? He can’t protect Wen Yu.

It would be better to separate now. It can be considered protecting him.

He also fixed the plot along the way, and got the best of both worlds.

The system was speechless.

Lin Ziran said lightly: “It was originally just a game. If I don’t love him, I should break up. Is it possible for me to not follow the plot and become a pair of desperate mandarin ducks with him?”

[t/n: mandarin ducks = lovers]

For example, if you play a game, you can become head over heels for a fictional character, slam into the wall for him, throw money and gold… But will you abandon everything for him?

Even if the npc looks realistic, this is just a holographic projection game, and it is only a dream.

Breaking up is the right choice.

He will never forget his original intention of coming here. If he has a love affair with the npc because of a momentary softheartedness, what is the point of him coming here? Isn’t it good to return to reality to find a man to fall in love?

He is not lacking in men to this point.

But after being given the title of ‘Scumbag’ in this manner still made Lin Ziran a little downhearted, and he walked out absent-mindedly.

As a result, outside the gate of the hospital, he saw his devil brother.

The real and actual slag gong – Lu Sui.

Lu Sui was obviously waiting for him, with a joking smile on a face looking for a beating and dark eyes. He gave wry expression and asked lightly: “Have you seen him?”

Lin Ziran was still a little uncertain, but now he is sure that this incident was really Lu Sui’s doing.

This bastard didn’t come to him, but instead attacked Wen Yu. He’s really getting better and better!

Lin Ziran took a deep breath and said, “Come here.”

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran’s reddened eyes, as if he had cried. He must have reluctantly broke up with Wen Yu just now. Is he planning to come and beg himself to let him go?

Thinking of this, Lu Sui finally felt the pleasure of revenge in his heart.

Lu Sui took a step forward with a smile, his mouth curled up: “What do you want to say to me…”


Lin Ziran raised his hand high and slapped Lu Sui fiercely.

Lu Sui was beaten up and looked at Lin Ziran blankly.

Lin Ziran looked coldly, lowered his eyes close to his ear, and said: “Come at me if you dare. If you attack Wen Yu again, I won’t let you off.”

After speaking, he left, leaving behind Lu Sui, who was stunned and in disbelief.

Lu Sui’s face was burning, this slap almost made his brain crash, and his thoughts slowly returned after a long time…

Lin Ziran was really angry.

This is the first time he hit him.

Even if he didn’t scold him and blame him, Lu Sui knew that Lin Ziran was disappointed with him.

He finally managed to retaliate against this person, angered this person who almost never got angry, and is always gentle and tolerant towards anyone.

But why…

He didn’t seem to be as happy as he imagined.


T/n: welcome back… i must confess something… played around with the colour of my blog and now i’m accidentally obsessed with the colour scheme.

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  1. Avatar ×_÷ says:

    Lu Sui’s finally getting a change of heart ♡\(^-^)
    Thanks for the chapter and nice color

    1. Avatar 77 says:

      ♡♡ thanku ♡♡

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  4. Avatar Nightfox_Riveria says:

    Ah, I can almost imagine the shocked pikachu face that Lu Sui is wearing right now. The brother he had long tormented has finally reached the end of his temper. Yet it isn’t like what he thought, there is no joy seeing anger on that usually gentle face, there is no joy seeing those reddened eyes. What Lu Sui doesn’t understand is that he never wanted Lin Ziran to be hurt or angry, all he wanted was an answer, a resolution to his trauma.

  5. Avatar editor says:

    the new color scheme is cute ^u^

    some typos in the update btw:
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