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ALIC Chapter 14.1

Caught off guard, Zhao Mingze was pulled away by Wen Yu, punched in the face and staggered two steps back before he regained his balance. He lightly licked the inside of his mouth and tasted blood. Taking off his glasses, he looked at Wen Yu with cold eyes.

Unprepared for this situation, Lin Ziran finally recovered from the shock.

Isn’t it too much of a coincidence to be seen by Wen Yu?

Wen Yu’s fingers cracked, his face tense, and his voice was extremely cold: “Mr. Zhao, is this how you act as a guest in someone else’s home?”

Zhao Mingze gently wiped the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand, his phoenix eyes raised slightly, as he smiled provocatively: “Why can’t I? I’ve liked Lu Zhen longer than you, and been by his side longer than you. You are just lucky to have passed by. ”

Lin Ziran:…

[System: Aren’t you going to explain?]

[Lin Ziran hesitated for a moment, and said: I am a civilized person, and I admire gentlemen who use their mouths instead of their hands. If using mouths may still cause me to be beaten, I won’t do it. …Besides, I don’t know how to explain. Should they go fight in the garage? Is it more spacious there? More space to move?]


Lin Ziran quietly stood on his heels, and when he was about to step back a little, Zhao Mingze suddenly grabbed his wrist. His eyes were dark, and he said meaningfully to Wen Yu: “By the way…do you know he was with me the night you missed your appointment? Do you know what we did?”

Lin Ziran was immediately caught in the middle of the storm, with nowhere to escape. Zhao Mingze’s words made his scalp go numb. You can just make trouble just don’t drag me into the water! He hurriedly whispered: “Shut up!”

Zhao Mingze gave Lin Ziran a pained look, and then seemed to have made up his mind. He turned to Wen Yu and said: “You don’t care about him at all. If you care about him, you wouldn’t have left him alone, won’t let him down again and again, won’t let him feel so insecure…Where were you when he was all alone and lost? I love him more than you, and I stayed with him that night… We’ve slept together before, do you know that?”

Wen Yu’s eyes were red, and he slowly said, “What did you say?”

Zhao Mingze sneered: “Did you not hear what I said? Okay, then I’ll repeat it for you…”

Lin Ziran suddenly yelled, “Enough!”

He was really panicked at first, but seeing Zhao Mingze recount the story of that night, he calmed down. Now, it was useless to panic, it was better to think about how to make use of the current situation… …

Zhao Mingze did not hesitate to expose the fact that they had been in bed, so it was bound to destroy the relationship between him and Wen Yu. It was simply heartless.. But wasn’t this the long-awaited chance to break up?

The villain is conscientious and has come to give him an excuse. Whether he can fix the plot today depends on him!

At the most it was just getting beaten up!

He’s going all out!

Lin Ziran took a deep breath, summoned his courage to fight back, and said to Zhao Mingze coldly: “Get out of here.”

Zhao Mingze stared at Lin Ziran’s cold eyes. Lin Ziran seemed to be really angry…

“I…” Zhao Mingze’s eyes were filled with pain, as well as some sadness and guilt.

Lin Ziran was expressionless, as he watched him coldly and silently.

After a long while, Zhao Mingze looked at Lin Ziran sadly, turned and walked away.

Having gotten rid of the one in the way, Lin Ziran turned back to face Wen Yu again.

Wen Yu didn’t follow him out. His footsteps were as heavy as lead, and his chest was cold. He looked at Lin Ziran for a moment, saying word by word: “Is. What. He. Said. True?”

Lin Ziran has made up his mind, and now he can only make a decision.

He took a deep breath and with a look of apology, uttered a single word: “Yes.”

With a mere word, Wen Yu’s desperately suppressed violent rage that broke through a crack. His clenched fists shook

He came here today with anticipation…

Although he has been with Lin Ziran these days, because Lin Ziran is unwilling, he has not touched him. He respected him, understood him, and thought that this person was too conservative and shy, so he was willing to wait patiently…

But in reality?

It turned out that at some point in time, he had already slept with another man, but he didn’t say anything, pretending that nothing had happened…

Jealousy and pain twisted Wen Yu’s heart.

How can you have no guilt when talking about love with me while sleeping with other men?

You say that you love me, but you don’t even want to touch me. Is this the so-called love?

Lin Ziran’s feet were chilled by Wen Yu, and his expression became a little stiff…The person in front of him… those eyes that were always clear and soft, were full of rage at this moment as if he might kill himself at any time, and wanted to tear him to pieces.

Lin Ziran has never seen such a terrifying and unfamiliar expression on Wen Yu’s face…

Oh no, he shouldn’t have played with fire…

Lin Ziran quickly explained: “I was drunk that day, and I didn’t know what happened until I woke up. I really didn’t mean it. But no matter what, I’ve let you down. If you can’t forgive me, we…” We can break up…

Wen Yu stepped forward abruptly, clasped Lin Ziran’s shoulders with his hands, and kissed his lips violently, not wanting to hear him say anything that made him angry.

Facing Wen Yu’s hostile eyes, Lin Ziran panicked again, and instinctively resisted… Feeling Lin Ziran’s actions, Wen Yu became more furious and bit his lips forcefully. !

Lin Ziran stiffened…

Just when he was ready to accept his fate to be beaten up, he was pushed down onto the sofa by Wen Yu.

Wen Yu clutched Lin Ziran’s wrist tightly. What? You can do it with Zhao Mingze, but refuse just when I want to kiss you?

All reason was lost. Like a fire, burning away the last shred of self-control…

Lin Ziran stared at Wen Yu blankly. His collar was roughly torn apart before he realized a problem… Wen Yu didn’t want to beat him but wanted to forcefully take him? Isn’t this shou too fierce…

Lin Ziran took a deep breath, his face turned pale, and he tried his best to push Wen Yu away from him!

Wen Yu was pushed away roughly and staggered. He suddenly looked up, his eyes reflecting Lin Ziran’s pale face…

Those eyes that looked at him contained unfamiliarity and fear.

His chest heaved violently. After a while, Wen Yu closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, it was calm. Then he raised his hand and gently wiped off the blood on Lin Ziran’s lips.

What was he about to do? Anger and jealousy made him lose his mind… he almost did such a terrible thing.

A him like that was a stranger even to himself

Wen Yu’s eyes were dim and weak. He looked at Lin Ziran sadly and said in a low voice: “I know you won’t do something like that to me, right…If it wasn’t because I came late that day, you wouldn’t be with Zhao Mingze and that kind of thing would never happen. It’s my fault…I know you didn’t mean it, it was Zhao Mingze who was tricked you…”

It was that he was always neglecting this person before. He was sure in his heart that Lin Ziran would not leave him, but he did not expect that just when he lowered his guard after believing he had this person’s love, someone else had been waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of it…

If only he found out earlier that he loved this person, would things have turned out differently…

Lin Ziran fell silent, not expecting that Wen Yu would still refuse to break up. He stood up, tidied up his somewhat messy collar, his eyes were gentle but his expression firmly alienated: “Let’s all calm down, okay?”

Wen Yu’ lips moved, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he just said, “Okay.”

Lin Ziran watched Wen Yu’s retreating back and sighed quietly. Although the incident that day was an accident, it was not right after all, but why did he refuse to break up?

Didn’t he not care about Lu Zhen at all?

[Lin Ziran asked in confusion: What does he like about me? Can I change it?]

[System: I also wonder what he likes about you.]

[Lin Ziran: …]


Lu Sui parked his car at the side of the road not far from the villa. Since he drove Lu Zhen out of the company that day, he had never returned to this home. He waited to see Lu Zhen’s pained and sad expression, and when Lu Zhen came to ask for his forgiveness, he was even ready to be counterattacked… but in fact, nothing happened. Lu Zhen seemed to accept this situation and left so swiftly…

He left the company, left him, and went on vacation with Wen Yu. He was still living a comfortable life, as if everything he had deliberately plotted was so trivial, as if… he didn’t put him in the eyes at all.

He easily returned him all the things he had snatched from him.

There was no pleasure in winning, and no pleasure in defeating his enemy.

Even if you have nothing, you still stand up high, as if I am but a clown… I can only take what you give to me, what you don’t want.

Why won’t you look at me more?

Lu Sui was very angry and unwilling…Don’t you love Wen Yu very much? Isn’t it enough for you to have him? Don’t you want me to bless you?

Okay, then I will “bless” you for a hundred years. I want to expose your relationship to the world so that Wen Yu has to choose between you and his career.

But the result? Wen Yu chose Lu Zhen.

He resisted the pressure of the whole world, ignored all the rumors, and chose him without hesitation.

Causing his plans to become a joke once again.


Lu Sui did not understand.

He finally couldn’t help but returned here again.

He waited from morning to noon, from noon to night, until the person shows up.

Lu Sui pushed the car door and walked out.

Lin Ziran slept at home and found that there was no food at home. He was going to go out to treat himself to a big meal. As a result, she saw Lu Sui standing outside as soon as he went out, and couldn’t help showing a look of surprise.

Lu Sui had one hand in his pants pocket as he looked at him coldly.

Lin Ziran pondered for a few seconds. Did this guy come to show off?

The corners of Lu Sui’s lips rose, and he suddenly laughed, “I’m here to congratulate you.”

Lin Ziran:?

Lu Sui looked at Lin Ziran’s confusion, but the hatred in his heart gathered again. How can you be so indifferent? Is it because you are sure that Wen Yu will not leave you? Then I will destroy the people you care about, will you feel sad and angry?

Really, I can’t wait to see how you will beg me…

As promised… another chapter here. Happy new year’s eve!

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  1. Avatar drumgoesdum says:

    Thank you for the translation! I was so excited to read this chapter. I’m also so excited to see how Lu Sui takes revenge– I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!!

  2. Avatar ThisHappyFujoshi says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I had forgotten about Lu Sui for a second there haha. Happy New Years everyone!

  3. The fact that this is going crazy. I skipped so much that idfc anymore.

    I really don’t understand why this mc is still sticking around!

    He’s facking rich! If theres a problem on the system like cant go back! Then go somewhere far away from stress with that silver debit card you have!

    The mc is stressing himself that i might drop this.

    I also feel the second male syndrome for ZM!

    1. Avatar Blank0_0 says:

      Bro This is a role-playing game. He played this game because he wants to test his acting skills. You should probably read the story again and read it carefully~ Beside isnt his task act as Lin Zhiran, make sure not to OOC and help the main characters love, and more importantly make sure not to ruin the plot!!. what the heck the fact that you use the username “Your Husband, Brother Yu” and posted this unreasonable comment is just….. I hope you change your username your making Brother Yu uncool!! hmph

      Also Zhao Mingzhe having the second male syndrome is bullshit! he rape Lin Zhiran you know! is that the desirable second leads usually in most novels?? OG Lin Zhiran is what a second leads should be seen as!!

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