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ALIC Chapter 13.2

Lin Ziran wanted to cry but had no tears. He suddenly missed how seemingly approachable, but indifferent Wen Yu was when he first came into this world. Say, what happened to you, how did you become like this…

Please think about yourself before you do something!

And I don’t need you to announce our relationship QAQ

Lin Ziran planned to give one final struggle, and said sadly: “I understand your intentions…but you really shouldn’t be so impulsive!”

Wen Yu smiled and raised his eyebrows slightly: “If you are talking about my acting career, it doesn’t really matter. I originally planned to cut down on filming in the next two years and slowly transition to acting from behind the scenes.”

This sentence is not to comfort Lin Ziran, but really his plan. Now, his plan had merely been brought forward.

He is no longer just a little fresh meat. He does not need to constantly market himself for a little attention, and he does not need to live as carefully as before. Nowadays, he is very cautious when he accepts movies. He will not touch it if it is something he liked or a premium one. His focus is on gradually transitioning to investing in films, while acting is more for fun. Although his sexual orientation will inevitably be attacked by some malicious people, it will not hurt him. It will not affect his resources or connections…

When you have enough capital and strength, one will not be easily knocked down by a little setback.

But being a perfect person is actually very tiring.

Tired of the endless acting. Acting in dramas, acting in life, and gradually forgetting what he really is.

Now, he just wants to be himself and love who he wants to love.

Lin Ziran didn’t expect Wen Yu to say such a thing. It seemed that he was really determined.

Then he heard Wen Yu say: “Let’s live together.”

Lin Ziran: “…”


Lin Ziran crossed his hands over his chest. Lying on the bed, his eyes were hollow, and he looked defeated.

[Lin Ziran: It’s all over.]


A week ago, Wen Yu proposed to live together. Lin Ziran had a bright idea and said that now was the cusp of the storm. It would be too dangerous if they were found to be living together. So he rejected Wen Yu’s proposal, but as time passed, day by day, it was unstoppable… …

With their love that was stronger than gold, living together was a matter of time unless they broke up!

But if they break up now, he would go out of character. It’s just making unnecessary trouble…

What to do……

Lin Ziran laid down until his belly growled, and then floated down from upstairs like a ghost, preparing to get himself some food…

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.

Lin Ziran has been like a frightened bird recently, but he remembered Wen Yu had a key, and wouldn’t knock on the door. It was definitely not Wen Yu who came!

After opening the door, it was Zhao Mingze.

It was this guy who was so ineffective. Not only did he fail to break them up, but also made Wen Yu announce their relationship. Now, it is even more difficult to break up!

Lin Ziran was depressed, and asked, “Why did you come?”

Zhao Mingze pursed his lips and looked at Lin Ziran. He saw everything that happened on the Internet recently. To be honest, when he knew that Lin Ziran and Wen Yu were going on vacation, he did think about taking action…

But just as he hesitated, Lu Sui took the first step.

It seemed that just taking away the company was not enough for Lu Sui.

So he chose to watch the situation, thinking that Wen Yu would deny their relationship without hesitation, so once Lin Ziran saw that Wen Yu treated him like this, who knows…However, Wen Yu actually announced the relationship. This result is very unfavorable to him.

He contemplated for several days before finally choosing to come over.

Because he understands that if he doesn’t do it now, he won’t have another chance…

“I have been very worried about you.” Zhao Mingze’s eyes focused on him.

What’s the use of your worry if you can’t help me? Lin Ziran was depressed, but wore a smile on his face: “It’s okay, Wen Yu has been with me.”

Zhao Mingze’s hand by his side was clenched, and a trace of malice flashed through.

After a while, his eyes lowered, and he slowly said, “It’s good if you are fine, but there’s something, and I still think I should tell you.”

Lin Ziran said, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Mingze sighed: “Have you ever thought that this was not an accident? Someone was behind it.”

Lin Ziran looked startled and uncertain. Of course he could see that there was someone behind the scenes, but what are you trying to say? Are you surrendering?!

“It’s Lu Sui.” Zhao Mingze said word by word.

Lin Ziran: “…”

[Lin Ziran: This comrade’s way of thinking is so peculiar, he can even think of this method of framing another!]

[System: Are you sure that he lied to you?]

[Lin Ziran: Of course, do I look like a fool? I’m a man with a script!]

Isn’t it just acting? Who can’t!

Lin Ziran looked at Zhao Mingze with incredulous eyes, his lips trembled as if he had difficulty accepting: “No…”

Zhao Mingze looked helpless, but said directly: “He can even do that, and there is nothing he can’t do.”

Lin Ziran didn’t believe in anything anymore, and asked, “Why did he do this? I don’t plan to fight with him anymore. He got everything he wanted.”

Zhao Mingze was silent for a long time before he said, “Don’t you know the reason?”

Lin Ziran looked blank: “?” What should I know?

Zhao Mingze: “Last time you told me that you suspected that Lu Sui might like Wen Yu.”

Lin Ziran: “…”

A-an expert! Using a spear and a shield.

If Lu Sui really likes Wen Yu, with his scumbag style of doing things, and his unique idea of ​​torturing the one he loves, it seems really possible…

First destroy his relationship with Wen Yu, let him break up with Wen Yu, and then recover Wen Yu?


Dreams are beautiful, reality is cruel!

Lu Sui probably hasn’t fallen in love with Wen Yu yet.

Lin Ziran looked at Zhao Mingze. I know your purpose for coming here today. You are here to provoke Lu Sui and I. You are really a competent villain…

“Lu Sui…” Lin Ziran showed a sad expression and smiled palely: “I should have believed you at the time.”

Zhao Mingze’s expression was gentle as he earnestly persuaded: “The things of the past are over, I still said that, as long as you need help, I will be here anytime.”

Looking at his sincere appearance, Lin Ziran almost believed it, and said with a moved expression: “Thank you, you have always been my best friend.”


Zhao Mingze looked at the man in front of him, His clean and elegant face carried a grateful expression. He trusted himself like this, never wondered why he did this, or if he had other purposes…

“I treat you well, not because you are my friend, but because—” Zhao Mingze swallowed, his eyes darkened, and suddenly said: “I like you.”

Lin Ziran stiffened and his expression almost collapsed. This time he was really shocked.

What are you doing?

What happened to the plot?

Wait, are you not satisfied with pretending to be my friend, and intend to cheat my feelings? ! You are really hateful, I won’t believe a bastard like you!

Lin Ziran took a deep breath and said, “I just treat you as a friend. Don’t say things like this.”

Zhao Mingze’s eyes were dark, and he laughed: “Really? But I truly didn’t treat you as a friend that night.”

What? You didn’t treat me as a friend, that means that night hadn’t been an accident, but something you planned for a long time?

If you say it like this, there’s no way I won’t get angry.

Lin Ziran stood up suddenly and asked angrily: “Do you know what you are talking about?”

“Of course I know. I know every word I just said. I don’t regret it that night.” Zhao Mingze’s cold eyes were mixed with a certain paranoia and danger, and his voice was low: “I just don’t want to keep hiding myself. That’s all.”

“Enough, if you say this again–” Lin Ziran was interrupted by Zhao Mingze.

Zhao Mingze grabbed his wrist, approached him abruptly, and said in a playful tone: “You’re going to say that if I say that again, we can’t even be friends, right?”

Lin Ziran’s throat tightened, his gaze fell into the depths of Zhao Mingze’s pupils, as if bitten by something terrible. His hair on his back stood up and his lips trembled slightly.

If he was acting just now, his reactions now were instinctive. This person seems to… really love him.

Love him, but he also can’t wait to eat him.

“I’ve been by your side all the time, why can’t you try to like me…How is Wen Yu better than me?” Zhao Mingze said to softly, dark clouds slowly gathering under his eyes.

“You…” Let me go first, speak properly!

Lin Ziran’s pupils suddenly constricted. His chin was seized, and he was slammed against the wall before an extremely aggressive kiss fell upon his lips.

He was completely dumbstruck, what’s going on?

Why wasn’t the villain following the script?

This was too difficult!

Wen Yu had just returned home, and as soon as he entered, he saw Zhao Mingze pressing Lin Ziran against the wall and kissing him, while Lin Ziran was shocked.

Without even thinking, he rushed over and pulled Zhao Mingze away. In his anger, he threw a punch towards Zhao Mingze’s face!

Things are getting exciting, so I’m going to put out another release for new year’s eve and new years!

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