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CA Chapter 7

Lu Wen widened his eyes and asked silently: Why are you here?!

Translator: Hua

Lu Wen walked around again to make sure he didn’t forget to greet anyone.

When he was a big fat boy, he was held by his dad to participate in a banquet. Everyone came to tease him and pinch his face. That was the first time he was drooling and socializing.

Since childhood, he had seen a lot of scenes with his father, and he had also seen many dignified and respectable people. In the present of his old man, he didn’t need to worry about anything in that kind of situation. It was enough for him to just stand there and enjoy the flattery, whether it was true or false.

Now that he was alone, he had to wander around with a wine glass. His face was sore from smiling too much. Although he was tired he could cope with ease.

Lu Wen found an unmanned table in the corner, half-covered by the screen. He sat down, crossed his legs, and waited idly.

Sun Xiaojian looked like a wild dog, sniffing his way over. The straight man happiness on his face had not faded: “Xianqi is so fucking beautiful, I’m falling, I really want to take care of her so bad.”

Lu Wen said: “I will help you ask if she needs an assistant.”

Sun Xiaojian still had some conscience: “I am not a person who values ​​girls and despises friends. No matter how great the temptation from the outside world is, I will never leave you before you become popular.”

Lu Wen worried: “In case I’m never going to be popular, do I have to provide for you until old age?”

“Phei Phei Phei!” Sun Xiaojian said, “You are now the number one male lead, and you are the number one male lead in Teacher Qu’s drama. Wait for this one. After the drama is filmed and aired, you will definitely become popular.” 

Every little star had fantasized about being popular, receiving dozens of scripts and advertisements, overwhelming schedules, going out and being blocked by fans, and getting thousands of comments on a Weibo post .

Lu Wen was hungry and low on sugar. He asked dizzily: “If I became popular, how many plays would I have if I release an album?”

Sun Xiaojian’s face collapsed: “You, wanting to make an appearance in  music circles, is just me coveting Xianqi.”


“No, an idiot daydreaming.”

Before Lu Wen and Sun Xiaojian started fighting, suddenly someone walked around the screen. It was the director’s assistant. 

Sun Xiaojian got up immediately: “You are here, sit down and sit down!” 

The director’s assistant stopped at the table: “There’s no need. I’ll leave after I say it.” 

Sun Xiaojian couldn’t wait: “Are there any arrangements from the director?” 

“Yes I’ll tell you.” The assistant said, “Teacher Lu, Mr. Qu wants to see you. Are you going to go to the box later? Is ten minutes enough?”

Sun Xiaojian replied: “Enough, enough, we are always ready.”

The director’s assistant broke the news: “Initially, the director did not want the actors to disturb the editor Qu, because he did not like to interact with the actors. As a result, Mr. Qu named the actor he wanted to see.” 

Lu Wen was surprised: “He mentioned my name?”

“That’s right.” The director’s assistant said, “You should be there in ten minutes.”

Lu Wen quickly asked, “What does teacher Qu look like? I’ve never seen him before.” 

The director’s assistant replied, “Editor Qu is sitting next to Director Ren, wearing black clothes. On the other side of Director Ren is Mr. Zhou of Haoyang Culture. You should also greet him while you’re at it.”

Sun Xiaojian hurriedly promised. He waited until the other party left and grasped Lu Wen’s hands: “Did you hear that? Teacher Qu mentioned your name. He wants to see you.”

Lu Wen was tired of waiting but now he was full of energy: “You were right. Sure enough, Teacher Qu wants to see me!” 

Sun Xiaojian said, “Quick, hurry up and prepare. You will see him in ten minutes.”

Lu Wen was at a loss: “How do I prepare? What should I say when I see him?”

Sun Xiaojian took out a piece of paper from his pocket: “Don’t panic, brother has helped you prepare the words.”

Lu Wen was not good at flattering. But if you have a draft, you could just memorize it. 

Sun Xiaojian said: “Qu Yanting’s friends are all big names and they are all experienced people. You have to show the characteristics of a nervous, clumsy, small transparent actor. It would make Qu Yanting feel rare and to show how excited you are to meet him, understand?”

“Understood.” Lu Wen quickly memorized only a few sentences to avoid saying too much and made Qu Yanting feel impatient.

Sun Xiaojian urged: “Since Mr. Qu called out your name, he will probably chat with you and ask you some questions.” 

“Ah?” Lu Wen was most afraid of the teacher’s questions since he was a child. “It won’t be too difficult, right?”

Sun Xiaojian said. “You only need to remember one thing. For questions you are not sure about, you would answer the question blindly rather than skipping them. Sincerity is the most important thing, don’t look forced in front of Mr. Qu.”

Ten minutes passed very quickly. Lu Wen left with a glass of wine in his hand. In the banquet hall, Sun Xiaojian accompanied him, walking from the end of the corridor to the outside of the box. A little noise could be heard across the door.

Lu Wen said: “I’m going in and pretending to be a grandson.”

“Go, smile cutely.” Sun Xiaojian put his palms together, “I pray for you, Amitabha.”

Lu Wen walked to the box. When he reached the doors, Sun Xiaojian chased after him. 

Afraid that Lu Wen couldn’t remember it, Sun Xiaojian deliberately waited until the last moment and reminded: “After speaking, add an exaggerated, sensational, and distinctive sentence at the end, so that Teacher Qu will remember you the first time he sees you. Only by remembering you can he have the chance to think of you in the future.”

Lu Wen remembered one by one, and said to the waiters: “Open the door.” 

The two opposite doors were pushed open, and the old New York style mini porch was visible. A curved table was used as a partition, and the vase above was filled with western peonies. Through the blooming branches, Lu Wen could see a whole peacock-colored background wall inside.

He approached the banquet under the wall. The grand round table was covered with dishes. Bottles of champagne and Wuliangye were scattered all around. A circle of velvet seats was filled with people, half of which were slightly drunk.

Before Lu Wen had time to scan them one by one, the first person he saw was Qu Yanting.

He was initially nervous, but now he was completely stunned.

What’s the situation! Why is this man sitting in the box?!

There was a bowl of hot noodles in front of Qu Yanting. He didn’t eat the shrimps and crabs on the table. He drank a lot of wine, so he ordered a bowl of noodles to cushion his stomach. Hearing the footsteps, he raised his head and met Lu Wen’s gaze across the diameter of the round table.

Lu Wen widened his eyes and asked silently: Why are you here?!

Qu Yanting raised his eyebrows and shrugged slightly.   

Before they could continue their silent exchange, Ren Shu waved: “Xiao Lu is here.”

Lu Wen returned to his senses. He turned his gaze away from Qu Yanting’s body to Ren Shu. He was shocked again. This man actually sat next to the director!

What status?! Sitting next to the director?!

Lu Wen’s brain was running at a high speed. This dear friend made the production director pick him up at the airport in person, rode in the director’s private luxury car, didn’t attend script reading, and sat in the box…

Thinking of what the director’s assistant said, the one sitting next to the director was…..

Lu Wen finally understood that this dear friend turned out to be the leader of Haoyang culture, Mr. Zhou.

He looked at Qu Yanting again with a stiff expression, suspecting that he had unknowingly offended the big head of the United Producer. 

Ren Shu looked at Lu Wen with embarrassment, guessing that he was embarrassed because of what happened at the airport. He said, “Xiao Lu, don’t pause there, and give Teacher Qu a drink.” 

Lu Wen suddenly became sober. That’s right. He was here to see Qu Yanting. 

Qu Yanting was the biggest investor. As long as Qu Yanting favored him, no one else mattered. 

Next to the director was Mr. Zhou, and on the other side was Qu Yanting. Lu Wen thought, his eyes drifting to the other side of Ren Shu. The man was in a suit and leather shoes, wearing gold-wire glasses. He was slightly fat, and looked like a literate screenwriter. 

Is the director’s assistant color-blind? Teacher Qu was clearly wearing gray clothes.  

Qu Yanting lowered his head and ate the noodles. Through his peripheral vision, Lu Wen was walking around the seat in a half circle and kept getting closer. He could smell the fresh citrus perfume with a hint of alcohol. 

Then Lu Wen passed him without stopping.

Walking to the other side of Ren Shu, Lu Wen stopped beside Zhou Zong. If you look closely, the top of the other’s head was a little bald. Lu Wen thought to himself, it seemed that writing was more brain-intensive. 

Focusing his eyes, Mr. Zhou raised his head hesitantly.

Lu Wen bowed slightly and looked at Mr. Zhou. With the words he had memorized beforehand, he spoke uprightly and loudly-“Mr. Qu, hello.”

The sound of eating noodles stopped.

Lu Wen took a deep breath: “Teacher Qu, my name is Lu Wen. You probably know my name, I can’t help but… I want to tell you face to face again.”

“I have always been a fan of yours. I can’t even imagine that one day I can participate in your script. I am so lucky to be able to see you today. I’m really so excited!”

Zhou Zong said: “Young man…”

“Yes!” Lu Wen replied.

Before Qu Yanting could ask questions, he said first: “Teacher Qu, I know that every character is the hard work you created, especially the protagonist. I will definitely figure out the script and try my best to complete my role. Just wait to see my performance!”

Afraid that his speech was too coherent and not clumsy enough, he then held the champagne glass with both hands, smiling a little silly and a little shy: “Teacher Qu, I hope I will have the honor to cooperate with you in the future.”

Mr. Zhou said: “I…”

“Help yourself!” Lu Wen insisted on the last sentence, “I will empty my glass first to show my respect!”

He took the wine glass and finished it in one breath. He suddenly remembered Sun Xiaojian’s words. Exaggerated, sensational, and distinctive words would make Qu Yanting remember him.

Lu Wen looked at the wrinkles around Zhou Zong’s eyes and the faintly shiny top of his head, and estimated the other party’s age.

He gritted his teeth, wagged his face, and risked being cripple when he went home and said, “Teacher Qu, I grew up in a single-parent family. Seeing you today is like seeing my father.”

There was no sound in the box. After a round of stupidity, even the drunk people woke up.

Qu Yanting put down his chopsticks, turned his face and raised his eyelids to look at Lu Wen’s tall back.

His mouth was full of spiciness, but his tone was like a cold Longjing tea. He gave a “hey” unhurriedly.

Suddenly, Lu Wen was taken aback and turned around.

Qu Yanting looked at him with a faint smile, and said softly: “Fool, the person whose surname Qu is here.”


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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