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CA Chapter 5

When you are not popular, they are the grandfather, but when you became popular, they are all your grandsons.

Translator: Hua

At the end of the reading event, everyone relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. Ren Shu made a final statement: “Today’s reading mainly focuses on some trivial details that are easy to overlook during the shooting process. Everyone has worked hard.”

The actors all said, “The director has worked hard.” Lu Wen pretended to move his mouth without making a sound. As the person with the most lines, his throat felt sore just from breathing.

Ren Shu said: “As the director I also need to constantly digest the script. Except for the screenwriter himself, no one dared to say they completely understood the script.”

Now that the screenwriter was mentioned, Ren Shu laughed: “I want to notify you that Qu Yanting, the editor-in-chief of this drama, editor Qu, has joined the crew. He is now in Chongqing.”

Lu Wen was a little surprised, and the others were also in shock: “Really?!”

“I only broke real news.” Ren Shu Said, “Tonight, Teacher1T/n: In the entertainment circle the actors or staffs would called each other Teacher as a polite form of address, not that they are teacher and student. So I’m going to keep using this term because it sounds more polite than Mr. or Mrs. Qu will also attend the banquet.”

The group of exhausted people immediately busted with vigor because of the news that Qu yanting had joined the crew.

Lu Wen didn’t know much about things in the circle, and he only came to know Qu Yanting when he came into contact with this drama.

To use an old-fashioned saying: If you don’t ask, you don’t know. But if you ask, you will be shocked.

Qu Yanting was the chief screenwriter of “First Night” and a well-known screenwriter in the industry. He majored in film directing in university. He debuted in his senior years with his first movie that won the box office gold medal in the same year.

There were many people in this industry who started high and then went low, but Qu Yanting had a very great momentum. He adapted his master’s degree into screenwriting, studying and working at the same time. Over the years, he had successively won the Pioneer Award, the Best Screenwriter Award, and had been named as an outstanding young screenwriter by mainstream media.

There was no doubt about Qu Yanting’s ability, but the entertainment industry did not only look at ability, but also on connections.

Screenwriting was a pyramid-shaped industry. At the top of the tower were seniors and influential people with abundant resources and qualifications. Among them was the famous screenwriter Wang Mingyu, who can be called the “industry gold editor”. Most of his masterpieces were CCTV dramas. He was a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference committee and a member of Soong Ching Ling’s council. He was not only the leader of literary and art circles, but also a well-known figure in the charity circles.

Great teachers produced brilliant students, and Wang Mingyu was Qu Yanting’s master.

Wang Mingyu’s husband was the famous director, Zeng Zhen. As for Zeng Zhen, everyone knew this name. Even the cleaner at Lu Wen’s company knew him.

All the actors brought out by Zeng Zhen’s hands had become first tier celebrities, many of them were movie emperors and empresses. If a newcomer appeared in Zeng Zhen’s movie, it was tantamount to a giant leap to the sky.

At the same time, Zeng Zhen was also an honorary professor of the Film Academy and Qu yanting’s university teacher.

Backed by Zeng Zhen and Wang Mingyu, Qu Yanting’s personal connections could be imagined. In the mainland director circle, director wives circle, screenwriter circle, everyone had to give him face.

He was well-known but most people in the industry had only seen Qu Yanting’s works and heard of Qu Yanting’s name, but seldom came into contact with Qu Yanting himself.

In the past ten years in the industry, Qu Yanting had participated in only a handful of public activities, and it became fewer and fewer. He rarely made an appearance on TV, even when receiving awards or talking about cooperation, he mostly let his assistant appear on his behalf.

There was a rumor that Qu Yanting once worked with a production group but not many times. Apart from talking about the drama, he did not communicate with the actors and even refused to take group photos.

Some people said that he was low-key, some people said that he was putting on air, and this only made him more and more mysterious.

Over time, many people didn’t even know what he looked like.

Therefore, the actors were naturally pleasantly surprised to learn of Qu Yanting’s arrival. They not only wanted to see his appearance but also hoped to leave a good impression on Qu Yanting. If they could be in his good graces, it was equivalent to reach a higher position.

At this moment, Qu Yanting had just finished the shower. His wet black hair was damped with water. His skin resembled white and greasy porcelain, only the tips of his ears behind his temples were red because of the hot shower.

He stood in front of the closet to pick this outfit. He wore a black shirt with traditional pointed collar and a black western styled suit without tie or any other adornment. He didn’t even bother to spray cologne.

It was clear that, to Qu yanting, going to this banquet was no different from attending a funeral.

If he knew there was such a coincidence, he would have come two days later.

It was too boring. Qu Yanting put on a silver watch and dragged it out until the last moment.

The banquet was held in the banquet hall of the hotel. There was still half an hour left. Lu Wen was preparing himself in the temporary room. He changed his clothes and chewed on mint soothing tablets like melon seeds.

When Sun Xiaojian learned that Qu Yanting had come to the crew, his excitement was no less than when he took the postgraduate entrance examination. He snatched the medicine bottle from Lu Wen and said: “Stop eating it. What if you suffocate Teacher Qu with the smell?”

Lu Wen said: “How could I suffocate him. It’s not like I’m going to kiss him.”

Sun Xiaojian was stunned: “Why would you think about kissing a man? This is something I will never think about in my entire life.”

Lu Wen was being questioned. He felt a little remorseful. He couldn’t answer the question so he could only change the topic. He crossed his legs and pretended to be calm, “Do I really have to meet Qu Yanting?”

“Of course.” Sun Xiaojian was full of happiness, “The essence of the banquet is to greet each other, hook up and hug thighs. Qu Yanting’s participation is a golden opportunity for the actors. Not everyone is qualified to make a toast with him. “

Lu Wen didn’t have much confidence: “Will that person meet me?”

Sun Xiaojian said, “Nonsense, you are the male lead, the soul of the whole series. The script is written by Teacher Qu and he is also an investor. Coming all the way here is equivalent to a leader’s inspection. How can he not meet you?”

Lu Wen was a little emotional. In the past, when he was just a minor supporting role, he was given a cold shoulder. After he had finished his scene, the director still couldn’t remember what his name was. But now he even got to know the big shot, Director Qu yanting. He would see Qu yanting tonight!

“You must seize the opportunity.” Sun Xiaojian encouraged, “You have to make Teacher Qu feel that he has chosen the right person. If you win his favor, do you still have to worry about having no way out?”

Lu Wen asked excitedly, “For example?”

Sun Xiaojian Answer: “For example, you will directly enter Zeng Zhen’s movie.”

Lu Wen didn’t dare to imagine it: “I won’t become a movie emperor at a young age right?”

“Then who can stop it?” Sun Xiaojian pushed up his glasses, “When you become the king of the silver screen, I will publish an autobiography of a gold agent.”

Around 7:30, the banquet was about to begin. The waiters were busy serving snacks and drinks. Meanwhile the actors and staff members arrived one after another.

Lu Wen had just finished his makeup and hair. He was looking at the personal information of other actors as he walked to the banquet hall.

At the opening banquet, the actors mainly chatted with each other. To avoid awkward silence, Sun Xiaojian sorted out a copy of information and send it to Lu Wen. The information covered details such as age, representative works, awards, marital status, hobbies and other details.

Lu Wen lowered his head: “Liking broccoli is also listed. Should I give them a plant ah?”

Sun Xiaojian said, “This is to let you know what food to serve the other party.”

Lu Wen’s mouth twitched: “They have hands and I’m not a waiter. And this, why on earth did you list someone who divorce twice?”

Sun Xiaojian reminded in a low voice: “This is a well-known promiscuous person who loves to play around, and frequently cheats others. Be careful. If they suggest to take you out to play and get together in private, you should find a way to refuse.”

Lu Wen kept sliding the screen, it was likely that he could only remember half of it. He said impatiently: “How come there are so many? It is longer than my family tree.”

Sun Xiaojian coaxed: “Don’t you also greet others when you used to play small supporting roles? After the end of the drama, there might be no more chance to play the lead role. You are now the male lead, a potential stock, it is right to get to know them. You should seize the opportunity. ”

“As for why there are so many people, ” Sun Xiao Jian paused,” because you’re eighteenth tier. The first to the seventeenth tier are in the front. It would be strange if there are not many people. “

After he was done with the list of actors, there were a handful of directors, production team and producers. These people were even more important. When seeing them, you had to smile, show respect and flattery. For the authoritative type you must be serious, for the talented type you must be artistic, and for the rogue type must be shot three ways down.

Lu Wen sighed with emotion: “I’m the male lead and I still have to pretend to be a grandson2T/n: Lu Wen used the term being a grandson again, previously mentioned in Chapter 2. The author used this terms a lot so I’m going to keep the literal translation. in front of them?”

Sun Xiaojian replied to him with a famous saying: “When you are not popular, they are the grandfather. When you become popular they are all your grandsons.”

His previous excitement cooled down slightly. Lu Wen glanced at the banquet hall two steps away. The banquet had already begun, and it was so colorful inside, but to him it was more like learning scum going to an examination room. The closer he got, the more resistance he would feel.

Sun Xiaojian urged: “Let’s go in, and say hello to Teacher Tao first.”

Lu Wen approached the door but hesitated: “I…will go to the bathroom first.”

The front courtyard of the hotel was brightly lit at night. The Porsche slowed down and parked safely at the entrance. Director Liu had been waiting for a long time. He came up and opened the door himself.

Qu Yanting got out of the car. The light and shadow shone on his western style suit, like the night sky full of stars.

He was fortunate that it was not the first time met Direct Liu, otherwise the other party would find out that his palms were excessively wet when shaking hands.

Along the way, he had expected to encounter a serious traffic jam or a red light all the way, but unfortunately the entire journey was very smooth. Every time the driver said “will be there soon”, he would secretly get nervous.

Entering the elevator, Director Liu said: “Mr. Qu, everyone is waiting for you.”

Qu Yanting replied: “I was leaving a bit late.”

“It doesn’t matter, the banquet has just begun.” Director Liu said, “The actors are arranged in the banquet hall, and we are in the box.”

Qu Yanting asked: “Who are they?”

Director Liu replied:” There are director and production group as well as five co-producers. Zhou Zong, the head of Haoyang culture, also came when he heard that you are here.”

Qu Yanting nodded. When the elevator door opened he walked toward the box with director Liu.

There was no one in the corridor. The door of the box was tightly closed and there were two waiters standing at the door. Director Liu flashed to the side and said: “Mr. Qu, we are here.”

Qu Yanting stopped and hung his hand quietly. The finger nail on his thumb was pressing hard on his index finger. The moment the waiter opened the door, he made a sound.

“I’m sorry, I want to go to the bathroom.”

Qu Yanting’s posture was still looking good and his pace was nimble. But only he knew that he was running away. He was tired of socializing. All social occasions made him feel uncomfortable, even nervous and anxious.

The toilet was at the end of the corridor, like a hidden refuge.

Qu Yanting opened the door and walked in. There was no one in the external dressing room. A circle of wall lamps was embedded on the dark marble wall. The cold light was as bright as day, and the geometric shaped mirror was hung on the dressing table.

He walked to the sink, bent slightly, and let the water wash away the sweat on his palms.

Before long, there were footsteps coming from inside.

Qu Yanting raised his head abruptly. He looked through the mirror and his gaze froze.

Lu Wen came out of the bathroom and stopped beside a vase.

Unlike yesterday’s casual clothes, he was wearing a walnut-colored shirt with two loose buttons revealing the triangle between his neck and chest. He wore a walnut bracelet from the Voyager series on his wrist. On the outside was a safari-style jacket with totem embroidery on the hem, just enough to cover the waist and make his legs seem longer. There was also a pair of Derby shoes with the same color as the trousers.

Qu Yanting seldom paid attention to other people’s clothes. At this time, he couldn’t help but look at Lu Wen. If he was attending a funeral, Lu Wen was probably attending a wedding and was showing off to the groom.

Lu Wen raised his leg and walked over, standing next to Qu Yanting.

Last night he took the initiative to say hello but got refused. He didn’t want to pay attention to this cold man, but Qu Yanting was looking at him too bluntly.

Lu Wen looked back at Qu Yanting through the mirror, and said casually, “How come I am so predestined with you.”


The author has something to say:

Qu Yanting: Here we go again.

  • 1
    T/n: In the entertainment circle the actors or staffs would called each other Teacher as a polite form of address, not that they are teacher and student. So I’m going to keep using this term because it sounds more polite than Mr. or Mrs.
  • 2
    T/n: Lu Wen used the term being a grandson again, previously mentioned in Chapter 2. The author used this terms a lot so I’m going to keep the literal translation.
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