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CA Chapter 4

Lu Wen breathed a sigh of relief: “The chief screenwriter is really nice.”

Translator: Hua

Qu Yanting couldn’t remember the last time someone called him brother. He stopped and looked back again. He confirmed: “What did you say?”

In order to express his sincerity, and more importantly to make up for losing face at the airport, Lu Wen took the initiative to say: “A film crew doesn’t need to keep it a secret. My name is Lu Wen and I will play the male number one.”

Qu Yanting was about to speak, and the phone rang suddenly. The caller ID showed “Mr. Zeng Zhen”. He frowned slightly after taking a look.

Qu Yanting immediately swiped his card to open the door and walked into the room.

“Hey,” Lu Wen said, “You haven’t answered me yet.”

Boom, the door of 6206 was closed.

Lu Wen’s last word was cut off and dissipated in the corridor. He was frozen in place. The atmosphere and feeling were very similar to when he was sprayed with the exhaust of Porsche during the day.

“There is no mistake.” he explained to himself. “Anyway, during the script reading event tomorrow I will find out.”

Inside the room, Qu Yanting did not turn on the light, making the light from the phone screen seem blinding. He walked to the living room in the dark, sat down on the sofa and let the phone keep ringing.

He calculated the time and delayed it until one second before the call hung up automatically and then sliding the call button.

The surroundings were dark and quiet. Zeng Zhen’s voice from the phone was exceptionally clear, mellow in tone, warm and intimate: “Xiao Ting, This is teacher. It took so long for you to answer the phone. Are you already resting?”

With his back pressed against the sofa, Qu Yanting was holding the phone in his left hand. He drew circles on the armrest of the sofa with the tip of his right finger, and said, “Sorry teacher, the phone is in the bedroom. I didn’t hear it.”

Zeng Zhen said with a smile: “It’s okay. I ask you to come home for dinner at the beginning of the month but you haven’t come, what have you been up to lately?

Qu Yanting replied, “I am busy with online dramas.”

Zeng Zhen sighed helplessly: “You just have to make yourself suffer. Clearly you can make movies, why do you have to go and make online dramas. Once you make up your mind, you won’t listen to anyone.”

“Teacher, don’t feel troubled by this.” Qu Yanting said, “Thank you for taking me, but I want to try a little more.”

Zeng Zhen asked: “Do you think that teacher is too annoying?”

With the sound of rustling, Qu Yanting’s circle drawing speeded up, and his fingertips were rubbing furiously on the sofa. He explained: “Teacher, don’t worry about it. I’m tired of writing this book and It’s not ideal. I invest in it myself. I’m just doing it for fun”

Zeng Zhen laughed again: “Teacher just teased you. Whether you do it for fun or not, I’m just simply nagging.”

“Thank you teacher.” Qu Yanting said.

Zeng Zhen said, “I played a ball game with Team Leader Zhang today. He mentioned that you were making a web drama and that you asked him to review the script.”

Qu Yanting said, “Yes, there are some things that need to be changed but there is no big problem.”

“I heard him mention it.” Zeng Zhen said, “I guess you have to follow the production team, so I call you and ask you to come back before you leave.”

Qu Yanting said, “Teacher, I’m already in Chongqing.”

“Really?” Zeng Zhen said. “Why are you so in a rush?”

Qu Yanting replied: “Processing as early as possible will have little impact on the shooting. It will start in two days, so I decided to come early.”

The phone was silent for ten seconds, and Zeng Zhen said: “Then take care and don’t tire yourself.”

Qu Yanting’s fingers were finally calm. His fingertips tip felt numb. He straightened it a little bit and replied, “You and Master also take care of your body.”

Hanging up the call, Qu Yanting sat in the dark for a long time before getting up with light footsteps, like a nocturnal cat with no emotions.

As he walked, he unbuttoned his shirt, then the belt and the zipper, and stepped into the bathroom. He threw the hot pot-smelling clothes into the laundry basket and turned on the light after he came out of the shower.

Wearing a set of silk pajamas, Qu Yanting nestled on the bed. He didn’t drink black coffee, but he felt wide awake. He held the laptop on his lap, opened it, and typed the words “Scenario Revision Outline”.

The sound of typing on the keyboard and the sound of clock movement were indistinguishable from each other, and neither of them stopped.

There were a total of five rooms in the suite. The bedroom had no curtains. Outside the entire glass window was the distant sky and the surging Jialing River.

The night was like an upside-down ink painting, fading from pure black to light gray, and it was almost dawn.

Qu Yanting’s limbs were sore and numb all night. He didn’t even have the strength to stretch. He turned off the computer, put it next to the pillow, and slid into the quilt to sleep.

He was very thin and well-proportioned, occupying only half of the bed. He slept very properly, lying on his side with his chin tucked in the bed.

In the hallway, Sun Xiaojian rang the doorbell furiously. The police did not even have this kind of momentum when fighting illegal pornography. The door flew open. Lu Wen, wrapped in a nightgown, sleepily and ferociously said: “It’s only 5:30. Go to People’s Park to practice Tai Chi?”

Lu Wen was very grumpy when he woke up. The symptoms were already quite obvious when he was in elementary school. The babysitter at home never dared to call him in the morning. It was common for him to miss the first class, which led to the failure to lay a good foundation for learning.

Sun Xiaojian entered the suite without a change in expression. Without talking any nonsense, he rolled up his sleeves and dragged three suitcases into the cloakroom.

After hanging up three nightgowns in a row, he couldn’t help but stick out his head and asked: “Superstar, plus the one on your body, did you bring four nightgowns?”

Lu Wen laid on the bed, chanting: “Wear a grey morning gown when you get up, a black night gown at night, and a white bathrobe when you finish bathing. The one on my body is a nightgown. “

“Worthy of being called a big star.” Sun Xiao Jian said,”Big underpants are really hard to arrange. It is really inconvenient. “

Putting away the luggage, Sun Xiaojian went into the bathroom to prepare hot water and squeeze toothpaste for Lu Wen. The script was scattered on the bedside stool. He walked over to tidy it up and slapped Lu Wen’s feet.

Lu Wen’s script was full of traces of flipping through. When you opened it, you would find that there were cartoon characters drawn in the blank space, and the footnote of “the most handsome in the whole play” was added to the actor’s name, and one page was even blacked out with periods.

Sun Xiaojian was anxious: “In today’s script reading, you can’t let the director see your script”

Lu Wen sat up, his nightgown opened slightly, vaguely revealing his abdomen muscle. He said, “Then I will sit in the last row.”

“I called you up at 5:30 just for you to sit last?” Sun Xiaojian was like a mother trying to get her son to pass Tsinghua University exam, “You are the male number one in the right name. You have to show yourself more so that Director Ren can remember you in the next movie. Understand?”

Lu Wen sneered. He hadn’t seen his father for two months, and he hadn’t even had a phone call with him. His own father couldn’t even remember him, and you expected the director to remember him?

He recalled something and was no longer sleepy. He said, “I met the guest who lived at the opposite door in the corridor last night, can you guess who?”

Sun Xiaojian guessed, “A big beauty.”

Lu Wen rolled his eyes and said, “It was the person who was picked up by Director Liu yesterday.”

Sun Xiaojian was shocked: “There is such a coincidence?”

Lu Wen got up to wash, and Sun Xiaojian followed him and asked, “What does he look like? Does he know who you are? What is his name? Is he a celebrity? Which role does he play?”

It was like a big math question1T/N: Author refers to the mystery surrounding Qu Yanting is like a big math question and Lu Wen could only answer a small problem, which mean he only know what Qu Yanting looks like and nothing else. and Lu Wen was only able to answer a small problem. He said: “His appearance…is definitely not simple.”

“That’s all?” Sun Xiaojian asked. “You didn’t greet him?”

It was very irritating to mention what happened last night. Lu Wen said, “I took the initiative to speak to him, but he pretended not to hear me.”

Sun Xiaojian asked again: “You didn’t tell him that you were the number one male lead?”

“Of course I did.” Lu Wen said, “Then he went straight back into his suite.”

Sun Xiaojian’s ability to empathize was particularly strong. He said with righteous indignation: “Don’t pay attention to him. Eighty percent were people with a little background and used money to get into the crew. You are the male the lead, who is afraid of who?”

Lu Wen, with a toothbrush dangling from his mouth, said worriedly: “He won’t add screen time for himself, right?”

“Don’t worry.” Sun Xiaojian said, “The chief screenwriter is the biggest investor and will not allow him to add scenes.”

Lu Wen breathed a sigh of relief: “The chief screenwriter is really nice.”

The script reading was held in the hotel that the crew stayed in. Lu Wen went out early. When he arrived, the other actors weren’t here yet. There were only the venue staff busy putting the seat cards and mineral water in the meeting room.

The script reading was not a one-time event. It may be carried out many times during the shooting. Sometimes the reading was from beginning to the end, and sometimes it was a replay of the scene, all according to the director’s arrangement.

Lu Wen’s location was very close to the director. He always sat at the end of the class when he was studying, lying down whenever he wanted to, but now he could only sit properly.

The actors arrived one after another and simply greeted each other. Anyway, there were plenty of opportunities to exchange pleasantries during the start-up banquet. Several directors and the photography team also came. The conference room was full of people with Ren Shu sitting at the front.

Lu Wen’s gaze scanned everyone, and he scanned three times to make sure that the man who lived in 6206 was not present. Except for major reasons, the crew was required to participate, and it was impossible for the other party to still sleep in the hotel.

Unless, his scenes did not require him to participate.

Lu Wen thought to himself, Bringing money into the crew just to make soy sauce2T/n: 打个酱油 Dǎ gè jiàngyóu. Chinese internet slang which means being a passerby or person with a low sense of existence. Read more here:

Ren Shu said: “Let’s hurry up and start.”

Lu Wen retracted his gaze, lowered his head and opened the script. The title was “The First Night”.

He played two roles in the drama, a pair of twin brothers with very different personalities. The elder brother was Ye Shan, who was calm and introverted, and the younger brother was Ye Xiaowu, who was reckless and stubborn.

After their father died, their mother brought Ye Shan and Ye Xiaowu to live in Chongqing. Although they were not well off, they were dependent on each other and supported each other. The background started in the third year of high school until university.

Lu Wen was a learning slag. He was active and impatient. When he got the script he read it all at once.

He felt that he was very similar to Ye Xiaowu, including character, behavior, and even dreams.

Lu Wen remembered the two scenes on the day of the audition, one was when Ye Xiaowu was caught playing truant. He had to deliver a long dialogue to test his lines memorization. The other one was the scene when Ye Shan was looking at his father’s photos in which there was no line. It was to test his raw performance.

In the first performance he was completely in character. In the second performance, he held a piece of blank paper, pretending it was a photo. Lu Wen was thinking about his dead mother, and just like that he finished playing Ye Shan’s role in a confused manner.

After reading the script for a whole day, everyone gradually became tired. Lu Wen read two dialogues, and his voice became hoarse before noon.

During the break, Lu Wen closed the script and lay down on it with his eyes drooping. His gaze felt on the cover of the script. Below the title of the drama “First Night” was the name of the chief screenwriter Qu Yanting. At first glance, He could see that the name had a lot of strokes.

The swallows3燕 yàn = swallow. The yàn from Qu yanting name. fell all over the garden, but there was a picture unfolding when you read it.

Lu Wen couldn’t help it, and draw a small swallow behind “Qu Yanting”.

In the bedroom of Suite 6206, the mobile phone kept on ringing. After waking up, Qu Yanting slowly turned over and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a gloomy sky outside the window.

The ringing kept on, and he frowned reluctantly, and reached out for the phone.

The caller ID had only one word: Ruan.

After seeing who it was, Qu Yanting’s eyebrows relaxed. Leaning against the head of the bed, he connected and heard the voice from the phone. The corner of his mouth curled and smiled softly.

Wait until the call was finished, he responded: “I miss you too, see you tomorrow.”

  • 1
    T/N: Author refers to the mystery surrounding Qu Yanting is like a big math question and Lu Wen could only answer a small problem, which mean he only know what Qu Yanting looks like and nothing else.
  • 2
    T/n: 打个酱油 Dǎ gè jiàngyóu. Chinese internet slang which means being a passerby or person with a low sense of existence. Read more here:
  • 3
    燕 yàn = swallow. The yàn from Qu yanting name.
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