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CA Chapter 20.2

Translator: Hua

Qu Yanting did not come to visit the crew for four whole days. First, the studio was busy and there was business that needed to be dealt with remotely. Secondly, he was thin-skinned. That night, his action was seen by a big crowd, so he needed to be left alone for some time to adjust himself. 


The scene they were filming tonight was one of the highlight scenes. Ren Shu repeatedly urged him many times, so he came to watch the show.


Qu Yanting walked through the narrow alleys. Under the roots of the walls, moss grew quickly, becoming thick and slippery. Thin rays of sunlight draped down, the red and green kneaded together into a brilliant color.


There was a rusty bicycle, a leaky ball, and halfway through, there was a broken flower pot on the ground. Qu Yanting went around, walking out of the alley to the street, and then walked five or six meters more to the gate of the community.


Qu Yanting was not sure whether to prepare for the filming. He came early and decided to take a look at the set. Lowering his gaze to look at the steps, he thought as long as he didn’t look at others, he didn’t need to greet them.


Going up to the door on the third floor, Qu Yanting paused his steps and stopped behind Ren Shu.


Ren Shu looked back in slow motion: “That’s why my back feels cold.”


Qu Yanting asked: “How many shots did you shoot this time?”


“Just at the beginning.” Ren Shu replied, “but it should go well.”


There were people inside and outside the building and Qu Yanting was a little uncomfortable. But he still needed to watch the night shooting at unit 302, so it was better to adapt. It just so happened that Ren Shu said, “All are here, let’s take a look together.”


Moving the chair was too troublesome, so Qu Yanting simply stood there, holding the back of Ren Shu’s chair with his palm. Looking at the living room from the angle of his height, the two actors could be clearly observed.


Instead of looking at Tao Meifan, at a glance, his gaze was attached to Lu Wen.


The dining table was small, and Lu Wen’s long legs were nestled underneath, shaking constantly. A pair of light blue jeans was wrapped around his leg, the torn jeans spread from the thigh to the calf, the whole knee was exposed, and the detached thread fluttered from the shaking.


The belt was made of canvas. It was buckled and not tucked into the trouser loop, deliberately dangling in the air. The upper body was even more terrible. He wore a yellow cartoon hoodie and a black jacket with rivets on the outside.


Qu Yanting asked: “Why did he dress like this?”


Ren Shu said, “Didn’t Ye Xiaowu go to the dance party during the last shoot? He just dressed up blindly. Don’t even mention it, Xiao Lu was dead set on not wearing this costume. We need to ask the stylist teacher to give him a lecture before he was obedient.”


Qu Yanting was so shocked that he looked over again.


The old and the young were sitting at the table, and mother Ye was holding a few exam papers. Ye Xiaowu was holding a rice bowl in his left hand, and using chopsticks in his right hand to clip the sliced ​​pork on the plate.


He glanced at Mother Ye: “Mom, I met an old man on the road today. He looked more 60 year old but he was running  in a hurdle vest.”


Mother Ye glanced back angrily: “Don’t change the subject.” The volume was enough to shake the whole floor, and she cut to the topic, “Look at your scores, Why did you fail in every course?”


Ye Xiaowu took a piece of meat and threw it in his mouth, burying his head in the rice.


Mother Ye said: “I’m talking to you.”


“I’m listening.” Ye Xiaowu said sloppily, “Mom, the chili fried pork you made is getting more and more delicious, especially fragrant.”


Mother Ye didn’t care about his interruption. She pulled out the math test, pointed to the top of the paper, and said, “How can you get a score of 36 on the test, is it that hard to get 50? Your brother could do better with his eyes closed.”


Ye Xiaowu murmured: “You are only praising him at this time. I suspect that big brother is desperately trying to get first place in the exam, just to make you praise him.”


The table was so small, but mother Ye didn’t seem to hear him, and she continued: “These big questions were answered with a lot of words, why are they all cross marks? They won’t even give you a point?”


Ye Xiaowu chuckled. He couldn’t solve it and didn’t want to hand in a blank paper. So at the answering column, he rewrote a bunch of questions.


Mother Ye slapped him with anger. She slapped his shoulder, but didn’t use any force. She stretched out her hand to pat his shoulder afterward. There was no sign of annoyance in her tone, only bitterness: “Son, you are already a third year student in high school. If you don’t work hard, it will be too late.”


Ye Xiaowu said: “The key to the problem is not whether I learn or not, but whether I can learn it. Those teachers lecture like a BB machine, and I don’t understand anything at all.”


Mother Ye touched Ye Xiaowu’s head anxiously.


Ye Xiaowu took a bite of rice: “You shouldn’t have let me go to this key high school just to suffer.”


Mother Ye picked up a piece of meat and put it in his bowl: “Stop talking nonsense, you are so playful and have no self-control. You’ll be finished if you go to a bad school for three years.”


Ye Xiaowu: “Then I won’t go to college, unless–“


Mother Ye interrupted him: “Eat first, it will get cold, eat more.”


Lu Wen didn’t have anymore line, he only needed to eat. He waved his chopsticks to pick up the vegetables and stuffed them in his mouth bit by bit. The tip of his tongue was so hot that he was numb, small beads of sweat leaked from his temples, and his legs no longer shook. He silently clamped the milk bottle under the table with his ankles.


He held up the bowl, pressed his lips against the edge of the bowl, and shoved the rice at the bottom of the bowl into his mouth. He chewed while raising his eyes. Glancing over the camera and looking straight ahead, he was surprised to see Qu Yanting standing outside the door.


They looked at each other. He was sure that Qu Yanting was also looking at him.


Lu Wen didn’t know when he came. He squeezed his chopsticks and devoured the food.


Until the last grain of rice was eaten, he put the bowl and chopsticks down. His mouth was full of grease. He naturally gave a loud burp in front of the camera.


The script was not written like that, he was free to adjust it.


Separated by three or four meters, in front of the unit, one sitting inside and one standing outside the door. Qu Yanting looked at Lu Wen’s gluttonous appearance, moved his lips, and uttered a word silently—




Lu Wen was slightly startled, suspecting that he was dizzy and hallucinating.


——Qu Yanting actually pouted at him.

Hua: The pinyin of the word pig is [zhū], so that’s probably why Lu Wen thought it was a pout.

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