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CA Chapter 20.1

Translator: Hua

Qu Yanting didn’t know how to respond. His mouth opened and closed several times. Five pieces of paper were pinched between his fingers, making a “cha-cha” sound, which brought out the quiet atmosphere.


In fact, he was not angry. The reaction that time was not against Lu Wen, it was his own mistake that he did not control his own emotions. As for the reason why, he didn’t want others to know.


Seeing Qu Yanting’s silence, Lu Wen explained: “Last night, I just thought about the scene and didn’t think too much. I didn’t pay attention when the director waved at me. I didn’t know what was going on, so I just rushed over to you.”


After listening to this long series, Qu Yangting thought it was improper to remain silent, so he simply gave a “hmm”. 


Lu Wen said: “I didn’t mean it.” He thought about it, then changed his words, “Uh, since I did it, it should be on purpose. But I…how to say it, I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, really, I didn’t lie to you, after all…”


Qu Yanting: “After all, what?”


Lu Wen: “After all, I can’t fool anyone with my brain.”


Qu Yanting pressed his mouth, his front teeth biting his lower lip, gradually increasing his strength, otherwise the corners of his mouth would curl up.


“Director Ren has criticized me, and I will pay attention to my speech and actions in the future.” In order to show his sincerity, Lu Wen even brought out Ren Shu’s name, “Actually, I wanted to knock on the door last night, but you seem to have taken a rest.”


Qu Yanting asked: “So today you rang the doorbell like you’re about to die and slipped in the notes?”


Lu Wen nodded, today no matter what he must apologize, but Qu Yanting didn’t respond to any ringing of the bell. He knocked on the door instead, and really had no choice but to stuff a note.


Qu Yanting was rather surprised. After the conversation in the office, Lu Wen’s attitude towards him was very clear, ranging from being sarcastic to eccentric, and at the most serious time, he even got angry and raised his voice. Why was his attitude so good this time?


Lu Wen was a little embarrassed. He was a reckless and ignorant person, but he also had some principles, such as differentiating things clearly. Although Qu Yanting had hurt him and laughed it off, it was he who offended Qu Yanting this time, and he would not brush it off.


“Moreover,” Lu Wen said, “I felt like I have done something bad, If I don’t apologize, I will have a knot in my heart.”


Saying the word “lump” seemed too big and too caring, so he changed it.


Qu Yan Ting really couldn’t help it, he inclined his head, and snorted out a laugh.


Lu Wen immediately asked: “Have you calmed down now?”


Qu Yanting was holding the few pieces of paper, wondering if Lu Wen would have a follow-up move if he did not open the door. He asked: “What if slipping the notes through the door didn’t work?”


Unexpectedly, Lu Wen bowed his head, his backpack still hanging around his neck. He opened the backpack zipper, reached in, and magically took out a yellow carnation flower from his bag.


Before inserting the note, Lu Wen had a plan. If this step didn’t work, he would go back to write an apology letter, and stick the carnations flower to the envelope, making it look good.


Qu Yanting was stunned, it was estimated that anyone would be stunned.


Lu Wen handed it over: “I’ll just give this to you.”


Qu Yanting was often called “teacher”, but this was the first time someone had given him carnations. He received it, feeling that this flower was inexplicably familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.


Lu Wen breathed a sigh of relief. Qu Yan Ting had opened the door, he also personally admitted his mistake, and now also sent flowers, the matter can finally be disclosed. Once over, the rough torn pieces of paper were not important.


He guessed that Qu Yanting would definitely throw it away, so he didn’t need to worry about it.


The two people talked in the corridor for a long time, and they didn’t return to the room until the floor butler led the waiters on a night patrol. Qu Yanting closed the door. There was a vase with a narrow neck on the porch cabinet behind the door. It was just right to insert a flower.


He first went to the bathroom to get some water, and after returning to the door, he stuck the carnation stem into the vase.


There was some rustling movement in the corridor. The butler and five or six waiters stopped outside the door of 6206. The butler raised his hand, fiddled with the flowers in the vase next to the door frame, and said, “Why is a carnation missing?”


The flowers in the vase were changed every other day, the amount was fixed, one main flower and four flowers were matched. The main flower of these two days was a Bernhardt peony, and the matching flower was light yellow carnation.


The waiter looked through the checklist of the morning patrol, and the flower item was ticked, so there was no slip. He said, “Maybe someone took one.”


It was just a small problem, the butler ordered them to be filled as soon as possible. At the same time, the fresh flowers in each room would also need to be supplied in time. The group of people continued to check and walked forward.


Inside the door, Qu Yanting: “…”


The life of the filming crew was still the same. The kiss scene incident became a thing of the past, no one mentioned it again. Anyway, it had already spread to every corner.


At dusk, Lu Wen walked out of a unit under the pale red glow. He just put on makeup, and waited for the next scene to be filmed. After filming they would not stop working, it would be another hard night.


It was already dinner time. There would be an eating scene next, so Lu Wen stayed with an empty stomach first. He stayed downstairs, reviewing the script in the light of the sunset.


He had learned a lot since he started filming. In terms of eating scenes, the speed of chewing, the number of times you move the chopsticks, the matching expressions, and the rhythm of the lines all need to be designed and controlled.


Waiting for this scene, Lu Wen practiced several times in advance, just to be able to act vividly and naturally.


Ten minutes later, the log keeper shouted upstairs: “Brother Lu Wen, come up!”


Lu Wen replied: “Good!”


Lu Wen ran into the third unit of Building 2. In the drama, Unit 302 was the home of Ye Shan and Ye Xiaowu. There were two old bedrooms in the house. The brothers slept in one room and mother Ye slept in one room.


This scene was about Ye Xiaowu and mother Ye’s rivalry. At the end of the monthly exam, mother Ye checked Ye Xiaowu’s exam papers, and the scene took place on the dining table.


Unit 302’s door was opened, and the monitor was blocked at the door, facing the small dining table on the side of the living room. Ren Shu took the walkie-talkie to shout, and unrelated people looked for locations to hide from the camera.


Tao Meifan played the role of mother Ye. She was without makeup, dressed in plain and dirt-resistant dark clothes. She was sitting at the table, wearing an apron. On the table were a bowl of white rice, a stir-fried pork with chili and a bowl of soup.


Lu Wen was seated at the corner of a table next to Tao Meifan. The other party could reach out to touch his head. In fact, mother Ye did like to touch Ye Xiaowu’s head.


The food was steaming with heat, and the rich aroma of chilli. Lu Wen lowered his head and Li Dapeng put a bottle of milk next to the table leg. He immediately felt relieved.


The log keeper was holding the clap board, ready to start.


On the other street next door, a Porsche slowly stopped by the side of the road, and Qu Yanting got out of the car.

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