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CA Chapter 12.1

Translator: Hua

Lu Wen followed Qu Yanting all the way into the office and closed the door. He felt that he was a student who had violated the school rule. First he was scolded by the class teacher and now he had to meet the dean alone.


“Sit.” Qu Yanting said.


Lu Wen sat down and stared at the corner of the table. He still remembered that on the day of the opening banquet, Qu Yanting said, “I don’t regret it. I won’t know until the filming starts.”


He couldn’t hold back, so he opened his mouth and asked: “Teacher Qu, do you regret choosing me?”


 Qu Yanting pulled over a chair at the corner of the table and sat down. They had met several times and this little actor was either joking around, making mistakes or showing off his male lead role. This time he was finally being honest for once.    


He did not answer and asked, “Have you received a big blow today?”


Lu Wen nodded: “Except for my dad, this is the first time someone criticized me so ruthlessly.”


Qu Yanting crossed his legs: “Your dad did it for your own good, and so did the director.”


Lu Wen said: “I understand the painstaking effort of Director Ren, but does he have to scold me in public? I still feel anxious.”


Qu Yanting said: “The directors who have won awards are not easy to deal with. Each has their own strictness. Director Ren is good at making life dramas and pays more attention to the naturalness of performance.”


Lu Wen didn’t expect that Qu Yanting wouldn’t scold him, but also comfort him with kind words.


Think about it now, when he was criticized by Ren Shu, it was Qu Yanting who intervened; when he was embarrassed in the classroom, it was Qu Yanting who called him out; now Qu Yanting did not mention his acting skills, but instead enlightened him.


Could it be that Qu Yanting approved his performance?


Lu Wen jumped up a bit and stopped staring at the corner of the table. He looked straight at Qu Yanting: “Teacher Qu, you’re the one who wrote the script. You know it best. What do you think of my acting?”


Qu Yanting replied: “Failed.”


Lu Wen’s complexion became stiff, and that little confidence disappeared. He went back to stare at the corner of the table shamefully.


Qu Yanting asked: “First time being criticized?”


Lu Wen replied truthfully, “I used to play a small supporting role, and there were very few scenes. Before the director could pay attention to me I already finished my scenes.”


“What is your last drama?”


“Ancient costume drama called 《Ten Thousand Years Autumn》”.


Qu Yanting said: “That’s not bad, it’s enough for a major drama, what role did you play?”


“Male lead,” Lu Wen took a deep breath, “….’s guard.”


Qu Yanting glanced at his watch and still asked patiently, “Is this the first time that you play as male lead number one?”


“Not really.” Lu Wen replied, “Actually, I starred in a movie last year.”


He was too embarrassed to mention that low cost brain damage horror movie. He played the male lead, responsible for sheltering the heroine from the wind and rain while expressing his infatuation. 


The whole film seemed like a meeting of eighteen tier actors. No one had heard of it.


The nature of this kind of film was self-evident, and Qu Yanting hit the key point: “Your father invested in you?”


 “Of course not!” Lu Wen immediately clarified, “The heroine’s father invested. If my dad invests, she should be the one who shields me from the wind and rain.”


Qu Yanting pushed the boat along the water: “Why didn’t your dad invest in you?”


“My dad…My dad doesn’t have that much money.” Lu Wen was telling half-truth. The first half was false, and the second half was the truth, “He doesn’t support me at all.”


Qu Yanting did not question the authenticity of his statement: “Why doesn’t he support you?”


Lu Wen replied: “He just looked down on me. Since I was young, he didn’t support the things I like. No matter what I do, he always said that I am not the material. So I asked him what kind of material I am, Can you guess what he said?”


Qu Yanting guessed: “Garbage?”


“Damn.” Lu Wen flushed, “You don’t have to guess so accurately.”


Qu Yanting pursed his lips and almost couldn’t hold his laugh. He asked, “Then you won’t listen to him?”


Lu Wen said: “Why should I listen to him? The more he looks down at me, the more I have to prove myself. What if I don’t have his support, am I not the number one male lead right now?”


Qu Yanting smiled this time, and the corners of his mouth curled up: “Does your dad know?”


Lu Wen thought that Qu Yanting was also happy for him, and said without reservation: “Of course, after being selected, I notified him as soon as possible. I told him that I will prove my strength and show him.”


Qu Yanting: “Anything else?”


Lu Wen said: “There are also children, classmates, relatives, neighbors, and even the security guard in my neighborhood knew. I have notified them all. When the casting news of the crew came out, I immediately shared it with all the chat groups. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the male lead number one.”


Suddenly, Qu Yanting said: “Have you ever thought about it, maybe your dad is right.”


Lu Wen was taken aback: “Huh?”


 Qu Yanting said: “Parents raise children out of love and responsibility, but it is also like an investment. How much worth do you have, your dad should be the one who knows best. If the rate of return is too low, why bother doing business at a loss.”


Lu Wen was in a daze for a few seconds: “What do you mean… I am not popular now, but it may not be like that forever. Why do you judge that I will not succeed? How do you conclude that I’m a loss investment?”


“Then what makes you successful?” Qu Yanting asked, “With your inadequate acting skill? You can’t even pass two acts in six takes?”


Lu Wen was choked on his words. From consolation to small talk, he almost forgot the previous situation. Who would have thought Qu Yanting would go around and cut back to the main topic?


Without waiting for him to come up with an answer, Qu Yanting jumped to another topic: “There are so many little girls here today, do you have any fans?”


Damn, They might as well continue with the previous topic.


Lu Wen replied: “No.”

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