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CA Chapter 10.2

Lu Wen said to himself: "It must be nice to sit next to you."

Translator: Hua

Lu Wen turned around and handed the paper over: “Teacher Qu, here you are.”

Qu Yanting still did not raise his eyes as if he was really into it. He took the paper and pressed it under the script, pretending that nothing happened.

Lu Wen said: “Teacher Qu, that is my script.” 

The atmosphere froze for a moment, and Qu Yanting leaned back against his chair. Lu Wen reached out for his own script and saw that piece of paper again. He couldn’t help but kindly remind him: “Teacher Qu, if you are bored, you can play with your phone.”

Qu Yanting finally said: “Are you familiar with the script yet?”

The implication was “Look at your script” but Lu Wen thought that Qu Yanting wanted to chat so he sat on his side and said: “It’s alright. There are fewer lines compared to before, so it’s easy to remember.” 

Qu Yanting didn’t like this half-hearted attitude, and said: “Good memory does not equal good acting.”

“I’ll take it seriously.” In the afternoon filming scene, it was the scene of Ye Shan changing his seat. Lu Wen said, “Teacher Qu, you happen to sit in the position Ye Shan changed to.”

Qu Yanting let out a “hmm” and became silent.

Lu Wen said to himself: “It must be nice to sit next to you.” 

Qu Yanting asked: “Why?”

Lu Wen replied, “It is convenient to copy homework.”

“It seems that you often copy homework?”

“Not often, I usually don’t do homework.”

Qu Yanting was not too surprised: “You are not like Ye Shan at this point, you are more like Ye Shan’s classmates.”

Lu Wen disagreed: “Ye Shan’s classmates are so stupid, I am not like that.”

Qu Yanting was silent for a moment: “Then what would you do if you were Ye Shan’s classmate?”

“I will defend Ye Shan and play with him. When he is hungry, I will treat him to eat delicious food. Of course, I hope that I can copy his homework occasionally.” Lu Wen looked at Qu Yanting and replied with a simple smile.

Sitting in the classroom like this with the close distance between the front and rear desks, pairing with such a simple and brilliant smile…Qu Yanting was a little distracted, feeling that this experience was a little strange.

After the others finished their lunch, the reading finally began.

Everyone had their own duties. Qu Yanting repeated the scene again, and Ren Shu changed the storyboard. The photography team shot the scene according to the storyboard. The lighting team leader adjusted the lighting according to the shot. The set team leader deleted and added scenes, and the prop team leader made corresponding arrangements.

Lu Wen obeyed the command. He rehearsed the lines, went through the scene in his mind, and memorized the script thoroughly after repeating it seven or eight times.

Everyone sacrificed their lunch break for this scene. As soon as the reading was over, the set and props team went off to work immediately. The stylist just arrived and they had to wait for a while before they could do make up.

Lu Wen was standing in the corridor, leaning on the railing with Sun Xiaojian to watch the scenery.

Sun Xiaojian said: “I saw the clothes that the stylist brought here. They were all school uniforms.”

Lu Wen couldn’t remember the last time he wore school uniforms because he rarely wore it when he was in school. He felt that the school uniform would pollute his handsomeness.

Sun Xiaojian said: “Other people’s uniform is okay except the protagonist. It is shabby, old and crumpled.”

Lu Wen said, “It was done deliberately to look like that.”

The protagonist’s family was very poor. Mother Ye sold fish in the vegetable market. Ye Shan went to the fish stand every morning and noon to help. It was unavoidable that the uniform would become so unsightly. Over time it would be contaminated with a fishy smell and could not be washed clean.

This fishy smell caused Ye Shan to be rejected and squeezed out by his classmates, so that he was forced to change seats and sat alone in the last corner of the classroom.

Sun Xiaojian said: “Such an unlucky boy. But it would be convenient whenever he wants to eat fish.”

“What eating fish ah.” Lu Wen explained, “How can he eat fish? There was only one lunch break at noon. Ye Shan was busy running back and forth at noon. If he eats fish for lunch he will be hungry in the afternoon.”

If he weren’t an actor, Lu Wen would never experience such a life in his lifetime. He sighed and his stomach grunted.

Then he remembered: “The millet porridge you ordered hasn’t arrived yet?”

Sun Xiaojian patted his forehead: “I forgot, it’s in the incubator!”

The incubator containing the lunch box was placed in the corridor, and Lu Wen went over there and lifted the lid. . Inside the empty box, apart from a millet porridge, there was also another untouched lunchbox.

He brought out the porridge and asked casually: “Who hasn’t eaten lunch yet?”

Xiao Zhang took a look, and quickly brought it out: “What happened here. I ordered this for Mr. Qu. He didn’t eat before the script reading?”

Lu We was not sure. He looked back into the classroom: “Hey, Teacher Qu just came out.” 

Xiao Zhang didn’t dare to delay, and immediately ran over with the takeaway: “Mr. Qu, you should eat first before working, it will be cold in a while.”

Qu Yanting said “There’s no need.”

“How can that be?” Xiao Zhang handed over the takeaway. “Director Ren said you like spicy food. So I ordered boiled fish for you. You can’t let yourself go hungry.”

Qu Yanting didn’t intend to take the lunchbox. He took a step back when he smelt the fragrance of boiled fish. He shook his head and said, “I don’t eat fish.”

Xiao Zhang asked apologetically, “Ah…Are you allergic to fish?”

Qu Yanting replied, “Forget it.”

Xiao Zhang said: “I’ll order something else for you right away. Today was my mistake.”

Qu Yanting patted Xiao Zhang on the shoulder and said it was okay. He felt that it didn’t matter if he was hungry or not, so he turned to the corridor to get a bottle of water to moisturize his throat. 

After two or three steps, he was stopped by an arm extending from the side.

Lu Wen held the lunch box with one hand and said: “Teacher Qu, I invite you to drink porridge.”

T/n: Did you notice the clue? Qu Yanting happened to sit at Ye Shan’s seat. Ye Shan was bully because of fishy smell and Qu Yanting also happened to dislike fish…

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  1. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    I didn’t notice the clues on the first read. But Qu Yanting asking what Lu Wen would do if he was Ye Shan’s classmate seems a lot more meaningful now.

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