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CTPAC Chapter 11

Huo Beiqian’s eyes seemed cold, freezing him into ice.

Pei Xiao gradually started to smile. He had imagined how it would be like to meet Uncle Huo again countless times. He felt sorry for the other; he did something wrong and didn’t give a word as he fled.

With death approaching, Pei Xiao felt a strange peace in his heart.

What happened between him and Huo Beiqian was not strange at all, let alone romantic.

He met him at a diner.

He was 28 years old that year.

He had been wasting away for eight years since he entered the entertainment circle, and was still a small supporting role playing male N1a male extra basically, nobody important, so unimportant that he doesn’t get a number like second male lead and such. Who made him an omega? He revealed his secondary gender, which attracted a lot of attention, but he basically dug his own grave.

This was the case in the industry. All day long there were postings of articles saying that equality was respected, but in private, who can really look up to a male omega?

The positioning of a male omega was too embarrassing. Even if he is 180cm tall and doesn’t look feminine, basically no actress is willing to act with him, and the actors are afraid of rumors spreading. When it came to the monthly estrus period, he could not join any group for the sake of safety. Because of the long-term irregularity of his daily life, his heat was basically all over the place.

After so many years of tossing and turning over and over again, his youth had faded away, but the purse did not bulge up with money.

Huo Beiqian was not a good person either. He’s an old dandy, and has been among tens of thousands of flowers2beauties/beautiful people. Huo Beiqian loved to pick celebrities and Internet celebrities because there was no burden when playing, and they were easy to throw away. With only one person at a time, the replacement speed could be as short as a week or as long as a year.

Hou Beiqian himself looked pretty good, he was a handsome uncle.

PWheei Xiao was in need of a sponsor, and heard that Huo Beiqian was in the window period, so he decided to inspect the situation first. Then he saw the real Huo Beiqian at a reception.

How to describe it?

He was like a hemlock tree, a reef in the sea, standing silently and firmly. At first glance, he was a calm and mature man. It was extremely difficult for foreign things to disturb him, and it was hard to see his emotions. He didn’t have the rumored frivolousness at all, on the contrary, he was very gentlemanly in his demeanor.

Pei Xiao regained consciousness at the time and thought: I can.

Then he seduced Huo Beiqian

The two had a very happy night together, and Pei Xiao thought, even if he couldn’t catch this gold master3sponsor, backer, benefactor who is usually involved in sexual relations with the one being supported the other’s technique in bed was worth it.

But Uncle Huo was probably very satisfied with him too, and within two days he asked him if he wanted to be an exclusive long-term lover. Pei Xiao readily agreed.

The initial contract was three months, and the three-month end date was extended to one year, and the one-year expiration was renewed for another year.

Perhaps because he was very obedient, never quarreling or fighting nor grabbing what isn’t his. And, he comes and goes when called, Uncle Huo never goes looking for him. The other had never harassed him, and was tight-lipped about their secret relationship. Not ever going out to show off, nor wanting to be superior.

Not to mention that Uncle Huo was a philandering, unmarried man.

There were very few upper-class alphas who would marry an omega. It was okay to have fun and play around, but it wasn’t fine to pollute an alpha’s excellent genes.

But from the beginning, he was just greedy for Uncle Huo’s money and body.

Still, what could he say?

The spirit of the contract still needed to be upheld. So during the contract period, he also cleaned up his private life, never making a fool of himself.

As for whether Uncle Huo found another lover, he didn’t care. He was just a lover, and they were not in a serious relationship, so there was no need to be nosy.

During that time when Uncle Huo took him to a banquet, with his luck, who knew that he would run into Chi Yao.

Pei Xiao thought at the time that he was done for. Even if Chi Yao didn’t exist, Uncle Huo would probably be angry, and he would definitely not be able to get by in the circle.

The consequence for breaching the contract was stipulated in the contract plain and clear.

Could he afford it? He couldn’t!

So he slipped away.

Therefore, during his disappearance, he not only avoided Chi Yao, but also Uncle Huo as well. At first, he heard people say that Huo Beiqian still looked for him, but that was until he disappeared.

Pei Xiao thought about it for a while. It should be that Huo Beiqian had found a new lover again. He had so many lovers that he would not be short of just one, and there wasn’t a lack of that little bit of money either…It was better to just cut his losses (and abandon Pei Xiao.)

The two reunited unexpectedly, and both of them were shocked.

Huo Beiqian called out to him again: “Xiao Xiao.”

Pei Xiao recovered, and took a breath. He saw Huo Beiqian, thought about the huge liquidated damages, and immediately started to have a headache.

It was over, it was all over, he didn’t have any money.

Was it too late to pretend now to be someone who just looked alike? Pei Xiao thought in a panic, but he quickly rejected this absurd idea.

Bai Chengxu noticed that this old man who he didn’t know had bad intentions. And, wasn’t this call of address too intimate? He stepped forward and stood in front of Pei Xiao.

Huo Beiqian frowned, glanced at Bai Chengxu, and asked Pei Xiao: ”Your new lover? You took my money to go out with a little white face?”4a pretty boy basically, a guy who depends on others to support them

Bai Chengxu was stunned, his face flushed. What did that guy say? He actually said he was Brother Pei’s little, little white face…

Pei Xiao was helpless. There was still a kid here, it was better to not let him know about the dirty things in the adult world. Pei Xiao patted his shoulder lightly, and said, “Xiao Bai, you get out of the way.”

Bai Chengxu refused to move, adamantly stubborn.

Pei Xiao had to side-step him and walked to Huo Beiqian. He skillfully took out a business card from his wallet, held it in both hands, and handed it over respectfully: “Boss Huo, it hasn’t long since I returned to China. Now I’ve changed my career to an agent. This is my artist.”

“My contact information is on it. I see now that you shouldn’t be very free, so when you have time, then can you make an appointment with me so we can chat about this slowly?”

Huo Beiqian did not accept the card, so Pei Xiao had to keep his hands up. The scene was very embarrassing.

Pei Xiao was distracted.

He thought that when it came time for the weekend, he should go to the temple and burn incense sticks to stop being so unlucky.

It was not easy to get rid of Chi Yao, and yet  Huo Beiqian appeared.

He thought he could finally  keep his job…what kind of luck was this?

At this moment, someone from Huo Beiqian’s side came over to look for him. He was a boy in his twenties, and looked pretty good. Pei Xiao thought he looked a little familiar. Seeing that they were confronting each other, the boy looked at them strangely and wanted to say something, only to stop again.

Huo Beiqian said to the boy angrily: “Who asked you to follow?”

The boy turned pale, but he obliged and went back the same direction he came in.

Pei Xiao knew what was going on. He smiled brightly. His hands were sore, so he slowly put them down: “Boss Huo, I’m sorry, it seems that you don’t want to see me again, right?”

Pei Xiao was about to put away his business card, when Huo Beiqian said: “Give me your business card.”

This time he accepted the business card: “Then I will find you some other day.”

“Don’t run away.”

“Be good. If you’re obedient, then I will look for you next time. Otherwise, I will ask my team of lawyers to contact you.”

Pei Xiao: “…”

Huo Beiqian finished speaking and then turned away.

Pei Xiao breathed out a sigh of relief.

Bai Chengxu stood to the side, spectating the whole time. He was very depressed; he couldn’t even put a word in. He waited for that person to leave before asking, “Brother, who is that?”

Pei Xiao skillfully changed the subject: “Don’t say anything. Just speaking of it suffocates me, f*ck.”

Pei Xiao came out of the toilet after washing his hands.

He knew what Bai Chengxu seemed to be thinking.

Pei Xiao said, “Don’t tell anyone else about the person I met just now, okay?”

Of course, Bai Chengxu agreed, and then said abruptly: “The man who came to look for Huo Beiqian later, that man looks a bit like you.”

Pei Xiao suddenly realized that, as he said, the familiarity that he felt before had turned out to be himself… It seems that Uncle Huo liked his type of appearance.

Bai Chengxu said again: “But he’s not as good-looking as you.”

Pei Xiao laughed: “Thank you, Xiao Bai.”

Their group had just debuted. Because they didn’t have much popularity, and didn’t receive much work, their schedule was pretty empty.

A few days later, Pei Xiao received a call from Huo Beiqian, asking him when he would be free, so the two would meet up to talk about what happened back then.

Pei Xiao thought about it. Well Uncle Huo was actually very easy to converse with and soft hearted…it would be better to just sell misery.

After all, having been a bed partner for two years, he had some idea of how to use tricks to coax Uncle Huo.

Despicable people are despicable after all.

Pei Xiao told Huo Beiqian of his home address and asked him to come to talk with him.

Pei Xiao gave the auntie in the house a vacation today. He brought out his own baby, and waited for Huo Beiqian to come.

Huo Beiqian arrived at the community where he lived, parked the car in the temporary parking space, followed the numbered plates, and found Pei Xiao’s door.

He rang the doorbell

Huo Beiqian waited impatiently, and was about to press the doorbell again.

After a while, the door finally opened. Pei Xiao was wearing a baby sling, like a kangaroo father, while a cute little snow jade baby looked at him curiously.

Huo Beiqian: “…”

Pei Xiao touched his nose embarrassedly, and said with a smile: “I’m sorry, I wanted to put the baby down and open the door, but it’s a little difficult to take off this sling.”

At this time, Pei Xiao always felt like someone else was there, looking at him with the camera. He looked around, but there seemed to be nothing.

“Mr. Huo, come in first.”

He closed the door.

Standing in the hallway, Huo Beiqian asked coldly: “Whose child is this?”

Pei Xiao replied, “Mine.”

Pei Xiao’s home was opposite to the stairs on the upper floor.

Hiding behind the curtain, the man put away the camera and checked the photo that was just taken. In the photo, Huo Beiqian, Pei Xiao and the baby were all in the frame, like a family of three. He thought: after more than half a month, he finally got something different. He could now hand this over to Boss Chi.

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  • 1
    a male extra basically, nobody important, so unimportant that he doesn’t get a number like second male lead and such
  • 2
    beauties/beautiful people
  • 3
    sponsor, backer, benefactor who is usually involved in sexual relations with the one being supported
  • 4
    a pretty boy basically, a guy who depends on others to support them
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