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CTPAC Chapter 10

Pei Xiao wore Chi Yao’s suit and walked away swaggeringly.

He acted so arrogant for the first time in his life.

Maybe it was because he really had nothing now, so there was not much to fear. In fact, he actually didn’t plan on releasing the video, he wanted face1face= dignity/reputation. For long term chinese novel readers, this might already be a familiar term, but I’m leaving this for those who don’t too, but the key point was that Chi Yao would feel that he was shameless.

He now risked everything and finally got a hold of Chi Yao’s seven inches.

This straight A cancer man who had self-esteem higher than the sky.

No matter what way Chi Yao used to leave afterwards, Pei Xiao returned home by himself, took a bath, and cleaned himself up. This time, because he came prepared, he let Chi Yao wear a condom so that no more lives would be in danger.

This time, it was a last resort. He never wanted to sleep with Chi Yao again in his life, even if they were fated.

Pei Xiao first saved all the video files he took and made multiple copies.

But to be honest, he was a little ashamed to watch his own little movie. What he had to admit was that although Chi Yao was a lousy guy, he still had a lot of capital2euphemism for his lower body length, and was deserving to be called an alpha.

However, Chi Yao should have slept with other people over the years, so how come his skills were as poor as that day for two whole years?

The next day, Pei Xiao didn’t go to the company right away. Instead, he received a call at ten o’clock that said the show could go on as usual.

Pei Xiao, who was in an agitated mood, exhaled.

He changed into clean clothes and was about to go to the company.

Before leaving, Pei Xiao kissed the baby’s little cheek and told the nanny: “Don’t take the baby out for a few days.

“Don’t open the door if a stranger comes either.”

After that Pei Xiao drove to the company and went directly into the practice room and told the group members the good news.

Everyone’s mood was like a roller coaster, and they couldn’t react all at once. Cui Xueyan was someone who knew part of the story, but he could not imagine what Brother Pei had done. It took him(PX) just one night to finally get rid of his eldest brother.

Yesterday at noon, the two people quarreled like they were going to kill each other.

What exactly happened?

Cui Xueyan was dumbfounded. Pei Xiao winked at him and said: “Xiao Cui, wait until you finish practicing then come to my office.”

Before his voice fell, Bai Chengxu’s gaze swept over.

Pei Xiao didn’t interrupt their practice, and left the practice room to go to the office.

Bai Chengxu asked Cui Xueyan: “Why do I feel like you and Brother Pei are getting closer recently?”

Cui Xueyan’s hair stood upright. He waved his hand again and again and said a half-truth. “No, no, something happened to me at home so Brother Pei talked to me.”

As soon as practice ended, Cui Xueyan went to Pei Xiao’s office.

Pei Xiao asked straightforwardly: “I will protect you with this debut performance, but after this, do you still plan to continue your debut?”

Cui Xueyan was pondering in his heart, but he was really at a loss now: “Brother Pei, my eldest brother agreed? What the hell did you do to my elder brother?”

Pei Xiao looked solemn, thinking blankly: What did I do? I r***ed your elder brother again.

Pei Xiao said, “You don’t need to worry about it. Just know that your eldest brother will not object to it.”

Cui Xueyan scratched his head and said stupidly, “Then, then I will definitely not leave. I practiced for so long and finally made it to my debut, I don’t want to leave.

Pei Xiao said, “All right.”

Since then, Chi Yao seemed to have evaporated from this world and had not reappeared in their lives for the time being. 

The members practiced quickly, and it was the day of their debut performance in the blink of an eye.

Pei Xiao woke up early in the morning.

It was still too early when he arrived at the company. The boys were still asleep. It seemed that they were too excited to fall asleep last night and didn’t sleep until dawn, so it was finally time to get up.

Pei Xiao called them up. Don’t look at the little handsome guys when they shoot MV’s and pictures, when they first dug out of their quilts, they had their heads all mussed up into a chicken coop. He cleaned them up, stuffed them into a car to go to the TV station.

It was only seven o’clock in the morning when they arrived.

Putting on makeup and changing their clothes.

Halfway through the styling, the stylist flipped through the luggage and saud, “Ah, I left the jewelry in the car.”

Pei Xiao said, “I’ll get it, you continue to fix them up here.”

Pei Xiao walked while looking at his watch. There was plenty of time, it wouldn’t be too late. Pei Xiao thought so while walking to the elevator, pressing the button, and waited for the elevator to come up.

When the elevator arrived and the door was about to open, he almost walked in when he saw Chi Yao with a stinky face. Not only Chi Yao, there were also a few people around him, and if he guessed correctly, there was also the director of the TV station.

“Pei Xiao: “…


Chi Yao, with the stars gathering themselves around the moon3idiom that means to view somebody as the core figure/ to group around a revered leader/ to revolve around somebody, walked out slowly.

Pei Xiao took two steps back and stood by the wall, giving way.

Chi Yao only swept a look at Pei Xiao from the corner of his eye, and didn’t talk to him, as if they didn’t know each other. Originally they are not people of the same world. Chi Yao looked at him cautiously and found it ridiculous. Pei Xiao stood in front of him a few days ago, but he was unbearably arrogant.

Especially when he mocked his poor skills.

Chi Yao felt extremely humiliated when he thought about it. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. First, he knew it was a trap, but he got caught in the end and couldn’t control himself. He was actually laughed at by an omega as an alpha….All his life he had to be the very best at everything he did. If he could get an A+ on his homework, he won’t be satisfied with just an A.

Only in this matter, he really has no confidence.

This matter was not easily learned just by reading books and being taught.

He didn’t even have a target to practice on.

Chi Yao was very angry and depressed, but it was not like he would not be happy if someone asked him to practice with someone he doesn’t know and had no feelings for.

Pei Xiao put oil on the soles of his feet4to walk quickly and entered the elevator. Chi Yao turned to look at him until the elevator door closed. The TV station staff surrounding him asked flatteringly, “President Chi, what’s the matter?”

Chi Yao didn’t answer, but asked: “When will the group’s performance start?”

Chi Yao didn’t wait in the studio the whole time, and he didn’t leave to go watch until the recording of Pei Xiao’s group began.

He was standing not far below the stage, so the staff brought him a chair. He didn’t sit, but stood and watched instead.

The lights went out and turned on again, and a young boy came on stage.

Colorful lights reflected in his eyes.

Although he didn’t like this kind of music, it was probably because he was standing so close to the scene. Although the boy’s group performance is also very cool when watching the MV, the live performance was different, and it was incomparable..

Even a layman, such as Chi Yao, was a little touched when he saw his foolish brother performing hard on stage as if it was going to burn to ashes.

The performance was over.

Everyone stepped off the stage one after another.  Chi Yao moved and walked a few steps to the side, following Cui Xueyan’s line of sight, and found Pei Xiao.

Pei Xiao handed them paper towels and water, and it wasn’t known what he was talking about, but he smiled softly and brilliantly, with bright eyes.

Chi Yao originally wanted to come over to investigate the enemy’s situation, but when he saw Pei Xiao smiling at other men, he suddenly forgot all his goals.

He felt sour.5jealous

Why doesn’t Pei Xiao smile at him like that?

Obviously they are fated mates.

What a weird guy he was who could seduce him without any shame and sleep with him, but never smile at him.

Pei Xiao seemed as if he had noticed his gaze and couldn’t bear it anymore, turned his head, put away his smile, and looked at him coldly, as if to say: Have you forgotten that I still have your indecent video in my hands?

Chi Yao walked away in disbelief.

He felt that his self-esteem was bruised, and it wasn’t just by Pei Xiao.

He felt that the cards used in his hands were still too few, and he had to investigate Pei Xiao’s past more closely.

Especially with whom did Pei Xiao have a baby with? Being unexpectedly abandoned by his fated omega like this, he must make that wild man pay the price.

He remembered that Pei Xiao was being raised by an alpha at the time, what was his name? It seemed that his surname was Huo.

The recording of the debut program ended successfully.

Pei Xiao paid out of his own pocket, booked a location in a high-end hotel, and took everyone to celebrate a debut banquet. After a few glasses of wine, he was drunk and a little overwhelmed, so he told everyone he’d go to the bathroom

Just a few steps out of the door, Bai Chengxu followed.

Pei Xiao said to him: “You’re going to the toilet too?”

Bai Chengxu said: “I’m going with you.”

Pei Xiao was amused: “We aren’t female highschool students who have to find a good friend to go to the toilet hand in hand with.”

Bai Chengxu seriously said: “Brother, you have to pay attention to safety. You are an omega and you’re drunk. What should you do if you encounter a bad alpha?”

Probably because he was drunk, Pei Xiao was not as stable as usual. Looking at how serious and mature Bai Chengxu looked, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch the other’s hair: “You’ve grown up Xiao Bai, hahahaha.”

While the two were arguing, Pei Xiao vaguely heard someone calling him from behind, and he turned his head drunkenly. He took a closer look and saw who that person was, and instantly became sober.

“Xiao Xiao.”6Pei Xiao’s nickname means ‘smile’ but I translated it as Xiao Xiao because it makes more sense that way. Smile is Pei Xiao’s nickname because the ‘xiao’(笑) from his name translates to ‘smile’(笑笑). So ‘Xiao’ in this case does not mean little/small(小)

Huo Beiqian stood four or five steps away, calling out his nickname.

Pei Xiao was stunned, as if a generation had passed.

Another week another chapter done ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

Your translator will try real hard today to stockpile on chapters, wish me luck~

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  • 1
    face= dignity/reputation. For long term chinese novel readers, this might already be a familiar term, but I’m leaving this for those who don’t
  • 2
    euphemism for his lower body length
  • 3
    idiom that means to view somebody as the core figure/ to group around a revered leader/ to revolve around somebody
  • 4
    to walk quickly
  • 5
  • 6
    Pei Xiao’s nickname means ‘smile’ but I translated it as Xiao Xiao because it makes more sense that way. Smile is Pei Xiao’s nickname because the ‘xiao’(笑) from his name translates to ‘smile’(笑笑). So ‘Xiao’ in this case does not mean little/small(小)
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