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CF Chapter 9

How could there be such a bad person.

Chapter 9: How could there be such a bad person.

The boy was chatting with Xu Sui with his back towards the green bus stop board. Xu Sui casually looked behind him and stumbled. Shi Yuejie suddenly grabbed her elbow to keep her balanced.

Xu Sui murmured a thank you to him and withdrew her hand. Her eyes were a little flustered at what she saw that Shi Yuejie followed her gaze.

Zhou Jingze walked towards them slowly, with his hands in his pocket and a mint in his mouth. Under the black cap was a lazy smile on his face.

For a moment, when Shi Yuejie saw Zhou Jingze, his smile vanished. Then, when Zhou Jingze walked in front of them, he returned to normal.

“Why are you here?” Xu Sui raised his eyes and asked him.

“I was looking for someone,” Zhou Jingze answered while looking at her.

Xu Sui felt that there was tension in the air. When she was planning to break the awkward atmosphere by introducing them to each other, Shi Yuejie took the initiative to speak with a gentle smile: “Jingze, long time no see.”

Xu Sui’s eyes widened slightly, and curiosity flashed across her face: “You guys…know each other?”

Shi Yuejie nodded and was about to clarify the relationship between them when Zhou Jingze, who bit the mint in his mouth that the powder melted in his lips, chuckled and asked in a casual tone:

“We not only know each other but what kind of relationship do you think we have?”

Zhou Jingze looked straight at Shi Yuejie, who hesitated but ultimately replied to clear the confusion: “Friends.”

Zhou Jingze raised the corners of his lips slightly in a ridiculed way, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

As Zhou Jingze joined their conversation, the hostility and tension were still hanging in the air. Finally, Shi Yuejie, trying to find something to say, looked at Xu Sui and commented: “You can rest assured about this matter. The test results will follow the normal procedures.”

Xu Sui nodded. Before leaving, Shi Yuejie hesitated and patted Zhou Jingze on the shoulder. Then, he smiled at him and said, “I’ll take my leave now.” Zhou Jingze scoffed lightly and said nothing.

After Shi Yuejie left, Zhou Jingze didn’t say a word and leaned against the bus stop board. He took out a piece of mint and unwrapped it, popping it into his mouth. His jawline was attractively curved.

Xu Sui was afraid of him misunderstanding the situation and explained: “That was my exam invigilator just now. He asked me to meet him regarding an issue that happened when I was taking the exam…” Xu Sui clarified but leaving out the part about getting framed.

Zhou Jingze pondered over her words for a while before changing the conversation, “Has the matter been resolved?”

“Not yet,” Xu Sui answered, feeling a little down.

After the exam, Shi Yuejie went to the monitoring room and watched more than two hours of video playback of the exam room. Then, after finding who really cheated, he contacted the Academic Affairs Office and the parties involved.

The matter was resolved smoothly in the end, but the student was willing to be punished instead of apologizing. Xu Sui felt a bit aggravated that she was framed by others and wrongly accused.

Although the cheater didn’t clarify and apologize, Xu Sui still thanked Shi Yuejie. She was not used to owing favors to others, so she told him he could make any request as a way for her to thank him. Shi Yuejie then asked her to get milk tea with him. In the end, they happened to run into Zhou Jingze.

When Xu Sui wanted to say something else, her teacher sent her a message to ask her to go to the office to get a copy of the test papers. Seeing her hesitant eyes, Zhou Jingze directed: “Go, I also happen to have something to attend to.”

After Xu Sui left, Zhou Jingze stood at the bus stop and smoked a cigarette. He took out his phone and made a quick call. He then hung up and logged in to WeChat to find Bai Yuyue’s contact.

The last message between the two was on last Sunday when Bai Yuyue sent:

——I saw you sent Xu Sui back to the university.

Zhou Jingze never replied back to her. It started raining, and droplets fell on his phone screen. He wiped the droplets with his thumb while staring at the text message deep in thought.

After Xu Sui went to the office to help her teacher, she headed back to her dorm. As soon as she opened the door, 1017 immediately ran over to her and meowed.

Bai Yuyue was straightening her hair, and upon Xu Sui’s arrival, she put the straightener on her desk with a “bang” sound. In a very unpleasant tone: “It’s so noisy.”

Xu Sui ignored her. She went to open a cat food can and poured it into the box to feed the cat while ignoring Bai Yuyue completely. Bai Yuyue, who was irritated and annoyed that she was being ignored, was about to say something when her phone lit up with a notification.

She picked up her phone and clicked into WeChat. It was a message from Zhou Jingze:【Come out for a second.】

When Bai Yuyue saw the message, her eyes lit up, and she immediately began to touch up her makeup. Her eyes were joyous and happy.

Bai Yuyue quickly got ready and changed into a suede skirt. She was beautiful and coquettish. When Bai Yuyue was getting ready to leave, she bumped into Liang Shuang, who was heading back.

“Where are you going dressed up?” Liang Shuang asked in curiosity.

“Of course it’s to see important people who are looking to date me,” Bai Yuyue said while turning her head and glancing at Xu Sui.

When the orange cat had finished eating, Xu Sui opened a milk carton and poured it into the box. Her hands shook slightly when she heard the words, and the milk spilled on the ground. The cat immediately lowered its head and licked it clean.

After Bai Yuyue and Zhou Jingze broke up, Bai Yuyue became down and moody. It was only Zhou Jingze who could lighten her mood.

Xu Sui thought to herself: It turned out that the person Zhou Jingze said he was looking for was Bai Yuyue. Her heart ached, and she stared at the ground in a daze.

After spending 10 minutes being spaced out, she didn’t want to be in this gloomy state, so she packed a few books, planning to head to the library. It was better than thinking about the matters between Bai Yuyue and Zhou Jingze.

When Xu Sui went downstairs with her books in her arms, a cold wind rushed towards her, and she unconsciously shrank her shoulders. It had stopped raining, and the ground was wet. Xu Sui walked through a boulevard, down the steps, and turned left.

The library was quite far from the girls’ dormitory. After walking through the boulevard, she had to go past a garden. When the weather started getting chilly, there were not many people in the garden. The flowers were clustered together, and two rows of benches that were beginning to rust were situated across from each other.

After Xu Sui walked a few steps, she heard a quarrel. She couldn’t help but stop her track and glance at where the sound was coming from. Across a bush of wild roses, she saw two people who were arguing.

Xu Sui lowered her dark eyelashes. God really loves to tease her. How many more times does she have to run into Zhou Jingze with other girls?

To be precise, it was Bai Yuyue who was being loud.

Standing in front of Zhou Jingze, Bai Yuyue was no longer the arrogant person she was in front of other people. Tears fell steadily on her face, and she lowered her head: “I was wrong… Can we get back together?” Zhou Jingze did not reply. Met with his silence, Bai Yuyue lost control of her emotions: “Didn’t I already apologize to you! When we were together, weren’t you very caring of me?”

“You still like me, right?” Bai Yu Yue’s voice was desperate as if she had found a lifeline. She unzipped the knit shirt she was wearing from her collarbone to her chest, exposing her fair skin.

Bai Yuyue grabbed Zhou Jingze’s hand and placed his hand on her chest. Then, without any self-pride or esteem, she cried and said, “Didn’t you say you like me the most?”

Zhou Jingze looked at her. He didn’t say a word but just helped her tidy her clothes, pulling the zipper back up again. Xu Sui caught a glimpse of his actions.

The sky was gray, and Zhou Jingze was wearing a flight jacket. He listened to everything she said, all the good and bad complaints. He only said a sentence to her slowly:

“Bai Yuyue, don’t make it any worse.”

Bai Yuyue finally collapsed; her shoulders trembled, and she couldn’t cry out any more tears. She finally came to a reality. It was impossible for her and Zhou Jingze to get back together.

She walked away. After she was about ten steps away, Zhou Jingze, who was standing at the same spot, shouted at her: “Think about what I said.”

She froze but eventually continued walking and finally left without turning back.

Zhou Jingze, who was wearing black pants and ankle boots, stood tall and looked handsome. He tapped his boots and laughed softly: “You can come out now.”

Xu Suixin was taken aback and walked forward with her books in her arms. Wanting to explain: “I didn’t purposely mean to eavesdrop.”

Zhou Jingze turned around and said slowly: “But it happened. We broke up, and now it hurts even more after being seen by someone.”

“Sorry,” Xu Sui replied, thinking about what he said.

Zhou Jingze put his hands in his pockets and walked towards her, looking right at Xu Sui. When he came in front of her, they were so close that their foreheads could touch.

The smell of cigarette smoke coming from him made Xu Sui flustered that she subconsciously stepped back, but Zhou Jingze took a step closer.

Zhou Jingze leaned over and looked at her. His eyes were as black as coal and in a frivolous tone: “Why don’t you replace her?”

The hot breeze was blowing, and Xu Sui’s ears felt itchy. Under Zhou Jingze’s gaze, her face became red, like a drop of red paint on a transparent oil paper, spreading quickly from the cheeks to the back of the ears, giving a sense of delicacy.

Seeing Xu Sui not answering, Zhou Jingze took another step closer, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “What do you think?”

“I…” Xu Sui was too nervous that she took a few steps back. The rose bush was swaying like there was something in the air.

Zhou Jingze stood in front of her and slowly approached her. Xu Sui caught a glimpse of his straight nose and thin lips. He was so close that she could see his eyelashes clearly.

He leaned down and grabbed a rose petal that had fallen on her shoulder. His lips pressed against the red petal, a playful smile appeared on his face.

Xu Sui breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, the books she was holding in her arms slipped and fell to the ground, the petals once again falling down on their shoulders.

“I was teasing you,” Zhou Jingze said.

“Come out for dinner tonight. Xixi knows about it,” he added while plucking another petal, twisting it lightly.

Xu Sui nodded. After Zhou Jingze left, she was still gasping for breath. She looked at his back, slowly disappearing out of her sight, and wondered how there could be such a bad person.

Like poison, just a word from him is addictive, falling into a sweet dream. The next second, one falls into hell, forced to wake up to reality.

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