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CF Chapter 10

Helped her change a carton of milk.

Chapter 10: Helped her change a carton of milk.

At nine o’clock at night, Hu Xixi brought Xu Sui to the food stands behind the flight academy. After walking for a few minutes, they saw Sheng Nanzhou sitting at the barbecue booth, waving at them.

Xu Sui looked over and spotted two other boys sitting with him. Zhou Jingze was wearing black clothes. Although his back was against her, she could see his white neck.

Hu Xixi walked over to them, carefully avoiding the puddles. About a meter away from them, she complained: “I really don’t like these places with a heavy oil smell. Instead, I’m a sophisticated consumer.”

Sheng Nanzhou put down his cup and sneered. In a loud voice: “Who ordered two pork bellies last time.”

“You— don’t wrongly accuse people, you little dog,” Hu Xixi retorted back, wanting to beat him up.

“Why do you always mess with her?” Zhou Jingze raised his eyes to look at him. He took a menu in front of him and turned around, looking at Xu Sui: “Order whatever you want to eat.”

Sheng Nanzhou personally thinks he’s an attractive guy with good features, so how did he become a dog? The two continued to quarrel. Hu Xixi grabbed his collar and said: “I only ate a little last time. Don’t defame me.”

They continued to argue with each other while Da Liu watched them happily from the sideline. Zhou Jingze tapped his fingers on the table, his eyes flashing over the two: “Both of you should transfer schools, especially to Little Sun Kindergarten.”

The two elementary school students immediately let go of each other as the waiter came with the tableware. Hu Xixi took the pair of wooden chopsticks and tried to break it apart, but it wouldn’t split.

Sheng Nanzhou then took the pair of chopsticks from her hand and helped her beak it apart. He rinsed it with warm water and commented: “How stupid.”

Xu Sui was troubled. She was afraid that the others wouldn’t like what she ordered, so she handed back the menu: “You guys can order. I can eat anything.”

The barbecue they ordered a while ago was soon served. The waiter here seemed to know Zhou Jingze, that when he put down the plate, he asked: “The usual? A dozen of Corona?”

Zhou Jingze leaned back in his chair and smiled: “Yeah.”

After the beer came up, Da Liu and the others grabbed a bottle. Everyone was in a good mood that Da Liu offered everyone a toast, persuading them to drink: “If you don’t drink it, you’re hurting my feelings.”

Everyone: “…”

It was soon Xu Sui’s turn, and she consciously refused, replying: “I don’t drink.”

“How about a little. It looks like we’re committing a crime, and you’re just sitting here,” Da Liu persuaded.

“What nonsense,” Zhou Jingze stretched out his long legs and nudged Da Liu, his voice low: “Don’t force others.”

While a group of people sat together chatting, Xu Sui propped her chin in her palm and watched Sheng Nanzhou and Hu Xixi quarrel, occasionally listening to Da Liu speaking about the trouble Zhou Jingze caused at university. Xu Sui was listening and watching them attentively that she didn’t even realize when Zhou Jingze left.

Da Liu was like Zhou Jingze’s biggest fan. He patted the table and commented: “My Master Zhou placed first in the culture and practical performance. It’s amazing, right? The teachers also like him a lot that they want him to be the class president, but he actually refused. Damn, it’s a shame.”

“I also always happen to get into trouble. Last time it was Master Zhou who helped me take the punishment. He had to run laps at the sports ground under hot weather, and it was so hot he took off his shirt. The girls at the sports ground all fanned over him,” Da Liu praised Zhou Jingze and took two sips of beer: “The next day the school confession forum exploded.”

Xu Sui, who was listening to him, asked: “Does he get chased by a lot of people at the university?”

Dai Liu was about to respond when a familiar, cold voice replied: “He’s talking nonsense again.”

A carton of milk appeared on the table next to Xu Sui’s right hand. She heard the sound of a chair being pulled to the side. Zhou Jingze returned wearing a black jacket and sat back down.

Xu Sui touched the carton of milk, which happened to be warm. Touched by his thoughtfulness: “Thank you.”

Zhou Jingze smiled and didn’t say anything. Sheng Nanzhou tapped the bowl with his chopsticks and announced: “My dear friends, the reason why we are here today is that there is one thing I want to…”

“If you have something to say, just say it.” Hu Xixi interrupted, rolling her eyes.

“He wants to form a temporary band to participate in the school competition,” Da Liu said, snatching the limelight from Sheng Nanzhou’s long speech. “He wants to ask you for help.”

“Why are you so interested in campus activities?” Hu Xixi turned to look at him.

“Because the prize is to go to the Beishan Ski Resort for two days and one night,” Zhou Jingze answered, “He begged me for a long time to help him.”

“Exactly. I remembered you know how to play electric guitar, the beautiful Princess Xixi,” Sheng Nanzhou looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Fine. Either way, I’m going crazy studying all day.”

“Okay, I’ll play the accordion, Da Liu will be the vocalist and play the electric keyboard, Master Zhou will be the harmonizer and play the cello, and you can play the electric guitar,” Sheng Nanzhou sighed with relief, “Now we need to find someone who can play the drums.”

Suddenly, a soft but confident voice replied: “I can.”

“You?” Everyone looked shocked and turned their heads to look at Xu Sui.

When Xu Sui was about to reply, a notification popped up on her phone. She clicked into it and saw that it was an apology text from Bai Yuyue.

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  1. Avatar chinesefanreader says:

    Hmmm so BYY was the one who tried to get XS busted for cheating probably bc she was jelly that ZJZ seemed to pay attention to her🤔 now how did ZJZ know, guessing that’s why he met her in the garden? And ZJZ even went to get XS a milk😍 Yep he’s noticing…

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Avatar liev says:

      Yepp, that’s what I think too! I think he knew it was her who framed XS, so then he wanted to meet with her.

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