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CF Chapter 3

Ran Into Him Flirting

Chapter 3: Ran Into Him Flirting

When Xu Sui just entered college, social platforms like WeChat became popular that in October of that year, she formally met Zhou Jingze.

At the beginning of October, the summer heat had not dissipated. The air was so hot and sticky that the sweat of people, who stood outside, dripped from their elbows onto the ground, quickly evaporating.

These medical students formally entered university after their military training. Originally, anatomy was a course for the next half of the semester, but their professor did the opposite, letting them study the course this semester.

Today was only the second day they learned anatomy, but the professor assigned them a homework assignment to dissect toads as a group and record their reflex responses.

The students came into the laboratory and were in a state of chaos.

“F**, hold it down!” A boy said feverishly: “Don’t let it run away again.”

“I- I can’t do this, I feel sick at the sight of seeing it!!” The girl’s voice trembled.

The two of them worked together, but the girl didn’t dare to touch it. Yet, she accidentally bumped into the toad, and as a result, the green creature directly faced the boy, urinating on him.

The air was still, and then there was a burst of laughter. The boy on the test stand beside them laughed so that his shoulders were shaking and said: “Man, this is golden.”

The experiment failed several times. The students in other groups were even in a worse state; they hadn’t even had the chance to touch a toad. Some saw its appearance and went to the bathroom to vomit several times.

On the other side, several people gathered around a girl and watched her work. The slender girl wearing a white coat had her hair tied behind her, revealing a white neck. Her eyes are sharp and clean under the goggles.

She grabbed the toad without fear and pinned it down, holding a steel needle in her hand and piercing it into the back of the toad’s head. She was not afraid, directly pulling out pieces of the toad and then cutting off the spine with the other hand. The girl cut open the neck with scissors, clamping its tongue with tweezers to observe.

The whole process was done in one go, and the movements were so clean and smooth that there was small applause from the students observing her. A boy exclaimed: “Xu Sui, I thought you were the fearful and shy type. Who knew, when you dissected, you were so bold and courageous.”

The girl next to him asked in surprise: “Xu Sui, you’re so amazing, are you not afraid?”

Xu Sui’s dark eyelashes drooped, making a shallow arc, and smiling calmly: ” No.”

“Your operation just now was so beautiful, can you teach me?” The girl who spoke was Liang Shuang, Xu Sui’s classmate.

“Sure.” Xu Sui nodded.

Under her guidance, Liang Shuang mastered the essentials, finally overcoming the psychological obstacles, and was holding a big needle about to stick it to the toad’s brain.

Suddenly, the roof shook slightly, followed by a loud roar of airplanes. Liang Shuang was startled, causing her to stick the needle directly into the toad’s thigh, and blood started to flow out.

She failed again.

Liang Shuang became angry and began to complain: “I really don’t understand why the principal of this medical university would build it next to an aerospace university that is across the street. Those groups of pilots should go practice at the airport. They’re loud in the morning, and even during the night; it’s so annoying.”

A girl heard Liang Shuang’s complaint and said jokingly: “Hey, Liang Shuang, I remember when you first came here, didn’t you say you wanted to find a pilot to be your boyfriend? Why did you change so quickly?”

Xu Sui’s heart tightened when she heard the three words “pilot”. She then returned to the test bench to casually observe the data.

Liang Shuang replied: “That’s two different things. I haven’t even found one yet.”

Xu Sui went back to the experiment platform to continue her experiment. A girl in the same group as her, Bai Yuyue, didn’t contribute to the work at all except for handing tweezers, steel needles, and other tools.

She wasn’t even focused at all, looking at her mobile phone every once in a while. Suddenly, her phone made a “ding” sound, and Bai Yuyue clicked on it, revealing a sweet smile on her face.

She leaned over to observe the toad’s brain nerve response on the computer. Bai Yuyue called to her: “Xu Sui, I have something to do. You can help me with the rest and do it for me.”

It meant that she was going to have to do the work herself, but the final paper would have both their names.

She took a look at the paper, and since it was more than half finished, she nodded emotionlessly. She couldn’t care about such trivial things.

Bai Yuyue left happily. Since Xu Sui was doing the work alone, she completed the experiment a bit later than others. When she finished, she found that Liang Shuang was still waiting for her.

“You haven’t left yet?” Xu Sui took off her disposable gloves.

“Of course not. I’m waiting for you.” Liang Shuang replied.

After Xu Sui changed her clothes, Liang Shuang dragged her down the stairs, saying, “Hurry up, my potato ribs will be gone.”

In the cafeteria, the two of them finally found a table and sat down. A boy with glasses held a dinner plate and asked them if he could sit with them.

Xu Sui held a soft and harmless face but refused his request mercilessly.

Liang Shuang sat opposite of her and looked at her. Xu Sui’s face was white with a pink tint, apricot eyes, and two dimples when she laughed. Her hair was tied regularly, with some strands falling in front of her face.

The appearance of a southerner was attractive.

Liang Shuang sighed at the taste of the delicious ribs: “Hey, there’s so many chasing you. Did you know that our department forum is conducting a department beauty poll, and you’re on the list of candidates?”

Xu Sui didn’t react too much to it. She inserted a straw into the milk carton and said with a straight face: “I was really ordinary in high school.”

The kind of girl that would blend in with the crowd.

If Liang Shuang had seen the photos of her in high school, she would not have said such a thing. In high school, Xu Sui was sick all year round and drank traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. Her figure was swollen, and her face was too pale. She also wore a monotonous school uniform all year round. She was nonetheless an ordinary girl.

Fortunately, after getting better, she lost 20 pounds entering college. In addition, her white skin, small and delicate features started to take on an appearance, and everyone paid more attention to her.

It is indeed that colleges and high schools are also really different. There are diverse aesthetics and personalities here, where people of every kind receive attention.

“Hey, who wasn’t an ugly duck in high school; it was all for studying,” Liang Shuang said, putting a piece of meat in her bowl and asked, “But I saw that you rejected people several times, so which type do you like?”

Xu Sui bit the straw and didn’t move. A face appeared in her mind. She quickly pushed down her thoughts and shook her head: “I don’t know.”

“It’s okay, it’s still early,” Liang Shuang poked the dish with her chopsticks. After a while, she reacted and put back the spinach in the dish and said bitterly: “I can’t stand it. I feel so sick when I see green. It’s so disgusting.”

“I’ll help you eat it. “Xu Sui said with a smile and then put the spinach in her bowl.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Xu Sui stood on the roof of the school building to work on her papers. The evening breeze fluttered her papers like a white dove flapping its wings.

She plugged her earphones into her mobile phone and stood on the rooftop, doing her assignments while listening to music. It was a good place to relax, as few people would come here and the scenery was breathtaking.

When she’s tired, she would hold down the paper with her elbow and relax her eyes by looking into the distance. She would always look in one direction, the northeast corner of her school, at the sports ground of Jingbei University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Every day there would be students from the Flying Academy who are practicing there day after day. From the rooftop, you can only see their heads.

She couldn’t see anything clearly, and she didn’t know what she was expecting.

Xu Sui was in a daze, then the mobile phone she was holding vibrated. It was her mother calling. She picked up the call. Mother Xu asked her about her study and dorm life and then moved the topic to the weather.

“It’s going to get cold soon. Remember to buy an extra quilt.” Mother Xu nagged at her.

Xu Sui smiled and said briskly: “Mom, It’s still very hot here. And it’s not like I haven’t been in the north.”

Mother Xu sighed when she heard this. Xu Sui was born in the south, in a single-parent family, and grew up in a small town called Li Ying. Her mother is an ordinary middle school Chinese teacher. When Xu Sui was in high school, she was worried that the opportunities in the small place were not that good, so she planned to send Xu Sui somewhere else to study.

It happened that Xu Sui’s uncle was doing business in Beijing North City and proposed to let her come here to study. Mother Xu gritted her teeth and sent Xu Sui, reminding herself that it was all for her child to get a good education.

Xu Sui then transferred to Tianhua No. 1 Middle School in the first half-semester and spent two and a half years in the north.

When she applied for the college entrance examination, Mother Xu had discussed with Xu Sui to choose any university in the south. Who knew that Xu Sui ended up applying to the medical university in North Beijing.

Thinking of this, she complained softly: “You’re in college, so far away from me with no one to take care of you. When winter comes, your hands and feet get really cold. You even hate the cold. I don’t know why you attended this university.”

Xu Sui changed the subject, coaxed her mother with a few words, and finally hung up the phone.

She stood on the rooftop in a daze and couldn’t help asking herself, why did she come here?

She must’ve been crazy.

Xu Sui was jumbled in her thoughts when she suddenly heard voices from a corner not too far away.

Two people were standing on the wall around the corner. The girl was tall and good-looking. She was next to him with an ambiguous posture. The boy was leaning against the wall with his clothes loosely wrapped around him.

Xu Sui was separated from them by an iron frame, which was covered with mottled red rust. Across a small frame, the line of sight gradually narrowed, but the movements of the two were quite obvious.

The boy didn’t move much, but the girl pressed onto him tightly, moved her finger down subconsciously, and placed it on the bottom of the boy’s black trousers. The hint was obvious.

When she wanted to take a step closer, the boy stretched out his hand to easily clamp her knuckles and looked at her with a smile.

The girl took the opportunity to confess: “I really like you.”

The boy didn’t respond to this, lazily, with a low smile: “How much do you like me?”

After that, the boy wrapped his slender fingers around the red bow on her chest. His clean fingertips touched an inch of her skin. It was incomprehensible and full of control. The girl’s chest gradually fluctuated and panted.

Faint expectations surged from the bottom of her heart. She raised her eyes and met the boy’s teasing eyes, her face flushed, and she simply buried her entire face on his broad chest and said softly, “You are so annoying.”

The burning clouds in the evening were warm and bright, and Xu Sui felt a bit hot and stuffy, that she almost couldn’t stay longer.

The orange-red clouds on the horizon moved over, and the light became clear at this moment. The boy suddenly turned his head and looked over, and his eyes came in contact with Xu Sui.

The boy had short hair, shallow eyelid folds, and pupils that were pitch black and careless. The curve of his jawline is smooth, and the protruding Adam’s apple slowly rolls up and down.

His eyes rested on her without any emotion.

A violent evening breeze passed through, and Xu Sui’s throat was too dry to say a word. She fled but heard bits of the conversation between the girl and boy very clearly.

Xu Sui heard Bai Yuyue ask softly: “Why are you in a daze? Did you meet someone you know?”

The boy’s voice was metallic and cold; he replied with only one word: “No.”

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