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CF Chapter 2

There’s Nothing Between Us

Chapter 2: There’s Nothing Between Us

Xu Sui thought that the meeting last night was merely a sheer coincidence. She never expected to see Zhou Jingze again in the hospital the next day. She came out from the operating room, and before she could even push the hand sanitizer pump, a nurse rushed to her; in an anxious tone: “There’s a patient in the emergency department who has a lightbulb in her mouth. Doctor Song can’t take it out and told me to come to get you.”

“Okay, I’ll go over right away.” Xu Sui turned on the faucet and quickly washed her hands before heading to the emergency department.

She walked in, and at a glance, she saw Zhou Jingze. There were also several nurses and doctors all around the patient with a loss at what to do.

The patient was a girl, crying in tears and whimpering.

Zhou Jingze, who accompanied the girl, scoffed at her with a cold, familiar voice that rang Xu Sui’s ears: “The three and a half-year-old Xiao Ming downstairs also played this trick. You two should debut together.”

The girl stopped making sounds and angrily glanced at Zhou Jingze for exposing her.

The intimacy between the two of them was noticed by Xu Sui, who lowered her eyes to hide the emotions in her eyes.

Xu Sui walked over to the patient and took the protective gloves handed by the nurse. She examined the girl’s mouth and found the light bulb partially stuck in her mouth, just the right size.

Zhou Jingze also spotted her at this time. Instead, she deliberately ignored the sight of him and turned her head to ask an intern doctor behind her: “Did you use paraffin oil?”

“We tried, it’s no use,” the doctor replied.

Xu Sui lowered her head. Her hair tie was a little loose that a strand of hair was laying on her cheeks. She observed the light bulb in the patient’s mouth again and said, “Go get a surgical pouch.”

Five minutes later, as a group of people watched, Xu Sui gently asked the patient to relax while slowly bringing the surgical pouch towards the patient’s root canal. When the surgical bag covered the bulb, she said, “Bite down hard.”

The girl kept shaking her head with horror in her eyes– what if she bit on it and exploded. Xu Sui comforted her: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

She tried reassuring the patient for a while, but it was useless. The girl was too afraid that there were tears in her eyes, and she was very tense.

Xu Sui looked at the girl’s silver leaf earrings and purposely commented: “The earrings are pretty.”

The girl grinned, and her attention immediately shifted. She took out her phone and opened it. Muttering, but still able to piece together what she said: ”I’ll share with you the link where I bought it from.”

While the girl was concentrating on finding the link, Xu Sui took advantage of her distracted state and placed her hand on the girl’s chin. Gently, she pushed it upwards, making a “click” sound, and the glass shattered.

The girl stayed frozen for two seconds and reacted with a scream. Zhou Jingze patted her head and let out a slight chuckle: “It’s okay now. I’ll take you to eat ice cream later.”

The girl immediately became quiet.

He seldom coaxes people, whereas long as he says something nice, one will voluntarily listen.

The rest was handed over to the other doctor. Xu Sui took off the protective gloves and threw them into the trash can. She tucked her hands in the pockets of her white coat and left the emergency department.

The girl looked at Dr. Xu’s cold back and was shocked: “The doctor is unbelievable. I found the link for her, but she almost killed me.”

Xu Sui went back to her office and was busy for half an hour. When she went out after a while and passed by the front desk of the nurse department, a young nurse called her: “Hey, Doctor Xu, someone was looking for you just now! It’s the family member of the patient who had a light bulb in her mouth. He left you a thank-you gift.”

Xu Sui looked over. It was a row of lychee peach-flavored milk and a blue hair tie. She was startled and froze for a while. Several young nurses joined together and joked: “Doctor Xu, he’s very good-looking. The man smiled at Xiao Zhang and she felt love-struck.”

Zhou Jingze does have this ability, he doesn’t need to do anything; just with a lift of his finger, and sometimes even only with his looks, there would be countless women chasing after him.

Xu Sui nodded and was about to leave when a nurse called her, and said, “Doctor Xu, you haven’t taken your things yet.”

“You can share it amongst yourselves,” Xu Sui replied with a calm expression.

Xu Sui then turned and walked away. In the corner not too far away, she saw Zhou Jingze and the girl.

The girl was stylishly dressed, with bright looks, big red lips, and a curvy figure.

She raised her eyes and looked over. The girl, acting like a child, shook Zhou Jingze’s arm and whispered something to him. There was no expression on Zhou Jingze’s face, but his eyebrows were relaxed.

Xu Sui clenched her hands unconsciously, her fingertips turned white, where she felt a sense of pain. Isn’t he still the same? He likes the coquettish and daring, while the obedient and well-behaved are boring to him.

Good students are never his type.

Xu Sui could only walk over as they were in front of her. They saw Xu Sui that the girl called her, with a bright smile: “Doctor Xu, thank you just now.”

Xu Sui shook her head: “You’re welcome; this is part of my job.”

The girl stood beside Zhou Jingze. She glanced at the man and felt that after seeing Doctor Xu, there was a change in her cousin’s mood.

There must be something going on between them.

The girl turned to Xu Sui and asked: “Doctor Xu, have you met my cousin before? I feel like you guys have something going on.”

The question was too bold and direct that Xu Sui didn’t know how to answer it. She raised her eyes to Zhou Jingze, hoping that he would respond.

Zhou Jingze, seeing Xu Sui at a loss, looked straight at Xu Sui and gave a low smile, with a meaningful and teasing tone: “You tell me, what is our relationship?”

He ended up leaving it to her to decide.

Because of his lazy and teasing posture, Xu Sui understood that a man like him probably never understood what it was like to like someone.

Perhaps, he never even took her seriously to begin with.

Zhou Jingze originally wanted to make a joke, but he regretted what he said because he saw Xu Sui’s clear and bright eyes slowly becoming watery.

A panic-like emotion spread in his heart, expanding infinitely. Zhou Jingze cleared his throat, wanting to say something, but before he could clarify, Xu Sui original emotions fading completely, replied in a calm tone:

“I don’t know him. There’s nothing between us.”

Zhou Jingze saw the decisiveness and straightforwardness in her eyes, and his heart was entangled with a thin thread. It was an inexplicable emotion, and he finally reacted.

The person in front of him doesn’t like him anymore.

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  1. Avatar Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! My darling!! I lOVE it when gals like Xu Sui are decisive, I also like how Zhou Jingze feels that panic and pain!!! Ooof HAVENT been this excited in a while!!

    Thank you for the chapter!! :3

    1. Avatar liev says:

      Yes, same! I really like those types of FL. I think you’ll enjoy the latter half too!

      No problem and happy reading <3

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