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BATCFO Chapter 9

“In fact, originally I shouldn’t be saying these things” Zhuo Feiyue looked at Yun Xingze, with a little sympathy in his eyes. “But as a teacher, I still hope you can continue to learn mecha.”

Before, Zhuo Feiyue did not like Yun Xingze. He first thought the temperament change was temporary. But after learning about the situation with Chi Yu, Zhuo Feiyue felt a little sympathetic towards this kid.

Yun Xingze was very grateful for Zhuo Feiyue’s reminder. Zhuo Feiyue also told him if was not familiar with the audition competition to go back and play a simulation game “Mecha Star” specially developed for mecha enthusiasts.

“Although that game does not require mental or physical strength, the racing mode inside is similar to the audition competition, so you should practice more.” Zhuo Feiyue said.

It is basically impossible for Yun Xingze to greatly increase his physical strength within three days.

In contrast, being familiar with the competition rules of the audition and using the competition rules to win is what Yun Xingze should do at present.

After returning to the dormitory, he originally wanted to install Mecha Star. But after turning on the light brain, he found that he had already installed this game.

The original owner left behind a game pod, which looked quite expensive and very new.

After Yun Xingze entered the game cabin and opened Mecha Star, he saw the account registered by the original owner was named [Chi Yu’s Little Star].

Yun Xingze shook his hand and almost vomited his evening meal, subconsciously wanting to delete this account.

After thinking about it, it would not be good to just delete the original owner’s private account. He sighed, choosing to hide the account name, and re-registered a game account with the name: [I’m so weak].

Compared to those students who are more than A-level in mental and physical strength in the competition field, Yun Xingze really feels that he is very weak now, so he needs to be familiar with the game in the holographic game.

The interface design of Mecha Star is very simple. Although it is holographic, there is no fancy decoration. When one first enters, it is like a cockpit of a mecha. All modes of the game can be easily found.

Yun Xingze skipped the novice guide and entered the racing mode directly.

The audition competition of Xinghai Academy is very similar to the racing mode of the game. A group of players can select mechas and cross the same track with many obstacles.

After playing a few times, Yun Xingze gradually grasped the essence of this game.

First of all, teams have an advantage over solo. After all, large mechanical beasts and star beasts are still difficult to get around.

Secondly, finding the right route is often more advantageous than going straight ahead, because the road conditions on the track are as complicated as a maze.

Finally, try not to get into conflict with other mechas. This is not applicable in the game, because some players just like to harass others for fun.

Yun Xingze’s ID is particularly eye-catching among the group of mechas. Others all used domineering names, but he claimed to be weak so it was hard not to pay attention.

Yun Xingze encountered this situation several times. But he was not angry, because he would usually beat the other party to the ground if they harassed him.

[System: [I’m so weak] used the lightsaber mech to destroy the meteor mech of [I’m Da Meng A]. ]

[System: [I’m so weak] used the lightsaber mecha to destroy the storm armor of [Hammer Blast 嘤嘤怪]. ]


[System: [I am so weak] has a ten kill combo.]

[System: Congratulations [I’m so weak] for winning first place with a score of 18:53.24.]

Yun Xingze, who has mastered the skills, played several times in a row, and his results were stable in the top three in each game.

Of course, in addition to having the right skills, it is also related to the game’s lack of requirements for mental or physical strength.

In a real game, he may not be able to finish so smoothly.

In one of the games, Yun Xingze met many masters and it was a little strenuous during the game.

Not only was he attacked a lot, but his speed almost couldn’t keep up. In the end, he struggled to pass three obstacles in a row to keep the second place.

The first place is a player with a very simple ID: “L”. Their gameplay is very radical. From the beginning, everyone was left behind, as they went to face the intensive artillery fire and obstacles alone.

It can be seen that “L” is very familiar with the game.

Yun Xingze suddenly wanted to add him as a friend, so he sent a friend request. But the other party went offline without responding, which made him feel it was a pity.

He didn’t want to learn from “L”. He just wanted to PK with the other party. His gut instinct told him that “L” should be a particularly powerful mecha fighter.

The PK mode of Mecha Star is very popular, and various PK lists are updated every month.

Yun Xingze clicked in and took a look to see the player “L” appeared on the first place in the [Single PK Standings], using the lightsaber mecha just now.

His instincts are really right.




There is a mecha repair factory near Xinghai Military University. The price is relatively high, and generally only rich students and teachers will go.

Zhuo Feiyue opened the door to see the staff inside greet him enthusiastically: “Old Zhuo, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

“There have been many classes recently.” Zhuo Feiyue said with a smile. He took out a camouflage-painted mecha cube and handed it to the staff.

The staff asked: “Routine maintenance or modification?”

Zhuo Feiyue replied: “This mecha is rated incorrectly. I would like to ask you to re-rate it.”

The staff was stunned and a little confused. The mecha rating process is very strict and it is basically impossible to make mistakes. But he still suppressed his confusion and walked into the rating room with the mecha.

Zhuo Feiyue looked at the staff member’s back with thoughtful eyes. During this period of time, he often paid attention to Yun Xingze’s performance and found that he had changed a lot. But what worries him the most was Yun Xingze’s behavior in activating the Class B mecha.

People with C-level mental strength, unless they are genius-level figures, or soldiers who have been battle-tested, cannot activate B-level mechas.

But if he is a genius, how could he not improve his mental power and would be willing to stay at a C-level?

This must be a problem with the mecha.

The re-rating process took a long time. Zhuo Feiyue waited for a while, and suddenly someone walked in at the door.

The visitors wore the Xinghai Academy uniform. The clothes were obviously the same as those of other students, but they had a sense of luxury that could not be ignored.

Zhuo Feiyue was stunned for a few seconds. After reacting, he hurriedly said to the boy: “Xiao Luo, come to repair the mecha?”

“Yes.” The boy nodded, his voice is full of magnetism, and his tone was not rushed. “Hello, Professor Zhuo.”

Another maintenance worker glanced at the boy and said with a smile: “Luo Wenchuan, is it necessary for your mecha to be overhauled? The last time it came for an overhaul, it turned out that there was only a scratch on the left forearm.”

Zhuo Feiyue laughed at the words, and said jokingly: “That’s right, no one in Xinghai Academy can hurt Xiao Luo’s mecha.”

Luo Wenchuan handed the mecha cube to the maintenance personnel.

“A match is coming up.” The tone was calm and gentle, but with a slight estrangement.

The maintenance staff took the mecha cube and left, and Zhuo Feiyue asked: “Xiao Luo, the audition is about to start. Are you going to make a record?”

Luo Wenchuan just played on Mecha Star. Although he hasn’t played the racing mode in a long time, he still won first place without any pressure.

However, the second place was able to keep up, finishing only a few seconds later than him, which shows that his strength did regress.

“We’ll see.” Luo Wenchuan said lightly.

“By the way, no one can last five minutes in front of your mecha within our school.” Zhuo Feiyue teased: “You should also find it boring?”

Luo Wenchuan response was noncommittal. At this time, the maintenance personnel came over with a scanned image and handed it over, telling him that there is no problem with the mecha.

“The elbows have been modified.” Luo Wenchuan looked at the picture. “Did it affect other parts?”

The maintenance personnel carefully observed the mecha structure and said in surprise: “Nothing at all. The inspection just now went smoothly… The modification was very successful.”

The modification of the mecha is like modifying the human body; sometimes the whole body is affected by one engine. This is the real reason why Luo Wenchuan decided to overhaul the mecha before the game.

Hearing the words, Zhuo Feiyue leaned in curiously. After a while, he slowly widened his eyes: “Wow…Is this elbow really modified? There are no traces left. Which big factory modified it?”

“Private repair.” Luo Wenchuan said lightly, “In our school.”

“What?!” Zhuo Feiyue looked at the scanned image in shock. “Our school has such a powerful mecha master. Which professor is it??”

“A student.”

Zhuo Feiyue began to doubt life. “A student? With such a high ability?”

Luo Wenchuan fell silent.

He had always felt that it was just an elbow modification. In fact, he couldn’t see the level of the modification, but after driving the modified mecha a few days, he deeply felt that the modification was not that simple.

“What’s their name?” Zhuo Feiyue asked curiously.

“Don’t know.” Luo Wenchuan said.

“You don’t know?” Zhuo Feiyue asked in amazement, “Why don’t you get to know him. Maybe you can hire him as your exclusive mecha master.”

Luo Wenchuan did not answer the question, and looked at the mecha map thoughtfully.

At this moment, the re-rating of the mech Zhuo Feiyue brought in was completed. The grader handed it back to him, and said to him: “The rating is Grade B, there is no problem.”

Zhuo Feiyue was stunned.

If there is no error in the rating, then how did Yun Xingze do it?

Like Luo Wenchuan, he perplexedly looked at the mecha.




Three days later.

Xinghai Military University’s mech contest audition was scheduled.

The morning is the third and fourth grade competition, and the afternoon is the first and second grade competition. Each grade must be compared separately, each with 50 spots.

Due to the large number of participants, the audition is destined to be a melee.

The venue of the competition is the Rose Rain Forest of Imperial Capital. Unlike its gorgeous name, this forest is relatively sparsely dense, but it is dangerously surrounded by a small number of star beasts. It was transformed into a complex track by the organizers of the academy.

In the afternoon, the second grade students took a large aircraft to the nearby forest.

“Wow, this forest is larger than expected!”

“I feel it’s easy to  get lost!”

“Can mecha walk inside? It’s looks more complicated than a simulated track.”

According to the regulations, the second grade will take part in the competition before the first grade.

On the way to the waiting area, Yun Xingze met the person he didn’t want to meet the most-Chi Yu.

Although it was Yun Xingze’s proposal to divorce, Chi Yu only said “We broke up”. Most people around him also felt that Yun Xingze was dumped.

When the two met, Chi Yu sneered, half contemptuous and half proud: “Who asked you to come to me?”

Yun Xingze did not speak, looking at the forest landscape on the map, preparing for the game.

“Yun Xingze, I said it already, you don’t need to do this kind of thing.” Chi Yu looked at him with pity in his narrow eyes. “Even if you do, there’s no chance of me liking you. You should abandon the match quickly, lest you be embarrassed!”

Interally, Chi Yu was thinking, isn’t Yun Xingze signing up for the Mecha Contest just to come and see him in the competition? His careful thinking is too easy to see through.

Yun Xingze didn’t speak, but Lu Ranxu couldn’t help it: “Chi Yu, why does it matter to you if he participates in the competition?!”

“Oh, you are here too?” Chi Yu glanced at Lu Ranxu unexpectedly. “The two rookies join hands to create the worst record together?”

Lu Ranxu was so angry that he wanted to kick him, but was stopped by a beautiful and fair omega next to him.

“There’s no need to care about this kind of outspoken person, Chi Yu.” The pale-skinned omega said gently. “Everyone should compete well. Having conflicts before the game will be troublesome.”

Yun Xingze raised his eyes and his intuition told him his was the original host’s cause for grievance – Su Zinan.

After Su Zinan finished speaking, he whispered to Chi Yu again: “I’m sorry, I made Yun xuedi1Xuedi = male lower classman aka “kouhai misunderstand our relationship. Otherwise he wouldn’t do this…”

“What does it have to do with you.” Chi Yu busily comforted him, and then looked at Yun Xingze, “Some people are not capable and want to join in the fun, just to gain attention. It is him who should be ashamed.”

“Chi Yu, how can you say that about yourself?” Yun Xing Ze looked at him calmly. “Although you do love attracting attention, how can you be so shameful…”

At this point, he curled up his lips in everyone’s stunned eyes: “After all, your skin is thicker than a mecha.”

Chi Yu was so angry at his words, his eyes almost burst into flames: “Yun Xingze, what’s kind of attitude is this?!”

“Yun xuedi, I know you are in a bad mood.” Su Zinan stopped Chi Yu, and said to Yun Xingze, “This is all my fault. Don’t blame Chi Yu. Compete well in a bit – I believe you definitely can.”

Su Zinan’s expression was innocence filled with grievance.

“Of course I can.” Yun Xingze’s black eyes took a cold look at him, “Do I need you to speak?”

Su Zinan was obviously stunned.

The distant announcement sounded:

[All second year players who have not yet been inspected, please participate in the inspection as soon as possible…]

Chi Yu sneered at Yun Xingze: “Continue to talk big. With your abilities, just wait to be eliminated from the audition and then drop out of school and go home.” After speaking, he left with Su Zinan.

“Listen to your fart!” Lu Ranxu yelled at Chi Yu, “Why are you so arrogant? With those two people the command department, can you still get third this year? Worry about yourself, smelly shrimp!”

Chi Yu’s back was obviously stiff, but he still resisted the urge to turn around.

At this moment, Su Zinan suddenly turned her head and took a deep look at Yun Xingze.

His eyes are filled with a victor’s superiority and contempt, as well as sympathy and pity for the weak.

He was standing in the position of the strongest omega in the school, standing over and looking down at Yun Xingze.

Su Zinan said three words to Yun Xingze with his mouth:

“Just give up.”

After speaking, he curled his lips and followed Chi Yu into the inspection office like an okay person.

Yun Xingze was a little surprised-this guy still had two faces?


Another full chapter. This time at 2.6k

The 2nd villain appears! HIs role is much less than Chi Yu, though, and concludes halfway through.


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    Xuedi = male lower classman aka “kouhai
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