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BATCFO Chapter 10

The second grade competition is about to begin.

The first-year students were nervous and excited. Everyone in the waiting area can watch the real-time broadcast of the game through a huge light screen.

Everyone looked up and watched the second-year seniors appear at the starting line, and their eyes turning expectant.

“I heard that there are many strong second year players. There’s Chi Yu in the Mecha department, and Luo Wenchuan and Ke Lei in the Command department.”

“Luo Wenchuan broke the record in his first year. I bet he can break it again this time!”

“Too strong. When can I be like them?”

Yun Xingze stood in the crowd, staring at the screen intently, but his attention was not on the players, but on analyzing the forest map.

In the past few days, he has played hundreds of racing games on Mecha Star, to study how to save energy and win. He finally came up with a tactic requiring teamwork.

The teammates he chose were Oriel and Lu Ranxu.

This tactic does not require his teammates to be strong, but the commander must have a clear view of the overall situation.

[Xinghai Military University Mecha Contest Second-Year Group Competition: Start!]

With the order, more than two hundred mechas on the edge of the vast forest activated and rushed into the forest at the same time. On the forest map at the top left of the screen, dense light spots represented each mecha, and the center of the big screen immediately switched to the top ten players.

If someone’s mech is damaged and unable to compete, an announcement will appear at the top of the screen.

The entire game process is indeed very similar to the racing mode of Mecha Star.

Yun Xingze called Oriel and Lu Ranxu to the side and said to them: “You should remember the approximate shape of the map first. In a bit, do as I say. Each person is responsible for an area…”

Oriel originally did not like Yun Xingze, who is such a delicate omega. But after Yun Xingze rescued him in the simulation training last time, he had to admit that Yun Xingze did have the strength.

Moreover, there are only these people in Class E. There are still quite a few people who want to team up with Yun Xingze.

After listening to Yun Xingze’s plan, Oriel’s eyes widened: “Yun Xingze, the method you said is indeed feasible, but is it too late to adopt this method in the game?”

“I will be responsible for the overall planning.” Yun Xingze’s tone was calm and firm. “As long as you believe in me, we can succeed.”

Lu Ranxu looked at Yun Xingze’s black eyes and nodded neatly: “I’ll listen to you.” He was unsure of Yun Xingze’s strategy, and simply wanted to support his friend.

“There are quite a lot of masters in the other classes…” Oriel touched his chin and groaned after a while, “Let’s try your method then.”

The three continued to watch the game. Before long, the crowd suddenly burst into a surprised voice.

“Wow! The first place is almost at the end!”

“So fast, it’s only been seventeen minutes!”

“Whose mecha?”

“It must be Luo Wenchuan’s. He was in the lead before.”

The live broadcast of the screen switched to Luo Wenchuan’s mecha at the right time, and he was encountering a small star beast. In the next second, the lightsaber drew an arc in the air, beheading the star beast at a speed invisible to the eye.

Afterwards, the mecha continued to accelerate and easily crossed the rugged and dense woods ahead.

The whole process lasted less than five seconds.

Everyone stared dumbly.

The crowd was still discussing Luo Wenchuan’s terrible hand speed when they reacted. But Oriel felt… as if that day when Yun Xingze helped him split the mechanical beast, the speed was not much slower than Luo Wenchuan?


Can Yun Xingze really compare with Luo Wenchuan? !

Oriel was startled by his own thoughts.

Luo Wenchuan is the strongest alpha in the school, and Yun Xingze is an omega with C-level mental power!

Oriel felt that it must be his own illusion.

Yun Xingze’s lips curled up. He could see that this was the effect after he helped Luo Wenchuan refit the mecha. According to the original structure of that mecha, even if Luo Wenchuan’s reaction speed was sufficient, it would be affected by the elbow, and the speed and angle of the sword could not be as perfect as it is now.

Not long after Luo Wenchuan killed the star beast, relying on his keen insight and skillful driving, he rushed through the last area and reached the end in a short time.

[The first place in this competition has arrived. Entry number 029. Score 17 minutes 49 seconds 06.]

When the mechanical female voice sounded, the audience was shocked.

Luo Wenchuan crushed the record again!

Even advancing the record by a full 20 seconds!

Moreover, last year’s record holder was himself.

“Is this the strength of the strongest alpha?”

“Is he really from the Command department? Can anyone in the Mecha department compare to him?”

“Too strong. Looking at his route, it’s almost as straight as a straight line. No matter what obstacles he encountered, he can easily break it.”

Yun Xingze had to admit that he really envied Luo Wenchuan’s physical and mental strength.

Anyone facing all kinds of obstacles and artillery fire continuously will be exhausted, so most people will try to avoid obstacles.

But Luo Wenchuan faced the difficulties head-on.

The spherical robot in charge of the live broadcast flew in front of Luo Wenchuan’s mecha, preparing to welcome the winner with a close-up.

The whole audience was quiet.

“I heard that Luo Wenchuan is very handsome…” Lu Ranxu whispered in Yun Xingze’s ear, “I don’t know if it’s true.”

Oriel said contemptuously from the side: “Two eyes, a nose, how can it be beautiful?”

Yun Xingze remembered the flax-haired alpha he had seen when he was repairing the mecha before. He seemed pretty at best, and couldn’t be described as “extremely handsome”.

“Don’t have too much hope.” Yun Xingze said to Lu Ranxu, “He looks average.”

Under the gaze of everyone, the tall figure emerged from the cockpit, flexibly borrowing the structure on the back, and easily went down from the ten-meter-high mecha.

The spherical robot slowly approached Luo Wenchuan.

The teenager was wearing a sassy well-fitted training suit, with long legs and a belt tied around his waist. His waist looked thin, and his shoulders were broad. He looked up…

Yun Xingze’s eyes widened in an instant.

When that clean and handsome face appeared on the screen, everyone’s attention was immediately attracted by Luo Wenchuan’s appearance.

Lu Ranxu was stunned for a few seconds, then turned his head stiffly, and asked Yun Xingze: “This is called… normal?”

Yun Xingze’s expression was dull, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Was this not the person who rescued him outside the black market that night?!

He was… Luo Wenchuan???

His brain seemed to freeze for a while, and he suspected that he was dreaming.

Staring at Luo Wenchuan’s face for a long time, Yun Xingze recovered from his daze. If this person is Luo Wenchuan, then who the person whom he met to repair the mecha before was someone else?

At this moment, the second place also crossed the finish line and entered the waiting area.

When the mecha stopped completely, a familiar person came out from inside—the alpha with the flaxen hair.

The surrounding discussion let him understand that this person was called Ke Lei, and Luo Wenchuan’s classmate.

It turned out to be like this…

Soon, the third place also crossed the line. It was also someone familiar to Yun Xingze.

“Although that guy Chi Yu is really annoying, he does have strength.” Lu Ranxu frowned and looked at the proud face on the screen, “Tsk, Xingze, you must hit him in the face in the audition.”

After the top three crossed, a large number of second-graders gradually arrived.

Su Zinan was ranked tenth. When he came out of the cockpit, there were a lot of cheers and whistles. They all praised Su Zinan as the strongest omega in the school, applauding him for being much more powerful than other delicate omegas and for looking very good.

After all the top 50 passed, the second-year competition was over.

The people who were watching the game happily suddenly turned serious.

The school sent a large number of robots to clean up and rearrange the track. The obstacles were completely different from those encountered in the second grade, but they were of the same difficulty.

The whole process was very fast. After the track was set up, the first-year students began to check in.

There is a rest area at the end, and a large screen for broadcasting was also set up.

After the competition, the second-year students can take a break while watching their younger brothers and sisters suffer. It can be regarded as one of their greatest pleasures after the competition.

Luo Wenchuan became the main player of the school team last year. This year the school gave him a task to observe the freshmen who performed well in the audition.

Therefore, he did not leave, and sat down with everyone to look at the big screen, waiting for the start of the game.

Su Zinan sat next to Chi Yu. Seeing Chi Yu also looking at the screen, he asked in a low voice: “Brother Yu, do you want to watch Xingze’s game?”

Chi Yu nodded dully.

In fact, Chi Yu didn’t want Yun Xingze to be kicked out of school.

Chi Yu just wanted to teach Yun Xingze a little lesson and make him cry and bet him. He didn’t expect that he could endure it for so long.

During this period of time, although Chi Yu was happy to get rid of the annoying spirit, there are also many things that he was not used to.

For example, Yun Xingze would come to him with dessert every time after Chi Yu’s game was over.

For example, every weekend, Yun Xingze would come to help him clean the dormitory.

For example, every time Chi Yu wanted to eat something, as long as he told Yun Xingze, he would bring it to himself.

Although these are trivial things in his eyes, Chi Yu still hoped he can stay.

He is willing to give Yun Xingze a chance to reform, as long as he stops being jealous and fooling around because of Su Zinan.

Su Zinan saw a trace of worry from the bottom of Chi Yu’s eyes. He probably guessed the other party’s thoughts, and said softly: “Brother Yu, don’t worry about Xingze xuedi, he will definitely try his best.”

“What’s the use of doing your best.” Chi Yu frowned somewhat irritably, “His mental and physical strength will not last long before he will be beaten to the ground.”

“Why? Us omegas are not that vulnerable.” Su Zinan said empathetically.

Chi Yu sighed and said: “How can he compare to you.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Su Zinan eyes and lips curved upwards in a smile. “Although Xingze will be eliminated, I took the tenth place. Aren’t you happy for me?”

Hearing this, Chi Yu  felt a little better and his lips also turned upwards: “Congratulations.”

Luo Wenchuan heard the conversation between the two next to him, frowned invisibly, and got up to change spots.

Ke Lei hurriedly followed: “Why did you suddenly change seats?”

“Noisy.” Luo Wenchuan said concisely.

At this time, the inspections of the first grade are all over. The players gathered at the starting line of the forest, and different types of mechas were released from their cubes.

The camera quickly passed over the mechas.

Luo Wenchuan’s gaze suddenly stopped, and he subconsciously sat up straight.

Although the time was very short, he confirmed that he saw a familiar mecha: the C-class lightsaber mecha that he sold to boss Chu which was then was bought.

That guy who can’t even fight outside the black market… actually participated?


Or not… The author’s chapter lengths… 😅

Oriel isn’t a bad character. A little prideful, but he’s not dumb or stupid like someone…


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  1. Avatar A1B2C3 says:

    More build up before YXZ explosive win – I can feel it! The appearance of CY and SZN… urghh. CY ‘missing’ YXZ is just missing someone to clean up and cook for him.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah… CY 🤮

  2. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

    YEAH, YEAH!!!! Who the hell CY think he is anyway?!?!
    He is basically just using ori YXZ’s love n attention as mere maid for his need n while treating bitch SZ as his main wife

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    I finally figured out who Chi Yu reminds me of- Sho Fuwa from Skip Beat! Both have history with their obsessive and very caring potential love interest but are complete assholes and only want them around as servants. Both formerly devoted potential LIs then change their attitude and become rivals. It fits! So this must make LWC Ren?

    Really looking forward to a great face slap. Show them what you’re capable of Kyoko, er, YXZ!

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    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      I don’t know much about Skip Beat, so I can’t say anything about that. But YXZ will surprise everyone (soon)!

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        It’s my favorite manga series of all time, shojo in genre, and also the longest series I own. Recommended for anyone who likes a so far similar plot. I’m excited to see how this one develops though!

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