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BATCFO Chapter 5.1

Ke Lei wanted to reply to Luo Wenchuan’s messages, but his fingers trembled. It took him a long time to enter a sentence: “Is it really that bad?”

This time Luo Wenchuan responded almost in seconds, with only two words:

“Not bad.”

These two words stunned Ke Lei. It took ten seconds for him to react.

Luo Wenchuan has always been very picky about mechas. Mechas are to Luo Wenchuan as one’s beloved katana is to a samurai. He’s always in the pursuit of keeping his mechas in the best condition.

This is why he had to hand over the mecha to Ke Lei for overhaul whenever he leaves the school.

Ke Lei breathed a sigh of relief and replied: “Then, let’s wait for you to try it after you go back to school.”

After a while, Luo Wenchuan replied with the word “en” and added the sentence “thank you” at the end, politely showing estrangement.

Ke Lei has never been able to guess what his roommate thinks, but it seems that Luo Wenchuan is satisfied with the modification of the mecha?

It seems that the omega does have some skills.

[Ke Lei]: “By the way, when will you return to school?”

[Luo Wenchuan]: “This week.”

[Ke Lei]: “Did this mission go smoothly?”

[Luo Wenchuan]: “Not bad.”

[Ke Lei]: “Should be able to get a lot of bounty?”

[Luo Wenchuan]: “A lot.”

Ke Lei sighed in his heart. As expected, children of the poor matured quickly.

He and Luo Wenchuan are both second-year students in Xinghai Academy’s command department, and have been roommates for a year.

No one knows the origin of Luo Wenchuan, but it was said that he came from a remote barren star. When he first arrived at school, he was ridiculed by many people. But with a terrifying SS-level mental power and SS-level physical power, he quickly became legendary within the entire school, and then he soared in the National Mecha Contest.

Children from the barren stars are relatively poor, but Luo Wenchuan can afford the most expensive mecha in the school. This is not only due to the scholarship he obtained with almost perfect scores, but also related to his frequent completion of bounty assignments outside the school.

Bounty missions are a popular way to earn money in the empire. People who accept the tasks are strictly reviewed. Those who can accept the tasks are mecha masters, and Luo Wenchuan, who relies on bounties for food, is a master of the masters.

However, Ke Lei always felt that Luo Wenchuan was…not like a child raised by a poor parent.

The cultivation and demeanor his body often reveals was not something obtainable with money.

And the swordsmanship he used when he drove the lightsaber mecha was not something that an ordinary teacher could teach.

Coupled with his beautiful three-dimensional features, tasteful handwriting, occasional artistic talent, clean and fashionable dressing style… these characteristics drove countless betas and omegas crazy.

Ke Lei often felt that compared with Luo Wenchuan, he was simply a rice bucket.

Luo Wenchuan hadn’t returned to school yet, so Yun Xingze couldn’t get the money before he tried the repaired mecha.

Seeing that there was no movement—plus his account was missing a thousand yuan, Yun Xingze sighed and continued to look for repair orders on the website.

But it’s a pity that no one except Luo Wenchuan paid such a high price for repairs. Basically, repair costs were less than five hundred star coins.

Forced by life, Yun Xingze had no choice. No matter how little money was offered, he could only continue to take orders.

Few omegas would be a maintenance worker, which is why Ke Lei questioned Yun Xingze. In the next two days, Yun Xingze encountered people who treated him as a liar several times. Most of these people were arrogant alphas. Betas were relatively easier, but some still showed contempt in their words.

Fortunately, Yun Xingze’s skills are first-rate, and his repair speed is very fast. Everyone who questioned him would finally show a surprised look and be convinced by the impeccable repair results.

Yun Xingze’s practice of leaving early and returning late attracted Lu Ranxu’s attention.

After Lu Ranxu learned about the situation, he asked in surprise, “You can still repair mechas?”

Yun Xingze said that he had learned a little from his father’s company.

“Speaking of this, I heard that someone took Luo Wenchuan’s maintenance order two days ago.” Lu Ranxu suddenly came up and said. “I don’t know who is so bold and dared to take Luo Wenchuan’s order.”

Yun Xingze was a little puzzled. “What’s wrong with Luo Wenchuan?”

“Don’t you know? The man is an iceberg demon and has high requirements for mechas.” Lu Ranxu explained. “There should be no one in our school who can modify his machines. Even if it was repaired, he would definitely not be satisfied. ”

Iceberg devil? Is it that scary?

Yun Xingze thought of the brown-haired alpha, a little confused for a while.

He has done his best to help refit the mecha. Will Luo Wenchuan not give him the money?

Yun Xingze glanced at his account, and the 40,000 still hadn’t arrived. Disappointment flashed through his eyes-is Luo Wenchuan really dissatisfied with his mecha modification?

But why is this? What he has gained on the Xinghai Mecha Mutual Help Network are all good reviews, and even today there are people who approach him to repair their mechas.

Because he was worried that Luo Wenchuan would not pay, Yun Xingze accepted more repair orders.

In addition, he also exercised every day and went to the mental training room to practice.

When Yun Xingze’s brain was connected to the tempering instrument for the first time to temper his mental strength, it was as if a heavy stone was pressing on his nerves. The painful headache almost made him almost faint.

In desperation, he could only adjust the tempering intensity to the lowest level and slowly adapt to the tempering process.

Due to the backwardness of nerve connection technology, the process of mental power tempering was also much more painful than in Yun Xingze’s original world.

On this day, Yun Xingze went to the mental power tempering room again.

He first turned on the evaluation instrument, and wanted to see if his mental power had improved.

However, in the past five or six days, the letter on the instrument stilled showed big “C”.

Of course, there are also high and low grades within C-level mental power. Within In the C-level, Yun Xingze’s progress bar has reached 95.7%, which is a big improvement compared to the original 88.1%.

It will take a while to break through to level B.

Yun Xingze turned on the tempering equipment, and not long after putting on the helmet, his head hurt badly. The bottle of mineral water he brought was almost deformed in his hand.

Yun Xingze clenched his teeth and persisted. Within ten minutes, beats of sweat covered his back.

Every second, his neurons seemed to be eaten by ants, and he couldn’t even tell whether the water drops on his face were sweat or tears.

In the tempering room, there are many students like Yun Xingze, most of whom are betas.

Alpha’s have inherently superior mental power, while the number of omegas in school is very small. Betas are caught in the middle, and could only try to catch up with their alpha classmates little by little in this way.

Every day, there are betas fainting in the tempering room.

Yun Xingze’s sweating and tears are considered good in comparison. He has also seen a beta losing a pool of blood through a nosebleed, and then losing consciousness and fainting. It frightened him.

Half an hour later, Yun Xingze reached his limit and disconnected the machine, gasping for breath.

Because his fingers were clenched for too long, his palm was numb and his knuckles could not be straightened at all.

The beta girl next to Yun Xingze looked at him in admiration. “You are so amazing, you can hold on for so long!”

Yun Xingze collapsed on the ground, panting. “It’s still not enough…”

“You are… an omega right?” The girl asked carefully. “Is the improvement of mental power so important to you? I don’t mean anything else, I just think it’s too painful.”

She was telling the truth.

Omega’s physique is weak, which directly has consequences – they are naturally sensitive, including to pain. Their pain sensitivity may even be two or three times that of alphas.

Refining mental power is a hellish trial for omegas.

Yun Xingze often thought if the original owner put in regular practice, he should be a B-level now.

But on second thought, he himself had to clench his teeth to persist in training; there was no way to criticize the original owner.

Yun Xingze rested for a while, sat up, drank half a bottle of water, and calmed down: “It’s important. I want to drive mecha.”

The girl was stunned, suspecting that her ears were wrong.

After Yun Xingze finished speaking, he stood up and walked towards the simulated pulse device in the corner of the tempering room.

Compared with the evaluation instrument, the simulated pulse machine is specially designed for the students of the mecha department. It can directly evaluate whether a person can drive mecha. As long as one connected to it, it can use micro-electric pulses to test one’s neurons.

If one can bear the load, it will be no problem to drive a mecha.

Sitting in front of the simulated pulse device, Yun Xingze connected the band, took a deep breath, and turned on the B-level button. He wanted to try to see how far he was from bearing the B-level load.

At the moment when the pulse was connected, Yun Xingze closed his eyes, and the pain came again.

He stayed calm and used his experience of invoking mental power in his previous life to the extreme, using almost all of his mental power.

In addition, in order to reduce the load, Yun Xingze tried his best to distribute his mental power evenly on the bonds, and each bond was maintained at a certain precise value.

This is very difficult for alphas to do, but Yun Xingze did it.

For about half a minute, the pulse device failed to operate successfully.

Sweating again, Yun Xingze felt was not far from bearing the B-level pulse load. Just when he was about to disconnect the link, a crisp electronic audio sounded:

[The B-level pulse device was activated successfully.]

Yun Xingze’s was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes flashed incredulously. He suppressed the excitement and joy in his heart, hurriedly broke the link, and ran to the tester to re-evaluate his mental power.

But the evaluation still showed C-level.

Yun Xingze fell into an extremely confused state. His mental power was C-level, so how did the device show the B-level pulse being activated?


Love the setting of not being constrained by biology, and can improve with hard work, is one of the first I’ve read. Alphas are advantaged, but other groups can fight back too!

Thank you CattyCooper for the ko-fi! Will work on and try to post shortly. 🙂

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  1. Avatar A1B2C3 says:

    Wonder why MC didn’t get a B level rating- a glitch in the system? Hope he gets his 40k soon 🙁

    1. Avatar A1B2C3 says:

      Thanks for your hard work!

    2. komorebi komorebi says:

      There’s no glitch in the system. His mental power at C-level, very close to B-level. And there’s an explanation coming. Hang tight!

  2. Avatar Panda Eyes says:

    As usual, when it comes to mecha stories i have no idea which is which

    Thank you for the TL

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Haha no worries. There are more technical jargon about specific weapons or mecha parts I recommend skimming over if it’s confusing. They don’t affect the overall plot, only visualization of how mechas look or work.

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I’d imagine the testing system is probably not set up to account for how efficient YXZ is at using what power he has. Its one of those things where the average person may have that amount of power and only be C level, but that’s also due to not being able to be 100% efficient at distributing the mental burden.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Heheh. My lips are sealed. 😉

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