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BATCFO Chapter 4.2

At this moment, Ke Lei’s optical brain received a message.

[Luo Wenchuan]: “?”

[Ke Lei]: “It’s okay, you are busy.”

Yun Xingze took out the scanner from the toolbox. Placing the mecha cube on top, and after scanning for a few seconds, the mecha’s holographic image appeared on his optical brain screen.

Ke Lei looked at Yun Xingze’s skillful movements, his expression gradually becoming serious.

Yun Xingze stared at the light screen, analyzing the various data points of the mecha. The routine inspection was quickly completed. After he filled out the report, he passed it to Ke Lei and said to him: “The problem is not big. There are a few basic parts need to be updated. I’ll replace it for you in a while.”

Ke Lei looked at the maintenance report and had to admit that the omega really understood mechas.

Later, Yun Xingze released the mecha in a sitting posture, and took out an electric ladder from the toolbox. The mecha is a medium-sized mecha, with a full standing height of about ten meters, and a height of five or six meters when sitting on the ground. It is not difficult to repair.

Yun Xingze stepped on the elevator, holding the repair gun, and skillfully removed the basic parts that needed to be replaced, and then replaced them with new ones.

The whole process only took about ten minutes.

During the repair process, Yun Xingze confirmed that the mecha was indeed the projection on the training hall. But many modifications were made, so the details are different while the general proportions remained.

When Yun Xingze first saw the projection, he felt that the elbow link of the mecha was flawed. The driver should also be aware of this problem and modified it once, but the modification was not satisfactory, so he looked for someone to help on the mutual help network.

Yun Xingze began the next step. He measured the data on his elbow while coming up with a plan in his mind.

Because he didn’t buy a lot of materials, it was impossible to make a new elbow joint. He could only make some modifications on the original part, which required him to be very careful.

The elbow of the mecha is very similar to the elbow bones of humans. It has a typical composite structure composed of multiple bionic mechanical exoskeletons to form a bearing, and elastic ties provide toughness. To modify the elbow structure, he must separate the front and rear mechanical parts, analyze and then modify the mechanical skeleton wrapped inside it to improve its firmness and flexibility.

Such a modification is simple and straightforward, because it does not require too many new materials. However, it can also be considered complicated because each component is closely related and affects entire skeleton, so inexperienced maintenance students did not dare accept this order..

But this is not a problem for Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze first opened the link points between the arms, performed a subtle inspection of the exposed elbow joint points, and found out the bone modules that could be improved. Then he temporarily dismantled the elastic ties, and prepared to work on the mechanical brachioradial joint. His goal is to reduce the arc to increase the bidirectional flexibility of the arm.

Holding the repair knife, he tapped the stress point of the part.

“Wait!” Clumsy eyes stared wide-eyed. “Are you start directly? Don’t you have to draw sketches? You don’t even need to make preparations?”

Yun Xingze was stunned for a moment: “I don’t have this practice.” He has drawn countless pictures and instructed others to modify countless mechas. Relying on his eyes and brain, he can easily do countless precise modifications.

“This mecha is very expensive!” Ke Lei raised his head to look at the person on the elevator and shouted, “Don’t mess around!”

Yun Xingze had no choice but to mark the mechanical brachioradial joint symbolically.

Just when Ke Lei was worried, Yun Xingze directly began to make drastic changes, using the repairing tool to cut off a large piece of metal.



He’s finished!!

When Luo Wenchuan comes back, won’t he cut him with a light knife?!!

Yun Xingze’s ears were stabbed by the cry. He glanced at alpha on the ground with some helplessness, wondering why did this Luo Wenchuan make such a fuss? How did he become the winner of the Mecha Contest with such a mentality?

Was it relying on his loud voice?

Ke Lei tremblingly asked: “You, what do you want to do…”

Yun Xingze didn’t bother to explain to him. He continued his movements and made corresponding changes to the remaining elbow pulley joints to increase the bearing strength of the elbow. Finally, he adjusted the connection point of the elastic tie to increase the strength of its arms. His actions were so quick that Ke Lei could not see it clearly.

Each of his changes appeared bold, but in fact was carefully made.

Finally, Yun Xingze reinstalled the link parts of the arms back. With the help of tools and mechanical external force, he made the mecha raise its a forearm to draw a few small arcs.

Ke Lei’s expression changed from grief to surprise.

The lines of the modified elbow joints fluently connect with the mecha arm. When it raised its hand, the smooth movement was almost comparable to that of a human arm, and looks pretty good at first glance.

Yun Xingze began to change the elbow on the other side. This time, Ke Lei did not stop him, but watched his movements curiously.

After finishing the modification, Yun Xingze got down from the elevator, put away his tools, and said to Ke Lei: “After the modification is complete, you can take it back and try it. If you are not satisfied, please find me again.”

“You’re finished?” Ke Lei Lei looked at Yun Xingze in disbelief, “You are so fast!”

Ke Lei ran under the mecha and looked up at the elbow joint. He couldn’t see what changes Yun Xingze had made. It just feels like the front and rear mechanical arms are linked more naturally, and there is no sign of breaking.

Yun Xingze looked at the mecha. The design and materials used on the mecha were excellent, and it was indeed very valuable.

He couldn’t help covet wanting to go up and drive it for a while, so he asked: “Classmate Luo1同学 or fellow classmate is a common way to polite one’s peers in school, can I drive your mech?”

Ke Lei just recovered from the shock and did not notice that he called him “Classmate Luo”, immediately refused: “No! Absolutely not!”

Letting an omega drive Luo Wenchuan’s mecha – this is much more serious than a failed modification!

After he finished speaking, he noticed that the omega boy showed a disappointed look, and could not bear it. Calming down, he explained: “That, the difficulty of the operation of this mecha is SS-level…you may not be able to drive.”

“I see. “Yun Xingze nodded. He was really impulsive just now, forgetting to consider that the world’s neural connection technology was very backward. His C-level mental power cannot drive high-level mechas.

Ke Lei put the mecha back into the black cube and scratched his head: “Don’t be discouraged. By the way, what level is your mental power now?”

“C-level,” Yun Xingze replied.

“It doesn’t matter, you can temper your mental power more often.” Ke Lei said seriously, “It is easy to upgrade from C-level to B-level, and more difficult to improve later on. Our school has a special mental power training classroom. If you want to use advanced mechas, you can train more.”

Yun Xingze nodded and agreed. He admitted that it is indeed a very important thing to improve his mental power.

After all, even if he saves money to buy that C-class second-hand mecha, it is only a temporary measure. It cannot satisfy him. In the future, he must use a mecha above S-class like Luo Wenchuan.

Of course, perhaps in the future, nerve connection technology can be improved so that they are no longer limited by mental power. But improving this technology requires a lot of money for research experiments. He currently has no way to do it, and can only improve himself first.

Therefore, in addition to making money, Yun Xingze suddenly had an additional task of tempering his mental power.

Ke Lei said he would contact Yun Xingze again after he tried the mecha.

Before leaving, Yun Xingze took a look at Ke Lei, and suddenly remembered the words “Luo Wenchuan is so handsome, it would be great if he was made into a projection sculpture”. He was a little confused in his heart.

This appearance is okay, but was it handsome enough to be made into a projection?

After the went their separate ways, Ke Lei took the mecha cube back to the dormitory. He sorted out the modification data sent to him by Yun Xingze, and prepared to send it to Luo Wenchuan together with the virtual image.

Before clicking send, Ke Lei was very nervous.

He has the illusion of handing in homework to a teacher.

He even began to regret his actions.

The reason why the order was unfilled was because everyone recognized it was Luo Wenchuan’s mecha.

And with Luo Wenchuan’s temperament and terrifying strength, who would dare to easily modify his mecha? Who could guarantee they can modify it better than the original? What would they do if it broke?

The more Ke Lei thought about it, the more worried he became. He felt that he was blinded today. Why did he believe that omega’s words??

Before sending the report, Ke Lei first confessed his guilt sincerely: “Dachuan2Dachuan is a nickname for Luo Wenchuan. The “da” means big or large, and can refer to status, size, and other related thing. And then “chuan” is the last character in his name., today the maintenance worker may be a little unreliable, but his eyes seemed clean, so I believed him…”

Then he dared send the documents out.

Five minutes later, Luo Wenchuan received the document, but did not reply after a long time.

Just when Ke Lei was still worrying, a message popped out.

[Luo Wenchuan]: “Who made the modification?”

Ke Lei’s eyes were black. From the question, his brain made up Luo Wenchuan’s anger.

It’s over.

It’s really bad.

Luo Wenchuan was looking for the omega to settle accounts.


Lots of technical terms in this chapter… I can’t promise accuracy on them.

The ML appears~
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  • 1
    同学 or fellow classmate is a common way to polite one’s peers in school
  • 2
    Dachuan is a nickname for Luo Wenchuan. The “da” means big or large, and can refer to status, size, and other related thing. And then “chuan” is the last character in his name.
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