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BATCFO Chapter 47

“L” is the most mysterious boss in the Mecha Star game. No one is comparable.

Almost all the people on the server look up to this player who doesn’t talk much. Since last year, “L”‘s progress is like a rocket, killing the unstoppable bigwigs on the original leaderboard overnight and rising to #1.

There are many players who want to challenge “L”, but “L” rarely accepts. Even so, the terrible number of points he has accumulated is enough to support him not to fall off the first place for 2-3 years.

There is a setting in the Mecha Star game system. If a PK occurs between members of the top 10, everyone on the entire server will receive a notification.

[System: Player “I’m so weak” sends a PK request to player “L”.] Almost all the online players were stunned for a few seconds. They didn’t expect this new top 10 ranked player to be so daring to challenge “L”.

Immediately, many people laughed at “I’m so weak” on the public channel for being too weak. They were certain that “L” would ignore him.

But the ending was beyond everyone’s expectations.

[System: Player “L” accepted to the PK request of player “I’m so weak”.] This time, all other players were dumbfounded. No one could have imagined that the cold “L” actually agreed to the challenge of a player who had just entered the top 10.

Of course, in addition to shock, everyone was more curious and speculated about who would win the game.

Among them, 95% of them better “L” win, while the remaining 5% jokingly were just joking. In fact, no one thought “I’m so weak” could win “L”.

Yun Xingze entered the PK room.

In the room, the images of both parties are fictitious human figures.

Yun Xingze suspected that “L”‘s true identity was Luo Wenchuan. Before the PK started, he couldn’t help but get nervous.

At the same time there is some excitement.

The PK starts in ten seconds.

Yun Xingze hadn’t had time to think about which mecha to choose. The system automatically helped him pick the mecha he used best – a double star mecha. After entering the arena, “L”‘s lightsaber mecha appeared in the opponent’s seat.

The guess in Yun Xingze’s heart seemed to be a step closer.

The game field of Mecha Star is larger than a real field. There is also no so-called protective cover, so freedom of movement is very high.

Soon, the lightsaber mecha attacked Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze subconsciously sent the mechanical beast to seduce the opponent, but the opponent seemed to be undisturbed. The two silver lightsabers in his hand flashed a terrifying cold light, giving Yun Xingze no chance to breathe.

Yun Xingze thought about countermeasures while jumping and dodging.

However, “L” already anticipated and could easily capture his movements. The next second, the lightsaber would almost slash Yun Xingze’s arm.

The mechanical beast threw out a chain sword to entangle “L”, interfering with his movements.

Yun Xingze originally breathed a sigh of relief, but when he subconsciously controlled the mechanical beast to make this attack, he thought that something was wrong.

This kind of combat move is something very few double star mecha can do.

If “L” is Luo Wenchuan, isn’t he exposed?

Yun Xingze was distracted because of this, “L” had already broken free from the chain sword of the mechanical beast, and directly chopped Yun Xingze’s main body armor to the ground.

The game screen showed that Yun Xingze lost the game.

His heart was pounding.

The fighting style of “L” is too similar to Luo Wenchuan’s…

Clean movements that mud can’t even stick onto, sharp sword skills, and decisive judgment.

Yun Xingze can already be sure that the other party is Luo Wenchuan.

The entire game took no more than three minutes.

Yun Xingze sat in the game cabin and swallowed involuntarily.

This was the first time he intuitively felt Luo Wenchuan’s terrifying combat power.

The battle ended here.

Inside Mecha Star, the players checking Yun Xingze’s points found his PK score dropped, and quickly understood that “L” won yet again. Publicly, many were messaging that “L is the eternal god”.

Yun Xingze took a deep breath, and the desire for victory ignited in his eyes.

The next second, he quickly sent another PK invitation to “L”.

For some reason, although “L” did not directly reject the invitation, the invitation timed out, and the system automatically determined that “L” rejected the invitation.

Yun Xingze suspected that Luo Wenchuan thought he was too naive and refused to PK with him, so he sent a message to “L”: “One more time.”

“L” seemed to be thinking about something and did not leave the room, but did not reply to Yun Xingze.

At the same time.

Luo Wenchuan sat in the game cabin, frowning at the screen.

This “I’m so weak” sent himself a PK invitation when their ranking was only 100 or so before, but he ignored them at that time.

Twenty minutes ago, Ke Lei told Luo Wenchuan that there was a particularly powerful person in Mecha Star, who kicked him out of the top 10, and asked Luo Wenchuan to avenge him.

At that time, “I’m so weak” sent a PK invitation, so he accepted.

As a result, the opponent’s strength was weaker than he imagined. The battle was over after five minutes.

But “I’m so weak”‘s style of fighting with a double star mecha, and the moves used just before the end of the game, reminded Luo Wenchuan of someone.

He fell into confusion and doubt. Reviewing the match they just fought, he missed the message “I’m so weak” sent to him.

After watching the replay at double speed, Luo Wenchuan’s suspicion deepened.

He frowned and looked at the screen, only to see “I’m so weak” sent him three messages.

The first one was: “One more time.”

The second one was: “My network connection was just bad, and got stuck. I’m not that weak.”

And the last one was: “Why, are you afraid?”

Seeing “L” ignore him, Yun Xingze used his

A few seconds later, “L” actually sent him a PK invitation.

The entire game channel was shocked again.

This was the first time that “L” took the initiative to challenge someone who lost to him!

Yun Xingze thought silently in his heart, this trick is really easy to use. Even Luo Wenchuan was hooked.

Before the start of the second PK, Yun Xingze had already thought of a countermeasure in his mind, which could not only prevent him from losing his vest, but also let him engage in a good fight with Luo Wenchuan.

He chose a shadow mecha, a mecha that he had never driven in reality.

At the same time, Yun Xingze also deliberately changed his fighting style.

As soon as the PK started, Luo Wenchuan noticed something was wrong.

This “I’m so weak” suddenly seemed to have changed, and become a different person. Not only did he choose a shadow mecha, but his attack method was far more aggressive than before.

In just five minutes, “L” not only failed to end the game, but control of the battle fell into his opponent’s hands for a time.

Shadow mechas are good at arranging various electromagnetic interference traps, coming and going without a trace, and finding the right time to destroy their opponent’s mechas.

Although Yun Xingze has not used them much, with his understanding of mechas, he can easily use a shadow mecha to a great extent.

While Luo Wenchuan was busy coping with the battle, his thoughts gradually changed.

The person in front of him could not be Yun Xingze.

Apart from using different mechas, their fighting styles are quite different.

This fierce and deadly style, as well as the shrewd and somewhat sinister fighting strategy, is completely different from the Yun Xingze who calmly observes the data and is often in a state of facing headwinds.

How could they be the same person.

Thinking this, a bit of murderous intent entered his eyes. Luo Wenchuan started a violent counterattack against the shadow mecha, without any intention of showing mercy.

The two mechas turned into extremely fast afterimages in the air.

Time passed minute by minute, and the two fell into a fierce rhythm.

Until the 30th minute, the system prompted the two to stop the game.

This means that within the specified time, neither of them can defeat the opponent.

Next, the system begins to determine the degree of damage to the mechas of both sides.

[The degree of damage is being determined…]

[The percentage of damage on player “L”‘s lightsaber mecha is: 10.23%.] Luo Wenchuan slowly widened his eyes.

After playing Mecha Star for so long, no one can damage his mecha by more than 5% in any match.

Before he knew it, this shadow mecha actually damaged more than 10% of his mecha.

[The percentage of damage on player “I’m so weak”‘s shadow mecha is: 9.05%.] Yun Xingze’s eyes also shadowed disbelief.

These days, he has challenged many masters. No matter how much his opponent hates him or how ruthless he is, his mecha never received more than 4% damage.

It seems that even if the shackles on his mental power are lifted, Luo Wenchuan’s strength should not be underestimated.

Yun Xingze won the game with an extremely narrow advantage using the shadow mecha he was not familiar with.

In the game, other players saw that “L”‘s points dropped!

After more than a year, they finally saw “L”‘s single-player PK points drop once. And he was even defeated by an unknown newcomer!

“Isn’t this too magical?”

“What is the origin of that ‘I’m so weak’? They can actually defeat God L.”

“I really want to watch the replay…”

“I’m so weak” returned to the top 10.

This game can be said to be a hearty game. If the video playback is uploaded to a mecha-related website, countless mecha fans will be amazed.

Not only did the two of them understand mecha to the point of perfection, but their skills were also top-notch!

Luo Wenchuan was surprised by the result of the game. After replaying the game, he found that he was hit by a flash bomb trap of the shadow mecha one minute before the end of the game, which caused him to lose the game with a slight disadvantage. .

This was naturally unacceptable to Luo Wenchuan. He quickly sent a PK request to “I’m so weak”, but the other party quickly refused.

Luo Wenchuan gritted his teeth and sent a message to the other party: “Come again.”

[I’m so weak]: “I’m sorry, my mecha is out of power.”

[L]: “?”

Luo Wenchuan was full of question marks. When I wanted to send another message, he suddenly found that the other party’s avatar was already black.1black avatars in games often represent someone going offline

This guy actually ran away?!

Luo Wenchuan clenched his fists unhappily. How could a guy with such a bad temper be a cute boy like Yun Xingze? !

Luo Wenchuan couldn’t help frowning. He must find a chance to regain his victory.

After getting out of the game cabin, Yun Xingze found that there was some sweat on his back.

He pretended to be calm and went to the kitchen to drink a large glass of cold water, thinking in his heart that Luo Wenchuan must not know about this.

It’s okay to provoke your boss with words, but he even won him in the end.

The other party is his future parent and golden thigh.

Yun Xingze took a deep breath and whispered: “‘I’m so weak’, what does it have to do with me, Yun Xingze…”


Hahaha. YXZ, this shameless bear child. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ


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    black avatars in games often represent someone going offline
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  1. Little Fujo says:

    yes dear ml, that’s definitely not our mc ๐Ÿ˜‘

  2. Netsu says:

    Ahh, that was really wxciting and hilarious! :’D
    Also… ” How could a guy with such a bad temper be a cute boy like Yun Xingze?! ” Well, he tried to be cute and polite, but noone paid him any attention. It is your own fault for teaching him to be shameless, really. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thank you for the chapter <3

    1. komorebi says:

      That’s not true. YXZ was always shameless – think about his shameless haggling attempt from 500 -> 50k for that mecha.

      1. Netsu says:

        True. Then they taught him how to be rude and taunting? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Pletha says:

    Haha! I’m curious to see how far this misunderstanding goes. Luo Wenchuan is going to be so confused when he finally connects the dots.

    1. komorebi says:

      Surprised/shocked might be a better word than confused. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Thanks for the chapter! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. owo worm? says:

    He took the L lmaoooo
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi says:

      Yup. He did take on L (and piss off LWC in the process ๐Ÿ˜‚).

  6. Rash says:

    Thanks for the chapter translator samaa….
    Waiting for the next chapter.

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