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BATCFO Chapter 46

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Yun Xingze logged into his Mecha Star account and looked for the name “L” on the leaderboard.

Sure enough, it ranked first.

The information given by Su Zinan was collected last year. In other words, this “L” is not only mysterious, but also powerful and stable. He has remained in the top position for a year.

“Too strong…” Yun Xingze couldn’t help sighing.

You know, the number of residents of the Star Empire is huge. Although this game is mainly for military academies, there are also millions of online users.

To be able to rank first among so many strong people, this “L” must be a master among military academies.

Or, someone from the military

Clicking into L’s data, the content is as simple as his ID.

Even the account’s commonly used mecha is only a lightsaber mecha with no skins.

It’s as simple as the single-letter account, like one that has never charged money.

Yun Xingze felt that this might be a master who concentrates on PK, using this as a training ground to improve themselves. His heartfelt admiration for “L” grew a little bit more.

So Yun Xingze sent a message to “L”: “Hello, can I have a duel with you?” Then he sent a PK invitation.

After a long time, “L” didn’t go online and didn’t reply to Yun Xingze.

Maybe they’re busy during this time?

Yun Xingze frowned. He was a bit disappointed not to be able to PK with “L”. He didn’t have much time and could only shift his target.

Yun Xingze focused his attention on the students of Jicot Military Academy.

In the list given by Su Zinan, each student’s name is accompanied by a school badge logo. For example, Jicot’s school badge is a sword, the Xinghai Academy is a shield, Yuanshan Military Academy is a mountain, and St. Klito’s is a black swan.

In addition to last year’s champion, Noah Military Academy, and runner-up, Fanyun Military Academy, the most frequently seen icons on the list are Jicot’s sword, followed by Yuanshan’s mountain, and St. Klito’s black swan. In contrast, the shield of Xinghai Academy rarely appeared.

Yun Xingze randomly selected a student from the Jicot Military Academy on the ranking list. The ID of the opponent is “Don’t mess with me if you have a bad temper.” His real name is Cheng Jun, and ranked 5th. Yun Xingze just liked to provoke those kinds of people who don’t look friendly and are easily angered.

However, when Yun Xingze sent a challenge invitation to “Don’t mess with me if you have a bad temper,” the other party simply blacked him out and added the sentence “Weak chicken, roll.”

Sure enough, he has a bad temper.

Yun Xingze didn’t even have a chance to reply. He thought to himself – his ranking is also in the top 100. Although it’s at the bottom, he’s not a rookie, alright?

After thinking about it, Yun Xingze suddenly had a flash of inspiration and decided to challenge another student from Jicot. His ID was “Please eat shaved ice”, his real name was Xi Bolai, and he should be a good-tempered person.

[I am so weak]: “Weak chicken, come PK.”

Soon, “Please eat shaved ice” responded with “?” and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”

He was ranked 8th. It is also far above Yun Xingze, who is 98.

[I am so weak]: “Hard work is capital for the strongest mecha fighters from Jicot Military Academy. Looking for you to PK.”

Yun Xingze saw that when looking for someone to PK politely, he was either ignored or rejected, and so he decided to use a radical method.

Sure enough, this trick worked.

[Please eat shaved ice]: “Who are you? Having such a big mouth, don’t cry if you lose.”

[I am so weak]: “Hehe, I might lose to you?”

Soon, with a “ding”, a PK invitation popped on his screen with the ID, “Please eat shaved ice”.

Yun Xingze readily agreed.

The mecha that the opponent is good at driving is the shadow mecha, which is like a bug in the game. In reality, shadow mechas can still be tracked by radar and the like. In the game, they are like stealth assassins, and have an advantage in PK.

However, this is obviously not a problem for Yun Xingze.

Ten minutes later, Yun Xingze drove a meteor mecha to chase the opponent, and destroyed the shadow mecha’s stealth nano paint, leaving it looking like a bald Dalmatian.

“Please eat shaved ice” obviously didn’t expect that the ranked 90-plus rookie would be so strong. He lost the game in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t even do much harm to “I’m so weak”.

In the game cabin, the silver-haired boy named Xi Bolai was very unconvinced. After losing the game, he quickly sent out a voice message: “Don’t run, let’s do it again.”

Yun Xingze clicked and listened to this voice, which did not sound too long after the adolescent voice change period. He should be a freshman in the Jicot Military Academy, just reaching adulthood, and sounds a little bit stubborn, like adolescent alpha boys.

[I’m so weak]: “My mecha is out of power, logging off first.”

[Please eat shaved ice]: “???”

[Please eat shaved ice]: “This is a fucking mecha game! How can your machine run out of power?! Running after winning a match?!”

Yun Xingze quickly exited the PK room.

Xi Bolai climbed out of the game cabin so angry that he shouted at his roommate: “Who is the person in our school calling themself ‘I am so weak”?!”

His roommate was dazed: “Weak? Who is weak?”

Xi Bolai explained to his roommate: “No, it’s that someone in Mecha Star. They came up and scolded me as a ‘weak chicken’, and then chased after me with the ID of ‘I am so weak’…”

Xi Bolai is an S+ level shadow mecha fighter. He was part of his middle school’s mecha team, and because of his outstanding performance, was exempted from the test to enter Jicot Military Academy.

His roommate looked shocked. “Is there anyone in our school who can chase you after you?”

Having collected Xi Bolai’s fighting style and data, and recorded his habitual moves, the purpose of this PK has been achieved. Naturally, Yun Xingze will not continue PK-ing.

Otherwise, it they continue, the opponent may even counterattack Yun Xingze based on his data.

In order to prevent this from happening, Yun Xingze kept switching mecha types in Mecha Star. Without the shackles of mental and physical strength, his fighting style also changed a lot.

If Xi Bolai had a chance to see “I’m so weak’s” next few games, his chin will definitely drop because the fighting style is so different.

Yun Xingze challenged most of the students in the Jicot military academy claiming to be “the strongest mecha warrior of Jicot”. Hearing his provocation, these people quickly took the bait. This also showed that Su Zinan’s list is credible.

Because his winning streak of challenging and PK-ing others, Yun Xingze quickly reached among the top 50.

After Jicot’s students were nearly all defeated, Yun Xingze began to challenge the students of Yuanshan Military Academy and St. Klito Military Academy, also claiming to be the school’s strongest mecha fighter.

Soon, before the start of the National Cadet Mecha League, in the campus forums of Jicot, Yuanshan, and St. Klito the same type of post began to appear:

“Does our school have big guys using trumpets on Mecha Star?”

“Who is that “I’m so weak”?!”

“”I’m so weak”, you’re so shameless! Running away after winning. Read this post and come fight!”

At different times and in different military academies forums, students across all three military academies thought that a mysterious master appeared in their school. This mysterious master had no lower bounds and was morally scum. He would come up and provoke people, and then run after winning. It was a heinous crime!

Most of the military academies are young and energetic alphas, and their complaints attracted a lot of onlookers.

Someone asked in a post: “Why did I send that guy a PK request, and he ignored me?”

Someone replied: “It must be that you are not ranked high enough.”

So, the crime of discriminating against players with low ranking was pinned on “I am so weak”.

Naturally, Yun Xingze didn’t know this. After he spent a week collecting the data of the three strong schools in the group stage, he could be said to be exhausted.

But these efforts were not in vain. After Yun Xingze analyzed the data, he had a clear understanding of their combat effectiveness, and would not suffer a loss no matter who he faced in a one-on-one PK.

There are three days left to the National Mecha League.

The number of matches is announced on the NCLM official website.

Xinghai Academy was not only unlucky for the groupings, but the ordering for the competition was also not very optimistic.

After the announcement, the members of the Jicot Military Academy had a brief meeting.

Captain Cheng Jun said to his lacklustre teammates: “We are very lucky this time. We did not match Noah or Fanyun. In the group, all players were weaker than us, and our first match is against Xinghai Academy. Treat it as a warm up and we can win easily.”

After Cheng Jun finished speaking, the members of the Jicot school team did not show a smile on their faces, and seemed very worried.

“Although Xinghai Academy is a rookie team, neither Yuanshan nor St. Klito are easy targets.” Cheng Jun frowned and said to the group. “So don’t slack off too much. You still have to work hard and train!”

As soon as they disbanded, everyone started talking.

“Yesterday I sent a lot of requests to that ‘I’m so weak’, and he still ignored me.”

“Who is he? Is there really such a strong person in our school?”

Xi Bolai gritted his teeth. ” No, I have to beat him up before the big game. He is too deceptive! Do you have any Mecha Star account that hasn’t PKed with him, lend me one…”

Cheng Jun heard that his teammates were talking about an in-game opponent and frowned. “It’s just a game, what are you doing so seriously?”

“Don’t you know, captain? There is a master in our school.” A member replied. “The campus forums are discussing him and talking about his strength. Probably the strongest in our school… Captain, “I’m so weak”, wouldn’t it be you?”

Cheng Jun didn’t like being disturbed, so his in-game nickname was changed to “Don’t mess with me if you have a bad temper”, with an automatic reply set as “weak chicken”. Sometimes when the opponent’s rank is too low, they will be directly blacked out.

He was stunned for a moment hearing it, and remembered that he had blacked out a guy with a low ranking, whose name seemed to be this.

Cheng Jun said coldly: “Concentrate on training. For the last three days, don’t think about games every day.”

Yun Xingze’s training was over, when he suddenly he received a PK invitation from “Don’t mess with me if you have a bad temper” on Mecha Star.

Yun Xingze thought to himself, he shouldn’t be so well-known on Jicot, which attracted this guy?

Soon, the two competed. Yun Xingze used a lightsaber mecha, and Cheng Jun opened a comet mecha.

Fifteen minutes later.

Yun Xingze smiled from the corners of his lips, blacked his opponent and exited the room.

Cheng Jun stared at the scene of his failure. He couldn’t calm down for a long time, and his fingers trembled slightly. Their school… still hides such a master?!

When he wanted to add “I’m so weak” as a friend, he found that he was blacked out.

“Damn it!” Cheng Jun hammered the inner wall of the game cabin hard. “Why is this guy like this?!”

Yun Xingze’s ranking rose, and he specifically asked Zhuo Feiyue to keep it secret, so no one knew that A-level mental power player from Xinghai Academy ranked 11th on Mecha Star.

Ke Lei hadn’t logged into the game for several days. When he logged in, he saw his ranking dropped from 11th to 12th, and a person named “I am so weak” was clearly ahead of him.

Ke Lei was familiar with the top fifteen players, and he was naturally curious about this strange ID. He clicked in and found out that this guy used all types of mechas, and had never lost a single PK.

Ke Lei wanted to refresh his ranking, so he invited them to a PK.

The result is naturally…

A fiasco.

Yun Xingze knew that this was Ke Lei’s account, so he did not prolong the battle, ending the game neatly, and directly entered the top 10.

However, when Yun Xingze finished playing Ke Lei, something suddenly came to his mind.

If Ke Lei is ranked 12th, assuming Luo Wenchuan also plays this game, then his ranking is in the top 10 at least.

So Yun Xingze looked through the list carefully.

Except for the nameless “L”, no one else is Luo Wenchuan.

Then “L”…

Yun Xingze slowly opened his eyes.

He sent a pk invitation to “L” almost quickly.

This time, for unknown reasons, “L” quickly accepted the invitation.


Hahaha, YXZ is a shameless, money-grubbing mecha lover. 😂

P.S. Short chapter here, but there are long chapters to come, including several which may be more than 5x as long later.


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  1. Pletha says:

    Yun Xingze: “Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!”

    Luo Wenchuan: *confusion.exe*

    1. komorebi says:

      I don’t think the other opponents are unworthy in YXZ’s mind. They’re simply unable to keep up with him.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I am imagining the rampage, lol. If one day virtual reality really becomes similar to the stories right now, activated with the mind only & realistic, it will open so many possibilities for many of those with physical, monetary, time or space limitations.

    1. komorebi says:

      Fair enough. Technology is a way away from that though.

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