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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 96

The Reincarnators

The Reincarnators


Her figure looked both like a holy saint and a female knight at the same time. Locke looked in awe at Chloe who just declared that she would save Momo. He thought he has no other choice to but to kill her now that she had turned into a witch.

‘Can she still… be saved? She said that Momo had already disappeared so…’


‘That’s just her own selfish assumption, isn’t it? Well, she did gain another life’s worth of memories, after all. It wouldn’t be that strange if she completely forgot who she previously were after that. However, it’s not as though they have been completely lost. Like say for example, she still remembers how to bake as she did before…’

Having heard that, Leddorio remembered the refreshment confectioneries that Momo always gave him and their simplistic taste. He recalled Momo saying that it was her mother from her hometown that told her how to bake them. Using the fruits and flowers picked from the nearby forest, garnish them with salt, and kneading them; it was the traditional formula passed down from her family, she added.

She also looked considerably used to playing with children in the orphanage every time she comes there to give them baked treats. Although she may have lied every time she spoke about missing her days in their village, it’s very likely that her body still remembered its lifestyle.

‘It’s very likely that Momo just prioritized the memories that would be helpful to the “game”.  I mean, even I wasn’t able to completely remember my previous memories as Chloe.’


Everyone was shocked by her outstanding words, but it made sense to them. The mystery behind Chloe, who suddenly became like a different person after her denunciation, has remained unsolved all this time. Perhaps, the exact reason for that is that just like Momo, Chloe was—

‘You were a reincarnator too… I knew it.’

The lovely countenance of the witch that faced Chloe warped in hatred. Her black hairs wriggled in the ground once more as if signifying a threat.
‘I guess I am. I only remembered things during the denunciation though.’

‘That’s cheating!! A villainess abandoning her role and capturing the hidden capture target instead!? Give me back all the efforts I wasted!!’

Chloe’s face slightly cramped at Momo sudden unreasonable accusations.

‘I remembered my memories from my past life so isn’t it obvious that I would avoid turning into a witch? Besides, the hidden capture target is Locke. Even if you don’t stay faithful to such a difficult route, you would’ve ended up meeting him again had you returned to your village.’

‘Well, I didn’t know the true identity of Viscount Glinda! I wasn’t able to make it to the game’s ending where he reveals his face! That’s why I was trying so hard to meet the conditions for his appearance! You already knew the hidden route’s ending so that’s unfair!!!’

Leddorio couldn’t understand what she was saying but it’s clear that she’s just spewing selfish words. Still, not a single one of them was able to say anything to Momo’s threatening glare. After all, even if anyone tries to convince her that this world is not a game, she is very unlikely to listen. Momo looked awfully convinced that the world is moving with her as its centerpiece no matter what.

Chloe, who came to such a deep sigh, has decided to just match her words with Momo’s game talks.

‘I did play the hidden route but, I was only able to reach the point where Momo chases after the Count. I wasn’t able to reach the true ending that comes after. ‘

‘You’re lying!! Then how did you knew that Locke was Count Glinda!? Even the information on the net was too convoluted that only those who cleared knew about his identity.’

As the two women bickered at each other, the person in concern, Locke himself, was completely left out. As far as he is concerned, the “Count Glinda” that the two of them were talking about seems to be completely different to him. Although, he was also intent on hiding his identity every time he shows himself to Momo, much like how they described him.

‘Locke, you told me before that no matter how much Momo’s mother wrote to her, she never replied, right?’

‘Y-Yeah… Her last one was from three months ago saying that she was too busy with school works.’

Chloe who has been at yelling contest with Momo, suddenly talked to Locke making him come to his senses. Although slightly bewildered, he affirmed her question. She then turned back and faced anew Momo like nothing happened and began to carefully explain why.

‘The evidence that Locke was the count was narrated in the game, and of course, not in the hidden route, itself. You would have to read the letters sent to you every day off and reply to each of them. You should be able to read the story about Locke being adopted by the Count around the 3rd month.’

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  1. Death Fairy says:

    Wow, here I though they’re a true fans of the game and had cleared every route. It’s turn out they were just a casual players who didn’t even reach the secret ending.

    1. Renelle McLean says:

      Even if they were casual players Chloe probably paid more attention to the details in the game she did say that Momo would have found out that Locke was Count Glinda if she had just read the letters her mom sent both their world and the current world. So basically Momo would have been able to piece together the fact that he was Count Glinda even if she didn’t reach the secret route.

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