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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 95

Chloe Arrives

Chloe Arrives


Leddorio couldn’t believe the spectacle in front of him. Amid their battle against the witch, a carriage being pulled by a pegasus, burst through a hole in the cavern walls following an explosion. The one to descend such a carriage was Chloe, clad in divine radiance. He knew that it was because of the sacred magic “blessing,” but to the prince’s eyes, it was like a glimpse of a divine myth turned reality.

‘I would like to know the current situation, sir. Are there any wounded?’

‘Y-Yes, lady. We have suffered injuries, but no one suffered fatal wounds. Furthermore, our injuries have been healed by Lady Chloe’s sacred magic!’

‘Alright…, please go around and cover for us.’

After giving instructions to the knight order, Chloe, still wearing her nun attire, approached Leddorio. It has been an entire month since the prince came face-to-face with her. The last was during her denunciation in which the lady unseemly begged with tears. Now, she looked like an entirely different person, but it would be rash to conclude her as a witch for that, just as Momo previously asserted.

‘It has been a while, your highness, Leddorio.’



Chloe approached him and lightly bowed, but that’s the only response Leddorio could muster. There are many things he wants to tell her, but none of those words would come out. More than anything, he felt as though he had no right to say either.

But Chloe didn’t pay his troubles any mind and rushed towards Locke, who looked dumbstruck.

A sharp sound resounded within the magic crystal caverns. Locke caressed his cheek looking flabbergasted. Even the one he faced earlier, Momo, was dumbfounded to the series of development and Chloe’s sudden appearance.

‘You can’t do that, Locke! Haven’t you been longing to see her all this time? Why would you even consider killing her…, I’m disappointed in you.’

‘W-Wait a second! How do you recognize me in this appearance!?’

Chloe remembered the young man being strangely evasive about it before. Although the mask did certainly change his hair, giving him a different aura, it didn’t do so much to change his clothes. But even if it did, Chloe had already seen the mask he was wearing, before. It may have been strange how she confidently deduced his identity without hesitation, despite only seeing it for the first time though.

‘Well, it’s that, you know? Erm… the power of love, I guess?’

‘What are you saying? Don’t make things up!’

Trying to escape from Locke’s doubtful stare, Chloe faced Momo, who now turned into a witch.

‘A-Anyhow. I was able to hear everything from the brooch I received from Prince Yello. Locke… you don’t really want to fight against Momo, do you? Momo is the woman you wanted to be happy more than anyone else in the world, after all. That’s how you have been able to work yourself to the bone and earned the strength you have right now.

…I’m sure you that you found me just as unforgivable for having harassed her, but you believed that I have changed and watched over me all this time. Having abandoned by everyone else, it wouldn’t have been strange for me to desire revenge, but you have saved me with just that, that’s why …’


‘That’s why for you, I will save your most precious person– Momo, myself!’

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