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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 84

Advance Dungeon Rush

Advance Dungeon Rush


The sacred bird that Leddorio and Momo rode on circled around the skies of Iris Mountain. Below them, Grace Lodging House that Chloe and Shin spend their days in was visible.

“We’ll be entering the advanced level dungeon like this.”

“Without any sort of preparations at all!? Shouldn’t we drop by the lodging house first? You might even meet Locke there.”

He was feeling conflicted about it but Leddorio thought that she may give it a second thought upon mentioning Locke so he did. However, Momo merely chuckled, looking down on the mountain’s summit.

“I don’t need to meet him now, sir. More than that, I need to do something about the witch first.”

Momo was hell-bent on exploring the dungeon even if she had to do it alone as if she was being spurred into it by something. Leddorio grasped his fists tightly. He couldn’t get a clue what was going on with her mind but, the lady’s protection rests on him. After all, her powers may seem to have returned but it didn’t change the fact that she is a frail lady.

After getting off the sacred bird, they came towards the dungeon’s entrance. As Momo was about to put her first step into the dungeon, countless soldiers from the surrounding came rushing towards them.

“Please wait, Prince Leddorio! Lady Saintess!”

“How are you guy here? Where did you come from?”

“We came here right after the Advent Festival to protect this place under Prince Yello’s orders. We were told that there’s a possibility that monsters could leak out of the dungeon at any given time. There are also priest on standby, sir.”

 (What? Father said that the kingdom didn’t have any soldiers to spare… Damn you, Keith.)

The situation was already developing unbeknownst to him. Leddorio grits his teeth realizing that nothing was expected of him. While they were talking, Momo dispelled the barrier and kept on advancing towards the inner depths of the dungeon without even looking back.

“Momo, wait! You, go to the Grace Lodging House and tell Dai about all this immediately. Put up a new barrier too. You got that!?”

“Your highness, you must have your escorts…”

“Hmph, I bet that Keith, the rascal, wouldn’t think much of sacrificing me to the dungeon. He likely can’t afford to lose even a single more soldier now. At any rate, Momo’s in danger so I need to follow her immediately.”

Leddorio inadvertently spoke in a sulky tone. The soldier had a sullen and his eyebrows knitted, then he took a pouch from his waist and handed it over to the prince.

“If his highness will it, but at the very least, please take items with you, sir. We will be following you soon.”


Yello was the crown prince now and no longer him. Still, Leddorio lamented on failing to take his position into account. Due to Yello’s reports on his course of action, countless soldiers and priests are now on standby at the mouth of a dungeon. Guessing that Dai would take more time before arriving here, the prince spoke;

“I won’t be able to catch up to Momo if I keep waiting here for more. All of you must join up with Dai.”

Having been blessed by a priest with a divine spell, Leddorio entered the dungeon. He couldn’t allow Momo to enter such a dangerous place alone.

Something about it makes him uneasy.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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