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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 83

Parting with Locke

Parting with Locke


On the morning of her day of departure, Chloe was lamenting her farewell with the people of the lodging house. Lucky’s party, like Shin, will all join her as her personal escort. Dai, too, likely because of Kisara, was trying to come with them but was flatly refused.

“I believe that Sir Dai should return to the capital for now. His highness and Miss Momo might be worried.”

“But… it was finally starting to get more interesting being here.”

“Does sir Dai even remember for what reason he came here? If that’s what you want then sir should stay here for now because Miss Momo will likely come here soon.”

Chloe said, seemingly having seen through Momo and Leddorio’s motives. But in actuality, she likely guessed that the Sacred Church should be sending the Momo there soon based on how the miasma had thickened but, Leddorio felt her timing too spectacular to brush off. Contrary to his surprise, however, Momo remained calm as usual.

‘Fufu… so she knew. She really was the same.’

‘Hm? What do you mean, Momo?’

‘Nothing, sir… I’m thinking that perhaps the witch inside the dungeon was able to feel the presence of the Saintess.’

Leddorio remembered the ancient book saying that the witch was formerly a saintess too which is perhaps the reason why she would be able to sense Momo coming. Still, no matter how descriptive it was written, it was still a book of ages. He wondered just where Momo’s conviction is coming from. Was this perhaps, due to one of her abilities as a Saintess too? Leddorio’s train of thought was suddenly cut off by the sound of Chloe’s voice calling out to Locke.

“Locke, what do you plan to do from now on….?”

“I’m thinking of returning to the Corundum Kingdom. I already know Momo’s circumstances anyway.”|

“Don’t you want to meet her?”

“Well… she did seem well off according to Dai. Although I feel happy for her, being engaged with a prince and all but, I still need to sort my feelings out before I meet her.”

Locke said while having a complicated look on his face. Although he had a good ambiance when with Chloe, Leddorio thought that perhaps, his feelings for Momo were more special. Suddenly, the prince felt like he heard a low voice saying, ‘Fufu… Locke, I won’t let you get away, you know?’, but he brushed it off thinking that the wind is just making him hear things.


“Locke, I am grateful for having met you. I will treasure all of the moments of the days I spent here.”

“What, you’re exaggerating… but I feel the same, Chaco.”

“I guess I don’t really need to use that false name anymore, do I? Hey, would you mind, calling me by my real name for the last time?”

Chloe was acting nonchalant as she said that but, her voice was slightly trembling. Her last wish; a mix of both sugary sweetness and loneliness. Chloe made a slight moan. Locke caressed her head roughly, her hair now disheveled and all over the place.

“Bye… Chloe.”


The moment Locke said that Leddorio’s vision was filled with red. At the same time, he heard a screeching sound as the sacred bird bellowed loud. Momo turned around, looking at him, annoyed.

‘Sir Benny, please do not pluck off its feathers.’

‘Oh… sorry about that.’

It was subconscious. Leddorio apologize, caressing the area where he plucked the feathers off. However, he felt as though he saw the color of Momo’s eyes blood red. Was it just his imagination? He wasn’t sure.


 MV: Probably more later, but don’t take my word for it.

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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Hmm… I’m sure we all know about this already, but I’m going to say it anyway.

    Based on the previous chapter, we finally have evidence that the B*tch has the ability to brainwash people through her voice.
    I don’t know how strong it is because the only people affected so far are the Idiots Squad. And the only person still affected by this, the Idiot prince is too dumb to be affected AGAIN after his brother’s attempts to wake him up.

  2. Avatar Thecomicgeek says:

    =_= sooo the idiots will have their redemption because they were brainwashed huh? Their balls should all fall off

  3. Avatar Arha says:

    Hm. I wonder if she’s been doing the charm thing the whole time or only recently? I would prefer the latter because it makes the idiots more responsible for their actions and just makes more sense in general. I’m not even sure Momo is doing it on purpose since the way she speaks sounds like she thinks the world is just built to favor her rather than actively manipulating things. But if she only became a witch more recently (even if she was always a bitch) then I think things would work more smoothly.

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