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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 81

Legendary Sacred Bird

Legendary Sacred Bird  

Leaving their lodging house, Momo carved something on the ground using a fallen tree branch. First was the outer circle, then it was followed by a star inside which completes the pentagram magic circle. She placed each feather at each point of the star that meets the circle.

“In the name of the Saintess, show us the way. Shine like the sun, Fill like the sea, Burn as the fire, Sink as the Darkness, and Encroach as the Poison… With all these five souls, heed my call.”

The crystal ball inside the magical circle starts floating as Momo invokes her spell. It wasn’t a sacred spell but a summoning incantation. A saintess’ occupation is more closely leaning towards that of a priest, and it’s rare for them to use magic of different fields at the same time. Leddorio wondered why Momo had to do just that.

“Looks like there’s some sort of secret behind those feathers. There’s a depiction in which the Saintess, the first, appears to have used common magic, which was the Sacred Bird Summoning. Miss Momo may be amplifying her magic with the aid of magic crystal but, as rotten as she is, she is still a saintess, I guess.”

Leddorio’s eyes widened in surprise at Keith’s conjectures. The legend of the saintess has the sacred bird supporting her from the start. There was no mention of any details regarding when it appeared. Any more details should only be accessible through the Church’s Index Prohibitum.

“How do you even know something like this? Don’t tell me you had all the Church’s ancient texts translated?” “That may be possible, but it would require too much time and effort. I just had Canaria tell me about it.”

“—-!? A secret that only a few among the royal family know? You’re saying you heard got it from a neighboring country’s princess?”

At the same time as Leddorio grabbed his younger brother by the shoulders, a sharp-pitched bird cry reverberated within the surroundings. Suddenly assaulted by intense tinnitus, all of them blocked their ears. In the midst of them stood Momo, who had a daring facial expression written on her face.

“Now, come to me. O’ legendary sacred bird.”

At that moment, an enormous wing sprang up with a force that can be felt through the ground. It spread its tail feathers of five different hues aims its beak to the heavens as it howls. It looked like boiling lava tinged with five different colors; a large bird of grotesque coloring scheme.

“T-This is… that legendary…”

“I heard it was rainbow but…., this was quite different to what I imagined.”

Momo caressed the back of the bird as Leddorio and Darck trembled at the sight of it. The way she touched implied that the bird was not as scorching as it looked.

“It would’ve become much more like a rainbow if it had yellow mixed with it but, Prince Yello didn’t seem to trust me enough so…”

“Well, far from mere friendship, apparently, those feathers only appear when gentlemen become willing to wholeheartedly offer their hearts to you, after all. Unfortunately, Canaria already has mine.”

“Tch, this is why reincarnators are troublesome. Now the scenario is a mess. Still, she’s nothing but a mere outsider from a neighboring country, right? Watch me. I’ll make you all realize just who the real heroine of this world is.”

Saying such incomprehensible things, Momo jumped at the back of the sacred bird. The sacred bird raised its voice; a song that sounded like a sharp object scratching on a blackboard. Flapping its wings, it began rising from the ground.

“W-Wait Momo! I’ll come with you!”

“Wait, your highness!”

Leddorio clung to the tail of the sacred bird who looked as though it could fly at any moment. Darck was about to do the same but Keith stopped him in time. The two of them, alight the sacred bird, flew away, sinking within the vast night sky.       

Sorry, only one chapter today too. I took my 2nd dose of Moderna last Tuesday and the side effects were pretty bad. I should be able to release two or three chapters tomorrow though. *fingers crossed*

wtf, it collapsed lol. Sorry about that.
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  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    “Shine like the sun, Fill like the sea, Burn as the fire, Sink as the Darkness, and Encroach as the Poison…”

    Idk about you, but the spell didn’t sound like something to summon sacred things at all.

    1. Avatar ARFitS says:

      Even the description of the bird’s appearance sounded pretty demonic if you ask me…

  2. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanX says:

    so princes yello was one of the “male leads” but since his fiance remember her pass or retarneted into thi world WAAAy before HoHo…im sorry.. Momo…she got his heart before she could and now she is probably being control by the witch bcuz she desire to become the most beloved woman and the heroine of this world whihc is very selfish of her… hey i dont mind having more that one man…whatt i mind is the fact she is willing to destroy other people’s life or womans reputation to get those man…hey get the men leave the women alone

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