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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! Chapter 80




Three days have passed since Chloe and Shin had left the lodging house. To chase after them, it will still take several more days coming from House Whitey. By the time Momo had caught up to them, they would’ve already arrived at the convent.

“Are you really chasing after Chloe?”

“That is wrong sir. The Chloe you see is just an empty vessel now. The witch that is controlling that body is within the advanced level dungeon. Although, I’m worried considering she holds Sir Shin hostage, surely her reign towards that body will be gone after we defeat her there.”

Momo explains Chloe’s situation as though it was already an established fact, this, however, doesn’t sit perfectly with Leddorio and the others. They thought that an existence such as a witch should be far more sinister. Although, if she raised this issue before the condemnation, they would’ve likely believed her flatly.


“What’s the matter, Darck?”

“Nothing, highness…”

As Momo distanced herself from the mirror, Darck felt like he had seen a dark shadow floating across, which made him rub his eyes in doubt.

“Whichever the case, what’s certain is that we need to get there as fast as possible. Keith, we’ll be borrowing Citrin.”

“Why? I won’t lend him though.”

If they rode a flying dragon, a week of travel should end in just one flight. Considering that, Leddorio hoped to borrow the dragon of his younger brother but because he was immediately refused, he scowled at him.

“Were you not even listening? This is an emergency!”

“Does brother even understand what it means to challenge the dungeon of your own accord? What if you needlessly provoke the dungeon and the monsters overflow to the outside? It would be even worse if there’s a witch which would’ve required an army. Besides, aren’t you hated by Citrin? How are you supposed to ride him?”

Keith argues, looking at him like he was a fool. He wanted to yell at him for it, but he knew that his brother was right and couldn’t find the words to respond. In actuality, he immediately requested the dispatch of troops after hearing about the witch from Momo, but the king refused him citing the need for the festival’s security as the main reason. But more than anything, the “witch” that they were referring to was already in the capital at that time.

“We don’t need it, sir.”

As he grits his teeth in frustration, Momo came in front of him. Her face was devoid of expression. It looked as though all the irritation, bewilderment, and everything else she had expressed that day were all blown out of the picture.

“A saintess… A ‘true saintess’ would have no need to rely on other countries’ cryptids for transportation. It’s just that, I may need everyone support though…”

“Is that true, Momo? Then how?”

“By using this, sir.”

Saying that she took out four pieces of fluffy feathers of different colors; red, blue, orange, black, and purple.

“What are those feathers?”

“These are the proofs of our friendship. Does everyone remember the moment where all your troubles were resolved?”

Leddorio recalled that moment. It was that time where he met Momo and got fascinated by her. Before he even realized it, he had revealed to her the contents of his own heart. He wished to remain by her side forever and resolved himself to protect her. At that exact moment, he saw a single feather falling from the sky out of nowhere. He thought, it was merely brought out by his delusion, but it appears that Momo held on to it, waiting for this moment all this time.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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