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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 76

Darck Sereknight Part 2 - Familiar Fragrance

Darck Sereknight Part 2 – Familiar Fragrance


Anyhow, Chloe was just stubbornly competitive and rivaled me in many things not limited to studies alone. She also took up archery and learned at the same time as me, but because her feminine and lighter physique was making it hard for her, there were many times she lost her patience with it. As a result, she received a modified lightweight crossbow instead. She was likely driven by her pride, not wanting to get behind a mere mistress’ child. This is probably why she was so delighted in being recognized as the temporary saintess and becoming the crown prince’s fiancee.

She always blabbermouthed about all the things that his highness, Leddorio did, even though I never asked her about it. She also made sure to decorate herself from head to two when it comes to social parties and when the pet he had given to her as a present had died, she was severely depressed that she lost all appetite. I found it strange how a fiancee that was merely arranged for her would make so much energetic. However, I knew that his highness was slowly getting tired of her prideful boasts as well as her malicious gossips regarding other people. This is highly evident as the prince would always leave each party without sparing a glance at her when his social duties are over. Not to mention, all the presents he received from her were handed to his associate, Sei, for him to handle instead. She doesn’t even realize that the more she sticks to his highness like glue, the further the crown prince’s heart distances from her. Still, I thought that she was merely reaping what she sewed and felt satisfied thanks to all my past grudges against her.

Soon after Chloe enrolled in the royal academy, they managed to find another saintess candidate. She was a commoner-born lady called Momo, who was highly oblivious to the rules of the noble society, earning her the animosity of many people, but her unfaltering boldness and carefree attitude brought with her fresh winds to such a closed and strict community as the royal academy which also increased her devotees all the same. Before long, even his highness, Leddorio, had taken interest in her which naturally earned the jealousy of my younger sister. Not only did I became the receiving end of Chloe’s endless complaints and disparagements of the lady called Momo, I was also made to taste the burnt confectionaries that she made in opposition to her, and forced to escort her to the parties that the prince had stood her up.

Although I was pulled into something so troublesome, I couldn’t help but sympathize with the prince’s feelings. Even if she matches him in social pedigree, nobody would ever want to get married to a lady with such a crude heart. Even I thought that if I’m going to have a sister, I’d rather have someone like Lady Momo instead. I didn’t wish to be born as a noble’s mistress’ child.

“So you were that Momo Palette. My sister must have been quite bothersome.”

One day, I called out to Lady Momo myself. I apologized for the things that Chloe had done but she humbly told me that I had nothing to apologize for. I noticed an academy textbook with its pages torn to shreds to where she stood. Just from that, I immediately knew who the ringleader was. By the next day, I turned over the textbook I used last year to Momo for her own to use instead.

“I’m sorry for the trouble, sir…”

“I won’t use that anymore anyway, and you can just consider this as an atonement for the troubles that my sister has caused.”

Although Lady Momo was feeling ashamed at first, she later received it and profusely bowed her head before walking away. On the next day, she gave me wrappings with cookies inside them as gratitude. They must’ve been the baked confectionaries that Chloe was trying to match. Upon taking a bite on one of them, although they were much simpler in taste, they were far superior to the cookies that my younger sister made me taste.

“I initially thought that Sir Darck was a far scarier person.”

“Well, I was that person’s older brother so considering your perspective, that can’t be helped.”

From then on, I began to talk to Momo more and more to clean up after the things that Chloe had done. As I was sharing my share of grievances about Chloe, I soon revealed the circumstances of my birth to her as well.

“I do not think of Sir Darck as repulsive at all. No one in this world can choose the circumstances that they would be born into.”

“Still, it is true that I had intruded in her rightful place.”

“If that’s the case, it should be your father who was the main cause of all this that Lady Chloe should object to! It’s unfair to vent all her frustrations to her brother who had no choice about this.”

Lady Momo is truly someone who does not know what she should fear. However, because she said the words that I hid deep within my heart, I felt lighter afterwards. As I pleasantly gazed at her who kept voicing all sorts of complaints, she gave me a surprised look afterwards and took something out of her own pocket.

“By the way, I remembered that today is Sir Darck’s birthday so I prepared a gift.”

“Hmm? Have I told you about it before?”

“No, sir. Uhm, I heard Lady Chloe talking about it. She said that because Sir Darck hated having birthday parties, he had them stop preparing one.”

To be precise, what I hated was the fact that Chloe would always throw a tantrum whenever I hold my own party and ask for her own to be much grander. I just had them stop preparing one instead to save me the trouble. For that woman, this is the day of the child born out of his father’s mistress, a rather unpleasant day. Although my house was held back, I still felt happy about my friends who would greet me without minding such circumstances.

“This is….. a perfume?”

“I found it on a shop and wanted Sir Darck to see it. It would be great if it matches your liking, sir.”

It was a woman’s perfume but the bottle’s elaborate design was familiar. The ducal house had received gifts such as s and perfumes that will not be opened and only serves as interior design. I thought of using the bottle in the same way but decided to try smelling the fragrance. The distinct sweet smell that it emitted was far lighter than I thought but its gentle fragrance was oddly calming. I knew this smell. It was the smell that I had always yearned for and will never forget. It was the same perfume that Viscountess Magenta had used. I remember sparingly telling Momo about her while I was sharing my grievances but I am sure that I didn’t tell her about her fragrance. There’s no way Lady Momo would know that beforehand.

(Is this, coincidence?)

As I was surrounded by such a nostalgic smell, I saw the lady leaving with such an enigmatic smile. She was like a younger sister but felt much more precious than my actual one. When she told me how she was an only child and how she felt envious of Chloe who had an older brother like me, I felt so ecstatic. However, later on, I came to realize that it wasn’t enough. I wanted to spend all my days with her by my side. I want her to greet me on all my upcoming birthdays. I wanted her to look at me as a man.   Before I realized it, my affection for lady Momo grew more and had far surpassed that of a sibling one.


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  1. Avatar Thecomicgeek says:

    … Honestly I dont feel like I would miss anything important in skipping these two chapters its rather cliché

    1. Avatar MrsYunoLanX says:

      same.. i didnt even care to read it..its not that i dnt appreciated the translator nor the author..i just dnt care for this guy enought to give him a change to understand why he is the way he is…i cant feel bad for someone who those that to their sibling,, their flesh and blood… fuck my sisters drive me insane and sometimes i want to choke the hell out of them but i will defend them agaisnt anyone who attack question ask… i can bully and insult my sisters….no random stranger can

    2. Avatar ChocoZombie says:

      True. We already know OG Chloe’s cruelty towards everyone around her so Darck’s flashbacks is unnecessary. Unless every memories associated with Chloe turns out to be fabricated or the events were done on purpose by a third party, I’ll just speed read this lol

      1. Avatar anon says:

        The author probably wants to justify why her brother hated him lol. All I see is just Chloe was just a tsundere and actually wanted to get a special attention from everyone.

        1. Avatar William K says:

          You don’t give a gift to someone in mourning not to mention perfume was either made out of whatever kind of pet it was or that whatever reason the pet died was in some way related to the perfume or it’s ingredients. Could even be allergies. Both these chapters highlight that he was in fact the symbol of her father cheating on her mother and bringing in the mistress as an official wife.

          1. Avatar anon says:

            So, I guess we will see the explanation from their father when his ruin occurs then.

    3. I believe that it is important to know that Chloe carries a modified lightweight crossbow in her exile because she received proper prior training, not just because of some precognitive powers of a saintess.

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Although this is unnecessary, Thanks for the chapter!

    I tried to read all of it, I tried, but I failed…

    I’ve no regret!

  3. Avatar Rai says:

    Still, even if all the dumbass capture targets realized their mistakes, they’re still UNFORGIVABLE. Bastards told someone to r*pe a fucking woman, just for some shitty revenge.

    Shin (is there a mistake in his name? His name should be Shit!) abandoned his morality and sense just for the “sacrificing himself for his love” shit ark.

    And this chapter’s star, Darck, encourage the goddamn r*pe. She is his sister no matter related or not!! She didn’t hurt him physically or anything, so why!! Ugh, bastar-

    Chloe deserves someone better, *cough* green hair *cough* I really hope they end together
    (人*´∀`)。*゚screw those bastards, enter FLERT route with a certain adventurer

    Thank you for the chapters and welcome to Knoxt! Take care of your health~
    (And I’m sorry that you have to see all these rage commentary lol, I want to type more but I feel bad lmao)

    1. Avatar Rai says:

      Omg so longgggg, my bad-

  4. Avatar Arha says:

    I don’t think we’re meant to agree with him, just understand why he hates her so much. But thing is, even if Chloe was every bit as bad as he believes with no justifications for her behavior at all, there’s still two things to keep in mind.

    One, she isn’t the person he knew, though it’s unfair to assume he knows that she’s a different person. It’s something WE know, so we just get annoyed at him for his lack of information. She has literally never done anything to wrong him, but HE doesn’t know. Or maybe it’s one of those cases where it’s like past life memories rather than straight up being replaced, in which case she did do a lot of annoying things. But his response is still pretty disproportionate, even when you assume the worst.

    Second, and more directly important, is that she was officially sentenced and given a punishment as well as being told to repent. The Chloe we know has never once denied responsibility for actions she honestly didn’t even do, but is still performing penance and gives every sign of having become a better person exactly as she was told to do. But Darck won’t accept this, and that’s why we can still say “Cool story bro, but you’re still an asshole.” He says he’s giving her a chance, but when she seems to take it he gets angry and tries to just inflict pointless suffering on her.

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