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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 75

Darck Sereknight Part 1 - Siblings of Mutual Hate

Darck Sereknight Part 1 : Siblings of Mutual Hate


My name is Darck Sereknight. I am the eldest son of one of the Coloflare Kingdom’s ministers, Duke Blakia Sereknight. However, because my mother is a mistress, I am merely adopted. Still, it is undeniable that I was born before the legitimate child of the house, Chloe, and after the duchess died, the Duke took my mother as his second wife. Chloe may perhaps see us as a pair of burglars who suddenly invaded her home and took her place from her which is understandable given the circumstances.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we would curl ourselves up in shame, so I desperately worked hard in order to be deserving of being recognized as the son of the duke. I worked hard in both studies and military arts, most particularly, archery, which is a talent that is characteristic of the House Sereknight and has been passed down throughout generations. When it comes to the bow, not a single person can match my skills in the capital, something that has been praised by my father who called me his pride and joy.

However, only when it comes to my relationship with Chloe do I stumbled. Whenever I failed in my efforts, Chloe always emphasize how it relates to me being a mere mistress’ child. But whenever I succeeded, she still gave me a gaze full of disdain. At first, I tried to explain to her many times how I had been adopted and how my mother is now recognized as a full-fledged aristocrat but she replied with words of scorn such as, but you’re still a mistress’ son, right?, You’re still a commoner-born regardless, among others. I gave up after growing tired of hearing such responses and besides, I do not want someone like her as my younger sister either.

At any rate, Chloe just hated anything in the world that could be associated with me. The first of all being my mother, who, despite being already recognized as a legal wife, still endured the servant treatment from her, whom she also never called as a mother, not even once. I heard about that one day where my mother once made baked cookies for her, but Chloe merely gave them a fleeting gaze and threw them in the bin afterward. I fought the urge to hit her for that.

Another case was the fiancee that had been decided as my future partner by the time I was born. She was from the Margrave House Whitey; a lady that is slightly older than me by the name of Shiela. However, she was a lady with a plumpy physique which earned Chloe’s ire. She went as far as scornfully saying that having to welcome her to our proud house and call refer to her as sister-in-law in the future is one of her greatest shames. Although I was not especially fond of the lady,  on the contrary, I felt sympathy for Shiela for being forced to refer to someone like Chloe as “sister-in-law” in the future.

Even my tutor was not safe from the brunt of Chloe’s attacks. She was Viscount Magenta, a wise and gentle lady who always carried a pleasant fragrance around her. She had always persevered in strongly encouraging me to have confidence in myself and at times, even embraced me in comfort. Although her efforts in trying to mend my relationship with Chloe were unnecessary, her gentleness that brought to such meddlesome actions is something I cannot truly hate. However, Chloe, merely spat at her, calling her revolting, and she always made sure to intrude and bother us on the times of Viscountess’ Magenta’s visits.

I remember one time where the Viscountess handed me perfume to give to Chloe as a present. Chloe was mourning the death of her pet at that time, and the Viscountess thought this could be the ideal time to repair our relationship. I told her that it may be too early for her to receive a perfume because she was still young but the viscountess said that ladies of her age are finding ways to stand out from others so I took the gift, not able to refuse any longer. Although I do not believe that this would end our disagreements, the perfume was the same kind that the viscountess used, so I thought of taking it instead if Chloe did not like it. However, Chloe’s actions was far beyond my expectations.




Chloe threw the perfume bottle out of the carriage window towards a riverside that goes through the slums. I was initially thinking of handing it to her by the time we got home but because she noticed the smell and asked me about it, I told her that Viscountess Magenta gave it to me to hand over to her. I thought that she would just flatly refuse, even refusing to touch it but her unexpected reaction made me flare up in anger and knocked her down. Ignoring Chloe who cried, as a result, I told the coachman to stop the carriage and forcibly dragged her out.


“Give the bin back.”

“What are you saying? It had already sunk to the bottom of the river!!”

“Then you’ll have to pick it all up, glass fragments and all. Wouldn’t those be dangerous for people who will be crossing that river?”

“I refuse. Why would I go to such a filthy river that no sane person would even use?”

I slapped her the second time to which she cried loudly, and while she was throwing a fit, I returned to the carriage and left her behind. I told the coachman who timidly awaited orders that he should ignore her and leave, then called out to the butler head who was standing right beside Chloe.

“Purpleton, you may leave too.”

“Please go ahead, milord. I will be waiting here beside milady.”

The head butler told the coachman to report to my father what had transpired here. She took Chloe with him and headed towards the river afterwards. After going home, I was hit by my father multiple times and was told to return to my room and reflect on my actions. I appealed to him about Chloe’s high-handedness but I do not know for sure if he listened. In the end, my tutor, Viscountess Magenta was replaced by another one.

Later that day, it appears that Chloe inquired to father as to what kind of place was the slums and joined him in his inspections. She returned with a shabby-looking child who was older than me and called himself Shin. Upon being educated by the head butler, he was soon attached to Chloe as his personal butler. I felt pity for him for having to attend to my selfish younger sister’s whims. A little later after that, some employees who also originated from the slum area had been attached to me too. There were three of them and one was a woman. I was specially instructed to not tell Chloe anything about them and I relished the thought of holding on to a secret that was purposely hidden from her but because the three of them would have to train for self-defense, they hardly returned to the mansion and barely had time to interact with me.

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  1. Avatar Eh... says:

    ” I still disagree with sacrificing a lady’s life in order to cover up for a man’s foolish actions”

    Why are we now pretending that rapist brother/cousin has a conscience? He was totally ready to let them do that to Chloe for Leddorio’s rapey self…

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