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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 73

Clandestine Meeting

Clandestine Meeting

The lodging-house has begun their feast celebrating Locke’s party’s successful gathering of the magic crystals. Dai got drank immediately and was naked down to the waist. He was having an arm wrestling with Sam while Kisara overlooked them with disdain. Because Chloe will be resting for the night and stayed inside her room, Shin had cut the footage there.

The succeeding footage shown was Shin’s lone conversation with the 2nd prince.

“Are you leaving now, sir?”

“Yeah, I have things to do.”

Prince Keith was affectionately caressing Citrin’s head as he looked upwards. Leddorio thought that the unspecified things to do that he talked about was likely coming to his party to show these footages.

“Are you not taking Sir Dai along, highness?”

“Yup, he doesn’t seem to feel like coming back anyway… and from what I can see, he’s fallen deep too.”

“Huh! …. Do you mean to Kisara, sir!?”

Shin momentarily wondered just who the prince was referring to but his voice croaked in surprise to his own conclusion. The footage recorded so far had only shown several scenes of the two quarrelling inside the bar. Leddorio also thought that Kisara does not fit Dai’s preference of pure women that begets protection like Momo.

“A son of a general together with a maid from a different house? Not to mention, Kisara originated from the slums. I believe this would only create problems, sir.”

“Dai isn’t the type of person to mind such things. I mean, even Momo was just a commoner before becoming the saintess. Besides, Dai really hates being bound by something. Even if they try to pressure him otherwise, he’ll just end up leaving his house.”

“….I see.”

Leddorio thought that Shin must be having mixed feelings upon knowing that his former love rival have developed feelings for his close friend instead. On the otherhand, Prince Yello merely chuckled at the butler’s fatigued voice and straddled at the back of Citrin.

“Well then, take care of Lady Chloe. She should be waking up around soon.”

After saying that, Prince Keith soar to the sky riding alight Citrin and Shin saw them off. He stood there in thought for a moment until the sound of two people murmuring behind the church caught his ears. He approached them while keeping his feet light and hid himself from the building’s cover.

The two people in question was Chloe and Locke. They stood on a place considerably lit by the barrier’s light and were having conversation. Shin operated the brooch in order to increase the recording volume.

“You should be resting a little more. You still look pale, you know?”

“I already recovered a considerable part of mana I used to erect the barrier, but thanks for worrying about… someone like me.”

Chloe meekly smiled towards him while Locke was scratching his cheek in embarrassment.

“I can help you get a carriage anytime but… are you leaving soon?”

“Yes. That’s the main reason why I left the capital after all. I’ll leave right after I finish my preparations.”

Chloe had left the procurement of carriage entirely to Locke. Leddorio thought that she will likely head towards the Nansonia convent in a day or two. As Locke’s green unkempt hair was roused by the wind, his eyebrows lowered seemingly in regret.

“Knowing you, you’ll probably get through it easily no matter how harsh. After that, when you come back to aristocracy…, although it might not be on the level of a prince, there’s probably a high ranking noble fiancee waiting for you already…”

“I guess so.”

Chloe answered with one word without so much a thought. Locke’s eyes wavered but they still wondered elsewhere.

“If… you were to lose your place again, just come back and be this bar’s poster girl again.  I’m sure boss and even mistress will always be here waiting.”


Chloe and Locke’s eyes met. Leddorio, who watched as the scene unfolded, couldn’t figure out where the irritation he feels stems. It shouldn’t matter to him whoever Chloe falls in love with. After all, they are no longer related to each other. Has the lady truly fallen in love with Locke? Did Chloe truly think of this boorish man better than him that she fell for him instead? As such similar thoughts began to surface in his mind, his irritation kept growing even more.

‘Is my little sister… thinking of discarding her status and following this adventurer instead?’

‘Who knows? However, the lady had been burdened by so much responsibilities thus far, and I’m thinking of giving her more leniency after her atonement. I mean, she’s still young so she should be allowed to experience love.’

”I’m still too young! Am I even not allowed to experience love before I end up being wed politically?”

Suddenly, Leddorio remembered the complaint he had to Chloe regarding Momo. Normally he would be find odd how his little brother knew that, but he knew it’s far too late for him to try figuring Keith out. All this time, the 2nd prince had been looking at the entirety of the picture, while him, on the other hand, averted his eyes away from many things, pretending not to notice.

A little rushed, some quality drop. Sorry about that lol.
(I mixed the numbers up lol, republished.)

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  1. Avatar Arha says:

    And that’s Dai firmly peeled off now, though he was already only loosely attached at this point. Seems like the dumb prince is also wavering, even though he doesn’t want to admit it. Shin isn’t paired off with another person yet but he was the first to start getting along okay with Chloe, mostly parted ways with the rest of the group and then gets found by his high class family that lives way far away.

    I wonder if her brother is going to come to his senses or if he’ll just get ruined? So far he’s probably the least sympathetic of the group. It’s bad enough for someone like Dai or Sei to wish ruin upon some random girl that wronged the girl they like and quite another for her actual brother to do so, yet he’s the one who seems the most stubborn on all this.

    1. Avatar anon says:

      Her brother has an inferior complex towards the MC, even without Momo’s interference. I’m not sure he will get his senses back.

      1. Avatar Mrs.YunoLanx says:

        the fact of the matter is that he sees his own sister as a threat to his already placed duke its baffles me…..he just wanted his sister to be weak and pure because a capable one will show how much he is lacking and his father saw it and he knows that so he hated her…he only sees momo as that type of woman that he needs to show how much of a capable man he is…that’s it.

      2. Avatar Arha says:

        To be fair, she was pretty shitty towards him. Buuut not enough to excuse trying to get her raped.

        Maybe his punishment actually will be getting stuck with Momo in the end. That would be pretty terrible.

  2. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I SHIP IT!
    Whoever against it will face me!

  3. Avatar Umesan says:

    I saw that the novel also does a version where it’s from Chloe’s point of view. Are you doing that as well? Or will you continue Hated Ducal Lady first?

    1. Avatar Vouivre says:

      I’m not sure yet. My original plan is to just TL the main series, but plans can change I guess. 50/50

  4. Avatar Eh... says:

    So…attempted rapist Shin just walks away to be a royal? Well, considering Leddorio…yeah, sounds just about right 😛

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