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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 72

Return to Iris Mountain

Return to Iris Mountain

After doing all her necessary greetings, Chloe and Shin rode at the back of a dragon en route towards Iris Mountain. They also brought the sacred stone that the church had granted them with them.

“Are you sure about this? There’s no need for you to spend time in the convent. There’s hardly anyone that will condemn you for your sins save for brother Leddorio and his group.”

“That’s not true, highness. Even the populace are watching over me in settling my responsibilities. Besides, I have already decided before that I shall be the one to settle the miasma problem within the mountain.”

“You sure are stubborn about this. Well, you may do whatever you please. Besides, the miasma doesn’t seem to be the only thing you have set your eyes on anyway.”

“Y-Your highness!”

With the beet red, Chloe, and heartily laughing Yello on its back, the dragon steadily flew and before long, arrived at Nansonia Mountain. They came across Locke and his party who were on their way towards the dungeon as well as the Grace couple and some of its patrons, who watched as the adventurers leave at the lodging’s entrance.

“Welcome back! Looks like it went well.”

“Sorry, Locke… I went so far as asking for your help on something so troublesome, and yet I ended up relying upon Prince Yello in the end.”

“Stupid. An apology is the last thing you should be saying at times like this. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare sacred stone or two.”

“T…Thank you.”

As Locke flicked her forehead, Chloe looks up to the adventurer with upturned eyes, to which he replied with a broad grin. They were able to obtain a magic crystal too so the conversation headed towards refining one into a sacred stone.  As all of them headed towards the Church, Dai, who didn’t have the slightest idea what was happening, yelled from the furthest back.

“P-Prince Yello!? I just saw Chloe and Shin alighting from a dragon before… just what is happening, sir? What about the observation?”

“Oh– Well, brother and the others were busy and didn’t have time for it, so I was able to take Lady Chloe to the capital and return briefly. Rather, Dai, just how long do you plan on staying here? Are you still not satisfied with what you’ve seen so far?”

“Not that sir…, it’s just… these guys are pretty cool soo…”

Soon enough, the refining of the sacred stone inside the church has started. The sacred stone they got from the capital was put on the ground and used as a sample product. Surrounding it was several magic crystals that Locke’s party was able to obtain from the dungeon.

“Chaco, sorry bout I gotta borrow your sacred power while refining this.”

“Alright, father. The barrier outside was nearing its limits too so I will erect one while we’re at it.”

Chloe nonchalantly said as she raised her hands towards the sky. Suddenly, the surrounding air resounded as if it was strung. The onlookers stared at the surrounding with surprise.

“That surprised me! This is the first time I’ve seen milady putting up a barrier herself.”

“You have gotten even better, milady.  But wouldn’t you have to keep this up while using your sacred power in refining a sacred stone?”

“I’ll just have to put up with it until we finish making one.”

Replying with a smile to ease their worries, Chloe and Priest Grace have started their refinement work.

Refining is done by the priest, or in this case priestess, and the specialist through charging up the magic crystals obtained from the dungeon with their sacred mana. As the two of them closed their eyes and put their hands on the magic crystals laid on an octagram, black sparkles of light have wrapped around their surroundings. Leddorio was familiar with this scenery. The same phenomenon happened when Chloe touched a magic crystal during the True Saintess trial which he witnessed. The colors of sacred mana are individually unique, and it doesn’t have any significant meaning on its own. That being said, darkish-colored sacred mana could still affect a Saintess’ image.

As they charged the magic stone with sacred mana, they began to rose from the ground and started circling the surrounding of the two. At the clap of Priest Grace, the magic crystals crumbled to pieces and a dazzling stone revealed itself inside them which then fell to the ground.

“Well, we’re done.”

“Good work mila..dy? Be careful!”

Shin who called out to her caught Chloe who was about to faint to the ground.

“I’m fine… I just staggered a little.”

“You had just performed at the capital… please do not push yourself so hard.”

 That was when the mistress who was held back from overlooking the transfer of the sacred stone comes to the church.

“Hey, Listen! We’re having a feast to celebrate today so hurry up and eat before they get cold! And you, Chaco, you have already worked so hard so just leave all the clean up to my husband and rest for today already!”

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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