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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 50

The Legend of the Witch

The Legend of the Witch

The prince found the words that came out of Momo’s mouth in her first participation quite impossible to believe.

She had just said that Chloe Sereknight will become a witch soon.

While it is certainly true that her personality was of the worst kind, the prince thought that the word “witch” is far too heavy of a word to describe her, considering how the word is related to the legend of the saintess spread within the entire kingdom.

“Whenever malevolent wind brews within the kingdom, a sacred lady shall descend from the heavens. The saint shall dispel all evil and seal the witch.”  This is the legend of the saintess passed through the entire Coloflare Kingdom for generations.”

“Everyone in the kingdom knows about that, even children.”

“Right, I read a drawing book about it in the past too.”

“Oh, we saw a play with that theme yesterday, didn’t we?

Sei casually drops the news about the date he had together with Momo earning the surrounding glares. Nodding in affirmation to him, Momo then took a single book out of a bookshelf after.

“Just what is a witch? Are they the ones responsible for scattering the miasma throughout the land? The answer to those questions is in this passage, sir.  ‘For the wind that brings forth beasts be appeased, two ladies chosen by gods prays as they confront the evil. Yet, with her heart tainted by malice, one succumbs to temptations and surrenders herself to the darkness. After generations,, the lady drowning in malice is called the witch, and the other to seal her away, the saint.'”



There are two saintess– or rather, according to the passage, the witch who is told to bring forth disasters to the kingdom is formerly, a saintess herself. Leddorio who only heard about this for the first time couldn’t hide his astonishment. Keith, on the other hand said nothing, but merely traced the passage within the forbidden book Momo held with his his fingers. However, the language written was so ancient that they look incomprehensible strings that cannot be deciphered immediately.

“Is that really true?”

“I think so,  sir. Doesn’t this resemble the first saintess’ circumstances? I looked up the history of Coloflare Kingdom. The first saintess only became the fiancee of the crown prince after she devoted her efforts to the kingdom, but during her nomination, ladies with high sacred power were gathered throughout the country from which two were chosen. In other words, although it was done with the purpose of purifying the miasma, they were intent on choosing a queen from the start.”

“In the end, the two chosen saintess fought for the favor of the prince, and the one overcame with evil intentions became the witch…. True, it does bear similarity.”

The prince thought that the reason Momo had been so anxious was after coming to know this story. But even so, Chloe was far from the capital and far from bearing resentful, Leddorio thought that the lady was even repenting for her previous actions. That being the case, he thought that maybe these were unnecessary worries. 

He told Momo just that but, Momo only shook her head in reply, and with a face ridden with grief, she said; 

Haven’t you felt something odd with Lady Chloe, sir? Like for example, she seemed to be a completely different person than before?”

Okay, I botched that archaic sh!te because of my limited vocabulary. If you know better, put it in the comments.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    I need to train a dog whose main diet is b*tch!

  2. Avatar Dustin Edwards says:

    I don’t know how to feel about this… It basically confirms Momo will be Big Bad… I was kinda hoping she would just show her true colors, be proven to be selfish/self-centered, but then move on with her life and learn something. But I guess Chloe will actually have to beat some sense into her… Oh well!

  3. Avatar meowthank says:

    And…. we all see where this is going. Momo is going to be a witch and Chloe will seal her or something

  4. Avatar wildhorse99 says:

    I wonder if every generation has both the saint and the counter saint vieing for the same position, and thus that choice of good or evil use of power is what keeps the world stable or some nonsense.

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