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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 49

Dai Nable Part 4 - Oblivious to the world

Dai Nable Part 4 – Oblivious to the world

“As expected of advance level dungeons, these monsters ain’t kidding at all. It makes me fired up!”

“He followed us again, what’s with this guy?”

The mage called Kisara complains but her words go past my ears. If one were to ask about nobilities with excellent mage lineage, House Whitey, the margrave house that the queen came from, comes to mind first.

Although Kisara may be commoner-born, she was still able to improve her magic proficiency in a considerably short period of time.

Of course, her magic alone wouldn’t be enough to conquer this dungeon with ease, but with the help of Lucky, the thief, and Sam, the Warrior; the three of them are working together to support Locke in order to achieve that.

By noon, we took a lunch inside the barrier that Kisara herself put up. Locke had the lunch box that Chloe handed to him before. The relaxed face he had as he took it out overlapps with mine whenever I received Momo’s baked snacks.

“Oh, milady has gotten even better, hasn’t she?”

“Power of love, I guess? There was none to praise her before after all.”

“She really has changed, hasn’t she. How should I put it, like a maiden in love?”

“Stop with the tease, you fools.”

While Locke was looking away, I sneakily took one of the sandwiches in the lunch box. As I gobbled it down, I tasted the crushed egg filling which was flavored with some kind of salty seasoning. At any rate, It’s a taste that I never had before in my entire life.

“Ah! You bastard, again! I was saving that for the last!”

“Why are you so moved about an evil witch’s cooking? That wench used her followers to harass Momo, you know?”

“You already told me that before.”

“No, you don’t understand. Are you just gonna turn a blind eye to the harassment of your precious childhood friend? Your feelings about Momo must be just as shallow then.”

I said so, trying to provoke him but his face suddenly went expressionless, and then started stuffing the remaining sandwiches into his mouth. His mouth was too full to complain and when I gave him a surprised look, he gave me a ridiculing glance in return.

“Wasn’t she thrown out of the capital to atone for that? She is already abiding by the punishment given to her by the royal family and the sacred church, so there’s no need for us to do anything anymore. Pushing someone already down out of your own sense of justice is just for your own personal satisfaction.”

“What!? Momo is currently being terrorized by the thought of that woman plotting revenge, you know? Shouldn’t all evils be thoroughly and completely crushed?”

Lucky was about to steal one of the sandwiches but Locke blocked his attempt.

“Sir Dai, do you not feel anything whenever you eat one of milady’s lunches?”


Hearing that, I lightly grasped my arms relaxed them back to try to feel anything. I noticed that my fatigue were thoroughly erased. This place has miasma far thicker than anything outside of the dungeon, not to mention, we didn’t really come out unscathed of all monsters we fought. How could we possibly recover so easy over a short break time?

“They were ridden with sacred magic, not to mention, a considerably stronger one. Being able to give blessing through food is a feat only head priests can do, or maybe even only the Saintess.”

“I guess that’s to be expected of the former queen candidate.”

Kisara and Locke nods to one another.

Those things had blessings in them akin to that of a saintess, she says? So I had been healed by Chloe’s magic then? But even Momo can do something like that. Every time I eat her snacks, I can feel my strength recovering up to the brim.

Still, how come can Chloe do something similar…

“Sacred magic is a power that came out of the first saintess’ prayers. No matter how much those with evil hearts try to learn them, they wouldn’t be able to use it at all. Surely, you know what I’m trying to say.”

 Sam kept pushing the truth that I didn’t want to recognize. Chloe, the sinner, was using the same sacred powers as the ever sweet and pure, Momo. It means that Chloe was no longer the same villainous lady that she was before.

Leaving me who was in daze after hearing everything, Lucky turned to Locke next.

“…By the way, Locke didn’t seem so surprised when he heard everything about milady. Did you figured it out from the beginning?”

“Yeah. She may be trying to hide it but she always had this slightly complicated look on her face whenever she talks about Momo. Besides, the siblinghood between her and Shin felt a little unnatural. I feel bad for her but I was too curious and looked her up.”

“I’m not trying to be like this guy but you sure forgave her easily. She’s the one behind the harassment of your precious childhood friend after all.”

Locke stopped in his tracks and his eyebrows furrowed as he turned his glance upwards. I knew it, there’s no way he wasn’t mad about it. That much is obvious, we are talking about a person who harassed the one he had been in love with for a very long time. There’s no way anyone could possibly just let it slide.

“I was not by her side by then so I don’t have the right to feel that way. I only heard about it, and I know many cases of people who let their feelings get ahead of them, only to face ruin in the end, and Chloe was likely the same.”

Locke smoothly pulled his sword out of scabbard. His blade was pointed at my direction. I was taken aback at first but after looking behind, there was a monster crawling in the ceiling of the cave.

Since when did that appear!?

“I do not know anything about Momo after her arrival to the capital, the same goes for Chloe who spend their days in there.”

Before I regained my stance, Locke already stood up and within a moment, the ceiling of the cave above me went calm. Afterwards, I heard the sound of bodies of monsters falling to the ground and dying. If you get eaten by one of those things, you’ll melt away on the spot.

“So as for how Chaco is right now, I will watch over her and make certain of everything with my own eyes.”

Groaning aloud, this time it was Sam who brandished his spear. The bodies he missed were all pierced by Lucky’s knife and turned to cinders by Kisara’s flame magic.

I was completely behind. When we conquered a middle-class dungeon, I was able to rout all the small fries and put on the airs of a knight, not knowing that the elation I felt getting praised by Momo each time was something born out of my obliviousness to how wide the world was.

There are a great number of individuals far stronger than I was. I know that now.

“Damn it!!!”

The sword I swung out of desperation pierced through the body of a monster and got stuck against the wall. After failing to pull it out for some time, a different monster started going after me. Abandoning the sword, I tried to run away from it.

Suddenly I heard a sound similar to a hair being cut behind me.

Looking back, I saw the monsters split into two pieces, and beside it was Locke, who silently put his twin blades back into their sheathes.

Yet again, I was saved by this guy.

 (How the hell is he this strong? What’s the difference between him and me… tell me, father!)

“Excellent swordsmanship alone cannot be called a strength. You must put some time into learning too.”

I suddenly remembered the words of my father. When Locke was separated from Momo, he went from an adopted son of an earl to an adventurer and consequently built up experiences. On the other hand, I saw no one else but myself.

I knocked down everyone in my surroundings that didn’t recognize my strength, all while trying to fool myself that I didn’t do it out of my own personal satisfaction.

I knew from the start that Chloe wasn’t such a bad person. But the fixation that the Chloe that Momo feared and his highness had shunned away was her real nature, couldn’t be fixed so easily.

“Hey, are you alright?”

Locke was waving his hand in front of me. I firmly took it and yelled.

“You’re a pretty decent guy ain’t cha! You’re much better than I previously thought!”


“Confirm it with your own eyes, eh?.. That’s right, I’m also here for the same thing!”

“What on earth is this guy saying?”

“Who knows?”

All of them looked at each other’s eyes. Ignoring Locke who had a mystified look on his face, my entire body was suddenly wrapped by feelings of excitement on my new “discoveries”

Yeah, I only managed to translate two yesterday so I decided to put them up today instead. I’ll take a break tomorrow but if I didn’t update on Saturday, the next will likely be released on Monday.

Anyway, that conclude’s Dai’s perspective chapters.

Which are long, tiring, and messy (the author used a lot of words and terminologies that I’m not familiar with so there was a lot of googling involved lol.)

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  1. Arha says:

    I really skimmed through all the Momo flirting stuff but from the two or three sentences I read it seems like Momo would always blame Chloe and be instantly believed. But then again it’s implied that she reincarnated immediately after the condemnation. But then again again, she is still accepting personal responsibility.

    1. Grey hat. says:

      More like played the role to the point of condemnation, either to be done with the prince or to help Momo get to where she needed to go. Remember Shins friends saved at the same time he was. There is a chance that her Father was in on it as well as they were sent to follow her at his orders.

      1. Mrs.YunoLanx says:

        agreed its painfully obviose the “villainess” fake everything so the story followed its course so she can be over and done with this unfaithfull man

    2. TheHillsAreAlive says:

      I truly wonder what role she had to play in this alleged abuse of Momo? The story seems to say that the church keeps the saintess busy from daybreak till sunset. Unlike Momo, Chloe did not get the prince to buy her reprieve. So it follows that she must not have had very much free time to plan and execute all these things. Maybe some jealous women did these acts and pinned it on the one lady of sufficient rank and prestige to avoid punishment? After all, If Momo is going around ‘seducing’ men, she’s bound to make enemies.

      I use ‘seducing’ for lack of a better term. God knows what she’s actually doing. It does feel like some charm or curse though.

  2. Beth Moonfang says:

    I can’t help but notice it’s always Chloe’s “followers” who may or may not be following orders. A lot of the time followers go rogue when the leader is passive, or Momo is the actual leader who was framing Chloe, her competition. The part where she said the Chloe was possessed was an obvious red flag too, wouldn’t be surprised if Momo followed cliché and had charm magic also lol

  3. Kora says:

    Thank you for translating

  4. Death Fairy says:


  5. jenhime says:

    I’m asuming Momo framed Chloe so that she’d get a harem. Chloe is the real saintess and Momo is just a fake or she has manipulative charm powers.

  6. ttp says:

    the sandwich confirms chloe’s reincarnation pretty much lol

  7. RKADE 14 says:

    Watching this guy is hurting my head.

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