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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 27

Bitter Memories

Bitter Memories

On the next day, Chloe had woken up earlier than Shin and had already left their room. As Shin descended the stairs, he saw her in the kitchen.

 “Good Morning. You should have woken me up as well.”

“Oh, good morning, brother. I had to do some early kitchen preparations, you see… Let’s start cleaning now.”

 The day is still early, and hardly anyone had woken up yet. Nevertheless, Chloe still calls Shin brother like they are actual siblings. It seemed that Chloe sincerely wants to treat him that way, and Shin could only breathe a sigh in reply.

 “Did you use the kitchen without asking for permission? The mistress might get angry, you know?”

“Of course, I asked for permission yesterday. The mistress had said that she is going to watch me cook as well.”

“Watch you cook!? Not just the preparations anymore, you plan to lead the kitchen now, lad…?”

 Chloe sealed the lips of Shin, who was about to raise his voice with her finger. As the two left and were about to take the cleaning tools outside, the mistress had already woken up and merrily greeted them.

“Good morning, you two. Isn’t it hard to wake up that early?”

“Mistress, are you truly planning to leave the cooking to Chaco? My younger sister is so unskilled that she often had me eat the burnt sweets she baked that she couldn’t possibly give to the person they were meant to be. “

“Hey, that’s embarrassing, stop it. That’s already way back in the past.”

 ‘Burnt cookies? What is that about?’

‘As you have heard from him. That woman tried to bake cookies to get your favor in opposition to Miss Momo.  She had made me taste it as well, but when I told her that it was disgusting, she threw it in the wastebasket out of anger.’

Darck sneered as he had told the Leddorio, while the prince knitted his eyebrow in response to the story he had just heard of. As if the embarrassing story of the ever proud Chloe had hit his funny bone, Dai burst out in laughter.

  ‘Guahahaha, that Lady Chloe? Baking!? It doesn’t suit her at all!!!’

‘I feel for you, your highness. You just narrowly managed to avoid having to eat burnt cinders.’

 As his friend Sei, looked at him with such a pitiful glance, the prince retorted in response.

 ‘Even if she had successfully managed to bake something, I would never put anything that woman made into my mouth. Momo’s cookies are amazing precisely because she had put her pure heart on it… it may not be my business but, how about you Sei? I heard the negotiations about your engagement is not going well either.”

“The prince should save his worries because the annulment is already under discussion and proceeding smoothly. Now that there’s an angelic being like Momo living inside my heart, I can no longer continue the engagement. It would be rude to my fiancee.”

Not only Leddorio, even the negotiation for Darck, and Sei’s engagement had sunken to the bottom of the ground. Once Momo’s engagement to the prince was to be announced, there’s no way the selfishness of the two will push through. However, because Momo had not made any distinction in her relationship with them, all the rivals are convinced that it could be them whom she will end up marrying.

To this, the prince could only look at his friends with a cold glance.

Vouivre Notice.

I’m currently at finals right now, and because it might take time to wait for 5 chapters to be done before updating, I’ll just put them up right after they are ready. So yeah, not sure if there will be follow up updates later today. That’s about it, I guess?

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  1. Dustin Edwards says:

    Good Luck with finals!

    1. Mikael says:

      Thank you for the update and good luck for your finals 😊

    2. Baa Baa Black Sheep says:

      Wow, what a jerk. At least she made an effort to bake.

  2. Maha says:

    U realy very kind VOUIVRE even u have finals u still spend ur time to update chapter for us very kind of u. And do the best for ur finals.

  3. jenhime says:

    So Momo is veeery suspicious and the prince is a idiot.

    Good luck with your finals!

  4. Tsuki says:

    Good luck with your finals, and thanks for the translation.

    Momo have them all warped around her little finger in such a way that is going to be fun once they realize their beloved Saint isn’t as innocent as they believe, at least that’s what it seems since the Price talk with the real Chako, thought I think the 2nd Prince knows something, and it’s just there to enjoy their reactions.

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    Thanks for the translation!

  7. Kevin De Leon says:

    A mí se me hace que Momo les puso toloache en las galletas por eso los trae asi y bueno más bale que se preparen para que sus ex-prometidas los apuñalen por serles infieles y dejarlas así nomás

  8. K says:

    The most fun end for Momo would be some random dude out of nowhere because the reverse harem being in the running was all in their own head, but I don’t see that happening with the Chako Brown revelation.

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