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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 26

Sacred Stone Refiner

Sacred Stone Refiner

As if to dispel the deafening silence, the mistress vigorously clapped her hands.

“Hey, stop with those depressed looks on your faces.  My husband was able to save countless lives ever since he built a church here. Aren’t you one of those, Locke?”


As the gaze gathered on him, Locke scratched the back of his head, looking embarrassed.

 “After Momo headed towards the capital, I was adopted by an earl house from the neighboring country. They told me how I looked like their departed son and how they needed an heir because they couldn’t have children. Well, I ended up getting relieved from that immediately though. But since I was formally adopted, I thought that by making a name for myself as an adventurer, I would have the face to meet her but…, I couldn’t even get to an advanced level, and as I had just barely escaped a dungeon on the verge of death, it was boss who picked me up.”

“”Call me priest. Even though I was excommunicated from the Church, I am still a man of faith.”

 Saying so, the priest coughed clearing his throat and then turned his gaze towards Chloe.

 “You did well in noticing the faulty sacred stone. Only the considerably higher clergymen can discern an irregularity within the divine power. Although I must say that I had a slight clue about it when smaller monsters were able to pass through the barrier.”

“What does father want to do? We were thinking of having a magic crystal refined by a refining specialist into sacred stone but, the church would likely refuse to send one…”

Chloe’s face darkened. She had no choice but to reveal a part of her actual circumstances because the sacred stone used to put up the barrier was starting to reach its limits. The priest is no longer officially recognized by the holy church and could no longer help her fix that.

“I don’t know. I’m wondering if I should pay a magician a high sum to put up a barrier using magic stone or use this as a sign to close down the lodging and the church. But if you managed to get a magic crystal and bring it to me, there’s no need to worry anymore, little miss.”


“When I was still with the holy church, I was one of those refining specialists you were talking about earlier. It’s one of those skills that you’ll never lose even as you age.”

Having already spoken about many things, the mouth of the three gaped open in utter surprise to the priest’s sudden revelation regarding his other job. The church had been able to survive because adventurers are entering the dungeon to harvest magic crystals. However, Masrat Grace is a priest and not an adventurer, and therefore, cannot enter the dungeon himself. They cannot ask their customers to bring one for them either because nobody would volunteer to risk their lives for charity, and those who got one would much rather sell it to church for a large sum.

 “I never thought I would ever meet a generous person that would willingly replace a sacred stone for free…, For the first time in decades, I’m starting to believe in the existence of god.”

“I’m appalled. That’s not the kind of words that should come out of the mouth of a priest. Anyway, that’s about it. You can stop worrying around if you are troubled about something and just consult us about it.”

The mistress said so as she laughed while patting Chloe in the back. The tyrant who would usually yell at her impertinence and socially kill her for her transgression is no longer there. In her place was a lady who was flinching with a wry smile on her face.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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