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BTC Chapter 65


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 65:生气 (Angry) 


By the time He Ling regained his consciousness, he was already lying on his own bed.The sky outside the window was very dark so the twinkling starlight could be seen. A candle was lit up on the table in the room, the small flame leaping around and shining out the trace of bright warm color. 


        Was it night already? He blinked,he had no memory of the matter that happened after he fainted. After thinking for a while, he ended up with nothing. He moved his body, wanted to get up, but a faint pain in his belly made him frown and lie back down.


        He put his hand on his stomach and touched it gently, bewildered in his heart. He hadn’t eaten anything strange recently. How could he suddenly pass out from the pain in his stomach?


        There was a soft creak that sounded as the door was pushed open so he turned his head to look over. He saw Qi Yue walking in with a bowl in his hand. Seeing that He Ling was awake, he went to the bed and lifted him up, bringing the bowl to his lips.


        The bowl of water was in black color, and there was a strong smell of herbal medicine coming out from it. He Ling slightly wrinkled his eyebrows, obediently opened his mouth, as he let the other man feed him all the medicine in the bowl.


        After finishing the medicine, Qi Yue helped him to lie down on the bed again. Then he turned around with the empty bowl and actually went out just like that! 


        “Xiang Gong?” He Ling was surprised and called out to him.He felt that he looked a bit strange.


        The person being called stopped in his steps yet he didn’t stay long. Without saying a word, he left the room and closed the door again with a ‘bang’ (sound). 


        He Ling did not know what to do and at a complete loss, he staggered on his feet while trying to get up. He stared at the tightly closed door, his eyes wide opened. 


Is Xiang Gong angry? Or is he angry with him? Why?


        He was suddenly frightened, since they met until now, he had never been treated like this. Why was it suddenly becoming like this? Had he done something wrong?


        In the midst of feeling fear and panic, Qi Yue came in again, this time he carried a tray with him. There was a bowl of plain rice congee and several small dishes. When Qi Yue saw He Ling propped up his body sitting on the bed, his expression immediately changed. He put the tray down on the table, went over to him and pushed him to lie back down on his bed. “Can’t you stay still and be obedient?”


        He Ling was stunned and frightened by his fierce tone. He stayed dumbfounded and did not know what to respond when he looked into his irritated eyes.


        Meeting his gaze, Qi Yue closed his eyes, released his hands that were pressing his shoulders, and turned back to get the meal on the table, only to be stopped by He Ling who tugged his sleeve.


        He Ling tightened his grip on the fabric under his hand with a slightly unnoticeable tremble. He spoke very carefully to probe out, “Xiang Gong, are you angry with me?”


        Hearing the helpless voice of the person behind him, Qi Yue’s heart was slightly pierce with pain. His hand clenched into a fist, resisting the urge to hold him into his embrace. He used a small amount of strength to pull the sleeve away.


        The smooth fabric slipped out of his hand. He Ling’s heart panicked by this, anxiously leaning forward and grabbing his hand directly, his voice tinged with sobbing tone, “What did I do wrong, can you tell me, please?”


The hand that held him was trembling non stop, so you could imagine the fear in its owner’s heart. The pain and anger were so intertwined in Qi Yue’s heart that he could no longer bear to turn his back,”Do you seriously,do not know what is wrong with you?”


        His eyes flushed red because of anger, He Ling’s heart ached to see this. 

He looked so distressed that his eyes also reddened but he didn’t know how to answer his question, “I’m sorry ….”


        “Why didn’t you tell me if you weren’t feeling well?” Qi Yue held his shoulders with some force, “I’m a doctor!”


        He Ling did not know the reason for his anger until this moment, his heart felt even more guilty, it must have been his sudden fainting that scared him, that’s why he was angry with him, “I thought it was okay, that’s why I don’t ….”


        “You thought?” Releasing his hand, Qi Yue took a step back, his expression cold,  “If you really don’t want the baby in your belly, tell me! I’ll have a better way to get rid of him.”


        He Ling’s mind suddenly went blank, ‘A child? What child?’ He reached out and placed his hand on his belly, his gaze flickering in panic, he had a child in his belly? He and Qiyue’s …… child?


        Qi Yue bent his body close to him and cupped his chin, making him look at himself, his words cold as if he were another person, “A child of a month or so is easy to get rid off, as what you did today, that light fall was enough to kill him.”


        Tears rolled from his eyes and slid down his cheeks, staining his hands. He pulled his hand back as if he had been burned. He looked at He Ling shaking his head at him with a tear-stained face, “No! Don’t …!”


        He reached out his hand to grab Qi Yue’s hand again, full of fear and panic. Facing him to confirm, “Is the baby alright? Is he all right?”


        In the end, Qi Yue still didn’t have the heart to ignore him so after being silent for a long time, he gave him a definite answer, “He is fine!”


He Ling abruptly fell paralyzed on the bed. He held his stomach with one hand while covering his face with the other. He was choked with sobs and couldn’t make a sound as the sparkling and translucent teardrops slipped through his fingers, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry …. I almost killed your child, it’s my fault!”


If he had told his husband earlier about his discomfort, he would have found out about the child earlier and he would have been able to protect him more carefully. He would not also be in this kind of situation today.


        “Do you think it’s this child that I care about?”


His cold voice caused He Ling to raise his head, he met with Qi Yue’s eyes that carried some disappointment in it. He even forgot to cry and stared at him blankly, “Xiang Gong?”


        “You still don’t understand exactly why I’m angry.” Qi Yue let out a soft laugh that the emotion in it could not be described. He then took a few steps back before he turned his body and left the room until his figure disappeared and couldn’t be seen anymore. 


He Ling sat frozen on the bed, letting his tears drip down one by one following along his chin and wet the bedding. He didn’t know what to do, like a child who had been abandoned.


        Qi Yue went out of the room and looked at the moon which was not in round shape in the sky.He sighed for a long time, he knew he shouldn’t get angry at A Ling, but he couldn’t control it. 


When Lin Xiaohu ran to the field to tell him that Ah Ling had fainted, no one knew how worried and frightened he was, especially when he saw him lying in Wu Yulan’s arms with a pale face, he simply felt as if his breath was stopped. 


    Unfortunately, at this moment, Wu Yulan whose face was also pale, told him that she was afraid that A Ling probably had miscarried.At that split second, his mind went blank and he could not even remember how he had carried the other party home.


    He undoubtedly knew how brilliant his own medical expertise was. If he didn’t want to let go of someone, even the Yama King (King of Hell) wouldn’t be able to pull the person over whatever the case was, but he was still nervous and both of his hands trembling.


        What if he used the wrong medicine, what if he injected the wrong needle, all he could think about was all kinds of things that were impossible to happen, he couldn’t get it out of his mind.


        If he had abandoned that child, it would have been easier to save* A Ling, but he knew in his heart that when his little Fu Lang woke up, he would be in so much pain and blame himself.


(*provide critical care)


        A Ling couldn’t possibly understand. How could a piece of flesh that hadn’t fully developed could compare to him? If he could keep the child for A Ling, he could give up the child for A Ling.


        Qi Yue’s eyes turned dark as he put his hands behind his back and slowly walked out of the courtyard door. The amount of anger inside his heart has to search for a place to pour it out, doesn’t it? It happened to be that there was a score he hadn’t settled on.


        Ever since she ran away at noon.

Qian’s heart had been terrified and uneasy.The sight of He Ling sitting on the floor looking at her,it was as if she had been transported back to the time when she had faced He Ling’s mother all those years ago.


        “What are you doing? Are you going to eat or not?” He Tian frowned when he saw that she didn’t use her chopstick to take the meal, the chopstick stayed in her mouth for a moment. 


        Qian awkwardly stopped her chopsticks, called awake by the sound of his voice.She laughed dryly and said, “I was thinking about the land harvest, and I got carried away without realising it.” 


        “It’s all because this son is useless now and can’t help you!” Hearing her mention this, He Gui also put down his chopsticks. He felt more and more like a useless person now. 


        “Don’t say that!” Qian patted his hand and said comfortingly, “We’ve bought the ox back, so when the cart is ready tomorrow, you’ll be able to help carry the grain.You can still drive a cart!”


        He Gui opened his mouth, wanted to say something when he heard a loud bang outside. The three of them were stunned and ran out of the hall to see that the door of their house had been kicked and broken. 


        “Qi Yue, what are you doing?” He Tian was annoyed and furiously pointed at the man standing behind the door. Their family had stopped messing with him recently, how come he still refused to leave them alone!


        Qi Yue hooked his lips up, smiled coldly while he ignored his question, walking straight up to He Gui who had just rushed out with his cane and kicked him over onto the ground.


        “Ah! Son!” Qian cried out in fear and lunged over to help the person, but a step too late. 


        Qi Yue grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up, at the same time also avoiding Qian’s hand. He Gui was being carried by him, unable to use his left leg and could only rely on one leg to hold on, the strangled collar still making him a little breathless and choking his face red.


        “What are you trying to do?!” He Tian was furious and angry. This person was unreasonably looking for trouble in their house. 


        “You, quickly let him go!” Qian just felt as if her heart was being lifted along with her son. Her anxious tears were almost falling down. 


        “Does your heart ache?” Qi Yue hooked his lips into a smile and shook the man he was carrying in his hand, suddenly changing his expression again and said in a cold voice, “Then think about how distressed I must have been, when I saw A Ling today!”


        Qian choked on her breath, she began to dodge from his gaze as she muttered, “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t do it on purpose!”


        He Tian heard this and his annoyed gaze turned to her, “What have you done again?!”


        Qi Yue kicked at He Gui’s intact leg, the other man fell straight to his knees in pain, his knee knocking against the cold hard ground. Another painful blow that made him let out a cry of pain!


        “Don’t you hit him anymore. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault!” Qian’s heart ached so much at the sight of her son’s distorted face. She feared that he would hurt his son’s other intact leg. 


        Qi Yue flung his hand and threw the man into the ground violently, watching him shrink into a ball, in pain, then he looked at Qian with a cold smile, “If you dare to touch even one more hair of A Ling again, I will make your son ….”


        Talking to this point, his face tilted to the side while he looked at the ox bolted to the side, his hand flipped and put something into its mouth, turning his gaze back and said, “Like this ox.”


    He left them with this phrase,the words that made them puzzled. Qi Yue swung his sleeves, turned his head and left the courtyard of their house.


        Just at the moment his figure disappeared, the robust healthy ox fell to the ground foaming, and after a moment it went silent.


        “Ah!” Qian let out a scream, her eyes rolled back then she fainted. 


He Tian’s legs went limp as he sat down on the ground.He looked at the cow that he had just bought a few days ago, the cow which had not been used, had lost its life in this way. He hated in his heart that he was unable to scrape her alive, that stupid woman who could only caused him trouble!





Raven0829 September 2021 at 15:14

Loving the book so far!!! Man He ling gained so much growth since he married the ML but like bruh not letting your spouse know you’re feeling unwell when he’s a freakin doctor….? Well he’s still learning i guess loool They still cute though <3


LittleYen1 October 2021 at 09:32

Yes, there is a growth in character which is good

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