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BTC Chapter 66


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 66: 和好 (Reconciliation) 

Wu Yulan sat down on the edge of the bed with her hands in her stomach. She was looking at his still pale face so she wrinkled her brow and said: “Are you still a bit uncomfortable?”


        He Ling shook his head at her words and forced to lift the corner of his mouth, “I’m good already. I’m sorry to trouble ‘sister-in-law’, when you’re not in a convenient state, yet still concerned about me.”


        “Don’t say such polite things to me!” Wu Yulan patted his hand, turned her head to glance at the door and said, “You and Qi Yue ….”


        He Ling’s eyes expression dimmed after hearing her ask about this, “He is still angry with me. He doesn’t even talk to me much.”


        Wu Yulan sighed, considered for a while, but still spoke to him, “It’s not that I want to scold you, but this time it’s definitely your fault, how can you hide your body’s health?!”


        “I know. It’s all my fault.” At that time, he was only thinking about not letting his husband work hard alone. However, he almost lost the baby in his womb so it was only right that the other party would get so angry.


        “You didn’t see it, how awful his expression was when he saw you yesterday!” Wu Yulan was terrified when she thought about it. It was true what they say, the gentler a person is, the more frightening he is when he gets angry!


        He Ling’s heart felt even more guilty, and also a bit distressed, “Luckily the child is fine!”


        “The baby?” Wu Yulan frowned disapprovingly, “Do you think Brother Qi (Qi Xiong) is worried about the child? A Ling, from beginning to the end, all he cared about was you!”


        He was stunned, the look of disappointment in Qi Yue’s eyes suddenly appearing in his mind, as if he understood something.


        “If he was going to choose between you and the child, what do you think his answer would be?” Wu Yulan asked him such a question and watched him lose in thought. 


        Who would he choose? Wasn’t it obvious? He Ling suddenly stretched out his hand and took the jade pendant that was put on the bedside into his hand, rubbing it lightly as the expression in his eyes gradually became tender.


        ‘Showing such an expression, it should mean that he has figured it out!’

Wu Yulan was also at ease. These two people were still lovingly in love,only then her heart would be happy looking at them, ‘but don’t go on like this!’


        It just so happened that Qi Yue came in with a bowl of medicine now, so she stood up and said:  “All right, I’m relieved to see that you’re not seriously hurt, then I’ll go back first.”


        Understanding that the other party was trying to give them a chance to spend time alone, He Ling lightly held and shook her hand and said, “Thank you sister-in-law.”


        Wu Yulan smiled at him, turned back to greet Qi Yue, and went out of the door.


        He Ling watched the still expressionless man who approached him, as he brought the bowl of medicine to his lips as usual,without saying a word, he kept staring at him, waiting for him to finish his drinking, then tried to get up and leave.


        He reached out and wrapped his hand around the other man’s neck, blocking his movement, ” Xiang Gong, I want to go to the toilet.”


        Qi Yue’s figure paused for a moment before he silently put the bowl on the low table beside the bed and picked the man up in his arms (in princess carry), heading out.


        He Ling wrapped his arms tightly around his neck, feeling the warmth coming from his body, his whole body relaxed. Only his husband’s embrace could make him feel so at ease. 


       When he reached the door of the latrine, Qi Yue was about to put him down, however, He Ling still wrapped his arms around him and did not let go.When he looked over, he was somewhat in distress and said: “I have no strength.I can’t stand.” 


        Qi Yue subconsciously wanted to raise his eyebrows, but he resisted and carried him into the latrine, wrapping his arms around his waist and giving him support from behind. 


        Although it was himself that had asked him to accompany him, He Ling was still very shy when he was actually being watched to go to the toilet. His ears reddened quietly, he finished it quickly before then he straightened his clothes.


        After bringing him to wash his hand, Qi Yue recarried him back to the room and put him on the bed. He wanted to leave,yet the other party still didn’t want to let go of him and held him tightly, without any intention of letting go.


        “I….am scared to stay by myself. You have to accompany me!” He Ling himself was also lacking in confidence (while having a guilty conscience) when he said this, the sun is shining right now, what’s there to be afraid of? 


        Qi Yue maintained his half bent posture, looked at his eyes, and did not say if he wanted to stay with him or not to stay. 


        He Ling saw that all along he did not say anything, so he gritted his teeth and held back his shyness, as he raised his head and kissed him on the lips, gently rubbing it together a few times before retreating, burying his red face into the nook of his neck, “Don’t be angry with me anymore, okay? I know I’m wrong, from now on I’ll tell you, even if I sneeze I’ll complain to you,is that okay? Don’t ignore me ….”


        When he had finished talking,the other party did not respond to him for a long time, but did not push him away either, not sure if he had listened to his words. He waited and waited until finally he could not help but raise his head. He met a pair of smiling eyes right away then he was dumbfounded, “You ….”


Qiyue hooked his lips, wrapped his arms around He Ling’s waist and leaned close to his ear, “Fu Lang’s way of coaxing a person, let ‘Wei fu’ ( I, your husband) enjoy it very much.”


        He Ling understood that he was being teased by him again, but this time he didn’t feel ashamed nor angry. From the bottom of his heart, he only felt joy as he pressed himself closer to him, “You’re not angry with me anymore?”


        “Fool!” Qi Yue stroked his back gently. He softened his brow, actually he wasn’t that angry anymore. He just wanted his little Fu Lang to remember it for a long time, that’s why he had been ignoring him. However, he never thought that he would be greeted by this unexpected surprise. Just now, when he saw his red ears in the toilet, he almost couldn’t resist biting it.


        He Ling then showed a smile and press his forehead against his, “I was stupid ah! So next time when I screw up again, Xiang Gong please don’t not say anything at all. You have to tell me.”


        “Then you also do not forget what you had said earlier. In the future, you are not allowed to hide anything from me again!” Qi Yue rubbed the tip of his nose against his and tightened his grip on his waist, “Otherwise I won’t forgive you easily!”


After the reconciliation, the atmosphere between the two was even better than before. They were so sticky that no one of them could let go of each other. They just felt that being close to each other was the only way to make their hearts more stable.


        When Zheng Yuefeng, who accompanied Xu Hua, came to visit them, felt his eyes were about to be dazzlingly blind. Of course, he was extremely envious in his heart. He didn’t know when his Hua Ge’er could act coquettishly to him like that too. 


        He Ling’s health was much better now. He didn’t need to stay on the bed all the time. This time, he was sitting in the courtyard with them. He felt more refreshed when he went outside and could get some fresh air. 


Seeing Zheng Yue Feng, that kind of sour look, he immediately knew that he was depressed about Hua Ge’er’s matter again in his heart so He Ling teased him and said, “Zheng Gong Zi, you don’t look too good. Are you sick?”


        It is said that ‘those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black’, this saying was indeed true. He Ling had spent a lot of time with Qi Yue and had really learned to be bad. He definitely knew why he was unhappy yet he still asked him that?


[近朱者赤,近墨者黑 (jìn zhū zhě chì , jìn mò zhě hēi) : Those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black (idiom) / you are the product of your environment/be influenced by close association]


“Where are you feeling uncomfortable?” Xu Hua however didn’t think much about it. He thought that he was really feeling unwell then he asked him with some concern.


        Zheng Yuefeng’s reaction was super quick, he straightforwardly fell onto his shoulder, putting out an act of a weak appearance, “Hua Ge’er, I may have caught a cold. I have a terrible headache!”


He Ling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, ‘This is truly shameless, he can even do such a thing! ‘


        “Caught a cold?” Qi Yue raised his eyes, revealing a smile that made the other party shudder, “Then how about letting me stick two needles on Zheng Gong Zi’s body? You will be able to recover in no time.”


        Zheng Yuefeng got up from Xu Hua’s body and waved his hands repeatedly, “No need! No need! I don’t need to trouble you with this kind of minor illness of mine.”


        Knowing that he was faking, Xu Hua glared at him in annoyance. Xu Hua was truly worried earlier, ‘What a child like,very naughty’, “Don’t play around with such things! “


        He wasn’t playing, okay?! He wanted to use this as a pretext to get close and to be intimate with him! Zheng Yuefeng hung his head dejectedly, feeling that he didn’t look like a man at all in the other party’s eyes!


        He sat up straight again, put on a serious face and talked to them about serious matters, “Yesterday, I saw He Zhen in the town. He came out from Sheng De Clinic and he didn’t look very good!”


        He Ling had not heard this name for a long time. Suddenly, it was mentioned by him so he felt a bit strange. He smiled gently, his state of mind now was really greatly different. 


        “Came out from the clinic with an ugly face? I guess he caught some kind of incurable disease, right?” Qi Yue’s eyelids didn’t even lift as he bowed his head and took a sip of tea.


        “That is your clinic, how is that possible that you don’t know about that?” He knew that He Zhen went to buy medicine every month because of his strange illness. Zheng Yuefeng always felt that Qi Yue had something to do with his illness. Moreover,he had seen the way he used the medicine before.


        When He Ling heard him say this, he also remembered He Zhen’s illness. In the past, he had never thought about how this matter had something to do with his husband.But now that he had spent so much time with him and so many things had happened, therefore he could not help but think a lot about it.


Qi Yue put down his cup of tea and looked at his Fu Lang who had also shifted his gaze toward him as well, then he said: “I know what you guys are thinking about. That’s right! I drugged him on the day when I married A Ling. “


        Although he already had a guess in his mind, he was still surprised to hear him say it out of his mouth. His first reaction was to hold the other party’s hand that was being put on the table. He also didn’t know why, but he just wanted to do it.


Qi Yue’s hand was caught by him. He smiled sideways at him as he returned his grip. However his heart was not as calm as his face, If, one day, A Ling knew the whole of him. Would he still hold his hand tightly like this?


        Seeing that those two of them acted as though there was nobody else present’s atmosphere again, Zheng Yuefeng pouted his mouth, “You’re becoming more and more indiscernible (impenetrable).The more I know, the more dangerous I feel!”


“That’s why you shouldn’t offend me!” Qi Yue narrowed his eyes, ” Who knows when I’m in a very bad mood, You’ll be like that He Zhen!”


        Zheng Yuefeng hurriedly hugged Xu Hua, his entire face aggrieved, “Hua Ge’er, take a look! He usually bullies me like this!”


“You are the one who asked for it!” Xu Hua pushed him away. He was clearly the one who suddenly brought up this matter, so who could he blame for?


        Looking at the man who had threatened him yet he was comforted by his Fu Lang, Zheng Yuefeng sighed at the injustice of fate, “You indeed have a good life, you got everything you want. Moreover, you are not afraid of being bullied!”


Qi Yue gently rubbed the back of He Ling’s hand with his thumb. The expression on his face drifted off for a moment (In other words, he was distracted for a moment). His smiling expression no longer reached the bottom of his eyes, “That’s right, I have everything I want.”


        But then He Ling remembered the only time the other party had told him about his past, at the age of five he had lost both of his parents forever. Perhaps he would prefer to be like Zheng Yuefeng who was occasionally a little clumsy, yet he had parents who loved him dearly and a cute witty little sister rather than being capable like he is now. 


        He suddenly threw himself into the other party’s embrace and hugged him tightly, “I am entirely Xiang Gong’s everything!”


        Qi Yue felt the warmth of his body reach the bottom of his heart.He wrapped his arms around the other person’s petite body, as if he was embracing everything, “Hn, I am also Fu Lang’s everything.”


[In another words, ‘Hn, I am also yours.’]


        Zheng Yuefeng also saw the look on his face just now. He realized afterwards that he apparently had said the wrong thing. He scratched his neck with some embarrassment and got pinched by Xu Hua on his thigh, ‘How did I know that someone like him still had a painful memory (sore spot) ah?!’



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