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BTC Chapter 64


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 64:  晕倒  (Faint)

When Qi Yue opened his eyes today, the sky was already bright. He turned his head to the side, looked at He Ling beside him, who was still sleeping soundly under the guilt so he went over and kissed his face. After that, he got up first.


        After he washed up, he went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. He hadn’t eaten well in the past few days because he had been so busy with work in the fields. Because of this, he felt that Ah Ling had lost some weight.


        After chopping up some meat and putting it aside, Qi Yue rolled out the dough, grind it into thin skin, and produce little wontons. He took out the pan to fry the egg and put it on top. 


        When he had finished making this, he went back to the room. He saw that He Ling was unexpectedly still asleep, There was no sign of him waking up at all. He frowned and smoothed out the strands of hair that were scattered over his face, but the person on the bed hadn’t even moved, which showed how deeply he had slept.


        He guessed that he had been exhausted for the past two days.Qi Yue couldn’t bear to wake him up, He pulled the guilt up to cover over him, got up and went out of the room again.


        He ate both of the wontons before he covered the rest with a cloth. If his little Fu Lang wakes up, he can cook the raw wontons for himself 


        Having done all that he needed to do,

Qi Yue went out to the fields on his own. No one in the village would have any bad idea and dare to come to his house now. He was very relieved.


        When He Ling woke up, there was no one around him. He sat up immediately and looked out of the window to see the color of the sky (weather). Unexpectedly, it was almost noon.He supported his groggy head with his hand. He was annoyed by the fact that he had woken up so late. 


        Since it was already this time, he was not in a hurry to rush to the field. He could bring the lunch to the field with him after he finished cooking it. Thinking of this, he lifted the guilt out of the bed and fetched some water to wash up.


    As soon as he entered the kitchen, He Ling found the small wontons that had been covered up by cloth. It warmed his heart that his Xiang Gong had got up early in the morning to make it yet he wasn’t able to eat the wontons with him.


        He blamed himself once again before he cooked the wontons and ate it. After that, he cooked the rice, fried some of his favourite dishes and put it into a basket and carried it out of the house.


        After working in the field all morning, Xiang Gong and Hua Ge’er must have been hungry.He Ling quickened his pace and wanted to get there early so that they could eat lunch. 


        Unfortunately, at this very moment, he ran into the last person that he wanted to meet.It was his eldest aunt, Qian.They met face-to-face and both stopped their footsteps. 


          Qian also had a basket in her hand, apparently she was also going to the field to deliver the food. He Gui’s legs were not convenient for him to deliver the food now. Moreover,he had to look after the two children. He could not spare his hands at all. Besides that, he didn’t know how to cook either.So every day she would come back home and cook for the family and bring it to the fields too. 


        He Ling and Qi Yue usually came back home to eat and rested for half an hour before going over to the field again, so he never ran into her. Today he met her because he woke up late. 


        His feet paused just for a moment, before he turned his face away as if he had not seen her. He intended to leave straight away.


        “Stop!” Seeing that he was ignoring her, Qian was annoyed. No matter what, she was still an elder so even if he didn’t know her well, he should have said hello to her, “How can you be so rude like this?”


        He Ling had to stop because she blocked his way. He looked sideways and put his line of sight on her face. Still, he didn’t say anything.


        “What kind of look is that? Is that the right attitude towards your elders?!” Reason told Qian that she should not ask for trouble and provoke him but she just couldn’t endure it. Her own family was now in a cloud of sorrow. These ger whom she had ordered around since he was a child, was getting more and more prosperous. 


        “He Tian family’s!” He Ling opened his mouth to call her. However, his words made her even more angry, “You’ve got nothing to do huh? But I’m very busy. If you want to lecture someone, it’s better for you to find someone else!”


        “What did you call me?” Qian’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe her own ears.  How dare he call her that?


“What do you think I should call you, with the relationship between our two families now?” Ever since that day at Zhao Family’s house, when he found out the truth about his mother, He Ling had restrained himself from thinking too much about it but this main cause of a disaster had to come and hang around in front of his eyes.


        “He Ling!” Qian was so angry that she could barely breathe, pointing at his nose and said, “At least I have raised you.

You even refuse to call me ‘Big Auntie’?

You’re really getting more and more capable huh?”


        “Raised me single-handedly?”

He Ling looked down and repeated the words.He looked at her again, could not tell what emotion was in his eyes. “Why do I need you to raise me?”


    “Of course because you killed your parents. Your grandmother had a soft heart and brought you back. You’re the bearer of ill luck,yet you killed her too!” Qian looked up and down at him with disgust, like he was looking at something dirty.


        “You have said this kind of thing so many times that you even come to believe it yourself huh?” He hooked the corner of his lips, smiled coldly, as cold as ice, “If I am so unlucky, will you, the one who single-handedly raised me, still be very healthy and active?! “


        “You ….you dare to curse me?!”

Qian almost smashed the basket in her hand. 


He’s really getting more and more bold, he even dares to say these kinds of absolutely disgraceful words! 


        He Ling suddenly stepped forward and approached her, showing her an extremely beautiful smiling expression, “Zao Ge said that I look like my mother when I smile. What do you think?”


        Qian somehow couldn’t adapt to his sudden approach and stepped back a little, noticing something was strange about him. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, “How should I know? She has been dead for so many years. Who would still remember what she looks like?”


        Hearing what she had said, He Ling stopped smiling, his previously charming eyes actually appeared somewhat breathtaking, “In this world, the one who should always remember her, should not it be you?”


Qian was trembling in her heart by the look of his eyes, even her words were stumbling all over, “I, I don’t know, what are you talking about? Why do I …. why should I remember her?”


        “Why?” He Ling suddenly smiled again, but there were tears in his eyes, “When you pushed her to the ground, did she ask you why?”


        “You …. how did you know?” Qian’s facial expression changed at once. Except for He Tian, she did not tell anyone else about this matter, even her children did not know. How did he find out?


        “Whatever a person is doing, God is watching!” He Ling opened his eyes wide and stared at her, not caring about the tears that had slipped down his face, “Do you think, what you have done, will not be discovered by people?”


         Qian avoided his eyes, not daring to look again, the hand that was holding the basket began to tremble, panicking, not knowing what to do.


        She went looking for He Ling’s mother at that time because she was jealous of the fact that although they were not accepted by the He family, yet they were still living a better life than her. She only went there to ridicule him and to release the stuffy anger in her heart. 


But no matter how much she said, or how unpleasant to hear it was, the other side, from beginning to end, always put on a smile and did not get angry. As if she was a singing clown role in opera, absolutely insignificant. 


        What she hated the most was his mother’s that kind of expression, as if he was able to tolerate (forgive) everything, more and more in contrast with her who was extremely ugly. She pushed him a little, simply wanting to see him get angry. She wanted to prove that he was just an ordinary person. 


        But she forgot the snow cover on the ground was slippery. The moment the other side slipped and fell she was also helpless, especially when he grabbed the corner of her coat and asked herself to find a doctor for him, she panicked and subconsciously took the door out, not daring to return anymore!


        As she had her wishes fulfilled, she saw a different expression on his face, which was the fear of a mother who was about to lose the child.That expression, she still remembered it clearly even now,and she simply can not forget. 


        So whenever she saw He Ling, she would be particularly disgusted.He reminds herself all the time of the sins she had committed in the past. The only way to make her feel better was to belittle him in front of everyone and treat him harshly in all aspects. 


As time passed, this kind of behavior became a habit, more and more it was taken for granted (as a matter of course), she even involved her children to begin to bully him and instruct him.


        “When you left her alone in the snow, didn’t you have a conscience?” He Ling covered his heart, he felt pain just by thinking about it. The other party who witnessed that scene, had she ever felt guilty? 


        “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I should go now!” Qian couldn’t stay any longer, turned her head and wanted to leave.


        But He Ling yanked her arm and pulled the person back, his strength was unusually strong, “What? Are you afraid? You can actually be afraid?


    Qian’s arm was extremely painful due to being grabbed by him, but her heart was more anxious and in a terrible state. She shook him off harshly with one push by her hands, “I already said that I do not know anything, don’t ask again!”


        After all, He Ling’s body was thin and weak, by her vigorous swing, he sat down directly on the ground because he did not stand firmly. Immediately afterwards, a burst of sharp pain came through from his abdomen. He reached out his hand and covered his stomach while his face was distorted in pain.


        “You, what’s wrong with you? It’s got nothing to do with me!” When Qian saw him like this, she hurriedly took a few steps back in panic.


        He Ling clutched firmly on his abdomen’s clothes. His eyes were red, keeping his tears, as he lifted his head, looking straight at her with hatred, “At that time, you are also treating my mother like this? And then, without feeling guilty, you just left her there!”


        Qian’s lip was trembling just as she couldn’t say anything. She was just afraid that if others knew she was the one who pushed the person, she would be drowned to death by the villager’s spittle so how could she dare to go find a doctor to help him!


            “Ling Ge’er?”


        Wu Yulan’s voice came from afar, Qian looked up in panic and saw the other party coming this way holding her big belly, followed by Lin Xiaohu who carried a basket, presumably they were also going to deliver lunch to the field.


        “It’s not me! It’s not me!” When Qian saw her, she waved her hand nervously, turned around and ran away.


        “Ling Ge’er, what’s wrong with you?!” Wu Yulan simply couldn’t manage to care about Qian. She squatted down with difficulty to support He Ling and wiped his full of cold sweat’s head. 


        He Ling only managed to turn his head and look at her before his body went limp and he passed out.


        This caused Wu Yulan to be frightened, she shook him twice, saw no response at all, so she said urgently to Lin Xiaohu: “Hu zi, you hurry up go to the farm and call your Uncle Qi to come here!”


        Lin Xiaohu agreed and ran away in a flash. Although he was young, he also knew that this was an urgent matter.


        Wu Yulan with her big belly could not move him so without any better option, she could only shift the person a little to let him lean in her embrace. However, with this move, she saw the back of his shirt was stained with blood. In an instant She sucked in a breath of cold air. 


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