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BTC Chapter 60


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 60: 告知 (Inform) 


As soon as they entered the house, He Ling reached out and wrapped his arms tightly around Qi Yue’s neck, burying his face in his shoulder.The tears he had been holding back for so long fell once again, soaking his lapel.


        Qi Yue held his hips and picked him up by the front, all the way into the house, sitting down on a stool, patting his back and letting him vent his emotions first.


        He didn’t know what his little Fu Lang had suffered today to be so out of control. There was only that one time when they were married, so he made a note of this account in his heart to settle it later.


        He Ling cried for a while before he lifted his head while he sob, allowing Qi Yue to wipe the tears from his face carefully, and said with a heavy nasal voice.”I know something today, it’s about my Mother.”


        Qi Yue’s hand paused, so this sadness of his was related to that matter? He asked, “What is it?”


        He Ling lay back on his chest,others listening to the steady and strong heartbeat in his ears, calming his thoughts then he told him exactly what he had heard from He Tian and Qian. 


        No wonder he was so sad. Anyone who learns that the person he has called the big aunt for more than ten years was the one responsible for the death of his biological mother would lose control. It was a good thing that Ah Ling had little affection for them, or he would have been even more distressed.


        “I watched my father lose his breath in front of me and understand this pain!”

He Ling felt the wetness return to his eyes. He blinked his eyes but did not cry. “It must have been the same for my father when he watched my mother go.”


        The pain of watching a loved one pass away, the kind of pain that only those who had experienced it could understand. A flick of glowing gloom passed through Qi Yue’s eyes with the hand that held him also tightened.


        “Before he left he told me over and over again to get along with my eldest uncle’s family and to be obedient. He told me that they were all his family and would treat me well ….” He Ling looked up into his eyes.”I’m so glad that he doesn’t know the truth about what had happened!”


At least when he left, his father had good hopes for his loved ones, rather than leaving with more painful memories.


        Qi Yue lowered his head and kissed his nose that was red from crying. Not to mention this, if his father-in-law could have known later that his ger would be treated harshly for more than ten years, Qi Yue afraid, he would not left the world with such peace of mind.


He Ling was tickled by his kiss and rubbed against his chest, like a pampered little kitten.


        Seeing that he was no longer as emotional as before, Qi Yue asked him about his affair with Liu Que. It was the first time his little Fu Lang had lost his temper to the point of hitting someone.


Although He Ling didn’t feel good about the beating, if he had been given another chance, he would have done it anyway; it was the other person who had spoken out against him first.


        He told the other party carefully what had happened. Of course, he was a little more euphemistic about the vicious words he had said about Xu Hua.


        Even so, Qi Yue could guess what the original words were. He narrowed his eyes, this Liu Que today dared to pick up the moment when A Ling was most likely to lose control to speak something to provoke him. He was beaten not unjustly.


“Hit it if you want to! As long as he didn’t hurt you.” He stroked He Ling’s hair and said, “This matter, just forget about it! If someone knows, I’m afraid he’ll be even more annoyed.”


        The next day when Zheng Yue Feng brought Kang Yuan over, he clung to Xu Hua’s hand, unable to let go at all, “Have you missed me these few days?”


        A few days ago a group of foreign merchants came, Master Zheng took him to negotiate the business matters, also to entertain them for a few days so he was not able to come to Gu Shui Village. Now he had to take a good look at each other. 


        Xu Hua was red-faced, he could not pull his hand out even after half a day, raising his eyes to glare at him, “There are so many people here! Don’t say something nonsense!”


Zheng Yue Feng was not afraid at all, but found the look in his eyes seductive. His heart itched to go up and kiss him, but he still remembered the lesson from last time, so it was better to wait until no one was around to kiss him, “So did you miss me or not?”


        Seeing that he still dared to ask, Xu Hua was ashamed and annoyed so he turned his face away from him, but did not take back his hand that had grabbed him. 


        Zheng Yue Feng knew that he was just too thin-skinned to say anything, but in fact he must have missed himself in his heart, so he gently rubbed the back of his hand with his thumb, smiling from ear to ear.


        Father Xu looked on them happily, as their relationship was good so he, as his father, was more at ease.


        Because of yesterday’s incident, He Ling, who had not been in a bright mood, also felt much better watching them get along, one of them was thick-skinned and the other was thin-skinned, it was always fun to see them together.


        Qi Yue gently took hold of him and said, “Ah Ling, go and boil some water and help me make a pot of tea, will you?”


        “I’ll go!” Xu Hua was about to stand up, there was no need to bother him with such trivial matters.


        “No need. Let Ah Ling go!” Qi Yue glanced at Zheng Yue Feng beside him and smiled narrowly, “You’d better accompany the guest!”


        He Ling pursed his lips and smiled surreptitiously, got up and went out from the hall. Hua’s face was so red that it was close to an apple.


        Qi Yue watched his figure disappear outside the door before he turned his face to look at Zheng Yuefeng, who was still giggling, and said, “How can you still laugh? Your fiancé is being looked down upon!”


        He didn’t want to mention yesterday’s incident again in front of Ah Ling, so he sent him out.


“What?” Zheng Yuefeng finally divided his attention to the Qi Yue’s side, “Who has that much guts?


        Xu Hua was confused,how could he not know that he was despised? Ever since he was engaged to Zheng Yue Feng, everyone had been smiling and welcoming him, even if they didn’t curry favour with him, but he was indeed a bit uncomfortable.


        Qi Yue looked at Xu Hua and Father Xu and said, “Why did A Ling hit someone yesterday? I haven’t mentioned it to you but I’m sure you guys are also curious about it, right?”


        After they came back yesterday, the two of them had not mentioned a word about it. Thinking that there might be something unspeakable so the father and son did not pursue the matter.


        “Ah Ling was so angry that he hit him, but it was also because that Liu Que had insulted Hua Ge’er in his ‘words’.”

Looking at Zheng Yue Feng, who had already sunken his face at this point, Qi Yue hooked his lips. One must always pay the price for one’s words and actions, so don’t think that after receiving a slap, you can put on the posture of being a ‘victim’.


        Xu Hua was even more dumbfounded, so was this something related to him? 


        “What did he say?” The words that made He Ling so angry that he hit him must have been very unpleasant to the ears.Zheng Yue Feng wanted to hear how bold that ger was!


        He Ling would find it hard to say, but Qi Yue would not. What Qi Yue said to him was only his own guess. Did it matter if it was accurate or not? In the end, it was Liu Que who was looking for death.


        Xu Hua knew that there would be people behind the scenes who would make up some stories about him.After all, the man he was betrothed to was too good to be true.But he didn’t expect anyone would use it to stab He Ling about it, and even had to say it so viciously!


        Father Xu was furious.His ger had only married a good man yet they were so jealous like this. This person (LQ)didn’t want to see anything good in others, such a person was simply black-hearted!


        Zheng Yue Feng didn’t say a word after hearing this, after a moment of thought, he got up and took Kang Yuan out, brushing past with He Ling who came in with the tea.


        He turned his head and watched them leave the door, “Where is he going? Why does his face look so ugly?”


        Xu Hua came over and took the tray out from his hand, saying, “Don’t worry about him! He’ll be back in a moment.”


He knew that Zheng Yue Feng must have gone to the Zhao family, if this matter was only the other party said a few words about him, he would not have let him go, but since it involved Ling Ge’er then he didn’t mind giving the other party a small lesson. 


        “Did you guys ….have a fight?” How did He Ling feel that his face didn’t look very good either, Father Xu too, could it be that some big argument had started?


        Xu Hua held his shoulders and pressed the person into his seat, saying, “No! There is no such thing! He just went to take care of some things. You don’t have to worry.”


        ‘In Gu Shui Village, what was there for him to deal with?’ He Ling wanted to ask this but after he thought about it carefully, he still didn’t say anything.Since it was something he didn’t want him to know about, it was better for him not to ask.


        When he saw that he was not asking, Xu Hua was relieved as he reached out to smooth out the other party’s hair, which had fallen into disarray while he lifted the corners of his lips. He was lucky to have him as his best friend in this life.


Qi Yue glanced at them as he sipped his tea, there was a smile in his eyes. Since you have done it for the other party, let him clearly understand.Only in this way can he give more sincere emotions,so that when He Ling encountered trouble in the future, Xu Hua could help him.It didn’t matter if his little Fu Lang didn’t understand these things, he would do it for him.


        When Zheng Yue Fng returned, the family had already started preparing the midday meal, Xu Hua and He Ling were working in the kitchen.He stood at the door to look around and instructed Kang Yuan to help them wash the vegetables. After that, he went into the hall.


        He poured a cup of tea to quench his thirst and complain discontentedly. “That Zhao family is still a rich family in the village.They don’t even have any tea in the house.I can’t even drink a sip of that bowl of plain water.”


        Father Xu gave him a sidelong glance, laughed but didn’t say anything.

When he wasn’t engaged to Xu Hua, he was happy to stay at his house every day and drink the plain water, wasn’t he?

Now, he paid particular attention to every detail of it. 


        “Are you ‘done’?” Qi Yue saw that his expression was not as terrible as when he went there, so he must have got a satisfactory result.


        “That’s only natural!”[Of course!] 

Even if they had some money in their hands, they were just only villagers, so they were easy to deal with.Moreover, Zheng Yue Feng was not looking for any other trouble, except for that one, Liu Que, who had verbally abused his Hua Ge’er. He was just like a cat when he saw him, so he didn’t need to use any tactics at all.


He curled his lips and gave a cold laugh.

“That ger was smacked with a bamboo stick in front of me. After that he was thrown into the firewood room for self introspection. I guess he will be locked up for two days. I’m afraid next time he will have to go around when he sees Hua Ge’er and Ling Ge’er again!”


        Qi Yue raised his eyebrows, the Zhao family wasn’t too stupid! This way, they had nothing to lose, at the same time, they had taken Zheng Yue Feng’s anger out, without damaging the relationship between the two sides, so it was the best for both sides(兩全其美 =the best of both worlds )! The only one who was unlucky was Liu Que, but he was the one who caused the trouble so he was guilty and deserves to be punished. 


        “Since you’re back, stay here with Uncle Xu! The kitchen is hot, I’ll bring some tea!” Qi Yue got up with the teapot in his hand. Cooking in such hot weather was very hard. Every time, his little Fu Lang was sweating profusely, he was distressed. If not because leaving Father Xu here alone was not a good idea, he would have accompanied him to help.


Zheng Yue Feng stared at him as he went out like that, sighing and lamented that ‘old ginger is hotter than new’. How could he not have thought of this way of paying courtesy? No wonder Xu Hua’s attitude towards him was so different from Ling Ge’er’s towards Qi Yue.It was because he was not as considerate as Qi Yue!


[ 姜还是老的辣: The old and spicy ginger is being compared with the senior one being more experienced than the junior = the older the wiser]


        “If you want to go, go ahead! I can’t get hot or thirsty here!” When Father Xu saw him staring at the stove room, he waved his hand and let him go.It was normal for young people to like to stick together.


        Zheng Yue Feng laughed dryly and ran out after him, his father-in-law was so understanding!


        The result was not what he had imagined, either.He went over, but he was not touched. Xu Hua even disliked him for being in the way as he kept driving him out. He crouched sorrowfully in the doorway of the stove room. He watched He Ling wipe the sweat off from Qi Yue’s face, who was helping to make the fire.

Every now and then, he would feed the other person a bite of food to taste it in the middle of cooking, so intimate that he would bite his teeth! 


        Qi Yue was a doctor so he was considerably skilled at controlling the fire, he even knew how to cook, but Zheng Yue Feng was a young master who knew nothing about cooking. He was not even as good as Kang Yuan, so naturally he was being disliked there. 


        Zheng Yue Feng was frustrated, staring at Xu Hua who was busy making the noodles inside, not even giving him a look.He couldn’t help but feel desperate in his heart. He hoped to achieve the kind of interaction where they cling to each other between the two husband and wife like Qi Yue and He Ling but it looked like this hope couldn’t be achieved in this lifetime ba! 




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