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BTC Chapter 61

Gone Crazy

Back to the Countryside

Chapter 61 : 发疯 (Gone Crazy) 


[Warning alert: bloody scene!!!]


The He Family that had many troubled times as always, in the next two days, there would be another incident again. This time, the whole village was shocked by the big tragedy, not only the village headman was alerted, but also the town bailiff!


            Their eldest daughter-in-law, Liu, had fainted a few days ago so they had to ask the doctor Li to check her pulse. She was more than two months pregnant therefore If we count the days, it was obvious whose baby she had. 


        If that was all, people would just have some fun, chatting around together, watching their jokes then it would pass and it would not be a big deal.


        But this was not the end of the story. Not knowing whether it was the news about Liu being pregnant with He Gui’s child that stimulated her, Zheng suddenly went crazy as she took the kitchen knife and chopped both of them up!


        Liu was cut on the neck and lost her life on the spot, while He Gui was lucky enough to have only a cut on his thigh, bleeding a lot, but fortunately his life was not in danger.


        When the Village Chief received the news and rushed over, he was struck by the red blood colour on the room.They were ordinary people so they had never seen such a bloody scene before!


        Zheng had been tied up and her mouth had been gagged with a cloth by the help of the neighbours, but her eyes were still bloodshot as she stared at He Gui, who was being held in Qian’s arms. It seemed like she couldn’t bear to go up and slash him twice. 


        He Tian sat dazedly on the ground.He looked as if he had been scared out of his wits.His clothes were still stained with blood.In front of him lay the silent Liu who had lost her life. He had tried to cover her wounds, but had not been able to keep her alive.


        The two children had been so frightened and crying and they had been taken by the aunt next door. No matter what, the children that young should not be left in such a place.


        The Village Chief grabbed his son, who was also stunned, with his trembling hands. He told him to hurry up, go to Qi Yue’s house to borrow a horse then go to the town as quickly as possible,in order to report this matter to the authorities!


Feng Zheng was tugged by him and came back to his senses.He nodded his head in a panic, even stumbled out of the door.He was so much in a trance that he almost hit the door frame. In this kind of situation, even the most stable person would have been confused.


        He was in a hurry and the weather was too much, so hot that by the time he arrived at Qi Yue’s house, his sweat was pouring down over his face and soaked through his clothes.He told them what had happened while using his sleeve to wipe the sweat.


        When he heard the news, it was impossible to say that He Ling’s heart was not in a state of turmoil. He got weak in the legs, held by Xu Hua who was beside him, and could not tell what kind of mood he was in at the moment.


        Qi Yue raised his eyebrows, he just felt that this He family was never in peace.He hadn’t even done anything yet, but they had managed to create so many problems of his own, so they were such a strange family.


        Mu Yan wouldn’t let an outsider ride.It just so happens that Zheng Yue Feng was here today so he offered his horse to Feng Zheng but he did not know how to ride, so Zheng Yue Feng sent Kang Yuan to the town to report the incident.


        “I’m really sorry for your help, Zheng Gong zi!” Feng Zheng arched his hand at him,saluted and thanked him. As they, this fellow villager had rarely seen very few valuable things like horses, so how could he know how to ride a horse?Just now, he had come to borrow a horse without thinking about it, but luckily he was willing to help him.


“No need to be polite. I am Hua Ge’er ‘s fiancé so I am also half of Gu Shui Villager. I should help out when something happens in the village!” Zheng Yue Feng shook his fan and smiled,completely elegant. 


        Feng Zheng loved what he said, even though the other party was a young master, yet putting himself in the same place as the villagers, this was a great compliment.But when he thought of the He family’s mess, he couldn’t be happy anymore. “This He family, with all the things they’ve been doing lately, not only have embarrassed themselves, but the whole village as well.”


        At this point, he looked up at He Ling, who was being supported by Xu Hua, and said, “Ling Ge’er, don’t feel sad! No one expected such an accident to happen.”


        Hearing his words, He Ling nodded gently and said, “I’m fine, it’s just that it was a bit sudden so I was a little surprised!”


        “Fine then, it’s good that you didn’t think too much about it. I won’t stay here much longer, dad is still at the He Family’s house!” The business that needed to be done was finished, Feng Zheng still planned to go back to stay with his father. He was so old, seeing that kind of scene, he was probably also panicking in his heart.


        “I’ll go with Feng Da Ge, see if there’s anything I can do to help!” Qi Yue called out to him, then he looked back at Zheng Yue Feng, “Does Zheng Gongzi want to join us?”


[Feng Da Ge= Feng Big Brother]


        Looking at his eyes, Zheng Yue Feng knew that he was there to watch a good show so after thinking about it, he also decided to go and watch a good show, nodding his head, “Then let’s go together.”


        Feng Zheng thought that Qi Yue was a doctor. Isn’t He Gui still injured? Good, let him take a look. However, the other person was…


“Zheng Gongzi, the scene is a bit bloody…..”


        “No harm, this gentleman is not afraid of those!” In the town, there are naturally more cases of murder than in a village, and Zheng Yue Feng has seen it a few times so he could still bear it.


        Seeing that he was fine, Feng Zheng did not stop him. After two of them had told the others to rest at home, Feng Zheng took the two men and left in a hurry.


        “These two kids, why do they have to get involved in everything!” Father Xu, who was in fact older, felt that places where people died were bad luck. He was uneasy when he saw them go over there.


        The emotions in He Ling’s heart had calmed down a bit.There wasn’t much left to feel. He sighed shallowly, patted Xu Hua’s hand that was holding him, and said to Xu’s father, “Let them go! The sun is shining now, don’t stand here! Let’s go back inside.”


The midday sun was hot, they only stood for a while, but their bodies were already sweating a lot. He Ling closed the door before he stretched out his hand to help Father Xu back to the hall with Xu Hua.


        When the three people arrived at He Family’s house, there were already quite a few people gathered at the entrance, all poking their heads in and looking inside, wanting to go in but not daring to do so.


        “All right, all right, it’s too sunny at midday, let’s all go back!” Feng Zheng walked up and waved his hand to let the crowd all leave, they were so idle, they even dared to get involved in all of this


        The crowd scattered, but they didn’t go far, apparently wanting to wait for him to go in and then come around.Feng Zheng didn’t bother to pay attention to them anymore and led the two of them into the house. 


        Qian was still sitting on the ground with a pale He Gui, her hand still covering his still bleeding wounds, crying so hard that both of her eyes were swollen. She did not seem like the mean and arrogant person she used to be at all.


        Liu’s body had been covered by a straw mat brought from somewhere while the village chief sat on a stool with He Tian, the former with a helpless face, the latter was as if he had aged over time.


        “Father,Zheng Gong zi has sent his servant to the town, he will be back soon!” Feng Zheng walked up to the village chief and told him all about the situation.


        The village headman nodded, he had forgotten that his son didn’t know how to ride a horse, he just thought of asking him to borrow a fast one, ” I have let Zheng Gong zi’s men work for us.”


        “Village Chief, no need to be polite!” Zheng Yue Feng didn’t mind at all, Kang Yuan had recently followed him to Gu Shui Village and had gained some weight, so it was good to let him run more and move around a bit.


        ” Qi Yue! Qi xiao zi! Come and take a look at my son’s leg, you quickly help him!” Qian’s whole expression suddenly brightened as she looked at him like looking at a saviour.


        The village headman turned his head at the sound of her voice and looked at the man standing beside him, sighed and spoke helpfully, “Just give it a look, Qi Xiao Zi!”


        The village Chief is also the fellow villagers, he could not just leave it unattended,moreover if his wound continues to bleed like this, he may not be able to survive. 


        He asked Qian to remove her hand and tear the fabric around He Gui’s wound, exposing the entire wound and taking a closer look.


        “What is it?” Qian’s heart became a little anxious when she saw that he had looked over and over for several times yet he did not say anything.


        “I’m not worried about his life …,” Qi Yue said, shaking his head and sighing, “but this cut has injured his tendons and his leg is probably going to be crippled!”


        “What?! This can’t be!” Qian obviously couldn’t accept such a result, “Qi Yue, you don’t just make up things because our two families don’t get along!”


        Qi Yue sneered as he stood up, “I only gave him a look because I gave the village head a face (respect) , if you don’t believe me, you can find someone else to treat him!”


        Qian bit her lip and took her son, who was already a bit unconscious, into her arms and said, “Can you help him by stopping the bleeding first?”


Qi Yue watched her movements with indifference, if she had treated his little Fu Lang with such affection, she would not have had to live so miserably. 


        He fished out a bottle of medicine from his sleeve, squatted down again and said to her, “This medicine will hurt a little when you sprinkle it on, so you should hold the person tightly, don’t let him roll around!”


        Qian’s hand tightened again as she looked down at He Gui whose gaze was slack and said softly, “Ah Gui, don’t be afraid, Mother is here!”


        Qi Yue removed the cork from the bottle and tilted it, shaking it against the wound on his leg and sprinkling some brownish powder on it.




        He Gui suddenly let out a miserable cry, his originally limp and weak body tensed up at once, struggling out of control. His body was about to curl up, Qian was almost carried by him and fell over.


        Seeing that she seemed unable to control him alone, the village headman asked his son to go over and help her, so that he wouldn’t roll around and bump his head again. It was messy enough already!


        Qi Yue stood up and took a few steps back, tucking the medicine bottle back into his sleeve and stroking the hem of his coat which had become dusty from crouching down in a calm manner. 


[好整以暇/ hào zhěng yǐ xiá : to be calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos or at a busy time (idiom)]


        His medicine really worked, by the time the pain in He Gui’s leg had disappeared and gradually calmed down, his wound was no longer bleeding, moreover his face even looked better.


        “Ah Gui, Ah Gui, it’s good that you’re okay, it’s good that you’re okay!” The tears in Qian’s eyes welled up again and she held his son tightly in her arms.


        Feng Zheng wiped the sweat from his forehead and gave a thumbs up to Qi Yue, “Brother Qi’s medicine really works, it didn’t take long for the bleeding to stop!”


[Tl notes: you are deceived,bro! ]


        Zheng Yue Feng came to his side and asked in a low voice curiously, “Is his leg really ‘ruined’?”


[废=ruined here mean crippled]


        “It is not certain whether it was ruined before, but now …” Qi Yue turned his head to look at him and smiled, “It’s definitely ruined.”




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