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BTC Chapter 45

Dearest person
Back to the Countryside 
Chapter 45 :亲人
Close relatives/ Dear one

Translator : LittleYen

Early in the morning, Qi Yue accompanied He Ling to the Lin family to visit Wu Yulan. He had been concerned about her all night and didn’t know how she was doing.
Lin Sheng had gone to send Xiao Hu to school and was not at home. Qi Yue stayed in the hall to talk with Fang and Lin Shan, while He Ling went to the room by himself.
When he entered the room, he sat down at the bedside and saw that Wu Yulan was looking well, so he was relieved. He placed the bottle of medicine he was holding on the low table at the foot of the bed, it was the anti abortifacient, Qi Yue had prepared for the fetus after dinner yesterday, “I’m relieved that you’re fine, this is the medicine Xiang Gong prepared,please remember to take it!”
“I’ve bothered you guys!” Wu Yulan smiled at him, looked at the wound on his neck and said with a wrinkled brow, “Are you alright? Yesterday, Lin Sheng came back and told me that this He family is really always causing trouble at all times!”
“I’m fine, I just cut the skin a bit, but Hua Ge’er’s wound is more serious!” Yesterday, Xu Hua’s hand was holding the knife directly, the wound was really not shallow, so he thought back that he had to go and see him later. 
“That Ger is also a good one too!” She had never met him, but she had heard about him from He Ling;she thought that he was a good person.
        He Ling nodded along,after this their bond had grown a little deeper!
        He looked up at Wu Yulan, wanting to ask her how she had suddenly gotten the accident, but he was afraid that the other party would not want to talk about it and it would make things difficult for her. 
        “You want to ask me about what happened yesterday, right?” His thoughts were all written on his face therefore Wu Yulan didn’t have to guess it at all.
        Being seen through, He Ling smiled embarrassedly,”If you don’t want to say, you don’t have to!”
        “There’s nothing I don’t want to say!” Wu Yulan tried to hook the corners of her lips, but her eyes reddened first.
He Ling held her hand tightly, it was the first time he had seen the other party show such a vulnerable expression, ever since he had known her, she had always looked shrewd and capable, never showing weakness.
“I have a younger brother, Wu Xu, who is five years apart from me!” Wu Yulan blinked her eyes, trying to chase away the moistness in her eyes, “My father died early so we grew up with my mother, I was older and a girl, my mother always favoured my younger brother, she always gave him anything tasty and fun first!”
She paused here, her eyes began to flood with tears, “I have never complained because of this, since I was a child, I can do all the work of the family, never let him move a finger, because he is the only male child of the Wu family, mother cared for him, I can understand, but ……”
Wu Yulan could not hold it in, tears rolled down from her eyes, one by one as she could no longer stop.
He Ling frantically took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and gently helped her wipe away all the tears, his nose was also sour. 
Wu Yulan took the handkerchief to wipe her tears, held He Ling’s hand tightly in her hand, as if she wanted to have support, “He married a wife who is very determined. This year, they had a big fat baby, yesterday is the one month celebration of the newborn baby so no matter what, I had to go back as an aunt to see him.But from the moment I entered the house, my mother and my sister-in-law have been saying, in a roundabout way, that I have become rich and don’t care about my family, buying a cart, sending my son to school, without giving them any allowance at all!”
The more she said, the more emotional she became,the more tears fell down from her face.
He Ling was grabbed by one of her hands and could only pat her shoulder with his other hand to calm her down, “Sister-in-law, you are still pregnant, don’t be so agitated!”
People who are pregnant are prone to emotional ups and downs, so Wu Yulan took a few deep breaths, tried to calm herself down.
       “It was you and Qi Yue who were kind enough to lend us the ox cart,even the money for Xiaohu’s schooling was also saved* by the family, no one’s family has plenty of money! Besides, I am a married wife, how can I have the face to use my husband’s family’s money to subsidise them?” Wu Yulan took his hand and patted it, not knowing whether it was to soothe him or herself, “Perhaps I was pregnant and got impatient easily, so I spoke back to Mother then she pushed me,therefore I hit my back by the corner of the table. It felt so painful that Lin Sheng rushed to bring me back using the carriage!”
 [省吃俭用*: to live frugally / to economize on food and clothing / to scrimp and save]
        Hearing her say all this, He Ling was silent, not knowing how to comfort her, Qian was not good to him, but she was not his mother either, he had never even met his own mother, so he could not deeply understand how painfully disappointed she should be in her heart when being treated like this by her mother.
        “Ah Ling ……” Wu Yulan raised her eyes to look at him with an expression of indescribable sadness, “When Lin Sheng took me away, Mother didn’t even come out to take a look at me …My brother, when his wife blamed me, he didn’t even open his mouth to say a word for me ……”
He Ling watched her tears and unknowingly followed suit. He always thought that having real blood relatives would be a happy thing! Such as the Lin Sheng elder brother’s family, like the Zheng siblings, or such as Xu Hua and his father, but at this moment he found out again that sometimes the closer people are, the more painful it is when your dear one hurts them!
Wu Yulan held his hand and cried for a long time, as if she was venting her long-hidden grievances, He Ling kept her company as he also shed his tears silently.
He did not know how long had passed before she gradually stopped crying, after she looked a little tired, He Ling gave her an anti abortifacient pill,then he helped her to lie down on the bed, covered her with the blanket and watched her sleep.
When he went to the hall, all three were a little silent, Fang got up and pulled him in, “Asleep?”
        He Ling nodded, “Hn, asleep!”
       “It’s good that she’s asleep!” With something on her mind, Lin Sheng said she hadn’t slept much last night, Fang touched his eyes, “Silly child, why did you cry until your eyes were swollen too?”
“When I see sister-in-law crying, I want to cry too!” He Ling rubbed his eyes in embarrassment, he didn’t know how and why he had cried along with her.
“Don’t rub it!” Qi Yue came over and pulled his hand away, “Go back later I’ll put some medicine on you, it will soon go away.”
Fang sighed, her words full of incomprehension, “At least it’s your own flesh, why are you so biased!”
“Everyone has their own ideas, but sister-in-law is now in the Lin family and does not have much contact with them, so please relax!” Qi Yue said comfortingly, “Sister-in-law has a baby, so she shouldn’t think too much about it!”
Since the family were not in a good mood so the two of them didn’t stay long, after a few brief words, they left!
        “What? Still sad for sister-in-law?” Qi Yue saw his Fu Lang hanging his head and didn’t say anything, so he reached out his hand to touch his chin.
“Not really, it’s just that…” He Ling raised his head and looked into the distance, “I’m a bit upset for her!”
After saying that, he seemed to remember something and turned his head to look at Qi Yue, “Do you prefer a son or a daughter, or a ger?”
Qi Yue knew why he had asked this question, stroking the other man’s smooth hair, he said, “As long as Ah Ling is the one who gave birth to the children for me, I like them all, and I will never be partial to them!”
He Ling was a little embarrassed that he had read his mind, but when he heard his answer, he felt warm in his heart, “The answer Xiang Gong gives me is always the answer I want to hear!”
“This means that our hearts are in tacit mutual understanding!” Qi Yue pulled him a little closer to kiss him lightly on the top of his hair.
He Ling backed away, looking around, he was still outside, what if someone saw them!
        Qi Yue saw him panicking, found it amusing, so he made a move to kiss him again.
        He Ling was busy avoiding him while step back, asking casually to distract him, “What are Xiang Gong’s father and mother looks like?”
Qi Yue suddenly stopped moving, the smile on his face was also gone,his eyes were heavy with unknown thoughts.
Realizing that he had asked something he shouldn’t have, He Ling was at a loss. Since they met until now, Qi Yue had never mentioned anything about his past, knowing that he might have unspeakable difficulties so he never asked too many questions. How could he have blurted it out just like this? He Ling wanted to reach out to pull him back, but was also a little afraid to do so, his expression is really a little scary.
When Qi Yue woke up from his memories, he saw the man in front of him looking at him helplessly, wanting to touch him but not daring to do so, like a child who had done something wrong.He breathed a sigh of relief then he reached out to take him into his arms, “I’m sorry for scaring you!”
Feeling the familiar warmth, He Ling’s nervousness relaxed as he grabbed the other man’s sleeve and shook his head, “No, It’s me who shouldn’t ask!”
“There’s nothing you shouldn’t ask!” Qi Yue tightened his arms around him, this was his Fu Lang, he had the right to know anything about him, it was his own fault for having worries, “They both died when I was five years old!”
He Ling’s heart shock therefore he felt another pain, his tears suddenly falling down unconsciously, his voice trembling, “I’m sorry ……”
        “Idiot, why do you have to apologize?” Qi Yue held his face and helped him wipe away his tears, his eyes were already swollen, don’t cry again! 
        “I reminded you of sad things!”
He Ling held back his tears to keep it from falling down, his eyes were watery but he looked even more pitiful!
Qi Yue let out a soft laugh, lightly kissed his eyes, letting his tears stain his own lips, the salty taste of it, made him feel good, “My parents’s matter is not a sad thing, they are the same as your parents,for me they are the best people in the world!”
He Ling nodded vigorously and he added, “Xiang Gong is also the best person in the world!”
        In this world, I’m afraid he was the only one who felt this way!
Qi Yue held the back of his head so that his forehead rested against his own, “My Ah Ling is also!”
        “Stop right there!”
Zheng Yue Feng had just lifted up the hem of his coat to get on the carriage when his sister’s voice came from behind, he sighed and turned around,”For what?”
        Zheng Yueyan looked at the carriage and asked with a frown, “Where are you going?”
        Lying to her obviously didn’t work, so Zheng Yue Feng told her the truth, “GuShui Village!”
        “Didn’t you just sneak out there two days ago? Last time, you didn’t even make it to dinner!” Zheng Yueyan was furious at the mention of this, going out to play without calling her, and this time again!
        “I ……” Zheng Yue Feng didn’t know what to tell her, after thinking about it, he said, “Something happened last time, Ling Ge’er was injured, I went to visit!”
“What?!” Zheng Yueyan raised her voice, “You didn’t even tell me such a big thing had happened!”
        Zheng Yue Feng only felt his ears hurt from her shock, he reached out to rub his ears then under her glare, explained what had happened.
        “Fine, this family still dares to bully He Ling Ge Ge, see if I don’t teach them a lesson!” Zheng Yueyan lifted her skirt and was about to get into the car.
“Aiyoo, my good sister, Qi Yue himself has already taught them a lesson, where it’s needed for your turn!” Zheng Yuefeng hurriedly stopped her, he was going there for another purpose, so it was better not to bring her along!
        Zheng Yueyan was unmoved, she said, “Even if I don’t have to teach them a lesson, I still want to go and see He Ling Ge Ge!”
        “It’s just a scratch, it’s nothing serious, you don’t have to go!” Zheng Yue Feng said, “It’s not good since it will disturb people’s rest!”
        “Since it will disturb people’s rest ……” Zheng Yue yan looked at him up and down, “then why are you still going?”
        “I ……” Zheng Yue Feng was speechless, he couldn’t say that he wanted to see someone else!
        “Brother!” Zheng Yueyan suddenly crossed her arms, glared at him with an undesirable look on her face, “Could it be that you still have thoughts about He Ling Ge Ge? Trying to break them up?!”
[In the original, Zheng Yueyan asked his brother whether he was trying to dig up Qi Yue’s wall corner? This idiom mean robbing friend’s lover and breaking them up to make his friend’s lover become his own]
        “Pfft,” Kang Yuan couldn’t hold back his laughter and sputtered out.
See, he wasn’t the only one who had such suspicions!
Zheng Yuefeng turned his head to glare at him, only to see the other party sitting honestly on the carriage with ‘his eyes looking at the nose, nose pointing at the chest’. Only then did he withdraw his eyes, he really felt that his brain was hurting.
One by one, why did they have to think that ‘due to seeking beauty, he had become irrational and forgot about everything else’? 
[notes about :
eyes looking at the nose, nose pointing at the chest
眼观鼻,鼻观心,【拼 音】yǎn guān bí , bí guān xīn.[解 释释】
1、The appearance of bowing one’s head because of shyness, shame, etc.
2、It is said that the spirit is concentrated and the mind is not distracted.]
“Did I guess right? Is Kang Yuan your helper?” Seeing the interaction between the two of them, Zheng Yueyan was even more sure of what she thought, “Brother, how can you be like this? Qi Gong zi and He Ling Ge Ge are a perfect match, you don’t deserve him!”
        “How could I be not good enough for him?” Zheng Yue Feng subconsciously retorted, but when he saw his sister’s “you admit it” look, he hurriedly explained, “I didn’t mean that, I don’t like Ling Ge’er!”
“How could you not like such a nice person like He Ling Ge Ge?” Zheng Yueyan didn’t let her anger go, but pointed at him, accused him incredulously.
        Zheng Yue Feng took a deep breath and finally understood, “Zheng Yue Yan, are you teasing me?”
Having been seen through, Zheng Yueyan spat out her tongue and stopped teasing him, directly asking Chunxiu to help her into the cart, “I’m going anyway!”
Did he make a mistake in his last life to have such a sister? Zheng Yuefeng rolled his eyes and helplessly followed her to the carriage. 
        On the way to Gushui Village, his mood was uncertain. With his sister around, how could he find an excuse to go see Xu Hua!? 
This uncertainty reached its peak when he saw the locked door of Qi Yue’s house. 
“They’re not going to town, are they?”
Zheng Yueyan reached out to tug at the brand new lock, filled with regret.
“What a coincidence, how could we have missed each other!”
“Not necessarily go to the town, maybe he went to visit someone’s house!” Zheng Yuefeng stared at the door for a long time, and then,not giving up, turned his head and said, “I’ll go to Lin Sheng’s house over there to take a look!”
He knocked on the door of Lin Sheng’s house so when Lin Sheng saw him, he was clearly stunned, “Zheng Gongzi? What brings you here?”
They had only met once before, they didn’t know each other very well, so it was really inappropriate to come to someone’s house so rashly, Zheng Yuefeng bowed his hand to him, “I’m sorry for disturbing Big Brother Lin Sheng!”
        “No, no, no, there is nothing to be sorry for, I hope Zheng Gong zi doesn’t mind! ” Lin Sheng followed him greeting with his hand, “Come in and sit down!”
“Never Mind, thank you for your kindness!” Zheng Yue Feng waved his hand and declined, he hadn’t really come to visit, “I’m here to visit Qi Gong zi, but I don’t think he’s home, did he go to the town?”
“Oh, Brother Qi!” Lin Sheng suddenly understood, “He went to Xu Hua’s house with Ling Ge’er. Didn’t he hurt his hand last time so they went to visit him!”
        “Went to Hua Ge’er’s house?” Zheng Yue Feng’s eyes lit up, it was just what he wanted!
        “Yes, not for long but I don’t think he’ll be back for a while!”
Xu Hua had injured his hand last time to save He Ling therefore he had always been concerned about it.Today, after dinner, he went over there accompanied by Qi Yue!
        Zheng Yuefeng didn’t delay and said with an arch of his hand, “Thank you, Big Brother Lin Sheng for telling me, then I will go straight to him!”
        “No need to say ‘thank’ for such a small matter!” Lin Sheng waved his hand and laughed.
        Zheng Yue Feng turned his head, walked away with his heart leaping with joy. He didn’t deliberately come for him but he was looking for Qi Yue! (Zheng Yue Feng is happy here because he got an excuse to see Xu Hua using the reason to look for Qi Yue and He Ling) 
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