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BTC Chapter 44

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 44: Plotting

Zheng Yue feng was walking with Xu Hua, squeezing his fan tightly in his hand, occasionally stealing a glance at the person beside him, his mouth opened and closed, but he just didn’t know what to say, he was so upset in his heart, he could usually tease and make others blush, how could he be so useless this time!
A “pā” caused Xu Hua to glance at him.
He saw Zheng Yue Feng’s fan move away from his own head, why was he hitting himself? He hesitantly asked, “Zheng Gong zi, are you …… alright?”
        “Ah? Nothing, nothing, a fly just landed on my head!” Zheng Yue feng hurriedly shook his head, as the same time he unfolded his folding fan and fanned it around, chanting, “It’s not even summer, yet there are flies, it’s really annoying!”
        Xu Hua looked around suspiciously, how could he not see any flies?
        Seeing that the other party was really looking for flies, Zheng Yue Feng coughed dryly and changed the subject, “Have Hua Ge’er and Ling Ge’er known each other since you guys were young?”
        Xu Hua took back his eyes that wandered around and shook his head, “No, actually I haven’t known him for very long!”
        “Oh?” Zheng Yue Feng looked at him doubtfully, looking at today’s matter, he thought that they had grown up together!
        Xu Hua hooked his lips, between him and He Ling there was indeed a kind of inexplicable fate, perhaps they were destined to become friends, he said, “Isn’t Ling Ge’er very beautiful?”
Zheng Yue Feng was dumbfounded, he didn’t understand why he suddenly asked this question, he couldn’t tell anything from his face, he also didn’t know how he should answer, if he told the truth, would the other party think he was shallow?
Seeing how torn his expression was, Xu Hua knew what he was thinking, so he laughed, “You don’t have to feel embarrassed, even I, as a ger, think that he is very beautiful!”
Zheng Yue feng smiled along with him, He Ling’s appearance was indeed outstanding, he had also greatly admired him, but now, he thought that the person in front of him was also very good looking!
“But his looks didn’t bring him any luck!” Xu Hua recalled the remarks he had heard about He Ling when he was running around the village to survive, “A ‘hu mei zi’ who kills his father and mother, kills his blood relatives, and will bring bad luck to everyone!”
 Zheng Yue Feng wrinkled his brow, this was the first time he had heard of such things, he thought that with that kind of looks, He Ling must be highly favored, but he didn’t think it was the opposite.
  “I never take these words into the heart, good or bad, it’s all someone else’s business!” Xu Hua laughed lightly, “And I, on the other hand, have to think about how to survive!” 
Zheng Yue Feng’s heart tightened, he only thought that the other party was in a difficult situation at home, but had he once reached the point where he could not survive?
 “The day I met him, I never thought we would ever cross paths again, but he, however, quietly took my trouble into his heart!” Even now Xu Hua remembers how surprised he was when he brought Qi Yue to find him!
Zheng Yue Feng quietly listened to him, telling what had happened, his heart ached even more for him. How strong he had to be to hold on until now, he kept talking about He Ling’s goodness, but he himself who took every bit of the other’s goodness into the heart, didn’t he a very wonderful person?! 
“Although it was doctor Qi who cured my father, I am more grateful to Ling Ge’er, I care deeply about him, my father is still alive, but he had lost his father forever!” Xu Hua looked down, touched his injured hand, then said, “We had not known each other long, but he was a very important friend to me!”
        Xu Hua didn’t know why he was saying this to Zheng Yue feng, he just asked out of the blue, so he answered it, this was something he wouldn’t say to his father, let alone to He Ling, but perhaps, he really wanted to talk about it with someone, and it happened to be this person!
 “I believe that in Ling Ge’er’s heart, you are also a very important friend!” At this moment, Zheng Yue feng was a little jealous of He Ling, who could leave such a deep trace on this man’s heart.
        He naturally knew that today He Ling was trembling with fear, yet he still picked up the stick to protect him!
        “Hua ge’er!”
        A shout came from afar, Xu Hua looked up to see Father Xu standing at the entrance of the house with a walking stick.
        “Father!” Xu Hua called out in surprise, hurriedly quickened his steps to meet him and hold him up, “Why are you standing here?”
“You said you’d be back as soon as you went to deliver something to Ling Ge’er, but it’s getting dark, and you’re nowhere to be seen, so I’m worried!” Just as he finished speaking, Father Xu saw his tightly wrapped right hand and immediately panicked, “You, how did you hurt your hand?
        Seeing that his hand was trembling with anxiety, Xu Hua hurriedly reassured him, “Dad, don’t worry, I’m fine, it just a little cut on the skin, I’ve already applied medicine!”
        “Are you sure you’re alright?” Father Xu took his hand to look at it carefully, but it was wrapped in a fine cloth, so he couldn’t see anything.
        “It’s really fine, Doctor Qi has given me medicine, do you still not believe in his medical skills?” Xu Hua held his arm then he gently patted his back.
        Father Xu definitely believed in Qi Yue’s medical skills, hearing that the other party already checked on his injury, he was only slightly relieved, also at this point noticed Zheng Yue Feng, “This is ……”
        The way he was dressed, he didn’t look like one of the villagers, he had to be a young master from a rich family, how could he be walking with his family’s Hua ge’er?
        “This humble one’s name is Zheng Yue feng, nice to meet you! ” Seeing that the other party had greeted Xu Hua, finally paid attention to himself, Zheng Yue feng was busy arching his hand in salute.
“Oh, Zheng Gong zi!” The name was given, but Father Xu still didn’t know this person, so he looked at his own ger.
        “Zheng Gong zi is a friend of Doctor Qi!” Xu Hua spoke up and explained to him, “I hurt my hand and Ling Ge’er’s side didn’t feel at ease, so they asked Zheng gong zi to send me back!”
        “So that’s how it is, thank you for the trouble, Zheng gong zi!” Father Xu dawned on him, doctor Qi’s friend, no wonder he had such elegant manner, “Gong zi has worked hard, would you like to come in for a cup of water?”
        Zheng Yue Feng wanted to say yes right away, but he knew it was getting late, and he still had to rush back to town, so even if he was reluctant, he had to refuse, “I should have said yes to the elders’ invitation, but it’s really late at the moment. I have to rush back home, I’m really sorry!”
        “No, no, no, it’s more important to go home!” Father Xu waved his hand, he didn’t think the young man would accept his offer after all, now that he had expressed his apologies so sincerely, he didn’t mind either. Doctor Qi was a man of his character, the people he knew had good self-restraint too. Even he is from a wealthy family, but he never looked down on them!
        “If you want to go home, then you should leave early, it will be difficult to walk when it gets dark!” Xu Hua knew that he lived in the town, even if he rode back, it would take nearly an hour!
        Zheng Yue Feng turned his eyes to him, looked deeply at him before he said with some reluctance, “So …… I’m leaving?” (Tl: he is cute ԅ( Ơ∀ Ơԅ✿)❤) 
        Xu Hua nodded and smiled at him, “Take care on your way, I won’t see you off!”
Seeing that he had not the slightest intention of retaining himself, Zheng Yue feng was dejected in his heart. He lowered his eyelids, a little disappointed, “See you later then!”
 Xu Hua didn’t think anything was wrong, but Father Xu could see something. He looked at the man who was unhappy even in his back, then he turned his head to look at his ger, who was supporting him to go home, and asked, “Are you familiar with this Zheng Gong zi?”
        Xu Hua shook his head, thought for a moment and answered, “Counting today, it’s only the second time I’ve seen him!”
        Father Xu mutter by himself irresolutely for a moment, then asked, “What is the status of this Zheng gong zi?”
        “I’m not quite sure!” Xu Hua thought about what he had learned from the conversation of Qi Yue and the others.
“I only know that his family seems to be a wealthy family in the town!”
        A wealthy family in the town? Father Xu fell silent, such a status, his family would be unworthy to associate with somebody of higher social status like him ah! Although the gentleman seemed to have some interest in his ger, but his big family might not agree. That was the kind of family that pay particular attention to prospective marriage partner as an appropriate match in term of social status!
[門當戶對 : mén dāng hù duì
the families are well-matched in terms of social status (idiom) ]
        He turned his head to look at his ger who was oblivious, he sighed in his heart. 
It was all his fault, even if he had met a good family, he would not have been able to get his child to marry him. Forget it! They were not meant to be!
        Zheng Yue feng had no idea that his future father-in-law had put the word “not fated” on his head by just a few words, if he had known, he would not have left, he would have had to make a better impression on him!
He Zhen was kneeling on the ground, his legs were already numb yet he didn’t dare to move, for fear of making his father even more angry.
        He Tian took a sip of water to suppress the fire in his stomach, but his ears could still hear the shouting and screaming coming from the his eldest son’s room, so instead of suppressing his anger, it rose even higher.He raised his hand and smashed the tea bowl against He Zhen’s leg, causing him to fall to the ground!
        Qian, who was standing on the other side, didn’t even dare to breathe, let alone speak up for him!
Liu’s eyes were red with anger and hatred as she glared at He Zhen, as if she wanted to eat someone.If it hadn’t been for him, how could they have been held in contempt by Qi Yue? If he didn’t hold a grudge after what happened today, they should have been able to negotiate with each other and wouldn’t have had to lose the money. The person also wouldn’t go crazy!
He Gui’s heart was now filled with resentment towards He Zhen, for causing them to be held in contempt, and anger at his elder brother, for being so stupid as to go and steal something without checking to see if it was really empty, and just barging in like that!
“Look at what you’ve done lately! Letting the whole family get offended, not to mention… How dare you lie! What do you mean by he treats you with affection? You’re a ger. As a ger, how could you even say such things!”
He Tian was so angry with him, he was expecting something between He Zhen and Zheng Yue feng, but now he had a pot of water poured on him from head to toe, completely cold!
“it was me who wrong by lying, but ……” He Zhen bit her lip, “but the previous matter, it was not my idea alone, they all volunteered too, this time it was also big brother’s own recklessness! “
 “He Zhen!” Liu pointed at him with anger and grief, “Do you have any conscience to say that? If you hadn’t wanted to marry Qi Yue, why would we have done so? This time it was your elder brother who was reckless, but if we hadn’t offended others, we wouldn’t have come to such a state!”
        He Zhen was unwilling, “That’s not all my fault, you guys ……”
        “You still dare to talk back?!” He Tian slapped a slap on the table to stop his voice, “This time we lost fifty taels, not only did we return the money Qi Yue gave us, but we also lose the six taels of silver you used! Everyone in the family will have to wait and drink the northwest wind!”
[喝西北风: drink the northwest wind (idiom); cold and hungry /nothing to eat]
        He Zhen couldn’t say anything to refute, so he said, “Father, just because Zheng gong zi doesn’t like me now doesn’t mean he won’t like me in the future.It’s not like I don’t have a chance. If I could make it, you wouldn’t have to worry about this amount of money!”
        “Zhen Ge’er, as your older brother, I don’t want to discourage you, but you have to look at the situation clearly!” He Gui disdainfully brushed aside his mouth, “Zheng Gong zi is obviously interested in Xu Hua, so I guess it’s hopeless for you!”
He had seen clearly today that the eyes of Zheng gong zi were almost glued to Xu Hua, he didn’t believe they didn’t have something!
        “You must be wrong, Second Brother, that Xu Hua is like a young boy, who would like him?” He Zhen was so worried and scared today that he didn’t pay attention to anything else, but he didn’t believe his argument either!
        He Gui laughed coldly and said nothing more, for in the end, he was not the one who would be disillusioned!
        “That’s enough!” He Tian waved his hand impatiently, not wanting to hear any more of his comments, “Go back to your room! After that don’t ever leave the house without my permission !”
 If he didn’t go out, how could he get close to Zheng Yue feng, with the current situation at home, he had to plan for the future since he had to buy all his medicine with money too!
        “Why don’t you go away yet!” He Tian directly smashed a tea bowl on his chest, without mercy.
        He Zhen grunted in pain, reached out to cover his chest, biting his lip reluctantly as he got up and left the hall. 
“Husband ( In the original she called him ‘Head Family), don’t be angry!” Seeing his chest heaving with anger, Qian went forward to help him smooth out his anger.
        He Tian waved her away, “It’s all because of you, you taught your ger really well (Tl notes: he mean it sarcastically)!”
        “I ……” 
Qian’s heart was also aggrieved, she could not have imagined that things would turn out like this today, being slapped by her eldest son, her face still hurts now! In the end, it was all the fault of that little bitch He Ling, who had no regard for their family’s kindness in raising him, nor did he help to persuade Qi Yue to stop, he even dared to hit his son!
“Father, please calm down too!” He Gui’s eyes twinkled, he didn’t know what had occurred to him. He came forward and poured a new bowl of water for He Tian, saying, “It’s not a good way out for my brother (Di di) to be so impractical nowadays, should we properly find a good family to marry him off?”
        He Tian took the water he handed over, took a sip and coldly snorted.
“With his current reputation, which good family would want him? If he had married a poor man, he might have come crying to us for help!”
He Gui opened and reopened his mouth in hesitation, looking as if he wanted to say something but didn’t dare to.
        “If you have something to say, say it!” He Tian frowned, “Is it hard to say that you know of any good family?”
        “I know of one, but ……” He Gui hesitated for a long time,only after his father glared at him did he continue, “I’m afraid you won’t like it, Master Ma, the landlord of Shang zhuang village, wants to welcome a concubine, this……”
        “What?! You’re asking Zhen Ge’er to be a concubine?!” Qian exclaimed, but when He Tian glared at her, she shut her mouth.
        He Tian turned around, took another sip of water, and mused, “That landlord Ma is nearly 60 years old, isn’t he?”
        “He’s a bit old, but he’s got money in his hand.” He Gui saw that he was not angry and continued to persuade him, “To be frank, Di Di’s (little brother= he mean He Zhen here) current situation, apart from the landlord, who can afford to pay for his medicine? Even those who are well-off and have money did not like him, ah! Qi Yue and Zheng Yue Feng are examples!”
“Father, I think Second Brother (Er Di) has a point!” Liu saw his expression loosen, she also hurried to help, squeezed out two tears, “My husband is now like this, it’s all over, if we don’t have any silver in our hands, how can we live!”
        In fact, when He Gui brought it up, He Tian’s heart was not so resistant, He Zhen was getting more and more capable of causing trouble now, so sending him out earlier would have saved him a lot of trouble, and he could also get some money.
        Under the eyes of several people, he finally nodded his head.
        “Then we’ll find some time to get in touch, after all, we’re not the only ones who want to marry our own ger off!” Seeing him agree, He Gui was relieved.
        Although Qian was still reluctant, she couldn’t change what He Tian had decided, if she could really get some money, it would be worth it!
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